21 Eye-catching Pendant Lights for the Bathroom

by Mark White
21 Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas That Dazzle

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Well, the first thing that catches the mind is to replace the bathroom fittings or repaint them, but did you know that a simple addition of lighting can take the look of your bathroom a notch above?

Lighting is a powerful yet underestimated tool that has the potential to instill dramatic transformation. You, too, can replicate the same in your bathroom. Pendant lights have become a hot favorite option. These can easily amp up the look of the bathroom.

Lights are often one of the overlooked parts of bathroom accessories but play a significant role in enhancing the bathroom’s aesthetics. In this blog, we take you through some inspiring and awe-striking options for pendant lights for the bathroom.

Understanding What is Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are also sometimes called hanging lights. They serve functional and aesthetical aspects. These hang via rope or chain and usually have a single bulb. You can find umpteen options of pendant lights in the market.

While most of us consider it to be considered pendant lighting to be a major accompaniment of living room decor, bedroom decor, patio, or kitchen, the fact is that these lights look remarkably beautiful in the bathroom as well. All you need to do is to find the right style and design.

Things to Consider Before Installing Bathroom Pendant Light

1. The Design and Style

Before installing the bathroom lights, it is imperative to settle down with the right design and style. Numerous options are available in the market; hence before finalizing, You should match the pendant light design and style with the theme and before of your bathroom. For example, if the bathroom is of vintage style, you should choose a pendant life with architectural elements. A statement will perfectly fit in this kind of bathroom.

2. The IP Rating

Before you decide to go ahead with the bathroom lighting installation, you should check the IP(Ingress Protection) rating. The IP location depends on the light location in comparison to the waterworks. IP 44 is the standard rating for bathroom lights. It assures safety and ensures maximum functionality.

3. The Mirror Effect

If you are not planning to install too many lighting fixtures or you have a space constraint, you can play with the mirror placement. Mirrors can help you amplify the effect of the light, thus making the place livelier.

Eye-Catching Bathroom Pendant Light Ideas

1. Industrial Chic Design

Industrial Chic Design

Well, if you are fond of experimenting, then consider adding industrial chic pendant lights. Adding meal pendant lights with exposed bulbs will glam up your bathroom. You can either consider them placed in the center of the bathroom, or else you can add them over the vanity where it highlights the area.

2. Vintage Charm

Vintage Charm

Who doesn’t fall in love with the idea of the vintage era? If you plan to use this element in your bathroom, vintage-styled pendant lights with intricate designs will work wonders. The vintage pendant lights for the bathroom are available in metal carving, woodwork, and even glass. Pick the one that best matches the decor of your bathroom.

3. Exposed Filament

Exposed Filament

These lights are trending these days. You can find umpteen options out there. These easily harmonize with the look of the bathroom, enhancing every element of the place. The exposed filament lights are available with lampshades and without them too.

4. Elegance of Glass

 Elegance of Glass

Want to add some class and elegance to your bathroom? Consider adding glass pendant lights. These are available in different shades and designs, thus giving you complete leverage to choose the option that harmonizes with the theme of your bathroom. Frosted and etched glasses create beautiful soft hues.

5. Contemporary Sculpture

 Contemporary Sculpture

While you may not be considering this to be a bathroom, adding such lighting elements creates a remarkable statement. These double as a decorative element and also serves the purpose of illumination. The bold and big pieces in your bathroom add more character to it. However, there are minimalistic versions that work well for smaller bathrooms.

6. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns

Create a remarkable statement lighting arrangement in your bathroom with geometric pattern pendant lights. With its patterned texture, it creates visual interest and adds more character to your bathroom.

7. A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color

Lit up your bathroom with some color using the pendant light with colored shades or tinted glass. Pick up single-hued light or one that has a mix of tints to add more energy and vibrancy to your bathroom.

8. The Frosted Charm

 The Frosted Charm

Frosted glasses are in great demand. They look classy and add grandeur to your bathroom. You, too, can create a bold statement in your bathroom with the frosted glass pendant lights. Its intricate design and texture add more sophistication to your space and also induce a sense of tranquillity.

9. Bold Chandeliers

Bold Chandeliers

Induce a sense of luxury and style with glamorous chandeliers in your bathroom. Its regal appeal and royal touch will elevate the style of your bathroom to a luxurious level. From opulent crystals to intricate details, everything sheds royal sparkle in your bathroom. You can choose the conventional round-shaped ones or consider adding a linear arrangement of lights.

10. Mirrored Reflections

 Mirrored Reflections

Another beautiful way to make your bathroom appear lit is by adding mirrored pendant lights. Pendant lights with reflective glasses enhance the lighting effect and make the place look more spacious. Hence, these are apt for smaller bathrooms.

11. Natural Touch

Natural Touch

If you are not fond of keeping plants in the bathroom, you have the option of adding pendant light with natural element carving, like leaves and flowers, on the shade. The hues emitted once the light is lit will fill the space with the aesthetics of nature.

12. Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents

Update the decor of your bathroom with the metal accent pendant lights for the bathroom. The sturdy metallic framework is circumvented by hues of light, giving out an extraordinary appeal. Available in steel, brass, copper, and aluminum, these add a perfect contemporary appeal to your bathroom.

