21 Black Doors with White Trim to Overhaul Your Style

by Charlotte Evans
21 Black Interior Doors with White Trim for a Bold Statement

Black has always been given the title of being too gloomy, but in reality, it excites the interiors of your space. The doors and their paints underwent a noticeable change during the Baroque and Renaissance periods. They were traditionally made from wood and varnished to create a protective layer. But the idea of a black door with white trim surfaced in the 2000s and is still the most popular idea.

You can paint the house in any color and have a black door with white trim; it will elevate your space. Wooden polished doors and white doors do look pretty, but the black shade has a graceful touch to your decor. Black doors with white trim are in fashion, and you must try them to beautify the look of your interiors.

Let’s have a look at some of the spectacular ideas of a black door with white trim.

1. Beige Door v/s Black Door

 Beige Door v/s Black Door

Gone are the days when beige doors took the primary spot in every interior decoration. No doubt, off-white and creamy textured paints looked pretty, but black looks novel and sophisticated when paired with white trim. Usually, it also works the reverse way, with white doors and black trim. The focus is lifted from the trim, and the door becomes the center of attention. This is also not a bad idea either, but you cannot have off-white doors with creamy trim anymore. It looks too old-fashioned and does not look trendy at all. A black door with white trim is the new drift.

2. Black Restroom Door

Black Restroom Door

You need not worry if you have second thoughts about painting the interior doors black. First, you can try painting the least visited place- the restroom door. Try a fine shade of Benjamin Moore’s Graphite on your restroom door and see the magic it sprinkles on your decor. Some designer black and white flooring will also look cool, and the matte finishes black door with white trim will eventually appear convincing.

3. Black Door the Focal Point

Black Door the Focal Point

These dark paints have undertones that either turn the object into the focal point or bring the focus to the accessories around it. For instance, a kitchen with white paint looks more surreal and chic when the cabinets, island, and door trim are all painted in white. But the door, when painted black, makes it an attractive point in the entire room. The door grabs all the spotlight on itself and oozes charm and grace, just like depicted in the picture.

4. French Doors in Black

French Doors in Black

Ideally, French doors are found in metal frames, but they have the tendency to rust and chip. Hence, interior experts suggest having French doors made from wood. It is durable and can be painted as per your choice. But should the door be painted in black? Yes, the black door with white trim is a rage in the kitchen decor. Even those having a separate dining area prefer having the French doors in black and white trim. The French panels emanate light in the room, and that makes it a feasible option to have doors with transparent panes. Rooms with limited lighting must opt for French black doors.

5. A Promising Entryway

A Promising Entryway

A black door with white trim makes an interesting and creative passage from one room to the other. You can have a carpet or a rug separating the spaces with some lamps or wall sconces. All the interior doors need not be painted black. You can have different colors for your doors to denote the room type. That’s one option, but if you paint all the interior doors black with white trim for a highlight, you will have an even look at the decor. Colorful doors will kill the surprising element that black doors bring to the decor. Sherwin William’s Black Magic is one such paint that is elegantly enticing. Give it a try!

6. Effect of Natural Light

Effect of Natural Light

White reflects heat, and black absorbs heat, and this phenomenon works with light as well. So, the solution is you can have the other interior doors painted black and paint the main door white. It will not absorb the heat and will also reflect light. But if you observe the picture, the black door has a more propitious feeling than the white door. However, if the light reflection is your concern, you must go for a white exterior door. Paint the other doors in your house dark. At least the other black doors with white trim will look delightful in your space.

7. Blend the Wall Decor with Black Door

Blend the Wall Decor with Black Door

Wondering how to blend the wall decor with a black door? It is simple- get the wall paints or photo frames in black. The border or frames of your wall hanging will complement the black door with white trim. It will look like a set of frames put up together. But what if you don’t have an adjacent wall to your door? Well, you can have a life-sized vase near your door with some fine strokes of black. Or you can simply place a cabinet or a rack in a dark shade next to the door to look like an accompaniment. But make sure that the door is black and the trim is white. Do not mix that up.

8. Twin Black Doors

Twin Black Doors

This idea works when you have two way-entry to a single room. Suppose you have a drawing room that can be accessed through two doors; then this idea of having twin black doors will work fine. The idea of twinning works better with the same color. And black door with white trim will have a unique effect on your room’s interiors. You can also copy the idea with the wardrobe door and room door. Paint the doors black and create a disguising idea of having multiple doors in a room. The idea may sound funny, but it will look pretty exciting to have door look-alikes in the same room.

9. Black Door with Glass Frame

Black Door with Glass Frame

Homes with walk-in closets and store rooms can have these black doors with glass frames. It looks unconventional and draws attention to the middle frame where the transparent glass is fixed. A see-through glass pane looks decent, and you can have a look at the interiors of the room from the outside. That is why designers recommend having black doors with white trim for the closet room. Also, you can add some recessed lights, rattan woven baskets, and a small seating arrangement with in-built cabinets to complete the walk-in closet’s decor.

10. Dramatic Entrance

Dramatic Entrance

Houses with narrow passages or entryways can be disappointing. But if you shift the attention to your door, the negative aspect of your interiors will be ignored. For instance, a staircase right after the entry or an extremely narrow pathway to the living room can dismiss the charm of your interiors but a black door with white trim can throw light on the walls and ceiling. So, paint the ceiling white and the walls in a light shade to highlight the black door. Try Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty for your main door to create a dramatic effect on your entrance.

