21 Striking Wooden Corner Shelves for a Stunning Room Upgrade

by Ethan Tremblay
21 Striking Wooden Corner Shelves for a Stunning Room Upgrade

Is your small apartment room restricting you from storing your household items? Or facing difficulty installing a new storage section due to a lack of space? Worry no more! We have got you covered.

We understand that small spaces create terrific situations. You can’t decide how you can organize the area, keep your place clean and make more room to add new things. Well, it is not that difficult when you have a beautiful floating corner shelf in your home. Floating corner shelves are ideal for smaller spaces. They create extra storage without taking up space on the floor.

Here you can keep various things, from keyrings and books to showpieces or crockery.

Today we will discuss 21 outstanding floating corner shelf ideas.

Unique Corner Floating Shelf Ideas

Wooden corner shelves are quite popular among people. But there are many other options worth trying. Below, we will list some of them.

1. Minimalist Corner Floating Shelves

Minimalist Corner Floating Shelves

Minimalist corner floating shelves are both functional and stylish. They look stunning with clean edges, sleek designs, and practical structures. Minimalist floating corner shelves can come with various designs, styles, and materials. You can find them with stone, wood, ply, etc. materials. Also, they are strong enough to keep heavy objects. You can install them anywhere, such as in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. You can install them with professional help. You can also choose to DIY minimalist wooden corner shelves at home.

2. Coastal Floating Shelves

Coastal Floating Shelves

Coastal floating corner shelves are another beautiful floating corner shelf idea that you can try for your home. Coastal floating shelves look brilliant with their clean structures and vibrant colors. They bring in a cozy summer beach vibe with colorful hues. Most coastal floating corner shelves are made from wood or marble and display coastal colors. The coastal wooden corner shelves are easy to build. They fit beach-style, boho, modern, and free-style home interiors.

3. Rustic Floating Shelves

Rustic Floating Shelves

Rustic wooden corner shelves can light up your home and provide ample space to keep your things. The natural wood grains and plain structure of rustic floating shelves look iconic. You can identify them for their rough edges and rustic tones. They are perfect for boho, countryside, farmhouse, and beach-style homes. If you have old and unfinished wood, you can DIY beautiful rustic corner floating shelves at home. You can also buy Wood Rustic Floating Corner Shelf by Wood Wedge for hassle-free installation.

4. Large Floating Corner Shelves with Hooks

Large Floating Corner Shelves with Hooks

Large floating corner shelves with hooks are solid and stylish. They are versatile and come in various designs and shades. Large floating corner shelves provide good space. Here you can store large stuff such as kitchenware, books, games, medium-sized electronics, etc. You can design these wooden corner shelves with wood planks/lumber and hefty metal hooks. If you want, you can also opt for readily available large floating corner shelves with hooks. They come in different styles and sizes to find different types of room interiors.

5. L-Shaped Corner Floating Shelves

 L-Shaped Corner Floating Shelves

L-shaped wooden corner floating shelves are trendy and fit with various interior designs. They feature a long L-shape and use the corner walls to create extra storage. They are also available in marble and metal. Their smooth finish and minimalist design are ideal for modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian homes. If you have little time for a DIY project, you can buy an L-Shaped Floating Corner Shelf by FEHAONST for your home.

6. Cottage-style Corner Floating Shelf

 Cottage-style Corner Floating Shelf

Want a cottage-themed floating corner shelf for your home? Try the cottage-style floating wooden corner shelves. Pair the light and slim structure with oversized wine glasses, droopy plants, old books, and lanterns to get the ultimate cottage-core vibe. You can DIY beautiful cottage-themed floating corner shelves. But you must have woodworking skills and a bit of creativity. Arrange some unfinished wood planks in the corner wall. Paint the wall with contrasting dark shades and display some cottage-core artifacts to complete the look.

7. Industrial Corner Floating Shelves

Industrial Corner Floating Shelves

Love an industrial look? Then you will also love this floating corner shelf idea. The industrial corner floating shelves give an authentic industrial vibe. You will love the solid industrial pipe supporting the sharp edge shelves. The natural tones with irregular lines of these wooden corner shelves look perfect against solid color walls. The industrial corner shelves are ideal for modern, contemporary, and modern farmhouse interiors. If you want gorgeous industrial wooden corner shelves, try BOTAOYIYI pipe shelf Industrial touch. They are durable and look stunning with modern interiors.

