18 Inspiring Ideas to Placse Beautiful Pictures on Staircase 

by Charlotte Evans

If you’re looking to or in the process of decorating your house, then you’ll realize the number of places and corners that require your attention. One such important part of your house that you use every day and is often left plain and boring is your staircase wall. Indeed that is one of the most used places in the house, and making it look beautiful with little touches will create a spark in your space.

One popular way is to make it a staircase gallery wall to protect your most liked pictures on the staircase. The pictures can be any, and why stop there when you can add more life to the place? You can add the paint of your choice and maybe have some art while you are at it, or perhaps paste a beautiful wallpaper that goes well with your photo frames, and the list here is endless.

To make sure that you reach a conclusion among these options, we’ve curated a list of 18 ways to style your staircase gallery wall and pictures on the staircase to style your space.

1. Make Use of Wallpaper

Make Use of Wallpaper

Staircase gallery walls are a great way to inject a spark into your space. However, a plain wall with pictures on the staircase can become boring and dull with time. So, to help elevate the look of the place, take the help of wallpaper and place it over the staircase wall.

Make sure to keep in mind that the wallpaper you chose blends well with the surroundings and pictures on the staircase. This will make your staircase gallery look more lively and interesting. Some wallpapers can also be a great way to attract light, so the staircase gallery wall will get ample light to showcase the beauty of pictures on the staircase.

2. Make It Colorful

Make It Colorful

One way to make pictures on the staircase interesting is by adding as much color as you can. This can include opting for different varieties of bright-colored photo frames and then adding your pictures, artsy pictures, travel snapshots, etc, to your frames. While this can add a great amount of color to your gallery wall, make sure that the combinations aren’t too cluttered and messy in the end.

And by adding these frames, you can even try to use only neutral colors on your walls so it evenly balances the pictures on the staircase.

3. Bring out Travel Memories

 Bring out Travel Memories

It’s popular and common to have pictures on the staircase that are portraits of family members, pets, important life events, etc. However, this idea of hanging photo frames on walls with pictures of snapshots taken on the trip takes you down a different memory lane altogether. Since we all become professional photographers when we are on a trip anyways, the pictures will be worthy of going on the wall.

Even though they are blurred and are in bad angles, each picture will remind you of the good times of your travel every time you pass by, and this reason alone is enough to get started on your staircase gallery wall right away.

4. Different Frames for One Art

Different Frames for One Art

There are several ways to experiment with pictures on the staircase that can elevate spark into your space, and this is one such unique idea. The idea is to find an art that you like the most and the one that suits and matches your vibe and make sure that the color tones are aligned too. Now, get these drawn or printed in pieces and in different sizes, and put up your photo frames on them.

This way, when you hang them on your staircase gallery wall, you will have a wall full of your favorite art to look at. You can get very creative with this one, and any guest that looks at this setup for the first time will be mesmerized by the complete look of it.

5. Rustic Theme

Rustic Theme

This style of staircase gallery wall is mostly used in rural housing like ranch and farmhouses. While country-style houses often adapt to this style, rustic settings are increasingly gaining popularity in urban settings too. Especially because rustic settings require little cleaning and maintenance and stay intact for longer periods of time.

In this idea, the pictures on the staircase and the whole staircase gallery wall can have the elements of rustic in it. This will include the staircase, walls, furniture, and picture frames. The whole setting will now look vintage rustic themed, a perfect vibe to set up your space.

6. Wedding Memories

Wedding Memories

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most important events in anyone’s life, and putting them on your wall so that they would live on is a perfect thing to do. While there are numerous things that can be added to pictures on the staircase, wedding pictures of members of the family will be a great little addition.

They can be pictures from generations, perfectly curated pictures, or random dancing pictures and can be portrayed on the wall. These printed and framed images will always remind everyone of the good times, even when life gets tougher.

7. Vintage Theme

Vintage Theme

Who doesn’t love a touch of antique and vintage feels anywhere in the house? This applies to even your staircase gallery wall, where little touches of vintage accessories can create magic. The picture on the staircase can be anything that brings peace and has importance to you, from family portraits and travel to shots of your pets.

The vintage feels can be brought in with metal photo frames, vintage clocks, and using lots of brown color on the wall. The timely prints that you will find in thrift stores, vintage shops, and flea markets will give you and your visitors a timeless feel whenever you climb or look at the walls of your staircase.

8. Use Only one Picture

Use Only one Picture

Often, we add numerous pictures on the staircase, and with time, we may feel that the space has become messy and cluttered. One way to overcome this issue is by removing all the portraits from your staircase and decluttering the space. This will make you rethink designing the space in the way you want, and this one particular idea would be perfect.

Since the place has been suffocated so much, you can use just one huge portrait or photo frame on the wall and leave the remaining space empty. This change to one picture would be better for you to start loving your space again.

9. Clustered Set-up

 Clustered Set-up

Contemporary and modern houses mostly have very limited and constrained spaces, and making efficient use of this space is important for a highly functional house. Staircase space is no exception to it. In studio apartments and most urban rental setups, there are items everywhere, and the spaces are almost cluttered. If that’s the vibe of your house, follow the same for your staircase wall and cluster the frames together.

