18 Stunning Entryway Table Decor Ideas for Your Home

by Tyler Hernandez

It is well said that First Impression is the last impression, and it should be kept in mind that entry into your house is something that your guest looks at first. This can be achieved by setting up a cupboard or a table where the guests can put the stuff which they do not want to carry inside the house. If you let it accumulate dust and clutter, it will become unsightly, but if you gracefully curate it, it will immediately brighten the space.

But simply putting them there is not an ideal way of boasting your decor skills. Here, we’ve compiled console table decorating suggestions for your foyer table décor so you can add them to your collection of inspiration for an exquisite, enticing, and uniquely designed environment which will make your guest feel like paradise.

1. Geometric Table

Geometric Table

These designs have become a trend and popular choice among people. This is not only because of its subtle look but also because it is more comfortable and easy to put even in small areas. Also, this gives the more aesthetic and old-money look, which is generally being talked about lately. This can be bought from stores, and if not, then a carpenter can fix the job for you. The cherry on the cake will be if you can place it opposing the entry wall, decorate it with a small flower pot and add a circular mirror. This would make your entry look very attractive, and obviously, your guest will love it.

2. Decorating with a More Curated Display

 Decorating with a More Curated Display

A small table with a vintage look will go on an entryway, where you can easily put some emporium artifacts like potteries will look stunning. To make it more soothing and subtle to the eyes will only require any paintings or artwork which you can buy online. You can obviously use this idea, and it will make your entryway look something like an artwork entry.

3. Vintage Console Table with Angled Legs

Vintage Console Table with Angled Legs

Won’t it be good if you experiment with a wooden table with shades paired with some fresh-cut flowers? The ancient radio player and rain boots form an odd but endearing display, and it will give the room a fresh, natural feel. Adding a circular jute mat will define the area and will undoubtedly withstand a lot of foot activity.

4. Beautiful Aqua

Beautiful Aqua

Watery or aqua color is itself a treaty for the eyes. Keeping it vibrant and putting an aqua table with some vintage books and a bit of pottery will make the entry look good and soothing for your guests. If you set a standard, neutral-colored table in your home’s foyer, it could look out of place.

5. Live Edge Entryway Console

Live Edge Entryway Console

Boast your entrance by completing the design, placing a circular mirror atop a console with a live edge, and arranging two baskets beneath. The living edge offers a stunning contrast to the rest of the room’s elegant lines, and the natural wood finish is cozy and welcoming. Additionally, the storage bins beneath offer plenty of space for items like hats, gloves, and scarves.

6. Spindle Legs Can Be a Go

Spindle Legs Can Be a Go

Make the entry decor by choosing a table with a spindle leg; it will be good to place it in small areas, and placing a wood bead garland will make a casual look. Place some old books and put a plant over them, and enjoy thoughtful styling. You can also try out pottery and a small lamp. Add more style by placing a circular mirror to make it more aesthetics.

7. Minimalist Floating Cabinet

Minimalist Floating Cabinet

Adding a cabinet is a more convenient way of styling an entry table; it is a way by which you can showcase more ways of storing things like shoes or flip-flops, which your guests can use. Also, the top of the cabinet can be utilized in a way to put other things. It can be styled with a frame on the wall and some flowers.

8. Painted Red Entry Console

Painted Red Entry Console

Choosing a bright red table in the foyer can also be a better choice. It will create contrast and make an interest in the entryway, and boasting it will never go unnoticed. Also, do mind the size of the table, which should be small in size as a larger one will obviously make the red coloring exaggerate. Putting a cute flower vase and a decorative mirror will be the icing on the cake.

9. Small Demilune Console Table

Small Demilune Console Table

Putting a half-circle white or a transparent console with a sleek gold finish will look more simple yet appealing entryway. An elegant yet powerful flower arrangement provides a touch of class, while a little painting lends a sense of drama to the overall design. This is a wonderful illustration of how much can be done with so little, and even a tiny space like an entranceway may be used to make a statement.

