18 Fireplaces with Built-Ins on Each Side (Design and Ideas)

by Ella Mitchell

Imagine your living room on a chilling evening, it’s freezing outside, and you are on your couch. Hot chocolate and a warm room are something anyone would need. Hot chocolate can be arranged but what about warmness? The blowers and heaters don’t have the experience that a fireplace would give.

So, having a fireplace is a good idea, but when it comes to decoring, we sometimes fail. The fireplace ideas have been in talks in the past few years.

Any living room or family room would benefit greatly from the inclusion of a fireplace with built-ins on both sides.

When constructing built-ins on both sides of a fireplace, take into account the following:

1. An Authentic Design Can Be Considered

An Authentic Design Can Be Considered

Choosing a classic and original fireplace can be considered because it is antique, original, and gives more of a royal look. However, choosing them can be expensive, so keep an eye on the pocket. If your budget can be stretched, then they can be given a go. They not only attract guests but also give a vibe of something luxurious. The gold standard, the most valuable, and the priciest antique fireplaces are the originals. Due to their genuine historical appeal, they not only keep their worth but significantly increase the value of the home.

2. Mantels Are Vital

 Mantels Are Vital

Fireplaces with mantels might take up some space but are considered safe. And while planning a fireplace, you should consider a mantel. They would look good, and they will help you to keep safe from flames and flashes. Also, a mantel-only fireplace is something that will give an uncluttered look even in a small room. Making your fireplace the center of attention in any space may be achieved by adding ornamental objects on the mantle. To bring attention to your mantel, use tiny, color-coded stacks of books or decorations in a contrasting color.

3. Vintage? Not Bad

Vintage? Not Bad

Who doesn’t love vintage styling? The old money or retro look fireplace is a considerable item when talked about boasting your living space. If you wish to make it more eye-catching, then you should look to decorate it with white built-in shelves. Also, you should go for an off-white fireplace mantel, and a black fire screen is good taste. A white ship-lapped mantel in the living room may be adorned with metal candelabra, antique framed mirrors, and white jugs holding dry flowers. The built-in bookcases on either side can be similarly decorated with antiques.

4. Try Dressing Them According to The Seasons

Try Dressing Them According to The Seasons

Change the decor according to seasons and festivals, and choose a vibe that should match the weather in the environment. By concentrating on mantel design, you can quickly change out decorations for each season and holiday, keeping your house festive and new with little work. Your fireplace is the ideal chance to incorporate seasonal beauty into your home because it serves as the design focal point of your area. Decorate your mantle with a garland made of seasonal greenery, whether it’s pinecones and leaves for an autumn mantel or a fir garland for a Christmas fireplace to get the season in the mood.

5. Why Not Artwork

Why Not Artwork

Match the aesthetics of your fireplace with artwork, especially abstract. This gives the place a classic look and is trendy among the public. Place wooden artifacts in front of the fireplace and use some traditional wood surrounds. To eliminate the gaps that tiles could produce, choose stone slabs. Use a dark granite called Via Late that has a very dark finish and very little white veining. It should stand out against the white walls.

6. Arched Cabinets Are Big Green Flags

 Arched Cabinets Are Big Green Flags

Showcase your fireplace with arched styling painted in matte-black and make it look more modern and aesthetics. Place 2 white ottomans rest in the front. On either side are white shelves and cabinets, and there are gold metal light fixtures installed on the wall above. In the middle of the space, a tufted ottoman supports a woven tray that is adorned with tiny white pumpkins and green moss.

7. Bring the Fireplace More Into Focus

Bring the Fireplace More Into Focus

Make the room look more cozy and comfortable with dark, moody blue and make it more of a dominant color. Keep a minimalist approach with cut firewood on a stand, and add a natural feel with a sitting plant. Make it more instrumental and atmospheric with the fireplace made into the focal point of the space, and design a custom joinery unit for the recesses on each side of the chimney breast. By adding a beautiful log display to one side of the fireplace, you can balance it out and emphasize the room’s height.

8. Contemporary Twist

Contemporary Twist

Reflect your architecture with a cleaner approach with an insert stove. It will be an eye-catching look if you add accessories and ornaments like vases positioned on the floor. Achieve a subtle styling with fire being the center stage and make your house a period look. Additionally, since more homes have open-concept living areas, homeowners are searching for stoves that can be positioned in the center of the space and enjoyed from all sides. As a result, stoves with multiple viewing windows are becoming more and more common.