8. Wood Floating Shelves with Thick Metal Brackets

Wood Floating Shelves with Thick Metal Brackets

Another versatile floating corner shelf idea that suits several interior designs and aesthetics is the wood floating shelves with thick brackets. These heavy-duty shelves not only look so durable but also bear light to medium weight easily. Wood floating shelves with thick metal brackets are versatile, and you can place them in corners of any room, including bathrooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. They look minimalist and simple so that you can place them in any room with minimalist aesthetics. You can also use them in rustic or farmhouse-style interiors for their natural textures.

9. Standalone Floating Corner Shelf

Standalone Floating Corner Shelf

Standalone floating corner shelves are versatile and mostly made of wood. They offer a minimalist no-hassle look. That is why you can use them in any interior that requires a smooth and simple structure. A triangular-shaped standalone corner floating shelf can fit well in any corner of your room and create a beautiful place to keep your showpieces or display some old books. If you have well-shaped lumber, you can create your standalone wooden corner shelves. But if you do not have one, you can go for InPlace White Floating Corner Wall Shelf for a beautiful standalone corner floating shelf.

10. Modern Rectangle Corner Floating Shelf

 Modern Rectangle Corner Floating Shelf

Modern rectangular corner floating shelves are ideal for modern and minimalist room interiors. They have smooth rectangular shapes with clean edges. The rectangular shelves easily fit in the corner walls creating a dynamic look. Modern rectangular floating wooden corner shelves are durable and provide enough space to display showpieces, keepsakes, books, and even a classic miniature gramophone. If you are not a pro at woodworking or DIY projects, you can buy a RANK Corner Shelf.

11. Zig Zag Floating Corner Shelves

 Zig Zag Floating Corner Shelves

The zig-zag floating corner shelves are one of the most beautiful and versatile pieces. The zig-zag design looks modern and provides plenty of space. They are available in wood and metal forms. The zig-zag floating wooden corner shelves are easy to create. You can try an online guide to DIY Zig Zag Floating Corner Shelf. Several zig zag floating corner shelves are also available in the market. You can choose Greenco 2-Tier corner shelves that have a beautiful zig-zag design. It is an excellent choice for a modern minimalist room.

12. Contrasted Floating Corner Shelf

Contrasted Floating Corner Shelf

Contrasted Floating Shelves offer a moody twist to the interior. It also creates an eye-catchy shelf design. It is easy to DIY a contrasting floating shelf. You only need to pair light and bright-colored shelves with dark walls. To DIY contrasting corner wooden shelves, use light-tone wood planks or paint them in light shades (Sherwin Williams off-white or pure white) and stack them on a dark green or blue wall. You can display some decorative items with matching color schemes to complete the look. You can also place the planks in an unorganized way to create an asymmetric design.

13. Marble Floating Corner Shelves

Marble Floating Corner Shelves

Marble floating corner shelves are a bit different from wooden corner shelves. They look more luxurious and add visual weight to the interior. Also, the natural veining of marble looks fantastic against a solid color wall. Marble corner shelves go well with a modern minimalist interior. You can install them in the living, bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. You can also DIY a floating corner shelf or choose Soulscrafts Italian Bianco White Carrara Marble Corner Shelf. Add a plant pot with some books (with a similar color palette) to enhance the look.

14. Dreamy Corner Floating Shelves

Dreamy Corner Floating Shelves

A dreamy corner floating shelf is ideal for a boho interior. But it also looks good in cottage-core, farmhouse, or vintage rooms. The dreamy corner shelves can make your room look fantastical and add a light and breezy vibe. They are artistic and ideal for placing in bedrooms or living rooms. You can transform your ordinary floating wooden corner shelves into a dreamy setup. It is a simple DIY task. You can add fairy lights, some fresh/artificial flowers, plants, books, or candle holders to create your corner shelf. This will give it a dreamy look.

15. Macrame Floating Shelves with String

Macrame Floating Shelves with String

Do you love macrame magic? Then it’s time to expand the horizons and incorporate them into designing your floating corner shelves. Macrame floating corner shelves are popular among many people who prefer a naturalistic theme for floating corner shelves. These shelves often use wood and macrame maze, cord, and wood to maintain the natural tones. They look excellent in boho, farmhouse, rustic, and countryside homes. If you want, you can also DIY Macrame Corner Hanging Shelf at home.