10. Rounded Edge Wooden Cabinet

 Rounded Edge Wooden Cabinet

What about a decor idea where you can add aesthetics to your home with just an entryway? Isn’t that quite interesting? So, for that, you only need to have a round edge cabinet with some dried flowers. Also, you can make it more eye-catching by just adding a flower vase, a clock, and a frame would be a big thumbs up. Moreover, putting a calendar will make it more subtle and lovely.

11. Table with Shoe Cabinet

Table with Shoe Cabinet

An ideal decor for small spaces has a table that has a shoe cabinet. It not only does the double duty but also successfully shows your logistical management skills. The cabinet can be closed, and the top of it can be decorated with a vase, books, and a small table clock. Moreover, the mirror, the mirror on the wall, and the subtle entryway are loved by all and are always a hack.

12. Green Metal Table Tray

Green Metal Table Tray

A matte green color table with a rack-like structure will lead to boasting a well-maintained entryway. Designed for those who are looking for a table that is a little different than the traditional wood entryway table. With the tray top, you can easily store books or a vase of flowers, and the lower shelf provides additional storage. Indeed it’s a stunning entryway, especially when paired with the slat wall! Try out this style, and see your guest talking even after leaving.

13. 2 Drawer Boho Console Table

2 Drawer Boho Console Table

Looking to place a bohemian vibe with more minimal looks? Then you can try this design. Decorating the entryway with pampas grass and woven accessories is a must-go for your entryway. We would recommend you to use a 2 drawer for storing stuff. An arched mirror will obviously increase its subtle look by making the space look more large, even in small areas. As a result of this styling, the entry will appear brighter, and the overall vibe will be warm and welcoming.

14. Simple Entryway Table

Simple Entryway Table

Adding a simple table with not much stuff is something tha should be tried out. Obviously, you don’t need to place a lot of objects and just keep some stuff to give more aesthetics. Adding a vignette of pretty things, a few well-chosen books and a vase with fresh flowers will give a simple yet appealing look to go for on any day. You don’t want to cram too many people onto entrance tables because they are often tiny. We adore the appearance of a console table with clean lines in your foyer.

15. Metal Locker Accent Cabinet

Metal Locker Accent Cabinet

Using a metal locker painted either off-white or yellow is a must-go right now in the market. It makes for a fun and distinctive item that is both elegant and useful, despite not being your usual entrance console. The cabinet has enough space to store all of your outdoor necessities, and the zingy color contrasts beautifully with the black and white background. Also, the top can be utilized for keeping other essential stuff, and the lock can be used for storing many important kinds of stuff.

16. Two-Tier Metal Console Table

Two-Tier Metal Console Table

Using a table with a two-tier metal console is something that can be given a try. Also, placing it near the wall with off-white wall paint can be considered for styling. Decoring more for the entry, you can try some greenery to the space with abstract wall art. You can also use a vase with cherry blossoms or with white orchids. It will not look subtle and give a contemporary style to your home.

17. Corrugated Metal Entry Table

Corrugated Metal Entry Table

The corrugated metal cabinet table has the look of a shipping container, which can be placed near a bluish wall and does more experiments with some greenery and a neon sign saying Hello or Sweet Home. Pair this with a rock flower pot, and the underlying can be utilized as a shoe rack. Decor it with a wooden rug and a scenic wall photo frame to give a soothing look.

18. White Entryway Table

White Entryway Table

Get classic styling with coordinating lamps and contemporary shades. Create symmetry and fill up empty spaces with stylish or royal vases and candles. This setup will make balance, and the table will feel elegant and aesthetics to see with its warm nature and subtle looks for your entryway.


All in all, entering a house is something special for guests; it is important to keep in mind that decorating the entryway is not everyone’s cup of tea. But why should you go for tea when you brew a coffee? One of the first areas in your home to make a style statement is the console in the entryway. And everyone is aware that first impressions count! There are countless ways to decorate an entry table, regardless of whether you have a large foyer, a little area at your front door, or a tight corridor.

Although styling entrance tables might be frightening, once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize there is a formula at play that consistently produces beautiful outcomes. Here, we discussed many approaches to decorating an entry table in a way that is both useful and fashionable.

Now, it’s your turn to style your entryway.

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