17 Ideas for Styling and Paint Color for Small Bathroom

by Freja Johansson
17 Ideas to Style to a Small Bathroom

Are you on the lookout for some inspiration for your small bathroom, which will transform the space into a luxurious spot to relax? Fortunately, you are not alone in this quest. These days most apartments come with small bathrooms with limited natural light and a lack of storage spaces.

All this makes decorating a small bathroom quite a challenge. But what if you were told that the right choice of accessories, storage, and paint color for your small bathroom can make it seem totally different and even spacious? Yes, you could do that with the right choice of decor.

The ideas listed below are proof that bold interior designs can be pulled off in the tiniest of spaces.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and have a look yourself!

Best Ideas to Style to a Small Bathroom

Here are 17 ideas listed below to style your small bathroom.

1. Wall-Mounted Cabinets to Maximise Storage

Wall-Mounted Cabinets to Maximise Storage

Storage is an important aspect of any functional bathroom. Multiple utilities need to be stored inside the bathroom, such as extra towels, skin, and hair care, other toiletries, sanitary supplies, etc. Space is a limiting factor when decorating a small bathroom. There is not much floor space, to begin with. But stuff still needs to be stored. Wall-mounted cabinets are a good alternative for floor-based storage options. Find a convenient spot for setting the cabinet so that it does not come in the way of easy movement. If you have a horizontally long bathroom, then mount the cabinet on the vertical or smaller walls.

2. Get a Large Vanity

Get a Large Vanity

Opting for a large vanity inside a small bathroom may seem like a bad move, but here is the thing- storage is an issue in a room of limited size, and thus if you are placing a larger-than-usual vanity, all your storage issues are being met with that one installment. Moreover, you will be getting a lot of counter space as well as a focal point for the bathroom.

3. Go For a Minimalist or Modern Decor

Go For a Minimalist or Modern Decor

Consistency is the key to any home decor idea, but this is especially true for small spaces like a bathroom that has less square footage. In such a space, you must choose a decor style that looks compact and neat. Modern or contemporary decor styles are good options as those prioritize minimalism and decluttering. The key to this is consistency, as you cannot add too many items to the place. If you want a minimalist look, then go for natural or metal accents and a muted paint color for a small bathroom area. Choose accessories that complement the decor.

4. Install LED Lights

Install LED Lights

Good lights can change the whole look and vibe of a place. Use LED lights to amp up the decor of your bathroom. You can install multiple types of lighting and layer them up according to your choice. Use bright white spotlight LEDs to illuminate corners so that the space looks more open up. A mellow layer of a warm yellow LED or wall sconces is also a good idea. You can consider hanging lights as well. This light will be enough for visibility but will also not be bright enough to disturb your comfort. The same effect can also be achieved by corner mood lights.

5. Build an Accent Wall

Build an Accent Wall

Accent walls in a small space can create an illusion of a bigger space and also give you a chance to express your unique taste through the decor style. Moreover, it is also a good option on a budget as you are updating only one wall. Tile is a well-loved material for bathroom spaces, and you can never go wrong with a tile wall. If you have chosen a neutral paint color for the small bathroom, then go for a bold color for the accent wall. A neutral tile wall will look good with a deep-colored general decor.

6. Strategic Mirror Placing

 Strategic Mirror Placing

Mirrors are a must in every bathroom. And thankfully, reflective surfaces like mirrors create an illusion of a large space. Therefore strategically place the mirror to face a window that receives direct sunlight or some good lights for the most brightly illuminated bathroom. If you want your bathroom to look trendy and elegant while also being functional, then consider a statement mirror that occupies the central location in the room. A statement mirror usually takes up a whole wall, but if you do not want that, then a plain rectangular mirror should do it.

7. Build a Shower Over Tub to Save More Space

 Build a Shower Over Tub to Save More Space

Every homeowner has probably wondered at some point whether they should get a shower or bathtub for their bathroom. Each has its own merits and demerits, but why not look at the bigger picture and squeeze in both inside your bathroom? You must be wondering, how is a small bathroom space supposed to accommodate the two? Well, if your bathroom layout has been constructed with a square shape, then a bathtub can easily fit in. And the shower head goes above the tub, so you get inside the tub and take a shower or just lay down and enjoy a bath. Imagine how much space you will be saving!

8. Utilise the Corners

Utilise the Corners

So much space is wasted in the corners because we do not pay much attention to it or just do not have the appropriate means to make use of the available space. But you are not going to do that. Install corner shelves or a corner cabinet inside your bathroom that can supplement the vanity or other shelves in terms of storage. Stuff that need not be placed in the open can be stored there. These may include extra towels, extra slippers, and even bathroom cleaning supplies.