16. Live-Edge Corner Floating Shelves

Live-Edge Corner Floating Shelves

One of the must-try floating wooden corner shelves ideas is the live-edge corner floating shelves. Live-edge corner shelves are made from durable, thick wood lumbers with unusual edges. The natural edge ( also called live edges) is the main feature of these corner shelves. They bring a simple and natural vibe and fit well with minimalist aesthetics. Live-edge corner shelves look good in a modern minimalist environment. They also look good in cottage and rustic farmhouses or bohemian rooms.

17. Triangular Corner Shelf

 Triangular Corner Shelf

If you are looking for an excellent floating corner shelf design, here is what you need. A classy triangular floating shelf can light up a simple corner of your bedroom or living room. The triangular floating corner shelves are made of wood or metal. You can also find various interesting designs for triangular corner shelves. Keep this in mind when you buy or DIY them. NIUBEST Black Corner Shelf is among the most versatile rectangular wooden corner shelves. They look stylish and go well with modern, Scandinavian, or freestyle interiors.

18. Simple Corner Floating Shelves Set

Simple Corner Floating Shelves Set

Simple wooden corner shelves are the most basic and low-key floating shelves. They are functional and minimalist furniture. You can display or store your belongings on these shelves. The natural tones of the wood planks with smooth curved edges give a simple, minimalist vibe. You can incorporate them with any style of farmhouse interiors. They are simple and minimalist. You need some unfinished wood planks and some woodworking tools to DIY a simple floating corner shelf.

19. Accented 5-Tier Floating Shelf

Accented 5-Tier Floating Shelf

Accented 5-tier floating wooden corner shelves are versatile. They also come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The clever design maximizes the capacity of corner shelves by adding several stories. You can place statement antiques or collectibles on the upper shelf. This will help to attract your guests’ attention. The accented 5-tier floating shelves are DIYable but need advanced woodworking skills. So, you can opt for readily available options such as Greenco 5-Tier Corner Shelves. They are simple, elegant, and highly durable.

20. Rattan Corner Floating Shelves

Rattan Corner Floating Shelves

Rattan corner floating shelves are a beautiful piece of furniture. They can effectively increase your interior aesthetics. They are helpful, versatile and come in various interesting designs and sizes. You can also choose rattan plus wooden corner shelves for more durability and rich tones. One can pair woods like walnut, elm, or acacia with rattan to create a beautiful floating corner shelf. But if you do not have much for DIY projects, you can buy rattan corner floating shelves. ND RongFeng Corner Shelf is an excellent product for Bohemian, cottagecore, and Rustic rooms.

21. Pastel Floating Corner Shelves

Pastel Floating Corner Shelves

Last but not least, the pastel floating corner shelves are also an excellent option for your home. They are perfect if you want to include some soft colors in the space. As the name suggests, the pastel shelves display beautiful and breezy shades. They are also available in various designs, but most have a plain structure and clean look. You can DIY pastel wooden corner shelves with solid wood planks and pastel paint. Also, you can buy and install readymade pastel corner shelves. You will love the soft pink shade of SAUMONIERS Floating Shelves.


All in all, the floating corner shelves are practical furniture that are space-saving and trendy. Nowadays, most people use corner shelves. These shelves help to make room for storing household items and enhance the beauty of the space. You can have endless options when looking for corner shelves for your home. You will find them in various designs, styles, materials, and shades that fit different home decor.

Wooden corner shelves are the most popular among floating corner shelves. They are excellent for different room setups and look stunning.

So, are you ready to explore the world of floating corner shelves? Use any option mentioned above you like and upgrade your room. This will also help you make more space for your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Some Unique Ways to Arrange Floating Shelves in a Corner?

There are many ways to make the arrangement of your floating metal or wooden corner shelves unique and interesting. You can place them in symmetrical, asymmetrical, or zig-zag patterns. This will make your corner shelves more beautiful.

What Can You Put on a Corner Floating Shelf?

It depends on the type of floating corner shelves you have. You can keep books, showpieces, beauty products, pottery, and other artifacts on these wooden corner shelves. You can also place picture frames and other decorative items.

How Much Weight Can a Floating Corner Shelf Hold?

Floating corner shelves are versatile. They also can bear light to medium weight depending on the material and length. The logic is simple: the more robust and durable, the more weight you can put on it. But it is advisable to avoid heavy-weight objects to prevent damage.

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