21 Unique Laundry Room Floor Designs

by Giovanni Marino
21 Laundry Room Flooring Types to Transform Your Space

There is nothing more attractive than having a laundry room with adequate space. However, the space in the laundry room varies on its floor designs. A fascinating and unique floor design can influence the beauty of your laundry room. In addition, a perfect floor design can also give that area a more appealing look.

There are various types of flooring choices available on the market. You can pick anyone that fits your budget and is suitable for the space. You can apply concrete, tiles, vinyl, tile, or other flooring to your laundry room. Before applying any type of flooring, you must consider the water area and pipeline. Make sure the flooring is waterproof, stain-proof, and easy to clean.

In this blog, you’ll discover 21 interesting laundry room floor design ideas for your home. Choose a floor design that soaks the water adequately and prevents the chances of slippery.

1. Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring means a flooring style that is completely made with tiles. Porcelain tiles have more durability than ceramic tiles. You can also choose natural stone tiles for your laundry room space. Tiles are water resistant and may give your space a long-lasting look with low maintenance. The detergent or bleach won’t affect the surface. People apply tile flooring in almost every corner of their room, even in the shower room. Thus, putting them on your laundry room floor isn’t a bad idea. If your laundry room space is attached to your bathroom or shower room, then tile flooring is the best adaptation.

2. Vinyl Flooring

 Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a unique choice for your laundry room floor designs. They are more water resistant and can establish a long-lasting impression. Vinyl flooring is a combination of different materials. Two types of vinyl flooring are available on the market. It includes vinyl rolls and luxury vinyl tiles. Vinyl almost looks like normal wood, and it can thicken up the space of your laundry room. A vinyl plank has a thickness of 7mm. It ensures longevity for up to 25 years.

3. White and Gray Tiles

White and Gray Tiles

Well, there is nothing more fascinating than adding white and gray tiles to the floor. People often add the white and gray combination to their living rooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, and other areas. Ceramic white-and-gray tiles are easy to clean. However, porcelain tiles can ensure durability and longevity. It is assumed that white-and-gray tiles are also UV resistant that can brighten up your space. You can pick this color combination for your laundry room floor while tile flooring. White-and-gray tiles can enhance the space of your laundry area.

4. Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring has been famous since ancient times, and it’s a perfect choice for your laundry room floor design. Concrete flooring means a slap that is made with concrete. They are composite materials, and if you mix them with adequate sand and water, they can form a strong shape. You can use rubber stencils to give the flooring a unique design. If your place hasn’t any chance of flooding or water damage, don’t hesitate to apply concrete on the floor. It may look ordinary, but it can ensure lifetime longevity. Concrete flooring is free from stains and can keep the room cool.

5. Laminate Flooring

 Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is also one of the most trending adaptations for your floor designs. The laminate floor consists of particleboard wood with a transparent layer. It was invented in the late 70s by a Swedish company. Currently, laminate flooring is popular across the globe. People add laminated floors to their living rooms, bedrooms, shower rooms, and personalized workspaces. Thus, applying laminate flooring for your laundry room floor design isn’t a bad idea. Laminate flooring is water-resistant, as its surfaces are seams-free and smooth.

6. Gray Herringbone Laundry Room Floor

 Gray Herringbone Laundry Room Floor

Gray herringbone tiles are also a unique adaptation for your floor designs. It may carry a luxurious vibe throughout the room. Gray herringbone tiles are hard and made with natural elements. They are also available in several designs, like square, zigzag, triangles, and others. It is a transitional-styled floor layered with parquet blocks. They soak the water quickly and prevent the chance of getting slipped. So, it is not a bad choice for your laundry room floor designs.

7. Wooden Laundry Floor

Wooden Laundry Floor

Wooden flooring is completely made with natural wood. As they are derived from natural trees, they ensure durability. A wooden laundry floor is a perfect choice, especially if you’ve got a multiple or double washing machine in your laundry room. You can pick a gray, white, or black wooden flooring for your laundry room floor design. On the market, you will find various types, shapes, and ranges of wooden flooring options. These types of flooring are more water-resistant than other flooring options. Wooden flooring is affordable and easy to maintain. They don’t have any surfaces that ensure hygiene and dust-free solution to your laundry room space.

