Benjamin Moore Silver Satin OC-26 – Paint Color Review

by Marco Bianchi
Benjamin Moore Silver Satin OC-26 - Paint Color Review

Do you want to look for a wall paint that is truly spectacular and out of the world? Well, an off-white neutral shade is a hue you all must be looking for. For a majestic charm and beauty, you want a color that is welcoming and brings those warm vibes into each of your rooms. By choosing a shade that exudes poshness and sophistication in an effortlessly cool manner, the entire ambiance looks stylish indeed.

The Benjamin Moore Silver Satin OC-26 is the color that is being talked about here. Choosing this shade can be absolute bliss for home decor lovers. The hue brings in a tranquil feel like none other. Homeowners discover serenity across their living spaces. The home gets a cozy and super comfortable feel while you opt to paint your wall decor using this shade. This is a shade that neither looks too dull nor does it look too bright.

Come on, let us review other intricate aspects of this lovely shade!

The Overall Features of The Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

The Overall Features of The Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

When you have an overall look at Benjamin Moore Silver Satin, the shade is a light-toned neutral that has a silvery glimmer to the paint. The shade neither looks too white nor too gloomy. The right neutral-toned shade that gives you the shimmer or silvery cascade to your walls is what gives that majestic charm and appearance to your living or drawing room spaces.

This is a shade that reflects plenty of natural sunlight, and ventilation penetrates through. The radiance of the shade with its silvery gleam can lend your property to those outstanding vibes, you know! The silver touch to your walls lends an extra dose of comfort and balancing decor to your rooms. The milky-gray hues can add fulfilling tones to the overall decor of your home spot on.

Specifications of The Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

Specifications of The Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

The Benjamin Moore Silver SatinOC-26 is a unique blend of silver and gray. This is the honest review interior home designers and home painters typically have to say. Again, if you have a more intrinsic look at it, the semantics behind each color theory with its specifications differ from color to color and from one category to another. In other words, the same shade can have different highlighting tints at various phases of the day. The Benjamin Moore Silver Satin looks off-gray during the mornings, and you get a silvery shimmer during the nights. Hence, this is a shade that is a little different from other off-whites.

There is a definite determinant that tells you how light or how dark a paint hue is. Do you know what that is? It is the LRV of the paint shade that gives you the correct precision on how much light the walls are going to reflect throughout the day. The LRV of Benjamin Moore Silver Satin OC-26 is 76.35! Here, you have a clear indication that this is a shade that falls at the lighter end of the paint palette, after all. That is primarily the reason why this beautiful satin finish hue is preferred as the shade for bases and neutrals.

On the other hand, when you look at darker shades like Red, blue, or green, here are the LRV values for each of them:

  1. Red – LRV is 227
  2. Green- the LRV stands at 226
  3. Blue- the LRV stands at 218.

In this segment, we have discussed the technical details with respect to the Benjamin Moore Satin paint tub.

How Does the Shade Feel Across Your Living Spaces?

How Does the Shade Feel Across Your Living Spaces

The Benjamin Moore Satin shade is a cozy shade that looks evenly balanced and adds to the comfort factor of your living areas. The silvery finish adds a majestic charm to your living area. As this is a shade that has a very high reflectivity value, your homes can look brighter, voluminous, and spacious too.

The shade adds depth to each of your rooms without letting it get overwhelming. This way, you build character in your living spaces. The color is an instant hit already amongst city-apartment dwellers.

Co-Relation Between Natural Lighting & the Satin Finish Paint

Co-Relation Between Natural Lighting & the Satin Finish Paint

When you allow direct sunlight to pass into each of your homes, you automatically keep your homes well-ventilated, fresh and airy. Here is where the paints of your wall decor also come into the picture. The lighter the shades of wall paints are, the more light reflective they become. In the process, lighter-toned shades or neutral colors reflect the natural light better than darker wall colors. This way, when you opt for a shade like Benjamin Moore Satin finish, you can feel rest assured that your living rooms look lighter and airier. The shimmery effect of the silver on your paint tubs gives a glowy effect to your walls during the darker hours of the day.

The deep gray undertones of the shade have, retain their color for longer decades to come unless you expose the paints to direct sunlight. Although you paint the walls facing any direction, say, north, south, east, or west, here is a word of caution you must have in mind. When you paint these shades in south-facing rooms, the rooms can feel warmer. On the other hand, when you paint this shade in north-facing rooms, you feel cooler.