Let the staircase gallery wall and pictures on the staircase reflect your personality. Add as many pictures as you want with different shapes and sizes of photo frames close by without leaving any space. This will reflect and speak your personality to your guests.

10. Word Arts

Word Arts

Having photos of you and your family can be a great way to fill your staircase gallery wall with ultimate memories. However, this may seem too common, and this idea is for those who need a change. If you have kids around, this can be a great way to adapt too. Instead of filling your wall with pictures, try and add different photo frames with words and sentences on them.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life, adapt to something, or stick to it this way, you will be constantly reminded of it. This will help you to stick to your basics and will also help your kids to learn the words and follow them.

11. Moody Paint

Moody Paint

If you live in an area that’s too cold most of the time, then having some light-shaded colors will make the place look good. Find some dull colors and select the right one for your wall. Now, to make sure that the final output is interesting and unique, find photo frames and pictures that complement the dull color really well.

This is a great idea when you want the output to be really simple yet look creative without too much hard work. Moreover, you can add different accessories to make the place look good. Make sure that the photo frames are also placed symmetrically so the place wouldn’t feel cluttered.

12. Green Look

Green Look

Green is undoubtedly a versatile color, and recently, it has been gaining popularity as a regular color to paint on walls. There are numerous color tones to which you can adapt according to your liking. If you are someone who especially likes dark colors, green colors will look good on the staircase gallery wall.

You can complement this well with black or other colored staircase, and the output is unique. Place some photo frames with any pictures or artwork, and the whole look is unique and good to go.

13. Art and Paint Pieces

Art and Paint Pieces

Traditionally, pictures on the staircase are pictures of family and friends, weddings, kids, travel memories, etc. Though there are pictures on staircases of artworks, this surely isn’t a common practice in residential places. In this idea, you can put up artwork and printouts of art and paintings on your staircase gallery wall.

This will help everyone appreciate the artwork, and you even put your own or your kid’s artwork and paintings up there. This is definitely a very unique idea and will always remain a close thing to anyone’s heart.

14. Monochrome Theme

Monochrome Theme

If you are someone who’s not interested in spending hours doing the tedious work of creating the perfect aesthetic space for you, then this is your idea. While this requires very minimum ideation and effort, you will feel that you still got the best output like others. This involves making sure that your staircase gallery wall consists of only two colors, black and white.

Perhaps you could paint your wall white and your photo frames black with B/W pictures of your favorite memories. The mixture of these ideas is classy and creates an aesthetic look and feel that injects a spark into your space.

15. Alternative Hangings

Alternative Hangings

This is a simple yet smart way to ensure that your staircase gallery wall space looks creative and unique. While it is common to pick out the images to be printed and the photo frames to hang on, this idea revolves around the way they are placed. For this, you need to make sure that the photo frames are in the right or similar size for better output.

Now, look for hanging frames and hang your photo frames in an alternative manner. This can mean having one photo frame on the top and one at the bottom or one to the extreme left or one to the right, according to the way you prefer and like. This way, without much effort, you can create a beautiful space with pictures on the staircase.

16. Ocean Themed

 Ocean Themed

This idea is inspired and vibes mainly with the lake houses, summer houses, and houses that are on the banks of water bodies. This idea is to add as much blue as we can to create an ocean baby here. The pictures on the staircase wall color tones and stairs will all resemble the water bodies.

You can perhaps choose style blue photo frames with pictures of your family having a day out on the beach, the shells you have collected, the pictures of kids playing in the sand, or on the shores of a lake.

17. Grid Look

 Grid Look

With adding multiple pictures of the staircase, the place may soon become cluttered. Though this can be avoided with proper planning, many wouldn’t think about it all beforehand and cluster the space. Soon enough, there will be photo frames of different shapes and sizes placed together, and the output is going to be a real mess.

To avoid that, one simple way to follow is to decide the number of photo frames beforehand and order only the right number of them. Make sure that they are of the same size and shape or complement each other well.

18. One Big Portrait

One Big Portrait

Decorating and creating your own staircase gallery wall can be a great way to enhance the overall look of your space. However, the process can be very tiring and draining, with putting together loads of accessories and photo frames. If you are someone who can’t do all of this, then this might be the best idea for you.

All you need is to find out the dimensions of your staircase gallery wall and find a photo frame that is almost the size of the wall. Then get the picture that you have always wanted on your wall printed and framed. This one big portrait is a great way to enhance the space while also keeping things minimal and sophisticated.

Summing It Up

All in all, while planning and renovating this space, be sure to keep in mind that this is a highly functional space, and your styling shouldn’t affect the comfort you had before. Everyone’s personality is different, and in the same way, their approach to style and creativity is poles apart too.

So, when it comes to renovating your gallery staircase wall, be sure to opt for something that you and your family members love and find peace while looking at it. At the same time, there can be many factors at play, like the space, lighting, accessories already available, and many more.

Understand that it can be a messy, cluttered look or just one simple portrait. If that feels best for you and that’s the one for you.

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