21 Inspiring Bathroom Shiplap Ideas for Your Renovation

by Charlotte Evans
21 Stunning Ideas For Adding a Shiplap Bathroom In Your Reno

Don’t you think shiplap is one of the most popular designs that can blend with almost every aesthetic and brings a subtle and charming look? Well, shiplap design is inspired by boats that stack up flat, rectangular wooden planks to create a structure that supports floating on the water.

So, shiplap design in interior decoration means using a flat rectangular design on the wall, floor, or furniture. Also, it is a versatile design that can instantly transform your space from plain and dull to intriguing and eye-catchy.

You can incorporate shiplap in any corner of your home, including bathrooms. Shiplap’s design looks stunning in the bathroom, and you can find multiple exciting ways to include it. You can use a shiplap wall or floor to redesign your bathroom. Also, you can pair shiplap with herringbone to create a beautiful bathroom setup.

Here we list the top 21 stunning bathroom shiplap ideas for a renovation project.

Stunning Ideas for Adding a Shiplap Bathroom

You can get endless and innovative options to remodel your bathroom with Shiplap. Have a look.

1. White Shiplap Walls

White Shiplap Walls

White shiplap walls are among the most popular designs that many people love to incorporate into their home interiors. It is also one of the essential yet elegant ways to add shiplap within a space. You can use white shiplap walls in any corner of your home, including bathrooms. The white shiplap walls look stunning with various bathroom interiors such as modern, farmhouse, vintage, and Scandinavian. Also, white is a versatile color that can go well with different color palettes. You can pair some wood accents or green plants depending on your interior to maximize the beauty of white shiplap walls; try Off-white Shiplap Peel And Stick Wallpaper by NuWallpaper.

2. White and Dark Green Shiplap Walls

White and Dark Green Shiplap Walls

Although white shiplap walls look great for a bathroom and bring new dimensions, the combination of white and dark green shiplap walls is also popular. The white and dark green shiplap walls add a dynamic touch to your bathroom interior. It looks lively and fresh and gives your bathroom a calm and soothing effect. The white and dark green shiplap walls fit perfectly with several interior designs like modern, minimalist, modern farmhouse, and freestyle. Also, if you have a Scandinavian bathroom setup, you can try the white and dark green shiplap to redesign your space.

3. Horizontal Shiplap Backsplash

Horizontal Shiplap Backsplash

Looking for an easy upgrade with useful shiplap bathroom ideas? Try our next shiplap design. The horizontal shiplap backsplash looks beautiful in a modern minimalist bathroom setup and adds a new dimension to the space. Also, you can use a matching or contrasting shade for your shiplap backsplash, depending on the look you want to achieve. If you want to keep it subtle but exciting, you can pick a similar color for your bathroom interior color scheme. Also, if you wish to make it bold and eye-catching, you can opt for a contrasting shade.

4. Full Shiplap Walls and Ceiling

Full Shiplap Walls and Ceiling

The entire shiplap walls and ceiling help to introduce the design naturally. If you want subtle shiplap bathroom ideas that are easy to incorporate and look classy, you can try the entire shiplap walls and ceiling. Converting your bedroom walls and ceiling with a shiplap design gives an elegant touch to the interior and blends well with modern architecture. You can use concrete shiplap for the walls and ceiling or opt for tiles. Also, if you want to be creative, keep the ceiling concrete and tile walls or vice versa.

5. Powder Room with Shiplap Wainscoting

Powder Room with Shiplap Wainscoting

Want to upgrade your powder room interior with Shiplap? You may find our next shiplap bathroom shiplap idea interesting. The shiplap wainscoting on your powder room wall looks beautiful and elegant. You can use teal or powder blue paint for the shiplap wainscoting and add some black or white accents to make it more dynamic. This style of shiplap design looks amazing with modern interiors and cottage or farmhouse-style interiors. All you need to do is to be mindful while pairing furniture or introducing new colors for the shiplap. You should consider the existing color palette of your bathroom/powder room and interior style to strike a balance.

6. White Shiplap Accent Walls

White Shiplap Accent Walls

The white shiplap accent walls are among the most popular shiplap bathroom ideas. It is a beautiful shiplap design that gives a sense of symmetry. For example, you can renovate your bathroom as a white setup and incorporate a white shiplap ceiling and shiplap accent walls to create a symmetrical look. You can also consider keeping some window space on the accent wall. This allows more light into the bathroom, making it look spacious. Try including some greens in the area to make it look more appealing.

