18 Best Accent Wall Paint Colour Ideas 

by Tyler Hernandez
The 18 Best Paint Colour Ideas for Accent Wall

Don’t you think accent walls are not really a new concept, nor are they an old concept too? Well, you are right! Accent walls are easy to create, and they are often created by simply giving a different shade or texture or even pattern to one of the walls inside the room. This mechanism of choosing one of the walls and transforming it into an accent wall is pretty much nothing less than an impressive idea, as it is an active way of making interior decor work an easy task.

Accent walls can easily be incorporated into living rooms, bedrooms, play areas, or even bathrooms. Usually, people choose a contrasting color in accordance with the color theme set for the rest of the area, thereby diverting attention to the place with minimal elements to complement.

In this article, we shall look at an ample set of accent wall colors that are here to stay for the design year of 2023 and further.

1. Warm Terracotta

Warm Terracotta

Warm terracotta is one of the most popular accent wall colors in recent times. It is loved for many reasons ranging from its warm hues and potential to absorb any architectural theme and setting. Apart from the above, the accent wall color of warm terracotta pair well with white walls as well as darker shades in no time with the right placement of indoor plants and other decor elements.

2. Moody Green

 Moody Green

The popularly searched accent wall color of moody green is surely of peoples’ favorite for the classy-sassy look it radiates into the room so effortlessly. This shade, with a touch of natural green, is a palette that efficiently goes well with both white walls and brick tones. A depth to the same can be added just by curating the accessories with a creative eye, thereby making the space breathable.

3. Emerald Green

Emerald Green

If you are looking forward to splashing some royal outlook into your room, then emerald green is your perfect choice. The Emerald shade is indeed a perfect mix running back to the ages of royal power with a bold interior outlook aspect. This shade is often chosen for accent walls when you wish to create a not-so-common yet magnificent attitude to your interior space. This can be easily achieved with an emerald shade, preferably with golden lining and supportive accessories for your interior.

4. Navy Blue

 Navy Blue

Navy blue has always been noted as a color of power and stability, and the same, when chosen for your accent wall, surely can create magic. This statement marker shade brings in a perfect break from the rest of the walls while complimenting the rest in the best way possible. The most loved feature of navy blue as an accent wall color is it goes well with almost all shades and decor elements, be it for indoor greens or rustic, sustainable pieces. Additionally, navy blue shade adds a cooler tone to your space, thereby making the space more appealing and calm.

5. Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is pretty much known for its modernistic perception, and for the bold statement marker it imparts with no effort. Mustard yellow as an accent wall color not only radiates a bright texture to the room/space but also brings in a great ambiance and a homely feeling. Additionally, they can be paired up well with any architectural style, be it a Scandinavian style or neo-classicism, mustard yellow is always a win.

6. Textured Canvas

Textured Canvas

Textures canvas pattern is a simple yet stunning way to bring more depth to your accent walls with promising results. By textured canvas, all we mean is choosing the right color palette as your accent wall color and adding textures to it with a touch of creative spark. Textures have always been a general favorite for decades for obvious reasons like adding depth and meaning to your interior space. Choosing the right texture for your accent wall lets your interior speak for itself.

7. Raspberry Blush

 Raspberry Blush

Raspberry shade has always been associated with happiness and joy. The Raspberry blush is a unique and lovely color with the right proportion of brightness and wittiness to match your accent wall perfectly. They surely go well with multiple other shades, thereby making both the interior design and decor process easier for you. This much-loved shade is preferred by people who wish to bring in a bright and joyous interior space, especially where children are also part of the home. It is important to choose shades that bring a positive aspect and outlook to your accent walls and the interior space, as your home is always your first choice of comfort

8. Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss

Spanish moss is yet another accent wall color of 2023. This shade ignites and embraces the real beauty of nature in no time, and for the same reason, a large population of people are in love with this shade. Spanish moss accent wall color goes amazingly well with interiors having a contrast wall in white shade and in places where you wish to keep indoor plants and wooden decor elements.

9. Redend Point

Redend Point

The red endpoint color by Sherwin Williams is a perfect mix and blend of maroons and reds, making it not too bright or too dull. This color palette is loved by people for the right texture and shade it brings to the interior and for the breather it is. This goes amazingly well with almost all the contrasting shades when designed and planned well.

