21 Stunning Bathtub Tile Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover

by Tyler Hernandez
Here is a list of top bathtub tiles that will transform your bathroom from ordinary to modern. Know about varieties of tiles like graphics, 3D, marble, etc.

How about taking a comforting warm shower after a long hectic day at work? Sounds perfect! That is why most of us are attached to our bathrooms. The bathroom is one of the simplest rooms to decorate in a house.

Not because it is small but because we mostly like to keep it minimalist and elegant. The best part is the right set of tiles can be just enough to make your bathroom look like the ones you see online.

That is why we have compiled 21 remarkable bathtub ideas with innovative designs. These inspirations will transform your bathroom into a space that is comfortable and luxurious. A space where showering will feel like soaking in a sleek paradise.

You can experiment and go for vibrant mosaic tiles that offer an artistic experience. Or modern geometric tiles that redefine convention with bold patterns and lines.

This list of bathtub tile ideas caters to every taste and style.

Best Tile Designs to Try in 2023

1. Classic Monochromatic Design

Classic Monochromatic Design

A beautiful bathroom is easy to create with appropriate monochrome designs. You can choose a color scheme that compliments your unique tastes. For starters, they can consider colors such as emerald green, spotless white, and a gold theme with circa 1930 chandelier. After choosing complementary colors that work well together, you can focus on remodeling elements like cabinets and updating them with hardware. Installing contemporary sink fixtures and adding shape to the room’s ceiling area can also be done. This will create a modern yet welcoming atmosphere where all elements are connected by its single-hued appeal.

2. Tonal Tiles

Tonal Tiles

Dark tones tiles may give your room gravity and an almost jewel box effect. Tonal tiles are not only for flashy hotel bathrooms, whereas dark colors can give interiors a sense of depth and an impression of boundless space. While picking tonal tiles is very fashionable right now, a lot of people overlook the color of grout in the tile selection process. The grout can make or break your bathtub tile’s appearance, especially for dark tiles. You can use grout colors to produce various effects or even make it disappear virtually.

3. Midcentury Graphic Tiles

Midcentury Graphic Tiles

The geometric tile wall bathrooms can provide a striking visual to today’s contemporary home. Midcentury tiles come in bursting colors, including pink, which can be used in the principal bathroom, and blue in the secondary. A wicker mirror in such kind of bathroom can add fantastic texture. However, the walls decorated with geometric tiles can create a modern and energetic appearance.

4. Starburst Design

 Starburst Design

Starburst-designed tiles create an ideal balance of modern and fashionable aesthetics. These tiles have an abstract star-like appearance. It is recommended to keep the other elements of your bathroom simpler if you are using these bathtub tiles. Vibrant fixtures and sinks can overshadow the beautiful illusive look created by these tiles. If you want to add an edge to your bathroom without going overboard, starburst-designed tiles could be a perfect choice.

5. Large Scale Tiles

 Large Scale Tiles

Large-scale tiles are your go-to for making a space look larger. On the other hand, smaller-scale tiles are wonderful for adding pattern and personality to your bathroom. These bathtub tiles have a visual effect. Since they require fewer grout lines for installation, they provide the appearance of more space and a seamless look. This is achieved especially when the same tiles are used on the walls and floors of a room. Together with the smart hexagon tiles used on the walls, large-scale bathroom floor tiles look great.

6. Backsplash Tiles

Backsplash Tiles

For a statement bathroom backsplash, you can use a graphic tile pattern. Along the vanity wall, patterned black and white tiles that reach the ceiling provide a striking focal point. The mix-and-match ornamental tile designs enhance the bathroom backsplash’s unique texture and dimension. Bolder bathrooms are setting the trend, and in every fashionable bathroom, patterns clashing with tile patterns on the wall and floor are making a statement. For a more feminine appeal, color trends are going toward pastel. With some scented candles, neutral colors help in creating a spa-like feeling in a bathroom.

7. 3D Tiles

3D Tiles

Bathroom tiles that are three-dimensional may provide texture and movement to the shower walls. It is a simple way to create a creative design that is distinctive to your home. You can use 3D bathtub tiles to highlight certain sections of your bathroom, such as backsplash for shower or bathtub areas. These tiles come in so many different styles and sizes. This makes it possible to create many looks using a single type of tile. Besides, using 3D textured tiles on the floor can also provide an anti-skid surface which is especially necessary in bathrooms.

