21 Fascinating Laundry Room Door Ideas for Your Home 

by Charlotte Evans

Don’t you think a home is a place that radiates warmth and comfort? Well, it is a place that we want to fill with things that we love and adore. So, when it comes to furnishings and home decor, it is crucial that one chooses what truly resonates with them. Be it floral wallpapers or checkered tablecloths, vintage door frames, or pastel couches, your home should look the way you want it to.

If you are bored with the way your home looks, maybe it is time to give it a makeover. And while you are at it, do not forget your laundry room. Laundry rooms often get overlooked when people decorate their houses. This fact leaves these doors looking plain and boring. If you, too, find your laundry room boring, do not worry.

One of the easiest ways to solve this is by installing fancy and fun doors for the laundry room.

Ultimate Laundry Room Door Ideas to Transform Your Home

Whether you like simplicity or extravagance, bold colors or pastels, we have something for everyone. Doors for the laundry room no longer need to be boring.

Take a look at these amazing ideas that will transform the overall look of your house interiors.

1. Bold and Bright

 Bold and Bright

The easiest way to make something fun is by using fun colors. If your laundry room door is in good condition but looks kind of sad, you do not need to replace it. Instead, paint it bright and beautiful. You can choose a color that matches the theme of your home. If the rest of the laundry room is colored white, colors like bright yellow, pink, red, or blue would look beautiful on the door. If you do not want to use bright colors, you can opt for muted pinks, purples, and green.

2. Rustic is Beautiful

Rustic is Beautiful

If you are someone who likes a rustic vibe, you should check out rustic doors for your laundry room. Wooden doors and panels made with oak, mahogany, beech, and walnut would make your laundry room look unique and even cozy. You can also choose to put wooden stools and small tables in the room to add to the rustic vibe. If purchasing a new door designed to look rustic is out of your budget, you can buy wooden barn doors from people who no longer need them. You can then get it polished and fitted to your door frame.

3. Patterns and Designs

Patterns and Designs

If you are someone who easily gets bored with plain colors, you can choose to have beautiful designs painted on your laundry room door. Floral patterns with roses and wildflowers would look great on doors for laundry rooms. If you are not into florals, go for wavy or abstract designs. You can get them painted in a single color or a palette of your favorite colors. If you feel that painting your doors is too much of a hassle, you can also get decals in your favorite design and put them on your door. Alternatively, you can install hooks and hang paintings on the door.

4. Classy Dutch Doors

Classy Dutch Doors

If you love the simple look of white doors for the laundry room but want something more unique, go for Dutch doors. The most important thing in a laundry room is ventilation. Without proper ventilation, your laundry room would soon become damp and musty. A Dutch door allows sunlight to enter the room. You can also open the top half and allow sunlight and air to come in, completely drying the room. Not only are these doors sturdy and practical, but they also look classy.

5. Glass Doors

 Glass Doors

If you have a well-organized laundry room and are happy to show it off, you can opt for glass doors. Glass doors for laundry rooms are beautiful in their own right. You can choose between doors made entirely of glass or doors that consist of panels made of both wood and glass. The glass will allow light to enter the room and make it bright. You can also go for tinted or frosted glass doors. Glass doors are readily available in various patterns.

6. Industrial Look

Industrial Look

If floral, fancy, and funky styles are not your cup of tea, don’t worry. You may find that you like the industrial style. Metal doors with glass panels painted in shades of gray are usually used in industrial settings. They are durable, and you can get them made in different sizes. Do you like the look of these doors for the laundry room but are not sure about the color? If yes, you can easily get them painted a different color. You can even choose metal stools painted in similar colors to add to your laundry room.

7. Chalkboard Door

Chalkboard Door

Are you someone who likes to make to-do lists and feels like a fish out of water without them? If you are, then you should check out the chalkboard doors for your laundry room. These are doors painted in chalkboard paint. You can write on these doors with chalk and wipe it off later. Chalkboard doors are usually painted black, but you can get them painted in brighter colors as well. Once done, you would be able to use your laundry room door as a chalkboard to note down important things.

8. Fancy Decal for Glass Doors

Fancy Decal for Glass Doors

Cleaning and organizing can take up a lot of time. If you are usually busy with work, it might be difficult keeping your laundry room well organized at all times. If you have a glass door in your laundry room, this may become a problem when people come to visit you. You wouldn’t want anyone to see the mess. If you are worried about it, you can get fancy decals and put them on the glass door. It will give your door a new look while making it difficult for anyone to see what’s going on inside the room.

9. Doors vs Curtains

Doors vs Curtains

Maybe you do not have a dedicated room for laundry. You have just made a corner of your hallway resembling the laundry corner. Or you have a laundry room that does not have a door! If you do not have the option to add a door or you do not want to buy one right now, go for curtains. You can get fancy curtains in various colors and prints. You can use curtains to replace the doors in your laundry room and any other room as well. However, if you do not want to purchase a pre-made one, you can also make one at home.

10. French Doors

French Doors

If you love the classy look of Dutch doors but still want something different, you may like French doors for your laundry room. French doors have square glass panels and look exceptionally classy, even in small spaces. The glass panels would allow you to have a look inside or outside the room, depending on which side of the door you are on. They would also allow sunlight to penetrate through and keep the room from getting too damp.

