8 Whitest White Paint to Sparkle Up Your Space

by Marco Bianchi
The 8 WHITEST White Paint Colours

Are you planning to renovate your space? Want to give it a new and refreshed look? Trust me; the white color should be your first pick. While this shade of pallet has pros and cons, the look it gives to your place is worth it all.

Although you have an ensuite of color choices for your space, white is a feel-safe pick. Whether it is your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, white color easily harmonizes with the theme and decor.

Moreover, adding the whitest white hue on the walls and ceiling gives it a fresh canvas appeal, which gives you the leverage to play around with the decor. Even the whitest white color comes with so many nuances and undertones that it becomes challenging to make the best pick.

Hence, we have covered 8 whitish-white paint color options that will guide you in making the best purchase decision.

Discovering the Best Whitest White Paint

1. Benjamin Moore Atrium White OC-145

Benjamin Moore Atrium White OC-145

Want to create a calm and serene ambiance in your home? Consider Benjamin Moore Atrium White OC-145 shade. Its highly versatile color makes it preferable to create a clean and inviting ambiance. You can use this paint to create a neutral backdrop and later accentuate it with the right accessories and decor to make it look more appealing. You can consider this paint for trim, walls, and ceilings. It makes the room look more spacious and classy.

Before you plan to go ahead and use this paint, it is imperative to get a sample testing done, which makes it easier for you to decide if this is the right color you want for your room.

2. Dunn Edwards Cool December DEW 383

Dunn Edwards Cool December DEW 383

The Cool December shade from Dunn Edwards’s white color segment exhibits light and cool-tone. For those willing to create crisp and clean aesthetics, this can be the right color choice for them. Chratceriszed by its unique hue, this shade will easily match the interior and exterior of your home.

The blue and gray undertone of this shade adds a touch of modernity. If you are looking to create a minimalist and sophisticated look, then this shade will be perfect for you. The lighting condition and other colors in the surroundings can also impact the overall look of the color. Make sure to get the sample test done before making the final call. Dunn Edwards Cool December is a great choice for anyone who is willing to create a unique look in their space.

3. Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin Estate Emulsion

Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin Estate Emulsion

The paint derives its name from the silk color used in traditional ballet. It has a unique texture and appeal, which makes it look classy. This color is perfect for a north-facing room. The Slipper Satin Estate Emulsion instantly adds warmth and character to the room. It is a chalky off-white shade that exhibits a cool blue undertone. To make the most of this color, pair it up with conventional neutral shades that give it a more sophisticated look.

For those who want to create a timeless elegance that instantly adds character to your space, consider adding this shade. It is low in VOC, thus making it an environment-friendly paint. It is one of the high-quality white paint that takes the aesthetics of your room a notch above.

4. Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Looking for a perfect white color to glam up your room? Consider adding Sherwin William Alabaster SW7008 to your room. White is a perfect color that creates a canvas giving you ample scope to add the elements that bring forth your personality. Its soft and warm hue will make your space a pleasantry sight. It adds a sense of peacefulness and calmness to your room. This shade of white by Sherwin Willams is known for its subtleness, class, and timeless appeal.

Sherwin Williams is known for its quality paint. However, while using it, you should focus on preparing the surface before applying the coat. This will help you get the best finishing.

5. Farrow and Ball School House White No. 291

Farrow and Ball School House White No. 291

Add the touch of soft white hues by Farrow and Ball to your house. This shade by Farrow and Ball highlights the soft tone and makes your room look classy. It has a strong-colored undertone, giving it shine and texture. This paint is known for its rich pigmentation and texture that adds richness to the paint. You can use this paint for interiors. If not for painting the entire wall, consider adding it to highlight trims, doors, and hinges.

Again, preparation of the surface before starting to paint is essential. It gives a nice finish to your room.

6. Behr Polar Bear 75

Behr Polar Bear 75

It has a fresh and brightening effect, making it an ultimate choice for your interiors. It is a warm white color, making it perfect for rooms where you want more character. Polar Bear 75 by Behr is known for its neutral and crisp texture. Its clean and fresh appearance makes it a suitable choice for interior design. Behr is known for its quality paint, and the highly pigmented texture of Polar Bear 75 gives it a classy finish.

Don’t miss getting the sample testing done before finally placing the order. You can ask for the patch test and check if the paint suits your space.

7. Mylands of Londo Pure White Marble Matt Emulsion

Mylands of Londo Pure White Marble Matt Emulsion

A pure white shade is perfect for those looking for a contemporary and modern house. Since color plays a significant role in highlighting the room’s look, the choice of color becomes instrumental. White color easily blends with any kind of home interior. Thus giving you ample opportunity to experiment with the final look of the space.

It has a lovely chalky finish which gives a highly pigmented texture, thus adding more class and elegance to your room.