7. Distressed Shiplap Ceiling

Distressed Shiplap Ceiling

Distressed ceiling bathrooms suit traditional, rustic, cottage-style, farmhouse, and vintage interiors. The warm shades of distressed solid wood are perfect for these home designs. And a touch of symmetry becomes visible when you use a shiplap design. The distressed shiplap ceiling in the bathroom not only looks good, but they are strong. But remember to use moisture and mildew-resistant solid wood for your bathroom’s shiplap ceiling to last longer because the bathroom is a high moisture area of your house that can easily damage regular lumber.

8. Pair Criss-Crossed Brick Line with Shiplap Wall

Pair Criss-Crossed Brick Line with Shiplap Wall

You can get endless exciting ways to incorporate shiplap in bathroom interiors. For example, pairing criss-cross brick lines with shiplap is one of the brilliant shiplap bathroomideas that you can try during your bathroom renovation. White shiplap walls look elegant, and you can pair them with criss-cross brick lines. This will create a beautiful pattern for your bathroom walls, making them more attractive. You can keep both criss-cross brick lines and shiplap in the same shade or opt for contrasting shades depending on your choice or desired look.

9. Deep Blue Shiplap in a White Setup

Deep Blue Shiplap in a White Setup

The deep blue and white palette looks fantastic, especially in the bathroom, bedroom, or meditation zones. They offer a serene and relaxing environment ideal for a washroom or any place with a calming ambiance. Multiple shiplap bathroom ideas look stylish and trendy. But if you are searching for something that looks bright and lively plus helps you introduce a new color to the space, you can incorporate deep blue shiplap in a white bathroom setup. To get the perfect look convert the walls into deep blue shiplap and install white furniture.

10. Play with Mirrors on White Shiplap Wall

 Play with Mirrors on White Shiplap Wall

Mirrors are a practical part of your bathroom, and what could be more innovative than pairing them with shiplap to get a unique look? If you are reconstructing your bathroom space and want to add a shiplap design, consider our next modern mirror and shiplap design. There are multiple mirror and shiplap bathroom ideas available, and you can even modify an idea depending on your choice or need. For instance, you can use different shapes of mirrors without frames and place them creatively on your shiplap bathroom walls. Also, you can use a statement mirror at the center of your shiplap wall.

11. Beige Shiplap Wainscoting on White Wall

Beige Shiplap Wainscoting on White Wall

Baige shiplap wainscoting on a white wall is one of the most elegant and cost-effective shiplap bathroom ideas that you will love to try for a bathroom reno. Try this if you want to remodel your bathroom with Shiplap without spending much money. The beige shiplap wainscoting on the white wall gives an expensive look and helps you stylishly incorporate wainscoting. The beige shiplap wainscoting on the white wall creates an ideal setup for vintage, rustic, and countryside bathroom interiors. Plus, you have plenty of cost-effective methods for wainscoting with plywood, plastic, and MDF today.

12. Black Wooden Shiplap Wall

Black Wooden Shiplap Wall

Black wooden shiplap walls also look perfect. They give a modern minimalist look and can be an ideal pair of modern and contemporary bathroom setups. The black wooden shiplap walls create a dark and cozy environment. So, if you want some modern shiplap bathroom ideas, you may find it interesting. The best part of this shiplap design is its flexibility. For example, you can install a black wooden shiplap for all the walls and add some white accents to enhance the beauty of the black shiplap or keep the shiplap on one wall and leave other divisions in plain white paint. UFP Shiplap Pine Boards can create a shiplap pattern in ceilings and walls.

13. White Shiplap Walls with White Tile Floor

 White Shiplap Walls with White Tile Floor

As we have already discussed, shiplap designs are versatile, and there are plenty of exciting ways to incorporate them into your bathroom. So, if you want an opulent effect for your bathroom, you can choose an all-white shiplap theme. It is easy to get a perfect shiplap bathroom; create a concrete white shiplap for the wall and decorate the floor with white tile shiplap. You can add more texture to this design by installing some black or beige accents in the form of a basin, bathtub, shower setup, and wall-mounted racks. You can also incorporate some plant pots or flower vases to bring a fresh feeling to the room. You can try A la Maison’s White Foam Wood Shiplap Ceiling Planks for your bathroom renovation.

14. Rustic Aesthetic with Shiplap Walls

Rustic Aesthetic with Shiplap Walls

White shiplap walls are perfect for a rustic aesthetic. Sometimes your home interior reflects the rustic style, but your bathroom setup is contemporary. Renovation is the best time to bring some rustic vibe to your bathroom. You can use horizontal or vertical white shiplap walls; both look great. But this is not all; you must add other decors to complete the style. Decors like rustic white wooden vanity, sink, and mirror can enhance the beauty. You can add some wicker baskets for laundry or keep towels to complete the rustic look. Renewed Decor Shiplap Rustic Wood Frame Mirror is ideal for a rustic bathroom.