8. Classic Marble

Classic Marble

You can’t avoid bringing up the traditional marble bathtub tile while talking about tiny bathroom tile ideas. If you are someone who likes to keep your home interior conventional and old school, look no further than this classic look. When in doubt, it is a go-to tile that you can always rely on. Marble tiles have a classic old-world appearance. This makes the bathroom look relaxing and grounded. Marble is a fantastic material for almost every bathroom and a terrific method to improve the overall appearance.

9. Stony Tile Design

Stony Tile Design

Even though your bathroom is indoors, stony tiles with the correct colors and settings can give the impression that it is outside. These tiles greatly complement walk-in shower designs. Stone tiles in the shower and wonderful wood tones give you a feeling as if you are on vacation. You can also put tiny plants in a bathroom with stone bathtub tiles creating a handcrafted appearance. It emits a rustic feel that can be paired with a hint of modern aesthetics by adding a sliding door.

10. Design with Elements Inspired by Nature

 Design with Elements Inspired by Nature

You can introduce components like peak casework or Maple ceilings for a bathroom design to exclude a natural feel. You can add wood accents to the room’s wall, floor, and furniture. This will create a Sanctuary-like refuge where you can unwind and rejuvenate. You can pair this up with nature-related elements like plants and wooden benches. This design goes perfectly with wide windows that allow natural light while maintaining privacy.

11. The Black Drama

The Black Drama

You must have seen white bathtubs everywhere. Why not give it a twist by making them black? Black tiles can create a striking appearance in a bathroom with white walls. Your bathroom will instantly seem spectacular and upscale, all thanks to the black color. Black bathtub tiles may provide depth and contrast to your room, whether you use them through accents or wall tiles. It is ideal for people that value a unique appearance and want to leave a lasting impact with their design.

12. Subway Tile Wall

Subway Tile Wall

White Subway tile and the glass shower door surrounding a huge white tub in natural light create a fantastic design for a bathroom. You can go with a neutral hexagon tiled floor and a brass-rimmed mirror with a white countertop. This can function as a vanity and also help reflect the internal light. Although subway tile is a traditional and timeless option for bathrooms, you don’t have to utilize it in a certain way simply because it is well-known. Try a pearl color subway bathtub tile put in a cross-hatch pattern. This is an excellent way to add some variety while keeping your bathroom traditional.

13. Mosaic Tile Design

Mosaic Tile Design

You must have seen mosaic tiles being used on walls as an accent in the bathroom. You may use them to highlight a wall or define the space by constructing your own design from floor to ceiling. As seen in the newest bathroom designs, mosaic tiles also provide a fantastic opportunity to add a clash of color or statement inlay. But who said that they can only be restricted to the walls and floors? Mosaic tiles can be used in unexpected places like bathtubs. Bathtubs covered with tiny Mosaic tiles convert ordinary bathtubs into a piece of art. It looks extremely glamorous and eludes luxury. Mosiac Bathtub tiles are impressive and eye-catching.

14. Timeless Bricked Bathroom

 Timeless Bricked Bathroom

By using brick effects that are weathered and tumbled, you can add an industrial touch to your bathroom. More and more people are utilizing brick and their bathrooms to add lovely colors and textures to the space. The cleaved brick slips are just a slice taken off from the front of a break and tiled to the wall, an easy method to get the real deal. Make sure the brick slips are clay complete bricks cut. Pre-molded or concrete bricks will not produce the same texture or colors or the right effect.

15. Pebble Tile Design

Pebble Tile Design

If you want to make your bathroom space, seem like a spa, pebble bathtub tiles are a great option. Pebble tile creates such an atmosphere in the bathroom that each time you shower, you will feel like giving yourself a massage. Pebble tiles are not only used on floors or walls. They are also used in bathtubs. If both the bathtub and floor are made up of the same pebble tiles, it creates a continuous clean look. It looks minimalistic yet stylish and premium.

16. Pretty Pink Tiles

Pretty Pink Tiles

Well, it is always helpful to be aware of current trends when considering various bathtub tiles so that you can make an informed decision for your bathroom. Although grey bathroom designs have been trending for a while. However, this year could be the year to add a bit of extra warmth. Pink tile demand has significantly increased recently, especially for soft blush pinks. Besides, terracotta is also making a comeback, maybe because it is warm and cozy. You can also go a little extra with a pink-colored bathtub paired with white walls and marble tiles.