9. Try out Textured Tiles

Try out Textured Tiles

Adding textured tiles on the mantel of the fireplace is a great idea. It allows you to place some extra layers and interests in the room. A more vibing approach can be attained by using monochromatic colorings. Put a navy blue colored sofa set in front of a table and get a more vibrant look. The fireplace box has long been a fixture in the house. To add drama to the area, they have refurbished the façade around the fireplace by painting the millwork a dramatic deep blue/black. For endurance, the marble used to round the façade was kept simple and classic.

10. Natural Wood Sounds Good

Natural Wood Sounds Good

Attain a sophisticated look by adding natural wood built-in shelves with matching beams. A black fireplace will complement the colors, and choosing a two-mirrored coffee table can be considered a nice try. Putting natural wood beams, shelves blended with modern gold light, and a white wall is such a soothing experience, as shown in the picture. We would strongly recommend setting up this form for your living room with a fireplace.

11. Matte Black Is Always Classy

Matte Black Is Always Classy

Matte gives a complete touch. Make your fireplace more classy and eye-catching with the Matte Black cabinet doors and built-in shelves. Running a wooden floor is a nice idea matching the aesthetics of the room. Place a small rounded table in front of it and decorate the mantel with some greenery, or you can choose to put a clock over it. As in the picture, the look is so classy and elegant.

12. How About a Fender

 How About a Fender

Drawn from traditional interiors of classic fireplaces, achieve this look with the upholstered fender. The fender is a beautiful way of decorating a fireplace and also not allowing ash to enter the room. You won’t be looking to disrupt your favorite classy carpet that you bought online. At the busiest entertainment times, the fender may even serve as additional seating without taking up valuable floor area. Choosing softer materials like velvets for an aesthetic element rather than something that will be utilized as seats all the time, such as leather covering for a durable alternative.

13. Nature Speaks More

Nature Speaks More

Get inspiration from Flinstone and let the fireplace proudly display the sliced, veneered, and polished boulders. Look for handcrafts by British Mansons setup with ball Eye Blue marble’s semiprecious amethyst tones contrast with the delicate Swaledale Fossil limestone ornamentation. These handicrafts change the overall look of the room as well.

14. Traditional Touch in White Living Room

Traditional Touch in White Living Room

On the hardwood floor of this well-lit living room, add a rug with a dark design. Frame a black fireplace with a white mantle adorned with a stone vase and black candlesticks. In the corner of the room, a wooden armchair with white cushions is flanked by potted plants. This will look more subtle and elegant look to boast.

15. Make a Feature Wall

Make a Feature Wall

Add an electric fire, making it look more like a piece of art on an off-white wall in your dining area. It will be more on the cozy side, where you can enjoy your dinner in low lights for a soothing experience. An excellent substitute and perfect choice for a feature wall in a contemporary home are electric fires. Allow the fire to stand out on its own, or add a spectacular piece of art or a flat-screen TV to bring the room’s design into balance.

16. Built-Ins on Both Sides of The Stone Fireplace

Built-Ins on Both Sides of The Stone Fireplace

Using a stone fireplace having built-ins on each side is a lovely look, and if it is blended with a rustic wood mantel, then it is something that will make you look twice. Decorate it with a fall garland and a white vase with an autumnal bouquet that will add charm. Make it accompanied by white fabric pumpkins to look more elegant. In this way, you can give an amazing touch to the entire decor of your room.

17. Christmas Decor on The White Mantel

Christmas Decor on The White Mantel

On the white mantle in this living room, red and white stockings are delicately placed. Seasonal decorations, white vases, and potted plants are displayed on the white shelves on each side. The room’s focal point is a distinctive round wood coffee table that is adorned with a miniature tree and pinecones on a wicker tray. All the distinctive objects in this room throw a festive mood, indeed.

18. Symmetry and Balance

Symmetry and Balance

Be mindful of achieving a balanced appearance. Make sure that the shelves, cupboards, and niches are symmetrical on all sides in terms of size, form, and location. This aids in producing a unified and appealing design. Select an internal insert that complements the surround effectively, such as this dramatic, black inset that draws attention to the marble’s deepest veins.


All in all, you may add a ritual to your life and house by having a fire. Even without logs or a blazing fire, the warmth and grandeur of a fireplace profoundly affect the mood of a space. The fireplace is something that can’t be ignored or missed, not because of the warmth it provides but also, leads to represent comfort.

Creating a center point in the room is one of the main targets for house owners, and we strongly recommend you try out these ideas that you should take into consideration. We hope that this article has aided you in identifying the ideal addition that will transform your room from a functional place into one that is brimming with ambiance and conviviality.

Also, when planning and installing fireplace built-ins, always put safety first. Materials and necessary dimensions may be specified by your local building rules and laws to preserve compatibility.

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