15. Shiplap Walls and Herringbone Floor

Shiplap Walls and Herringbone Floor

Shiplap looks excellent with a herringbone pattern and creates an outstanding design for your bathroom interior. So, to take your bathroom interior design to the next level, you must try this shiplap idea. It is one of the most beautiful and convenient shiplap bathroom ideas incorporating a herringbone pattern. The shiplap walls and herringbone floor look excellent and aesthetically pleasing. Keep your walls white with a shiplap design for a perfect look, and use black herringbone tilling for the floor. It will create a dynamic look; you can finish it with minimal reconstruction.

16. Wall Mounted Racks on Shiplap Wall

Wall Mounted Racks on Shiplap Wall

If you are not planning heavy reconstruction work for your bathroom; instead looking for a light renovation to upgrade the washroom, you will love this shiplap idea. It is one of the best shiplap bathroom ideas that does not require a heavy reconstruction. You can create a shiplap pattern on the wall and place contrasting wall-mounted racks on the wall to create a beautiful look for the bathroom. You can create concrete shiplap walls or use shiplap wallpaper for a similar effect. And you can also install white shiplap walls and pair black wall-mounted racks to get a picture-perfect look.

17. Shiplap Bathroom with Stained Wood Washstand

Shiplap Bathroom with Stained Wood Washstand

A shiplap bathroom with a stained wood washstand is also one of the trendy shiplap bathroom ideas to decorate your bathroom during a renovation. It is also an easy-to-build shiplap bathroom and adds a rustic touch. A stained wood washstand against a white horizontal shiplap wall looks beautiful and creates a perfect ambiance for a vintage, farmhouse, or any bathroom interior that requires a rustic look. You can use a marble floor or a natural stone basin and bathtub to enhance the look of your shiplap bathroom. Also, you can keep small drawers or cabinets under your washstand to make it more functional.

18. Farmhouse Windows and Shiplap Walls

Farmhouse Windows and Shiplap Walls

If you are searching for some easy shiplap bathroom ideas that you can use during your bathroom renovation, you can pair a farmhouse window with shiplap walls. It is an ideal option for a modern farmhouse or countryside house setup where you already have a small rectangular farmhouse window in your bathroom. The farmhouse windows look amazing with white horizontal shiplap walls, adding to the room’s aesthetic. However, you can also add some wooden accents and a tan shade to highlight the rustic style in the bathroom setup. You can also incorporate a porcelain flower vase to add a vintage vibe to the interior.

19. Shiplap Towel Bar

Shiplap Towel Bar

Installing a towel bar is another easy way to introduce the shiplap pattern in your bedroom. If you are looking for easy-to-incorporate and low-cost shiplap bathroom ideas, you will love this design. Instead of using a plain towel bar, add a shiplap patterned towel bar to make your bathroom setup more exciting and unique. Also, remember to use a contrasting shade for the shiplap towel bar to get a dynamic look. For instance, if you have a white bathroom interior, you can install a deep blue, mint green, or gray shiplap towel bar to enhance the look.

20. Mosaic Floor with White Shiplap Walls

Mosaic Floor with White Shiplap Walls

Another white shiplap wall bathroom idea that will amaze you is the mosaic floor with white shiplap walls. White shiplap walls look beautiful in various bathroom interiors, and incorporating a mosaic floor becomes more intriguing and stylish. Pairing a mosaic tile floor with white shiplap walls gives your bathroom a luxurious feel. It creates an ideal option for Mid-century modern, contemporary, and Boho interiors. For a contemporary or mid-century interior, you can use black and white mosaic floors with white shiplap walls. On the other hand, a colorful mosaic will look best with Boho interiors.

21. Coastal-Inspired Vertical Shiplap Walls

Coastal-Inspired Vertical Shiplap Walls

Lastly, a coastal-inspired vertical shiplap wall is one of the most beautiful shiplap bathroom ideas that you can try for your bathroom renovation. Coastal-inspired vertical shiplap walls look brilliant in the countryside, beach style, and Boho interiors. This style incorporates vertical shiplap walls with a coastal color palette and decors. The room will include vibrant coastal colors such as blue, beige, gold, and white. You can also install sea shell decors such as seashell vases, mirror frames, or showpieces to complete the look of your coastal-inspired vertical shiplap wall bathroom.


All in all, the shiplap pattern is one of the beautiful and versatile patterns that blend well with various interior designs. They look attractive with almost every interior design and enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. These patterns have become an integral part of modern interior designs, but they also look great with other interior designs such as rustic, vintage, Boho, and so on.

Also, you can find endless ways to incorporate shiplap design in your bathroom interior to make the space more enticing. Including shiplap design for the bathroom has many interesting and innovative options that seem endless.

So have you decided on any shiplap bathroom idea? If not, try any of the ideas mentioned above.

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