18 Trendy Built-In Office Cabinets to Boost Your Productivity

by Alessandro Bianchi
18 Stylish Office Built In Cabinets

Are you looking for some creative built-in office cabinet ideas to maximize the style and also organize the clutter in a seamless way? The answer to both questions is built-in office cabinets. These cabinets are much needed for multiple purposes.

Built-in cabinets that are equipped to the wall will save you some crucial space and make your room look well put together. Cabinets can be decorated to match the overall decor of your house, making them blend in quite easily.

From making the office area look clean to storing important documents, decor items, and electronic essentials, and overall making the whole area look clean and aesthetic.

A good-looking office area which is clean and well organized will definitely enhance your productivity. On this note, let’s get started by going through some of the most creative ways to design and style built-in office cabinets.

Stylish Built-In Office Cabinet Ideas

1. Gray Office Built-In Cabinets

Gray Office Built-In Cabinets

Gray being a neutral color, suits most kinds of aesthetics and blends well in the room. In the image given above, the main desk area is big enough to equip a full-frame desktop computer, and the side cabinets of four boxes each offer sufficient space to store all the essential office needs. The combination of the white upholstered cushioned seats with the spacious gray and open cabinets brings a modern accent to the entire setup.

If you want to have these built-in office cabinets as well, ensure to keep the walls light-colored so that the colors of the cabinet get highlighted the most. Add certain home decor items like vases, baskets, framed photos, quotes that inspire you to do better, etc, to make your table personalized.

2. Blue Office with Built-In Cabinets

Blue Office with Built-In Cabinets

There is something about focusing on high-quality shelves to elevate the aesthetic of the entire built-in office cabinets. These shelves portraying industrial style on either side of the mirror look absolutely exquisite. The round mirror in the center with black framing adds much-needed details. The countertop of the desk and the shelves is in complete contrast with the blue built-in office cabinets.

The open shelves can be used to put the things you might need in your office frequently since it saves you the trouble of opening a cabinet. It can also be used for showcasing your artwork, awards, photos, etc.

3. Black and White Office Built-In Cabinets

Black and White Office Built-In Cabinets

The black-and-white combination is never forgotten when it comes to home decor. The combination has never disappointed with its timeless charm and elegance. The white chair adds to the contrast of the whole scene. These built-in office cabinets show subtle touches of white color, making the office look visually aesthetic.

To recreate the exact setup of the above built-in office cabinets, you will require a decent-sized space. You will need to color-match the entire theme like it’s shown in the image. For instance, the rug is matched with the white theme of the countertops, and the green faux plants in the built-in office cabinets as well as beside the couch, add value to the whole office.

4. Farmhouse-Style Office Built-In Cabinets

Farmhouse-Style Office Built-In Cabinets

Farmhouse style adds to the rustic and vintage charm of your house. It makes you feel grand and adds unmatchable visual appeal to your office. The built-in office cabinets above perfectly portray the mixture of farmhouse aesthetics with modern style. This office setup features three wall-mounted desks with two open shelving units in between. It makes the whole setup look very airy and not cramped. This ultimately leads to better productivity in our professional life.

To add more details to this setting, try pairing the shelves with a table runner cloth that has a similar color. As we already know, symmetry in home decor works really well. This setup is a perfect example of how only three colors, i.e., black, light brown, and white, can dominate the scene.

5. Black Barn Door with Glass

Black Barn Door with Glass

If you want a dedicated workspace focused on giving you complete privacy or your work demands utter concentration from your side, then you should definitely consider this black barn door with glass style. This idea doesn’t compromise on style, looks, or functionality to give you what you need. This built-in office cabinet is perfect for keeping confidential work information away from others, as it has a door for added protection. If we talk about style, it features a minimalist setting with neutral colors, achieving the most simple yet elegant look.

This idea is not easy to execute as you will require a room with natural light to grace your room. Artificial lighting kills the aesthetic of neutral colors. Moreover, the table is huge and runs throughout the desk without any interruption.

6. Using Creative Lighting in Office Cabinets

 Using Creative Lighting in Office Cabinets

Do you know what’s the most important factor to consider when designing your workspace and built-in office cabinets? It has to be lighting. This is because lighting is known to affect your productivity, mood, and sleep. A bright blue light will keep you awake and alert, whereas warmer yellowish tones induce sleep and lower productivity. Also, cabinet lighting will make sure that you are easily able to find things that you need without any hassle. If you have open shelving, try including lights with batteries so that you don’t have to worry about wires. This will keep your built-in office cabinets clean and minimal.

Opt for LEDs and not filament-based light because LEDs are cheaper and have a blue tone which is good for your work. They last longer than traditional bulbs, which means you don’t have to worry about changing them frequently.

