18 Sophisticated Arched Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home Decor

by Charlotte Evans
18 Ideas for a Sophisticated Arched Bookcase

Don’t you think a stylish bookshelf in your living room reflects your love for books and shows a personality that might not have been witnessed before? Some of us really like to make a happy place for our books which we can watch and admire from a distance as well.

So what about including an arched bookshelf? Well, it is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your house. Not everyone is blessed with built-in shelving space. You can always choose from many designs available, but arched bookshelves are what are ruling the market right now.

And here comes the good news! No matter how little space you have in your living room, we have compiled a list of arched bookshelves which take minimum space and yet look elegant in your space.

1. An Elegant Display

An Elegant Display

Always dreamt of a personal library, but your space does not cooperate? It’s okay! Because now, you can make a library out of the blank wall in your living room and transform that boring corner into an elegant one. Considering the balance, symmetry, and proportion of the objects can make the arrangement on this shelf look amazing. The arched top of the bookshelf always grabs some extra attention just in case you want to show – off your taste in books to anyone you know.

2. Arched Alcove

Arched Alcove

Without covering extra space, it can become the most attractive spot in your room. With your favorite books and little decoration, you can bring out the elegance of it. The solid and rustic design of the arched bookshelf complements the warmth of the fireplace. You just need a chair nearby where you can sit, relax and read one of your favorite books alone by the comforting flame of fire.

3. Symmetrical Look

Symmetrical Look

Arched bookshelves blend in with various home decor, but it is always known that home decor styles work better than others. While talking about symmetrical-looking arched bookshelves, they make really great uniformity near your fireplace. Being spacious and vast, they can always work for your books and for your decorative items as well.

4. Compact Style

Compact Style

If you are someone who likes to think low-key and minimalistic, you would really like these compact-style arched bookshelves. When multiple bookshelves are designed for a huge collection of books and a grand display of decorations, compact-style shelves are proportional to the size of the room. The above narrow arched bookshelf is the perfect example of it. It’s a minimalist design, space-saving, and has the advantage of its long height.

5. Sophisticated Home Office

Sophisticated Home Office

Introduce your home office to a new sense of sophistication with an elegant home office arched bookshelf. Take a look at its new designs and how they cover the entire wall behind its beauty. It is recommended to get a bookshelf with a contrast to your home paint color to get a more decent look the bookshelf; it also increases the aesthetic of your space. So wait no more and enhance the ambiance of your space today with a home office arched bookshelves.

6. Metal Bookshelf

 Metal Bookshelf

Just like the contemporary designs, this metal arched bookshelf is a mixture of both soft furnishings and clean geometry. With the sleek lines and gold finish contrast, it beautifully takes care of the interiors and provides practical storage solutions. When you have it in your newly designed living room, it will add a touch of industrial or modern appeal to your space. Whether you prefer a minimalist or a shiny, streamlined look in a decorative style, a metal arched bookshelf can always be an eye-catching and versatile addition to your home or for your office decor.

7. Billy Bookcase

Billy Bookcase

Specially designed for your guest rooms, billy arched bookshelves can provide ample storage for your books, souvenirs, and your decorative items. For its storage and multiple uses, it is widely popular and recognized as an arched bookshelf from IKEA. It features adjustable shelves, which allow guests to manage the space accordingly and keep the stuff as they please. With its subtle and clean aesthetics, it blends with different variety of interiors. From contemporary to modern and modern to eclectic, billy arched bookshelves are famous in every tail of the time.

8. Two Built-In Arched Bookshelf

 Two Built-In Arched Bookshelf

Transform your living room into a functional entertainment area with Two built-in arched bookshelves. Two beautifully designed bookshelves, what else can one ask for? Right. This design not only brings a touch of architectural elegance to your area but also offers practical space for your book collection. The arched bookshelf serves as the perfect space for books. It will make your living room a space where you can get everything you need and can spend as many hours as you want.

9. Arched Bookshelves with Glass Doors

Arched Bookshelves with Glass Doors

This piece of arched bookshelves is a perfect combination of style and practicality. These are one of the most popular arched bookshelves in the market as not only do they provide a humongous space for your books, but it also offers protection from dust and other elements. The glass door adds to its elegance by allowing people to look at the books without touching or extracting them from the bookshelf and also keeps them dust free. Arrange your books precisely, add a personal touch to your decorative items, and let the soft glow of interior lighting highlight your literary treasures.

10. Art Nouveau Arch

 Art Nouveau Arch

If you have always been a fan of arched bookshelves but now have been bored of its traditional designs, then you can certainly try out the modern design. This newly designed pair of bookcases not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your living room but also solves the problem of less space. The modern arched bookshelves are not curved from the corner, which makes them highly integrated and easy to set anywhere. It boasts a delicate balance with its form and function. The shelves are thoughtfully positioned at several heights to offer a practical space solution for books, decor items, and cherished possessions.