11. Vented Doors

Vented Doors

If you have a tiny laundry room where the ventilation is poor, you need a door that helps with ventilation. There are many well-vented doors for laundry rooms that you can easily find on the market. Some of these doors have mesh panels instead of solid wood panels. They allow the air to circulate and thus dry the room. If you find the basic white color too boring, you can get the wooden parts of the door painted in bright colors. It may also be possible to get these doors in colors other than white.

12. Vintage Style

 Vintage Style

Maybe you love everything vintage, and many parts of your home are decorated to give off a vintage vibe. If this is the case, maybe you should check out vintage doors for your laundry room. You can find different styles of vintage doors, some more basic and others more embellished. Choose one that suits the theme of your house or the look you are going for. A vintage door will make your laundry room look beautiful and special. It may even grab the attention of your guests with its unique looks.

13. Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

If your laundry room is not spacious and installing doors with big frames and hinges would make the room feel congested, go for sliding doors. You can find sliding doors for big and small spaces. You can get them in various styles, such as rustic, vintage, artsy, and modern. They can help you save a lot of space and make opening and closing them easier. You can also paint them in your favorite colors and customize them as you like. Sliding doors may be one of the best choices when selecting doors for your laundry room.

14. Modern Style

Modern Style

You don’t have to look far for inspiration when it comes to doors for the laundry room. The modern and contemporary styles are pretty chic in their own right. If your laundry room is well-ventilated, you can choose any modern door that you like. Black frames with glass, white doors with accents, or brown wooden contemporary doors—all would look beautiful as laundry room doors. You can even choose a theme and get similar types of doors for all your rooms.

15. Standard Shutter Doors

 Standard Shutter Doors

Many people use shutter doors for their laundry rooms. They have been a standard for a long time and can be easily found in many houses. As the shutters are movable, it allows for ventilation in the room. The circulating air drys the room and prevents it from getting musty. If shutter doors match your aesthetic, you can get them installed. If you like the style of the doors but find them too bleak, get someone to paint them in pretty colors to match the theme of your home.

16. Folding Doors

 Folding Doors

Folding doors are another fantastic option for your laundry room. They are readily available in various designs and colors. If your laundry room does not have enough space to allow big, regular doors to open, folding panels would make things easy. Bi-fold doors are quite common in minimalist modern interior decoration. These doors work well for rooms with smaller spaces. You can find these doors with wooden panels as well as glass panels.

17. Shelf Door

Shelf Door

Maybe you care more about functionality and practicality than looks. In that case, you should check out doors with shelves for your laundry room. These are shelves that double up as doors. If your laundry room sits next to your living space and you do not want your guests to notice it, you can use a hidden shelf door instead of a regular door. To everyone, it would look like a regular shelf on which you could arrange books or show pieces. When you need to access the laundry room, hide the shelf to reveal its functionality.

18. Pocket Door

Pocket Door

Pocket doors are similar to sliding doors. However, unlike sliding doors, the panels of pocket doors do not slide open. They slide in and out of the pocket designed for them in the wall. If your home is small and has narrow hallways, installing doors with big panels or even regular sliding doors can take up a lot of space. Using pocket doors for your laundry room can help you save a lot of space. You can also add a pop of color to your space by painting the pocket door a bright shade of yellow, pink, or blue.

19. The Mid-Century Style

The Mid-Century Style

The mid-century style combines modern ideas with traditional designs. Doors of this style could be exactly what you are looking for in your laundry room. Mid-century doors with multiple horizontal or vertical glass panels may work well for your laundry room design. The glass would allow light to pass through and brighten up your space. These doors are usually available in wooden colors, but you can also get them painted in other colors that you like.

20. Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors

Opt for accordion doors if the door frame of your laundry room is wide. Accordion doors have several door panels joined together by hinges. When you open the door, the panels get folded together and do not take up much space. In fact, they look fuss-free and classy. If you like the look of accordion doors and have the need for a wide laundry door, you can get one installed. You can find these doors in different styles and colors. Just like folding doors, they can be found with both wooden and glass panels.

21. Repurposed Doors

 Repurposed Doors

Repurposing and upcycling are the new trends, and these styles are here to stay. Repurposing not only gives old items a new life but also reduces interior waste. If you have old door panels that are no longer in use or have been replaced by newer panels, you can use them for something new. You can also get old doors from friends and family who want to get rid of them. Get these old doors and refurbish them as your laundry room doors. Once polished and fitted, they would look new again. Repurposed doors can also be a purposeful option for your laundry room if you are on a budget.

Summing It Up

All in all, you deserve to live in the house of your dreams. Yes, you do! Maybe you have already found your dream house and are decorating it to match your ideas. Or, maybe you are just trying to tweak things a bit in your home to make life a bit less mundane. Either way, do not forget your laundry room.

If you want something classy, you can go for Dutch, French, or Vintage doors. If you are a lover of artsy things, you can get your door painted in beautiful and bright colors. Those who want to save space can choose between folding doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, and accordion doors. You can choose doors for your laundry room according to your personal style.

Let your creative imagination flow to decorate your interiors with some of the best door ideas for your room.

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