8. Tan Tile Flooring

Tan Tile Flooring

Tan tiles are a combination of ceramic and porcelain tiles. However, the majority portion is made with ceramic tiles. They formed a light brown shade that creates contemporary floor tiles. Tan tile flooring is also a trendy choice for your laundry room floor designs. In general, people add tan tiles to their bathroom or shower rooms. They are water resistant most of the time and prevent the slippery chance. Tan tiles are also recognized as beige tiles. They are available in various styles and tones. It can create a warm and light aura in your laundry room space.

9. White and Gray Hexagon Flooring

White and Gray Hexagon Flooring

Hexagon tiles are completely made with ceramic tiles. It has six corners and consists of a porcelain composition and natural stones. A few hexagon tiles are also made with natural wood. It was founded in the 17th century. They are the classic and creative picks for your laundry room floor designs. A white-and-gray hexagon flooring can influence the decoration of your laundry area in a lively manner. At present, hexagon tiles are very popular in the world. Their contemporary designs and delicate look illustrate the interiors. They are waterproof and free from stains.

10. Dark Gray Herringbone Laundry Room Floor

Dark Gray Herringbone Laundry Room Floor

Previously, you’ve heard about adding gray herringbone flooring. What about adding a darker shade to your laundry room floor design? A dark gray herringbone flooring isn’t a bad approach. Dark herringbone tiles are free from clutter and are available in appropriate sizes. They are not over-furnished and can provide your laundry space with a brighter shade. In addition, the dark-and-gray tones can expand the space. As the herringbone tiles are layered with parquet blocks, they are water resistant. A few dark herringbone tiles are also made with solid wood.

11. Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic tiles consist of rectangular and squared stones. It may also include a few sea shells, broken tiles, and other pieces of artwork. These types of tiles have been popular since ancient Greek and Roman times. Mosaic flooring is a classic and unique choice for your laundry room floor design. It can lighten up the entire space. You will find various types of mosaic tiles in different ranges, styles, shapes, and designs on the market. At present, mosaic tiles are made with porcelain and ceramic stones with a few pieces of glass. It can provide a texture to your laundry room’s space.

12. Beige Herringbone Flooring

Beige Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring has numerous advantages for your laundry room’s space. They are also fascinating and innovative adaptations for your laundry room floor design. What about adding a brighter shade to the floor? For example, beige herringbone floor tiles. This herringbone tile is completely made with solid pieces of wood. Beige herringbone tiles are layered with staggering parquet blocks. After that, it was cut into a rectangular shape and arranged in zigzag patterns. Beige herringbone tiles are a unique choice for your laundry room flooring. They are waterproof and go perfectly with your white cabinets and washing machines.

13. Stone Herringbone Flooring

Stone Herringbone Flooring

After the detailed discussion about herringbone titles, it’s time to look for gray or beige herringbone flooring. Similarly, if you want to go more luxurious, you can apply stone herringbone flooring. It is an innovative choice for your laundry room floor design. A white cabinet and basin, along with two washing machines, can lighten up your laundry room decoration with this flooring style. Stone herringbone tiles are an upgraded version of normal herringbone tiles. They are combined with parquet blocks and stones. It gives them an elegant and hyper-realistic finish. Stone herringbone tiles also ensure longevity.

14. Black and White Mosaic Flooring

Black and White Mosaic Flooring

What about adding a black-and-white combination to your mosaic tiles? The black-and-white mosaic tiles can add a monochromic glance to your laundry room floor design. It can provide a long-lasting look to your laundry room space. Black-and-white mosaic tiles consist of ceramic and porcelain stones. The black-and-white mosaic flooring can include a few accent pieces of glass and metals. They are arranged in simple patterns that can convey an elegant vibe.

15. Black and White Floor Tiles

 Black and White Floor Tiles

What if we combine both gray-and-white floor tiles and mosaic tiles? For instance, black-and-white floor tiles are a unique adaptation for your laundry room floor design. These types of flooring can consist of both porcelain and ceramic tiles. However, the majority of the part is made with porcelain tiles. Black-and-white tiles are a versatile choice for your laundry room space. They are sustainable and require low maintenance. Black-and-white floor tiles are affordable and help you to maintain the temperature of your laundry room.

16. Stained Wood Flooring

Stained Wood Flooring

Stained wood flooring is derived from solid natural wood. It has a more classic look than a normal flooring style. Stained woods are authentic and ensure longevity to the floor. They are also more easily maintainable than tiles and marbles. Stained wood flooring is a luxurious adaptation for your laundry room. It is quite more authentic than a normal wooden floor. It can create a farmhouse-style vibe at your home. Don’t forget to add a black mat under the floor. The natural solid wood help to maintain hygiene on the floor. Stain wood flooring is free from parasites, termites, and dust mites.