9. Go for a Wet Room Flooring

Go for a Wet Room Flooring

When space is a constraint, it is okay to think outside the box and design a space that can be utilized to its fullest without a bit of clutter. Instead of adding bulky bathtubs or a space-consuming shower cubicle, you can simply opt for a wet room. This allows the full usage of the available space without being inconvenient or any less functional. However, you might not like the idea of a wet bathroom floor. In that case, consider installing a dividing shower curtain or a glass panel around the showering area.

10. Get Some Cove Lights

 Get Some Cove Lights

Have you ever been to a luxury spa and noticed their lighting that does not stare at you in the face but still has an intimate and warm glow? Yeah, those are cove lights in all probabilities. And if you are looking for ways to add some fancy accessories to your ensuite bathroom, then these are perfect for you. You can never go wrong with cover lighting. The best thing about these lights is that they are hidden behind mirrors and false ceilings, so it illuminates just enough to create a comfortable atmosphere.

11. LED Lights Around the Mirror

LED Lights Around the Mirror

Adding a mirror can add dimension to a small space, especially if there are a lot of lights reflecting off of the mirror. It essentially widens the place and creates a sort of illusion in which the place seems bigger. You can add to this by adding more light around the mirror. LED lights go best as they come in all shapes and sizes and can be bought according to the decor. Besides, if there is no natural lighting available, white paint color for the small bathroom, along with mirror lights, will create a very elegant and vibrant decor for the space.

12. Wallpaper for Accents

Wallpaper for Accents

A wallpaper is a simple and cost-effective way to remodel your bathroom space. A tiled accent wall surely looks great; sometimes, we just have to achieve great things on a budget. And that is why you should be looking into getting waterproof wallpaper to create an accent wall in your bathroom. Build a shower wall out of this and make a unique focal space for the room. The best part about this is it is not permanent and can be removed and remodeled whenever you feel like it.

13. Consider Moroccan Tiling

Consider Moroccan Tiling

While we are on the topic of creating an accent wall in small bathroom spaces, we should discuss the well-loved Moroccan Tiling. These are hard to miss because of their intricate designs and bright colors. Moreover, these tiles are quite popular in bathroom decor. However, it is a matter of taste, as not all people like such bold patterns on their walls. You can still go with this option for one accent wall, and if you like it, then go all it and cover all the walls with Moroccan tiles to create a unique bathroom.

14. Create a Relaxing Blue & White Color Scheme

 Create a Relaxing Blue & White Color Scheme

Calm and muted colors can bring peace to the mind, and this is scientifically proven. This is probably why so many people use lighter colors, such as neutral shades of blue or green, for their bathroom, where they would like to relax. The color paint for your small bathroom determines one of the most important things in the decor, and that is the atmosphere you want. Get a neutral shade of blue to color the walls of your bathroom mixed in some white. This color scheme will add dimension to your small bathroom and open up the place, making it seem large. It will also preserve a fresh and enlivening atmosphere in the room.

15. Go Bold with Colors

Go Bold with Colors

If you are not a fan of a bathroom with muted colors, then there is always the option to opt for bold colors. It is true that white has quite the popularity when it comes to making small spaces feel large. But what if you could just accept the available space and give it the best decor? You can do so by making some bold choices in terms of color. Deep blue, teal, or fuchsia combined with white accessories and accents of copper or gold is a very classy combination. And with that, you need some warm yellow lighting to create a bathroom space that is unique and has character.

16. Reflective Glossy Tiles

Reflective Glossy Tiles

If the space in your bathroom feels cramped up, then adding good lighting is the way to go. But that is not all. You need reflective surfaces that will help the light from the fixtures to shine out properly. Consider upgrading the walls with glossy tiling. The bathroom is one of the very few spots where a glossy tiled wall will not look odd. Plus, it will also add a dramatic element to your bathroom with tiles that reflect the lights and create interesting depth and dimension to the walls. This will be more of a statement than plain tiles and will also be a decor element that stands out in your house.

17. Color Scheme with The Primary Brights

Color Scheme with The Primary Brights

The primary colors are red, blue, green, and yellow. It will be quite fun to build a color scheme out of these colors, don’t you think? Choose three colors for three focal spots in your bathroom, such as the wall, the vanity, and the tub. The remaining primary color can be added in accents and accessories. But you have to commit to this color scheme and refrain from adding anything that looks out of place.

Wrapping Up

All in all, consistency is key when planning decor for any space at all, be it small or large. This is especially true for smaller spaces like a bathroom, as if you do not plan the interior carefully, the space may get quickly occupied by the necessary bathroom objects. That is why choose any one style of decor and incorporate it in the most creative ways possible. After all, bold design elements can be added to tiny spaces as well.

The usual elements that go into the bathroom decor of average size have to be tweaked and modified for a smaller space, and that is what makes this task so interesting.

Just remember that the bathroom is part of a whole and, thus, should not be out of place with the general home decor.

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