11. Walls with Photo Frame Molding

Walls with Photo Frame Molding

Get the door and walls a nice photo frame molding. So that they blend well in terms of pattern. But the paints need to be different. The walls in white and the door in black will have a contrasting creative effect. In addition, let the trim also have the same molding type but in white paint. The idea behind having a black door with white trim is to let your door accessories or wall accessories be the highlighting points. A flower vase or a table lamp can add a slight zing to the decor.

12. Glossy Door Finish

Glossy Door Finish

Glossy black doors suit the bedroom interior. It is not necessary to have a high-gloss finish on the doors. You can also opt for a semi-gloss coat for the door and white matte paint for the trim. Usually, it goes the other way, but you can experiment with the paint textures. A black glossy finish can look versatile and give a premium touch to the decor. Hang a cute welcome door-hanging and complete the look. A black door with white trim is a pretty convincing combination in today’s interior decoration.

13. Wooden Ceiling and Black Door

Wooden Ceiling and Black Door

Experimenting with the interiors is a creative aspect of a good designer. Usually, the doors are made of wood, and the ceilings are kept bland. But how about having a wooden ceiling and a wooden door painted in black? The ultra-modern look will immediately grab your attention. Also, to add charm further, you can also have the flooring decked up with a carpet with a wooden texture. It will give a beautiful tree house feel to your room. And a black door with white trim will act as the finishing touch to your decor.

14. Shiplap Wall Blend

Shiplap Wall Blend

Shiplap walls are wooden sheathing, often painted in line with the door’s paint. And Imagine how beautiful it will look to have a black door with white trim and the adjacent shiplap wall in the same paint. Shiplap was not introduced until the late 1980s when the trend was to have wooden decor only for the porch. The designers realized the significance of wooden sheathing in the interiors and started incorporating it for living room decoration. You, too, can have it infused into your renovation plan. Go for the change!

15. Exotic Appearance

Exotic Appearance

High-gloss black paint on the walls and some mirror artifacts indeed take charge of the vibe. The surrounding just beams up with an exotic touch to the decor. Also, the look feels complete in a black door with white trim. But if you believe in creating a bold style statement, then having this exotic black look must be your first preference.

16. Play with Wall Paint

Play with Wall Paint

It is perplexing when you get stuck on one idea of paint and then realize what should go on the walls. So, don’t worry; get a swatch test done for your space. Try lighter shades of grey or blue for your walls. Or even Sherwin Williams’s creamy tones are suitable for black doors with white trim. Get playful and try different blending shades for your wall and cabinets. But stick to black doors and white trim, do not mess up there. Bright and warm paints often go well with dark door paints.

17. Black Resembles Elegance

Black Resembles Elegance

The way white paint exudes peace and harmonious feeling; likewise, black represents elegance. Black paint in the matte finish has also been doing rounds in the design market. Observe the image and see how many catchy points you can pick. There are many, the vase, the table lamps, the mirror with golden glaze, and the decorative wall unit. But the most attractive aspect is the black door with white trim. Simple, yet classy. That’s the magic of the black door.

18. Vintage Carpet with Black Door

Vintage Carpet with Black Door

Of course, the highlight of the room’s decor is the rug or a vintage carpet. But when you see something at eye level and find something as pretty as a black door, you feel mesmerized. Some things add fun to the decor, and some complete the look of the decor. In most cases, accessories like sheathing and ceiling lights are the fun elements but a black door with white trim often completes the room’s decor. Just like it is portrayed in the image.

19. Dull Walls Throw Focus on Black Door

Dull Walls Throw Focus on Black Door

It could be a very discouraging moment to see the wall paint as dull as lavender in a dimly lit room. But the positive aspect of dull paints is that they uplift the presentation of other accessories present in the room. Be it the chandelier, wall hanging, TV unit, or a black door with white trim. Yes, the black door comes to light when you have faded paint on the wall. So, if you a pale yellow paint on the wall, you will have a black door to cheer you up.

20. Contrasting Doors

Contrasting Doors

You may not be a fan of having monotonous shades at your place. So, you can pick the idea of having contrasting colors for your door. If your wall paint is pinkish-white or greyish-white, a black door and a white door will create a nice color-blending charm in your decor. Keep it simple, and have minimal accessories and limited artifacts. The decor will look lit up with a few decor products. Just ensure that the lighting effects are promising and you have the facility to dim or brighten up the space as per your mood.

21. Soothing Decor with Black Door

 Soothing Decor with Black Door

A white table lamp, white curtain, probably a white couch and black door with white trim make your room appear high-toned and upmarket. The rule is to focus on the areas that can be highlighted as per your taste. And what better than the door, trim, ceilings, and windows? Do not ignore the windowsill as well. You can have it blended with the black door paint. Let the apron and casings be white like the trim; the rest you can paint in black. Nothing can be as comforting as a peacefully decorated house.

Summing It Up

All in all, the decision to paint your doors black depends on how many rooms you actually have. If there are fewer doors, skip the black paint and keep them in softer tones.

Black paints ideally look classy in condos and townhouses where the number of rooms is more. But if you really wish to create a style statement for your decor, then black can bring a dramatic change to your interiors.

Speak to an experienced designer and take tips on how to make your home look aesthetically alluring. Also, use the swatch test to pick the perfect shade of black and white.

The white shade must not be too glossy for trim, and the black matte finish should not be too dry in appearance.

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