18 Stunning Mirrors on Fireplace Ideas to Elevate Your Mantel

by Charlotte Evans
18 Mirror Above Fireplace Ideas for a Gorgeous Mantel

With the fireplace at your home being the center of attention, its your duty that it should be good-looking. And there is no better and easier way to do that than adding mirrors on the fireplace for a gorgeous mantel.

Why are mirrors the best for decorating the mantel? Because they can play a foundational role in your entire theme and aesthetics of home decor. Needless to say, the mirror’s reflecting qualities add dimensions to the room, and your room appears bigger than normal.

Mirrors on the fireplace also intensify the light falling on it, thanks again to its reflective qualities, and your room looks much brighter than usual.

So with all these benefits, let’s move on to knowing the different styles of mirrors you can put on your fireplace!

Aesthetic Mirrors on Fireplace Ideas for Your Mantel

1. Wood-Carved Frame

 Wood-Carved Frame

A wooden carved frame for your mirror on the fireplace with classical moldings is sure to bring dreamy appeal to your house. This is true, especially when the borders and molding of the mirror are white in color. Remember that mirror white, heavily ornate, and thick borders tend to stick out when not paired with the entire aesthetic.

Ensure that the whole room matches this serene white aesthetic. If not anything else in the room, the mantel on the fireplace should at least complement the mirror. When placing the mirror above the fireplace, you can pair it with other pots and vases for added elegance.

2. Round Mirror with Black Borders

 Round Mirror with Black Borders

If you want a touch of minimalism to your home, you should definitely consider adding a large round mirror with black borders. This choice is versatile enough to suit many home decor aesthetics and styles. With no work on the frame but just a simple black border adds minimalism to your fireplace and radiates a contemporary look! When it comes to designing the mantel of the fireplace, try a minimally designed white mantel with the fireplace interiors being pitch black.

This adds much-needed contrast to your whole minimalist theme. While placing the mirror, you can keep a large case with faux plants or a vintage candle stand, and this will give your fireplace a complete makeover.

3. Wicker Mirror

Wicker Mirror

Wicker mirrors, when added to your home aesthetic, can survive on their own with their loud look. These mirrors have thick borders almost with the same ratio as the mirror itself. These give the borders a chance to make a bold statement with their design, color, and patterns imprinted on them. They also add a tropical feel to your room, making your room appear airy and fresh. To style a wicker mirror on the fireplace, remember to keep the whole look minimal. Not adding too many items around the mirror will shift the focus of your guests to the mirror.

Since the wicker mirrors are mostly round, it’s advisable that you choose a fireplace that is in a similar shape as well. This will make your whole place look cohesive.

4. Wreath on a Mirror

Wreath on a Mirror

Having a wreath on a mirror is timeless and hence carries a vintage appeal to it. It goes extremely well with the wooden and rustic aesthetic of your home. Placing this mirror on the fireplace with vintage lamps and decor will bring the best out of this mirror. When it comes to pairing it with the fireplace, there is no such rule that you need to follow. But it’s better if your fireplace is built-in inside the wall for a cleaner look.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace that is opposite the window, then this mirror, thanks to its large size, can brighten up your room by reflecting the sunlight.

5. Arch-Walled Mirror

 Arch-Walled Mirror

Arch-walled mirrors are perfect for creating a romantic and inviting vibe in your room. The mirror has an arched border going within it; this makes it more of an art piece to design a place rather than a literal mirror. This cathedral window aesthetic attracts attention to the mantel.

If you want to add this mirror to the fireplace, try creating a rustic look with exposed and distressed bricks. It helps the entire scene if your home decor also follows the same color scheme as your fireplace. A white pot filled with brown stems in it will complement the mirror on the fireplace.

6. Metallic Accents Mirror

Metallic Accents Mirror

Using a mirror on a fireplace that has metallic tones and accents brings a much-needed modern and contemporary outlook to your room. In addition to giving depth to your room, the gold border of the mirror shines through the light-colored walls. These modern pieces of decor don’t suit all home decor. For instance, the decors like rustic, wooden, and vintage will not suit this metallic accent mirror on the fireplace.

