18 Bath Tub Decor Ideas for Spa-Like Finish

by Freja Johansson
18 Bathtub Decorating Ideas for a Relaxing Spa Bathroom

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time, peace, and relaxation for our health is important. And what’s a better place to relax than in your washroom? So here we’ve some bathtub decor ideas which can turn your basic bathroom into a peaceful spa-like retreat where you can get away from the problems of your entire day.

No matter how small or big your bathroom is, you can create a relaxing atmosphere with your bathtub decor in many ways. In this article, we’ll look at 18 ideas to help you create a soothing spa bathroom that will refresh your mood and give you a place for self-care.

Adding elements of luxury, peace, and ease to your bathroom can make your daily routine feel like a trip to the spa. Every basic detail, from basic ones like scented candles and fabrics to high-quality ones like floating shelves and bright minds, adds to the overall aesthetic of your spa retreat.

Amazing Bath Tub Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom Retreat

Adding a spa-like retreat to your bathroom is a great way to improve your self-care practice and change how you feel while bathing. With some creative and well-thought-out bathtub decor ideas, you can improve the atmosphere of your bathroom and make it a place to relax, unwind and recharge. You can make many big and small changes in your bathroom to make it look more luxurious and peaceful.

In this part, we’ll look at 18 inspiring bathtub decor ideas that will help you make a spa-like bathroom around your bathtub. So let’s look at these ideas to decorate your bathtub and find out how to turn your bathroom into a peaceful and relaxing space.

1. Soft and Luxurious Bath Mat

 Soft and Luxurious Bath Mat

Start by adding a bath mat next to your tub that can soak up some water and is soft. Choose a soft, luxurious mat that will treat your feet well and add a touch of comfort to your bath. So selecting a mat that goes with the colors in your bathroom makes it look better overall.

2. Set the Mood with Candles

Set the Mood with Candles

Candles are a must-have for a spa-like retreat. Place candles around your bathtub to create a relaxing atmosphere and fill the air with a soothing smell. Choose a smell like chamomile, lavender, or eucalyptus for a more relaxing bath.

3. Convenient Floating Shelves

Convenient Floating Shelves

Put floating shelves near your bathroom to keep things you need close to your hand. You can keep bath salts, blankets, essential oils, and other bathing items in them. Pick shelves that go with the rest of your bathroom’s decor and are both nice to look at and useful.

4. Freshness from The Greens

 Freshness from The Greens

Add some plants to your bathroom to bring the outdoors in. Place small plants in pots and freshly cut flowers near your bathroom to make the room feel clean and comfortable. Plants that do well in the bathroom, like aloe vera and bamboo, add a natural touch to your spa area.

5. Bath Chair for Relaxation

Bath Chair For Relaxation

A bath chair is a must-have if you want your bath to feel like a spa. Buy a stand made of wood or bamboo that goes across the width of your tub. It gives you a place to put your wine glass, favorite book, or cup of tea to rest and enjoy your soak.

6. Soft Lightning for Peace

 Soft Lightning for Peace

You should use a dimmer switch or soft lighting to make your bathroom more relaxing. Diffused and soft lighting helps create a calm atmosphere and makes sleeping easier. You can add string and fairy lights around your bathtub for a bit of whimsy and magic.

7. Add Decorative Bath Tray

Add Decorative Bath Tray

Use a decorative bath tray to make your bathroom look better. These trays are made to fit your tub’s width and give you a place to store bath items and decorations. Choose a tray that goes with the rest of your bathroom’s decor and put flowers, candles, or bath salts on it.

8. Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Use the power of scents to make your bath time more relaxing and enjoyable. Add drops of your favorite essential oil to your bathwater to make a relaxing soak that smells good and suits you. Lavender and rose are some of the most popular picks because they are known to be calm and relieve stress.

9. Soft Textiles for Comfort

 Soft Textiles for Comfort

Add soft and cozy textiles to your bathroom to make it more relaxing and comfortable. Use soft blankets, bathrobes, and washcloths in soothing colors to wrap yourself in luxury and warmth. Consider adding a towel heater to your spa retreat for an extra touch of luxury.

10. Natural Elements for Peace

Natural Elements for Peace

Try adding natural elements to your bathtub decor to give it a relaxing and earthy feel. Place a bowl of seashells, smooth stones, or pinecones beside your bathroom to feel connected with nature and calm. These small elements can bring a sense of stability to your bathroom.

11. Bathroom Art for Ideas

Bathroom Art for Ideas

Hang art or pictures on your bathroom walls to give it a personal touch and make you feel more relaxed. Choose your favorite smelling bath bombs, bath oils, or bubble baths to treat your feelings. These items make your spa bathroom even more relaxing because they are good for your skin and smell great.

12. Elegant Decorative Mirror

Elegant Decorative Mirror

Put a decorative mirror near or above your bathroom cabinet or bathtub to improve the overall room. A well-placed mirror can reflect natural light, make your spa bathroom look bigger, and give it a touch of class. Think about adding fancy frames or unusual pieces that make a statement.