10. A Canvas of Abstract Art

 A Canvas of Abstract Art

A canvas of abstract art is nothing but a plain accent wall with artwork that can be both minimal and extravagant, depending on the tenant’s preference. This method of setting an accent wall is equally easy and cost-efficient, with promising results when done with care and precision. This type of accent wall would be ideal for art lovers as it gives the freedom to express your inner ideas and thoughts through strokes of shades and impressions. Further, it is an undeniable fact that abstract art helps to create illusions that are beyond a normal setting.

11. Pigmented Crimson

Pigmented Crimson

There is always something about the shade crimson; it adds depth and character to the room so effortlessly that it is often a tough job not to choose crimson. If you wish to bring in the raw and rustic nature of mother earth to your home, then choosing pigmented crimson as your accent wall is the safest and easiest way to achieve your goal. Pigmented crimson with shades of white and cream are undeniably an amazing combination for the perfect amount of brightness it radiates inside the room. A creative pairing of accessories (especially with a wooden tone) with crimson shades elevates the interior outlook in no time.

12. Drops of Wine Red

Drops of Wine Red

The shades of red wine and its variants have always been associated with a classy nature and have been popular for a long time that pretty much runs back to the pre-historic period. This shade is loved for the perfect amount of aristocratic outlook and for its efficiency in pairing up with other shades without compromising on the astonishing beauty. A bunch of indoor greens will nothing less than be a perfect match of wine red accent wall color.

13. Hues of Grey

Hues of Grey

Greys are always loved for their consistent elegance. Greys have this inevitable ability to change their properties with respect to the sun rays and light falls, and they also have this calming effect of bringing everything into the right balance and placement. Additionally, they also go well with most shades and indoor decor accessories, thereby giving a bonus reason to choose grey as your accent wall color.

14. Shades of Cream

Shades of Cream

Cream had always been noted for its subtleness and inclusive nature to pair up efficiently with every other shade. The neutral color adds depth and breathes more space into your room; this illusional effect created by the cream color makes it often a much-loved and wanted shade among the millennials and Gen-Z. Another most loved and commendable advantage for rooting cream shades is its underlying ability to pair up well with most of the other shades (both darker and lighter shades) and never to forget the killer combo of cream and wood.

15. Coffee Brown

Coffee Brown

It’s almost like the saying, first coffee and then the rest; this coffee brown shade and its variants act as the best and perfect foundational color for your room. Pairing up other colors with coffee brown is nothing less than joy because each combination can altogether make a new style and add depth to the room through these accent walls. Coffee brown accent walls are always loved and lovely for the evergreen elegance it has been radiating over the years.

16. From The Roots of Aubergine

 From The Roots of Aubergine

Aubergine, or shades of eggplants, is nothing less than a favorite color for a larger population. So why not incorporate the same into your accent wall color and imprint a statement marker for your interior? This purple mixed darker shade variant brings the right balance to your interior space when paired up with a lighter shade of possibly higher light reflectance value. This unique color never fails to give the outlook and fine touch of cottages in the hills, giving it all a joyous vacation mood to break the mundanity of everyday hustle.

17. Pastel Blue Variants

Pastel Blue Variants

Pastel shades were introduced quite a time ago, but still, they are loved and appreciated equally over the generations. Just like if you wish to bring the blues of nature inside your home, then choosing an accent wall color as pastel blue is a sure-win situation. From that of the beaches and skies, pastel blues are a lovely and amazing option for your accent wall.

18. Patterns of Red Brick

Patterns of Red Brick

Red bricks and their architectural style runs back to periods of history and hilly terrains. The homely warmth and the earthy feel these red bricks bring are unbeatable and stunning. Green and white colored walls with red brick accent walls are a show-stealer combination for the perfect mix of earth and rust that you bring inside your interior space.

Summing It Up

All in all, accent walls are a great addition to your interior decor. Their amazing efficiency to gel up with everything so effortlessly makes accent walls a reliable design aspect. Today, the world has advanced so much that you have a wide option to select from.

Be it the pastel blue shade or the raspberry blush, or Spanish moss, we promise a wide variety to choose from to help you decorate your dream home in literally nothing lesser than the best way. Wide accent wall colors to choose from are indeed the biggest achievement in the interior design and decor industry, as they let architectural brilliance come to its finest and ultimate power.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up to choose your most preferred accent wall color, and let’s make the first stroke; your home deserves the best interior for sure!

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