7. Embracing Cozy Corners

Embracing Cozy Corners

People often ignore corners in their homes because they feel like they cannot be utilized for anything. However, you might want to rethink that thought because let us tell you that corners can be one of the perfect places for your office setup and built-in office cabinets. Why? Because corners give you that cozy feeling and give you that quietness to work your best. However, to make the corners interesting, it’s important to incorporate appropriate lighting and construct the right size of built-in office cabinets and electrical switches for your gadgets.

To get you started, let us give you some tips on how you should approach having a built-in office cabinet in one of the corners of your home. Firstly, think about why you need that space. If it’s just about storing a few things, then even a few shelves will do. Secondly, if you want a workstation here as well, then you will need to add a sturdy desk and matching chair to the mix.

8. Mint Green Office Built-In Cabinets

Mint Green Office Built-In Cabinets

Adding colors that are neither normally available nor very popular can do wonders for your home decor, especially when it comes to choosing the color of your built-in office cabinets and desk. Unexpected colors and lighter shades also add more focus and productivity and make the place feel brighter than usual. In the above image, the mint green color is used for the desk as well as the big cabinets on the door. This minimalist setup makes the mint green color the highlight of the design. And when you pair it up with light-colored walls and flooring, you get a perfect workspace for you.

If you want this kind of setting, be sure to choose the right color since even a little variation in the mint green colors can affect the aesthetic of your scene. Coming to cabinets, the cabinets are big and single-door, and this is essential to do as it keeps the whole look clean and minimal.

9. Hanging Art Over Your Cabinets

Hanging Art Over Your Cabinets

You know you can always be creative when it comes to designing your built-in office cabinets. Your workspace is important to you because if you are a working professional, most of the time of your day is going to be spent on your workstation. So this makes it crucial that you truly personalize your office space in any way you can. This idea simply talks about hanging any artwork, quotes, or frames over the built-in office cabinets to give your space a certain character of its own. You can choose any artwork that motivates you, or you really resonate with. However, try to be a little considerate of the color choices because, ultimately, you want everything just to blend in together perfectly.

Not the most functional use of artwork over the built-in office cabinets, but it can act as a good hideaway corner. Also, if you have a spot in your cabinet that is broken or the paint is coming off, you can simply hide it with hanging artwork without compromising on the looks at all.

10. Adding a Hutch for Additional Storage

Adding a Hutch for Additional Storage

Nobody hates having additional storage as an option. Actually, additional storage helps you to organize things in a much more efficient and systematic way since you are not forced to keep all the items in just one place. When it comes to built-in office cabinets, there is not much you can do to add more storage since they are equipped for the walls. However, if space permits and you really want that extra space, you can always look to add a hutch for additional storage.

The best place to add a hutch is above your desk if you have an empty space. Or if your desk starts midway through the wall, then there must be some empty space to add a standalone hutch cabinet. So just, simply take the measurements and get the right-sized hutch for you to organize your stuff better.

11. Hidden Coffee Bar in Your Office Cabinets

Hidden Coffee Bar in Your Office Cabinets

We all get tired after working long hours or right after noon. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if you had a hidden coffee bar in your built-in office cabinet? It’s like a dream come true, as you don’t have to move an inch to get the cup of coffee that keeps you going. This will save some crucial time and help you focus much better than before. You don’t have to worry about your setup looking too messy because of this because you can simply cover it up by adding a door to your built-in office cabinets.

But do remember that you will require some additional space to incorporate a coffee bar in your built-in office cabinet. Just carry a coffee machine, your favorite coffee beans, and a mug to keep you going for the rest of the day.

12. Built-In Office Cabinet with Library

Built-In Office Cabinet with Library

If you love reading and reading is a big part of your refreshing routine, then adding a library to your built-in office cabinets is a good idea. Having all your favorite collections and the books you want to read close by will keep your excitement level high throughout the day. And books also act as a good way to relax your mind when you need shorter breaks during work. Seeing all those books will also inculcate motivation and creativity in you, pushing you to work harder to conquer that deadline.

A library set up in an office area also adds to the vintage and farmhouse aesthetic. The visuals of a wall covered with books will inspire you every day. To have such a setup, it’s crucial to have sufficient space in your room. Having just a few books on a single shelf won’t work. Try dedicating the whole vertical shelf to your favorite reads to really spruce up the place.

13. Stand-Up Desk with Built-In Office Cabinets

Stand-Up Desk with Built-In Office Cabinets

We all get tired of just sitting in one place all day long. And in contemporary times, sitting has become a pandemic that needs to be tackled as it creates a lot of long-term health issues. For this reason, you can do wonders for your health by just opting for stand-up desks with built-in office cabinets. Since it’s a stand-up desk, the cabinets will be a little higher. Apart from the obvious health benefits, you also save on some crucial chair space when opting for stand-up desks.

In the above image, the whole built-in office cabinet is made up of a white finish with certain minimal touches. The cabinets and drawers can be divided according to the priorities and needs. For instance, you can put things you rarely need on the topmost cabinet and vice versa.