To have this look in your home, consider having beige-colored walls. Light color walls will highlight the metallic border and accentuate the beauty of the fireplace. You can even decorate the mantel with minimal design to further enhance the place.

7. Golden Quatrefoils

Golden Quatrefoils

Golden quatrefoil mirrors on the fireplace are the perfect addition for your room to have a cottage-style living room. This clover lead-inspired mirror with a metallic frame gives a delightful twist to your fireplace decor. To have a beautiful set up near the mantel, consider adding green plants creeping up to the top near the mirror. Adding details like this to your fireplace will always look better than the stand-alone mirror.

To perfectly reciprocate this idea in your home, make sure that your walls are light colored and the furniture has exposed wooden elements to it. This is not a rule, and you can perfectly style this mirror on the fireplace even if you have a vintage aesthetic with light-colored walls.

8. Mantel of Mirrors

Mantel of Mirrors

This is one of the most unique ideas in this list, consisting of many mirrors with varying sizes and shapes. In this, the entire mantel is heavily decorated with candles, potted plants, multiple mirrors on the fireplace, etc. This setting makes your whole place look dreamier and vintage. To celebrate an occasion or a special day, you can even light up the candles close to the mirrors. This will intensify the light giving your living space a beautiful glow.

To make this idea a reality, you need to invest in a variety of home decor, as shown in the image above. Make sure the items you buy complement each and can easily blend in. Then you simply need to arrange them on the fireplace. Figure out the placement in such a way that each mirror on the fireplace gets highlighted.

9. Vignette of Vintage Mirrors

Vignette of Vintage Mirrors

A very niche, hard-to-incorporate, but highly creative idea is using a vignette of vintage mirrors on the fireplace. These mirrors on the fireplace look exotic to any place. It goes with a variety of home decor, especially when the walls are white with exposed bricks and a rustic touch. Adorn the mantel on your fireplace with artificial planters and vintage lamps for added sophistication.

To own this look completely in your home, it’s better if you have a home with vintage interiors and aesthetics. Rusted wooden furniture, beige colored walls, with vintage decor and elements, are sure to bring your fireplace a makeover.

10. Plain or Ornate Rectangular Mirror

 Plain or Ornate Rectangular Mirror

A rectangular mirror on the fireplace always works wonders. It might be because most fireplaces are rectangular in shape, and this mirror adds to that symmetry. When choosing a rectangular mirror with plain or heavily ornate borders, it’s a great way to add class and sophistication to the place.

Placing an oversized mirror against the window will magnify the space in your room. You don’t need a fancy fireplace to make this setup look good. A simple fireplace with a minimally designed mantel and this mirror on the top will enhance your entire living room.

11. Patterned Frame Wall Mirror

Patterned Frame Wall Mirror

A patterned frame wall mirror on the fireplace can be the foundational decor item in your room. It simply means that the mirror is used to set the design aesthetic of the entire room. With thick patterns covering the mirror, you can have several other decor items like vases, pots, vintage candle bars, etc., matching the design and being placed on the mantel.

Make sure when choosing the patterned frame the pattern goes with your existing room decor. Also, remember that the borders of the mirror should not get hidden by other items that you might put on the fireplace.

12. Frameless Wavy Mirror on Fireplace

Frameless Wavy Mirror on Fireplace

Having a minimalist look is never out of trend and is versatile enough to complement various home decor. Having a frameless mirror on the fireplace with a unique wave-like touch with a bit of texture adds visual interest and elegance to your place. Having that minimalist setup will be light on your pocket as well since you won’t need to invest in a heavily ornate mirror.

To style this mirror on a fireplace, it will work well if your home is already designed in a minimalist way. Just adorn this on your fireplace over the mantel, and let the minimalist setting work its charm in your living room.