13. The Globe Effect

The Globe Effect

Its classic design gives it a timeless appeal. The spherical glass will bring out the magical hues and cast warm and welcoming light throughout your bathroom. Thus, these globe-shaped pendant lights for the bathroom bring in a timeless appeal.

14. Crystal Charm

Crystal Charm

Cascading arrangements of sparkling crystals when Let’s create light with a touch of glamour and luxury to your state. The shimmering light refracts beautifully, leaving an illuminated effect in your bathroom. These are available in different designs and styles; pick the one that blends with the decor of your bathroom.

15. Keep It Minimal

Keep It Minimal

While there are different ways to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom and Charm up the decor, Keeping It Minimum has a childless impact. Choosing a simple pendant light helps in creating a sleek and contemporary appeal. It exhibits elegance and sophistication and also provides ample elimination for your bathroom.

16. Rustic Warmth

 Rustic Warmth

If you wish to create a warm and posy appeal in your bathroom, adding rustic pendant light would be a great way to achieve the desired result. These are made from natural materials or wood and exhibit a warm aura. These look stylish and appealing.

17. Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandinavian Simplicity

With the clean and minimalistic design of these pendant lights, you can add a modern and contemporary appeal to your bathroom. These pendant lights have clean lines and look urbane. Their versatility makes them a perfect fit for every bathroom.

18. Geometrical Pendant Lights

 Geometrical Pendant Lights

These are stylish pendant lights that are known for their structures. It has clean lines and defined angles that create beautiful emits light. The geometric design emanates a modern and contemporary appeal. These lights are more popular amongst those looking for a sleek and modern appeal in their bathroom.

19. Adjustable Lights

Adjustable Lights

Play with the lighting by adding adjustable pendant lights in your bathroom. You can opt for a single bulb light or one with multiple options that give you the leverage to create a visually striking appeal in your bathroom. You can also get them custom-made based on the theme and decor of the bathroom.

20. Oversized Drama

Oversized Drama

Bring in some bold appeal in your bathroom with the oversized pendant lights. These are particularly suitable for large bathrooms where you want to create a focal point. These will instantly catch the attention. Moreover, the larger size also creates a vibrant ambiance with the flush of light.

21. Eclectic Fusion

 Eclectic Fusion

These are captivating lighting fixtures in your bathroom. The eclectic fusion lights bring together a blend of different elements, which gives the bathroom a distinct appeal. It adds character, style, and sophistication to your bathroom.

How Pendant Light Enhances the Aesthetics of The Space

As mentioned above, pendent lights do not just enhance the aesthetics, but they also add more character to the space. Here are some of the ways pendant lights can add gleaming beauty to any place.

1. Enhancing the Focus

One of the ways pendant lights work is by enhancing the focus on a particular space or object. For example, if you want to highlight a corner of the room or add more focus to the dining table, a pendant light will serve the purpose.

2. General Lighting Purpose

You can also use the pendant light to enhance the spread of light in the room. Let the pendant light take center stage, and you will find your entire room light’s up. It also helps create a stage light appearance that amps up the glam quotient of the room.

3. Effective Table Lighting Setup

If you don’t want to linger around with the typical table lights for your workstation or study table, consider replacing them with pendant lights. It helps you gather the light in a single area, thus enhancing the focus.

Summing It Up

All in all, pendant lights are not just an illuminating source but also add aesthetic appeal to your space. Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen, or even your living room, the right kind of pendant light will amp up the glam portion when it comes to the bathroom. The lighting places a significant role.

The right kind of lighting will install the essence of tranquillity and warmth. It will make the bathroom look unique. Ample lighting also helps in adding more character to your bathroom.

However, before making a call to purchase and install pendant lights in the bathroom, it is significant to explore the different options. Investing in good-quality pendant lights ensures longevity.

Here we have discussed some of the popular options that you can incorporate in your bathroom and make it aesthetically appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Right Height to Mount Pendant Light?

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and look alluring. However, hanging it in the right way is paramount. For example, the general rule to mount the pendant light is to keep the height between 12- 20 inches for a ceiling with a height of 8 ft. For a 9ft ceiling, 15-23 inches height of pendant light is good.

Which Light Looks the Best in The Bathroom?

Lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetics and look of the bathroom. In addition to LED lights, and wall-mounted light, pendant lights are gaining popularity because of their unique appeal. However, the right type of illumination is also significant; warm lights are considered a good choice. Warm lights with 2700-300 Kelvins are a good choice.

What Kind of Pendant Light Will Look Good Over the Sink of The Bathroom?

Different designs and styles of pendant lights are available, like geometrical ones, glass pendant lights, metallic lights, and others. However, when it comes to hanging a pendant light over the sink, then you would need a shade that allows the light to fall on the sink with lesser diffusion completely. Hence, you can consider adding metallic shade pendant light.

Where Can We Place the Pendant Lights in Bathroom?

The placement of the pendant light is also significant. You Considering lights in the center of the bathroom, adding a pendant light with multiple bulbs adds a style statement and also creates an ambient lighting experience. You can also create a spa-like appeal by adding pendant lights over the bathtub or jacuzzi. Hence, the placement of pendant lights plays a significant role in this.

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