17. Checkerboard Flooring Design

Checkerboard Flooring Design

Checkerboard flooring is a unique concept for your laundry room floor design. It is a creative approach and can create an aesthetic environment in your apartment. If you’re a chess player or love to play chess, then you don’t need more reason to apply this flooring style. You can create this style by applying black and white tiles or marbles parallel to each other. After applying this flooring style, add white cabinets and black washing machines to match the vibe. Checkerboard flooring will not only provide the space with a stylish look but also saves you time during cleaning. They are made with black-and-white tiles, so they are maintainable.

18. Light Wood Flooring

Light Wood Flooring

Light wood flooring is also derived from natural woods. Thus, it has an adequate hygiene level that protects the floor from parasites and termites. Light wood flooring is a lighter and cheaper version of stained wood floor designs. A few people fail to add stained wood flooring due to a lack of budget. Although, you can still create a similar vibe with the light wood floor design. It can give your laundry room floor a farmhouse-style vibration at less cost. The biggest advantage of light wood flooring is that it never runs out of style. Even after a long period, it will glow perfectly.

19. Dark Stained Wood Flooring

Dark Stained Wood Flooring

Stained wood flooring may create a luxurious vibe in your laundry room. Thus, what about adding a more luxurious vibe? You can create a similar vibe by adding dark stained wood flooring to your laundry room floor design. Dark-stained wood flooring is an upgraded version of stained wood flooring. They are made with natural hardwood that ensures longevity. It can enhance the look of your laundry room space. The dark stained wood flooring may not extend the space of your laundry room like lightwood flooring. However, the hardwoods can help you to clean the floor with low maintenance.

20. Brick Herringbone Flooring

Brick Herringbone Flooring

You can add gray, black, white, beige, or stone herringbone tiles to the floor. However, a few people fail to add herringbone flooring due to limited space and budget. In this case, you can use bricks to create a similar pattern. The bricks consist of both natural and chemical elements. Bricks have strong surfaces that ensure a long-lasting impact on your laundry room space. Besides these, the brick can keep a warm temperature in the space. It is an affordable process to design your laundry room floor. Brick herringbone patterns can give your laundry a soft battered look.

21. Light Stained Wood Flooring

Light Stained Wood Flooring

You can apply light-stain wood flooring for your laundry room floor design. It may be lighter than the normal stained wood flooring. However, it can establish a long-lasting impact. Besides these, it may give the interiors a more bright and delightful look. Light-stained woods are derived from natural softwood. Thus, they don’t require a vast amount of maintenance. They can protect your floors from parasites and dust mites. Light-stained wood flooring has a warmth depth that ensures longevity. They are also stain-proof and water-resistant.

Summing It Up

All in all, a laundry room is also an essential area of your home. Thus, it’s necessary to decorate them with proper floor designs. There are several flooring options you can choose for your laundry room. If you want to make it simple, just go for a normal look. Mosaic tiles are affordable and suitable for every space. Apart from that, you can also pick concrete, vinyl, tiles, or laminate flooring. They are water-resistant and free from stains.

Now, if you want to make it more luxurious, you can choose herringbone or hexagon tiles for flooring. For example, you can pick black-and-white, gray-and-white, or beige herringbone tiles. Besides these, you can also pick stained wood flooring for your laundry area.

In this blog, you’ve discovered unique and delightful ideas for your laundry room floor design. Which one do you find more fascinating?

Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Option for Laundry Room Floor Design?

There are several options you can pick for your laundry room floor design. If you have a certain budget, then go for concrete, vinyl, laminate, mosaic, or tile flooring. They are affordable and may leave a long-lasting impact. If you want to make it more luxurious, then stained wood flooring is the best option.

How Much Will It Cost to Design the Floor of Your Laundry Room?

There isn’t any specific budget for your laundry room flooring. However, if your space is small, then it may cost up to $1000 or less. Meanwhile, if your budget is extendable and your space is large, then it can cost up to $7000.

What is the Importance of Flooring in Our Laundry Room?

Flooring is the most important part that you must consider before setting up your laundry room. Adequate flooring can help your laundry room from water flowing and keep a good moisture level. It also reduces the chance of slippery. A few flooring options are also free from stains.

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