8. Farrow and Ball Wimborne White No 239

Farrow and Ball Wimborne White No 239

Are you looking for the perfect paint for your space? This is the right choice for your space. The right kind of color will give it more depth and texture.

It is a warm white paint that can be easily blended with other colors, thus giving you leverage to create a beautiful-looking room. It has a subtle warm undertone, but it doesn’t veer to a yellow shade but gives it a creamy texture.

Unfolding the Undertones and Hues of White

While most of us naively discuss the white color, the experts hold a different same. There can be as many as 122 shades of white with different LRVs. The latter can go up to 100. This variation in the shade of white is because of the undertone.

Here we have brought together the 5 most common types of white colors that you can add to your place.

1. Bright White

It is bright and luminous that reflects light, thus adding a vibrant and refreshed look to your space. If you have a smaller room and want to make it look more spacious, this is the right choice. The unique proposition of this shade is that it opens up the space, thus making it more roomy. The LRV of bright white shade ranges between 87 -90.

2. Soft White

Soft white has a soothing and calming effect. Unlike bright white, soft white’s undertone is subdued and offers a more relaxed appeal. It reflects light, thus, generating luminosity. And so it adds more brightness to the room. This shade of white has an undertone of beige, cream, and gray that adds warmth to the color. It has an LRV of 82, which goes up to 86.

3. Warm White

This shade of white has an undertone of yellow or red. If you are looking for a white paint that can add a touch of warmth to your room, then warm white shades are the best. It’s inviting full stops and natural materials, adding more character to your home. It has an LRV of more than 90.

4. Cool White

The next shade is also known as the icy white. As you can figure out from the name, this shade oozes a sense of calmness and serenity. With the undertones of blue, green, and purple, this color is perfect for those who want to add a tint of tranquillity to their space. This shade works well in areas that receive ample light. It has an LRV of 87.

5. True White

And the last whitest white that you can have in your room is true white. These are the most authentic white and come with a higher LRV. Its brilliant illuminance will instantly catch your eyes. It is the color closest to pure white and is untinted. There are no undertones in it. Its LRV can go up to 94.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Whitest White Paint

Painting the house is daunting, especially if you have to play with white color. While a number of options are available, the right white color will add more depth and character to your space.

Hence, we have cumulated certain pointers that will help make the best pick.

1. Type of White Color

When you start looking for the white color, you will come across different shades. This is because of the different LRVs (Light Reflectance Value) and their undertones. As discussed above, there are different shades of white, like bright white, true white, warm white, cool white, and others. Each of these has a different LRV. This impacts its brightness and illuminance. So, look at this aspect when choosing the shade of white.

2. Check the Undertones

Undertones can dramatically impact the appearance of white shade. You would not want to add a shade that is too bright or too icy; it has to be an exact match. One of the ways to achieve this is by taking the white printer paper and adding a tint of white you are considering for your space. You will be instantly able to spot the undertone and choose the one that mimics your preference.

3. Natural Light Conditions

Yet another important aspect you should consider is the room’s lighting condition. A room not receiving enough natural light may reflect on the white shade. For example, a cool white shade in such an area will appear drab and warm white will appear dingy. Natural light adds more illuminance to the paint and highlights the undertone. Eventually, it will bring out the best texture of the paint.

4. Quality of Paint

The quality of the paint is equally significant. Do not compromise on paint quality; it impacts the overall look and appearance. Always look for reputable brands. Get sample testing done. This will give you a glimpse of what the final color would look like.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, not all white colors are the same, but you can find the best match with the right approach and understanding of what you are looking for. You need to factor in the quality of paint, type, and texture. The area where you will use it also impacts the choice of paint.

Additionally, you should also get the sample testing. This will help in making the right call. Most people don’t consider adding white to the entire space; they prefer white trim, baseboards, hinges, and others. White can also be used to highlight specific areas of the room. Irrespective of the choices, the type of white color will create a remarkable difference.

There are different types of whitest white shades. Only some shades will suit your requirement, so you need to pick the one that is the best match for your space.

So, choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand Offers the Whitest White Paint?

If you want the whitest white paint for your space, consider brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow, and Ball. There are other brands, but it’s imperative to compare and check the LRV before making the final call.

What is the LRV Value of White?

LRV or Light Reflective Value showcases the reflective capability of the paint. In the case of white paint, it reaches a mark of 100. The lesser the LRV, the lesser it will reflect. The paint’s LRV number tells you how light or dark it will be. For example, LRV 0 means pure black, and LRV 100 means pure white.

What Makes Whitest White Look So?

Well, the chemical composition of white paint gives it color and texture. Barium Sulfate that goes into the making of photo paper and cosmetics gives the whitest white its color. The higher concentration of this compound gives it a more intense white color.

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