13. Colors That Help You Relax

Colors That Help You Relax

Always go for the color scheme that makes you feel calm and at ease. Natural, soft colors like creams, white, grays, and pastels make your bathroom look more calming and soothing. Set the mood for a spa-like experience using these colors on the tiles, walls, and furnishings.

14. Serene Window Treatments

Serene Window Treatments

If your bathroom has windows, consider adding soft coverings that give you privacy and let natural light in. Light, blinds, or thin curtains can make your spa bathroom feel more calm and airy by creating a soothing, light atmosphere.

15. Luxurious Bath Pillows

Luxurious Bath Pillows

A luxurious bath pillow will make your bath time even more comfortable. These cushioned soft pillows give your neck and head support to relax and enjoy your soak. Try and go for pillows made of materials that don’t get wet.

16. Bathtub Trays for Organising

Bathtub Trays for Organising

A shower tray lets you keep your bath items neatly organized and easy to reach. These trays are made to fit across the top of your tub and have spaces for shampoo, soap, loofahs, and other things. Pick a tray that goes well with your bathtub’s style and helps you get ready faster.

17. Relaxing Sounds

Relaxing Sounds

Try playing soft music of nature in your bathroom to create a peaceful atmosphere. Get a Bluetooth waterproof radio so you can listen to your favorite songs while you soak in the tub. The soft sounds will help you relax and make the room feel calm.

18. Scented Bath Products

Scented Bath Products

Give yourself a treat by adding high-quality bathing products that improve your bathing experience. Choose your favorite smelling bath oils, bubble baths, and bath bombs to treat your feelings. These items make your spa retreat even more relaxing as they smell great and are good for the skin.

Things Required to Set up a Bathtub in Your Spa-Like Retreat

The bathtub has become one of the most important parts of homes these days. It’s a place to relax and enjoy yourself, giving you the perfect chance to treat yourself. Using bathtub decorating ideas, you can make your bathtub area look better and more useful, making it the centerpiece of your spa retreat.

The main reason behind this is when you walk into your bathroom, you want to feel peaceful and calm. So it would help if you started with a choice of colors. Neutral and soft colors like cream, white, and pastels make a calming background, while darker greens and blues make you feel calm. You should paint your cabinets, walls, and floors in these shades to create an environment that makes you feel better immediately.

Lighting is another important part of making a place feel like a spa. With diffused and soft lighting, your bathroom can become a quick place to relax. Set us switches for a dimmer or use soft lighting to make a calming environment that makes it easier to sleep. You can also add a bit of magic and whimsy to your bathtub area by putting fairy lights or string lights around it.

Adding these bathtub decor ideas to your bathroom can make it an ideal space where you can feel better and relax. Always remember that the key is to make your place your own by adding elements that make you at ease and happy. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience every day and turn your bathroom into a place where you can relax and place.


All in all, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like space where you rejuvenate and relax doesn’t have to be hard. With the right decor ideas for your bathroom, you can make it a peaceful place to feel better and relax. You can take your bathing experience to a new level by adding elements like scented candles, soft lighting, plants, and luxury accessories.

From floating shelves to decorative mirrors to pillows and bath trays, there are many things you can use in your bathroom space and turn it into a relaxing space to take care of yourself.

By adding a few of the above ideas, you can create a place where you can feel better. From the relaxing smells to the soft textures and calm colors, every detail helps create an environment that looks like a spa retreat and makes bathing more enjoyable.

So take advantage of your chance, make your spa retreat, and treat yourself to the ultimate self-care routine right in your own space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Need a Big Bathroom to Make My Bathroom Feel Like a Spa?

No, not always. Even though a bigger bathroom gives you more space to work with, you can still make a small bathroom feel like a spa. Focus on making the most of your space by removing light colors and clutter and adding functional and decorative pieces that make it easier to rest.

How Can We Make a Spa Bathroom without Spending a Lot of Money?

You don’t have to spend much money on a spa bathroom. Look for ways to save money, like reusing things you already have, doing it yourself, or shopping for cheap decor. Focus on important things like smells, lights, and soft fabrics, which can make a big difference without costing a lot.

How to Make Sure that Your Spa Retreat Stays Clean?

Your spa retreat must be cleaned and maintained regularly to stay fresh and inviting. Set up a plan for cleaning your bathroom, including cleaning the tub, wiping down surfaces, and regularly replacing towels and bath mats. Mildew and mold can be stopped by keeping cleaning tools somewhere close and ensuring enough airflow.

Can I Add Technology to The Spa Retreat?

Absolutely Yes! Technology can make your bathroom more like a spa retreat if you want to listen to your soothing sounds or favorite music while bathing, put in waterproof Bluetooth speakers. You can also add smart lighting systems that let you change the mood with the plush of a button.

Can I Use the Bathtub Decor Ideas for Decorating a Rental Bathroom?

Yes! You can use bathtub decor ideas for decorating a rental bathroom in many ways to decorate a bathtub in a rental home. To hang bathrobes and towels, you can use sticky hooks that you can peel off or suction cup accessories. Or else you can use essential oils and scented candles to make the room feel more relaxed.

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