14. L-Shaped Office Desk with Cabinets

L-Shaped Office Desk with Cabinets

An L-shaped desk is definitely an upgrade over a normal straight desk. Other than adding extra space to your workstation, it adores your desk with an unmatchable aesthetic and character of its own. These desks will also let you construct more built-in office cabinets than usual. With all the items in reach, this cozy setting with numerous storage options will help you stay more organized and focused on the work.

An L-shaped desk is a perfect choice for someone who is working on multiple projects at the same time. Or, for someone who is into making professional videos and always needs a change of background, an L-shaped desk will easily make it happen. With added built-in office cabinets, you can work without worrying about losing stuff.

15. Built-In Office Cabinet with Floating Shelves

Built-In Office Cabinet with Floating Shelves

Do you know what works best for showing off your book, art, or photo collection to your guests? It’s the floating shelves. The fact that they are open gives you much freedom to style them however you want to and use them to create an aesthetic scene. In the image shown above, the built-in cabinets are under the desk, where you can easily put your daily essential documents and gadgets. However, the upper portion of the desk is empty and can be easily equipped with floating shelves.

The colors in the image above are bright and give a very refreshing and energizing vibe to the office. If you notice closely, it’s the combination of just three colors, i.e., green, brown, and off-white dominating the style. The patterned wallpaper on the wall with open shelves looks exquisite.

16. Open Shelving Office Cabinets

Open Shelving Office Cabinets

We agree that built-in office closets have a door look more minimal and clean and give your office a very sharper look. However, it’s totally okay if you don’t want your stuff to be hidden. Let’s be honest when you have too many cabinets with doors. You will often forget what goes where. This is where open shelving built-in office cabinets get the chance to shine through.

In the image shown above, the built-in office cabinets are all similar in size and open. You can clearly see what is where. However, open shelving is also more prone to accumulating dust and will require more cleaning than closed built-in office cabinets. If you want to stick with an open shelving look without the dust, try glass doors for the same.

17. TV Cabinet Turned Into a Workspace

TV Cabinet Turned Into a Workspace

TV cabinets are large and have similar qualities to built-in office cabinets. For instance, the big open space at the center, cabinets around the TV for the music system, and other stuff. However, turning the TV cabinet into built-in office cabinets will require some fundamental modification. Also, who doesn’t want to have a TV in the same space as the office? It feels like a dream come true.

Incorporating TV into your office setup can make you feel refreshed in small breaks. The cabinets around the TV can easily be used for office purposes as well. You just need to invest in a chair with style. Finally, it saves you from the trouble of constructing another office space to achieve optimum productivity.

18. Rustic Wood Floating Shelves and Office Cabinets

Rustic Wood Floating Shelves and Office Cabinets

There is one style that rarely ever looked out of place and old. It’s a rustic vintage aesthetic. Adding elements of rustic aesthetic to your built-in office cabinet will surely enhance the value of your workstation. The open floating shelves give you the opportunity to showcase all your creativity and other decor items. In the image shown above, the setup looks unique and picturesque, all thanks to the large window by the desk, which lets enough light in.

The dark-colored wooden shelves are big enough to store all your storage needs and keep the essentials always within reach. Pairing these built-in office cabinets with open shelves and light-colored walls makes the whole scene pop. The minimalist patterned wallpaper tiles in the backdrop add much-needed details.

Final Thoughts

All in all, built-in office cabinets serve a plethora of functions in your workstation. Other than the obvious, which is storing the essentials, it gives your room a makeover when designed mindfully and adorned with beautiful pieces of art, as talked about in many ideas above.

Whenever you are trying to build a built-in office cabinet or just feel like redoing it, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, the shelves or the built-in office cabinets should serve your storage needs. Second, it should complement the existing decor. Lastly, it should not look cramped at all.

With these things in mind, we are sure that you will have your desired built-in office cabinet idea turned into a reality in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Built-In Cabinets Worth it?

Built-in office cabinets are truly versatile and incredible. They take up much less space as compared to buying stand-alone cabinets, making them a great addition to your office space. Built-in office cabinets optimize the free space in your room for more storage. Built-in cabinets should be your first choice if you have an empty space in your room.

What are the Benefits of Built-in Cabinets?

The best benefit of having built-in office cabinets is that they don’t lead to any additional wasted space since they are meant to build in. This sleek look is possible because the cabinets are pushed and made very close to the wall. This gives you much more empty storage for your entire room.

What is the Best Material for Built-in Office Cabinets?

Choosing the right material is of utmost importance as these cabinets are a long-term investment and should be made to last longer. For this purpose, Melamine or plywood works best for face frames. On the other hand, MDF (medium-density flex board) should be your go-to choice for cabinets, bookshelves, etc.

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