Color Test of Benjamin Satin Finish Shades

Color Test of Benjamin Satin Finish Shades

Instead of applying the direct color palette, using peel-and-stick samplers would be the ideal thing to do. For less than 5 dollars, you get sampler stickers of any color paint you choose from your color palette. When you buy a sampler kit, you get two coats of the paint palette. This includes:

  1. One large peel-and-stick sampler
  2. Two mini sampler stickers

In a hassle-free manner, you can use the peel-and-stick samplers to see if this is the exact shade you are looking for. Check if the shades match the already painted areas of your wall if you are going in for a switch of color. By adding the paint samplers to your mood boards, you can further access if you would live your rooms using the hues you are planning to go in for. The process gives a real-time overview of how the new shade will look like.

Therefore, you get a conclusive idea as to whether this shade will complement the room decor also in terms of the other accessories you have placed inside your living rooms, say your coffee table, furniture sets, sofa sets, etc. This way, you commit to painting your walls with Benjamin Moore Satin finish OC -26. As an interior designer, you also recommend the shade to your clients, after all.

Choose Coordinating Hues for Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

Choose Coordinating Hues for Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

True whites blend with the Benjamin Moore gray paint tubs. To complement the decor, you choose a monochromatic palette. These shades will perfectly complement the off-white neutral you are going in for walls that have been painted using Classic Gray, a darker gray will accent the front door. You may choose a Chelsea Gray in this case. For trims and moldings, a balboa mist or pure white can be the perfect shade you are looking for.

Darker shades like blues, mauves, blacks, taupes, or even greiges go well. Accents of brushed nickel, brass, chromium, or even gold remain contrasting shades that go with Benjamin Moore Silver satin shade. Feel free to choose either a monochromatic color style or a contrasting palette. Take recommendations from home decor stylists or interior designers. Else, you use your personal preferences to gauge the room decor.

Types of Homes Where the Benjamin Moore Silver Satin Shade Goes Well

Types of Homes Where the Benjamin Moore Silver Satin Shade Goes Well

The Benjamin Moore Satin shade goes well in homes that require a warmer and more charming appeal. The color schematic goes well with traditional types of homes that have contemporary design styles, after all. Modern farmhouses also find the shade truly alluring. Transitional style cottages give a thumbs up to this silver-gray shade, as with Bohemian-styled homes too.

The neutral shades bring cool and fulfilling vibes against wall paints that are vibrant or splashy in nature. Here, you want to create an inviting or zen-kind atmosphere for those calming moments out there at home.

How Do You Use the Shade Inside Your Bedrooms?

How Do You Use the Shade Inside Your Bedrooms

Either decide to paint the walls using Benjamin Moore Silver Satin shade alone. Or, you can pair it with bold shades across accents, say, like your headboards or too. In case rooms are of compact size, then this color can be a great one for the entire decor.

Accessorize using contrasting shades. Gold, matte finishes, and crimson shades can be added to table lamps, chandeliers, dining tables, etc. For the bedrooms, you can try blending materials like cotton, wood, or velvet for the upholstery. These materials go well with the Silver paint.

Nothing can out beat the posh atmosphere kitchens have when you have the wall decor painted with off-white and gray shades. By using wooden grains for floating shelves, you add an organic modern design style to your kitchen spaces. Also, by including a backsplash and glossy white tiles, you complement the kitchen decor beautifully. Brass from a matte finish, metallic blacks, or crimson nickel is contrasting shades suited for pull handles of drawers.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, you have seen several ways how you spruce up your living, drawing, and dining areas with the all-new Benjamin Moore Silver Satin finish. Kitchens and bedroom ideas have also been discussed with respect to this wall paint.

Analyzing the overall decor of rooms proves to be a very important consideration when you decide to choose the hues you are going to paint your walls with. Accent walls with bolder colors also lend contrasting vibes to neutral or off-white shades. The best part about the silver-gray paint is that you get two different shades at different hours of the day. The even-toned look during the day and a silvery cascade effect during the nights provide a romantic flair to your living or bedroom spaces.

Lighter shades reflect more of the natural light keeping the rooms warm, cozy and well-ventilated. For a subtle tint of the room decor, it is better you choose a wall paint color that perfectly complements the accessories and furniture pieces the room holds.

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