13. Mirror with Thick Metallic Border

Mirror with Thick Metallic Border

This mirror on the fireplace with twice as big borders as the mirror looks exquisite and brings sophistication to your room. This mirror on the fireplace creates a bold statement and can be independently placed on the mantel with no decor items complementing it. Highly durable, outstanding finish, and the styling of this mirror plays a key role in how elegant your living room will look.

Having metals on the fireplace creates a subtle style statement that other items in your room should follow. So if you have interiors and furniture having metallic undertones, then this mirror will be the right choice for you.

14. Glam Mirrors on Fireplace

Glam Mirrors on Fireplace

No mirror is as unique as glam mirrors. In this case, with the multiple gold plated and circular frames, this mirror on the fireplace gives your living room a glam look. Gold metallic frames always add a touch of luxury to the place, especially the one shown in the image above. The concurrent circles in perfect asymmetry elevate the look of your fireplace.

Adding this mirror to your fireplace is a great way to give it a unique look, and you don’t have to pair it with anything since the design itself is pretty bold and creates a statement for itself. Make sure to get a mirror with a good quality frame for long life and a premium look. Cheap mirrors will appear dull really fast, hampering the appearance of your room.

15. Rattan Mirror Over Fireplace

 Rattan Mirror Over Fireplace

For having a natural look in your living room, there is no better option than opting for a rattan mirror on the fireplace. The border of the rattan mirror is made up of woven materials, which gives it a textured look to your fireplace. It’s perfect for adding a tinge of warmth to the room.

If you are looking to create a beachy or Bohemian vibe to your room, these mirrors should be your first preference. The light-colored walls, simple mantel, and a very low minimal setting work well with this mirror.

16. Antique-Inspired Mirror

Antique-Inspired Mirror

Opting for a traditional and vintage look is never out of style and forever remains in trend. These kinds of mirrors will make your space look more refined, especially if they have an ornate framing. If you want something more subtle but still vintage enough, simply choose the mirror with minimal elements on the frame.

To find a truly antique mirror, it’s always beneficial to scour a local vintage shop or thrifting shop. A vintage mirror on your fireplace and mantel goes well if your fireplace also has subtle vintage elements. Having a rustic look, exposed bricks, and natural paints does help with the overall aesthetic.

17. Anthropology Dupe

Anthropology Dupe

This vintage-inspired mirror on the fireplace is known to add personality to your fireplace. Anthropology dupe mirrors are uniquely shaped and tend to stand out because of their style and functionality. In the image above, the mirror is huge and is set against the window, which lights up the entire living space. It’s big enough to be functional and not just another aesthetic home decor.

You can hang this or nail this mirror on the fireplace as well. Make sure that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate the height of this mirror. Mantel should also be wise. Otherwise, the mirror will appear larger than the fireplace, making the place look awkward.

18. Geometric Design Mirror

 Geometric Design Mirror

A geometrically designed mirror on the fireplace creates a much-needed focal point for attracting the attention of your guests. It adds extra charm and brightens up your living space with its presence, especially when the border of the mirror is golden in appearance. If you wish to make a loud and bold statement, consider choosing a mirror with a much thicker border and heavily detailed and vice versa if you want something minimal and subtle.

These kinds of mirrors on the fireplace stand tall on their own and hence do not require any other decor to elevate their look. But if you wish to go the extra mile, then try pairing the golden color mirror with a subtle beige, creamish, light pink, or orange colored wall.

Final Thoughts

Mirrors on the fireplace really upgrade the entire look of the place. Not only does your whole setup look well-planned and thoughtful, but it also adds much-needed details and sophistication to the area.

But choosing what mirror to put on a fireplace is a mammoth task because there are so many factors to consider. For instance, you should know what type of mirrors will suit your existing home decor and what more you can try and modify in your room to accommodate the mirror completely in your home decor.

This article was aimed at guiding you to choose the perfect mirror to put on the fireplace with many options. The given mirrors are all great options depending on the theme of your home decor.

So why not try a few options and only choose the best mirror on the fireplace for your home?

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