11. With Cabinets

With Cabinets

Suppose you are looking for a timeless, elegant piece of an arched bookshelf that can increase the sophistication of your space, you should go with nothing but the arched bookshelf with cabinets, and if you want more beauty, then you can select it in a black color. They say nothing can match the class of black. They are spacious and provide vast space to put any of your items that you don’t want people to look at in the first place. The combination of both open and closed spaces allows for a well-organized and visually appealing display.

12. Built-In Wood Bookshelf

Built-In Wood Bookshelf

This piece of furniture not only offers a practical space but also adds a sense of warmth, character, and a sense of relaxation to any space. Wood has the charm to transform any space into a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The main feature of the built-in wood-arched bookshelf is its versatility. It can be customized into different styles, interiors, and colors as per the requirement of your home decor. Moreover, it’s a timeless addition to any home, whether you are an avid reader, a collector of art and curiosities, or a simple person who wants to enhance the beauty of its living space.

13. Contemporary Bookcase in The Kitchen

 Contemporary Bookcase in The Kitchen

Like many of us, if you also do not have much space in either your living room or your bedroom but still want a small library for yourself, then it’s okay because we have something for everyone in here. Contemporary arched bookshelves in the kitchen have taken inspiration from a European Gothic window. This is a fresh interpretation for an arched bookshelf, and not only for the kitchen, but it also looks perfect in the living room or any drawing room. One of the main benefits of having a bookshelf in the kitchen is that your cookbooks and recipe book are always handy to you, and it opens new possibilities for any food customization.

14. Modern Rustic Bookshelf

Modern Rustic Bookshelf

The versatile design of its modern rustic arched bookshelf can integrate with the room’s style in a sophisticated manner. It easily fits into various spaces, from a contemporary office to a farmhouse-themed drawing room; it will always blend as if it was designed to be there. Generally made with the materials like metal or reclaimed wood evoke modernity with minimalism. Still, simultaneously, the rustic touch is brought to life through the use of natural textures and the inherent beauty of wood.

15. Boat Shaped Bookshelf

Boat Shaped Bookshelf

With the name of Boat Shaped arched bookshelf, you might have confused it with a small, tiny bookshelf, but you are wrong. With a height of 6 feet, it can not only store multiple books but also adds to the beauty of your space. It is one of the largest arched bookshelves available in the modern market. Efficiently handcrafted from solid wood, this arched bookshelf is available in three stunning wood options from which you can select the one for you that will beautifully integrate with your home decor. With this level of personalization, you can include your personality and interest in the design to create a design.

16. Statement Piece

Statement Piece

A stunning example of beauty and function is the arched bookshelf statement piece. It attracts attention with its striking creativity and craftsmanship of the design. This piece of furniture evolves into a declaration of uniqueness and personal taste beyond its functional qualities. Customized with your preferences, these arched bookshelves can be the mirror of your personality and style. Whether it’s used in a living room, dining area, or in your drawing room, it elevates the class and style of the space. The choice of materials, colors, and designs enhances its adaptability, allowing you to customize the cabinet to suit your desired decor.

17. IKEA Billy Bookshelf

IKEA Billy Bookshelf

Transform your boring and traditional furniture into an affordable and popular addition to your home. With the time being, the billy bookshelf is now more useful than just for storing things. It has attracted an engaged audience and served as an inspiration for numerous creative customization efforts. The billy-arched bookshelf invites you to elevate your creativity and customize it for yourself. So let book lovers, and collectors, come out, and don’t worry about storage anymore.

18. Charming Storage

Charming Storage

If you don’t want a full-space bookshelf, then you can go with the charming storage arched bookshelf to incorporate your computer desk. The desk beneath adds a new level of practicality to this elegant architectural feature, while the top is packed with books and bright decorations to make the rounded arched standout. The appeal of an innovative bookshelf for storage is in capacity to go beyond traditional bookshelves. It provides a variety of design options and clever features that takes its functionality to the next level.


All in all, it’s always a good idea to remodel your space and make room for your favorite books. There are plenty of bookshelves available, but the arched bookshelves are what is ruling the market.

Options like the metal and contemporary arched bookshelf and many other presents, but it’s always advised to choose a bookshelf according to your home decor and your interior preferences.

So why not transform your living space into a space of sophistication and style with an arched bookshelf?

Embrace the elegance, showcase your book collection, and create a space that is not just visually appealing but also a true reflection of your unique personality and love for literature.

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