17. Fish Scale Design

 Fish Scale Design

Fish Scale Tiles provide the perfect backsplash for a bathtub or shower area. It is the perfect example of how you can add depth to your decor without any extra effort. Just by selecting the right design of the tile, you can create a bathroom that looks trending and elite. In addition to being colorful, the whimsical scalloped form resembles aquatic life, making it ideal for a steamy shower. You can enhance this maritime atmosphere by adding silver hardware. To achieve a more lavish look, you can try using jewel-toned scallop tiles and gold hardware.

18. Antique Tiles

Antique Tiles

You may use reclaimed and ancient tiles on both the floors and walls of a bathroom, shower, or wet room since they are appropriate for all wet and hot places. While printed porcelain or ceramic tiles may be more useful, antique tiles will age naturally like genuine stone. Since the pigments are deeply ingrained in each bathtub tile, they will maintain their beauty longer than printed or ceramic tiles. Because they have been sealed for many years, antique tiles are exceptionally durable, and stains are difficult to penetrate.

19. Igloo Design for Cool Vibes

Igloo Design for Cool Vibes

The combination of light grey and white in a bathroom can create the impression that it is spacious, light, and airy. The combo of white and grey bathtub tiles looks bold. However, the subdued hues can help you maintain a Scandinavian feel. Though this is one of the older styles, it has still managed to stay in trend. The cozy and relaxed vibe that it creates is timeless, making it a popular choice among designers.

20. Chevron Strips

Chevron Strips

The several strip tiles can visually expand the room. It creates a feeling of depth, just like a diagonal pattern would. Combine the chevron-stripe tiles with a stark white color scheme, or just choose a neutral color scheme that won’t add to visual clutter. To make your bathroom appear much larger than it is actually, chevron strips are ideal. You just need to be cautious when decorating. Make maximum use of storage space, and choose sliding doors wherever possible to prevent the place from looking messy. Install a glass shower wall to enhance the open and airy appearance.

21. Mix and Match Tiles

 Mix and Match Tiles

Last but not least- you can make intelligent use of different patterns, colors, and sizes of tiles. By mixing and matching various types of bathtub tiles, you can drastically improve the appearance of your bathroom. You can create contrast between the white rectangular walls and tiny tiles, providing depth. It can help you create perspective for a greater feeling of space. Or you can go with jazzy geometric floor paint that can make a colorful statement underfoot. Mixing and matching any kind of tiles provides you an opportunity to make your space look unique to your personality. This will help you create a space that is never seen before.

Which Tiles Are in Trend Now?

The most commonly used tiles are rectangular, solid-colored brick-shaped bathtub tiles. Even a solid-colored tile may make an area interesting. As it comes in a vast range of installation options, such as straight stack, offset brick pattern, chevron, and herringbone. Moreover, there is an increase in the use of graphic and distinctive bathtub tiles for areas that can experience a significant impact. For example, shower niches and shower floor areas. These tiles are used in moderation to give small doses of vibrant colors in a usual plain bathroom. They have a glazed, handcrafted appearance that also reflects character and individuality.

Which Are Popular Tile Colors?

Lighter colors are usually a fantastic choice for small bathrooms as they give a feeling of spaciousness. But if you’re going for a melancholy bathroom, dark, saturated colors will also work well as long as they’re combined with excellent lighting.

Having trouble deciding whether to go for a flash of color or embrace natural light? Mixing dark and light bathtub tiles in the same space can also create a striking contrast. To lead the attention upward, designers frequently use brighter tiles on the walls and darker tiles on the floor.

Summing It Up

All in all, just keep a few basic things in mind before you go ahead with choosing bathtub tiles. It is preferable to use white paint on the walls of small bathrooms because it looks ageless and hygienic.

Majorly it helps reflect light and make the room look larger. Focus on the tiny elements, such as the hardware, radiator, and finishing touches like fresh flora and artwork, to truly make the area your own. Add contrast and color to the space with textured or geometric tiles.

Remember, your bathroom is more than just a functional space—it is a place of solace, rejuvenation, and self-care.

So let your imagination soar, embrace your unique style, and create a bathroom that truly speaks who you are.

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