21 Stunning Granite Bathroom Countertop Ideas You Need to See

by Freja Johansson
21 Timeless Granite Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Aren’t you fascinated with the idea of choosing brand-new granite slabbing for your bathrooms? This is because adding a granite countertop can change the way your bathrooms look. There are a variety of countertops you choose from. These are dual-toned hues, a double-vanity look, high-end granite-quartz fusion, and a lot many more.

Similarly, as you plan to have a granite countertop done inside your bathrooms for the very first time, look for recommendations from a reputed bathroom designer or an interior decorator who shall help you get started.

When you display multiple designs or shades on the granite stone, you lend super-luxurious vibes to your bathroom spaces indeed. Granite countertops are again great for your bathrooms as they are durable and can absorb water shedding to a greater extent.

Let us discover some varieties of bathroom granite countertops that you will simply drool over.

1. A Designer Countertop

A Designer Countertop

This is a super-luxurious designer granite countertop we have in store for you. As the chocolate brown granite base has its white streaking done, you discover super posh looks for your bathrooms. Also, the countertop is a long one because it connects the mirror unit and the wooden cupboard end-to-end. Similarly, the chocolate brown varnish paint added to the wooden cupboard perfectly complements the granite slabbing that has been done. Opposite the slab area, you will find another lavishly designed wooden cupboard wherein you can keep your bathroom staples, towels, and other accessories.

2. Grayish-Green Countertops

Grayish-Green Countertops

This is a grayish-green pattern we are looking at. The sink unit has a grayish-green granite countertop, and the slab is oval-shaped. Similarly, a slab of the same shade, i.e., grayish green hues, is put up inside the bathroom that covers the dressing shelf area. Again, the table lamps that are hung above mirrors allow the bathroom accessories to glow brightly. The stylish bathroom accessories speak volumes about the decor of the space, as you also have a glass enclosure that allows a separate bath area.

3. Double Vanity Style

Double Vanity Style

The dual-toned accent of the granite countertop is what makes it even more highlighting the decor of the bathroom. In other words, this is the double vanity with brown granite countertops that is being talked about here. Why do we say so? Just because the luxurious bathroom has a brown granite slabbing that is done for the washbasin area, while you have another tone for the dressing area inside the same bathroom. The wall cupboard closets are beige, and the faucet pipes are black in color. Along with all of this, you have beige-colored marble flooring that evenly complements the overall decor of your bathroom.

4. Dark Gray Undertones

 Dark Gray Undertones

Here, the granite countertop slabbing has been done in a dark gray shade. And you have the wash basin faucets that are attached with metallic black taps. Towards the lower end of the hand-wash area, you have a white-painted wooden cupboard. Alternatively, you discover a separate enclosure where you hang your toilet wipes in. Inside the cupboard is where you place all your bathroom supplies in. Similarly, just above the wash basin, you find a mirror that has been hung up for use. Other bathroom accessories include green plants and a shampoo bottle that has been kept for display. Finally, you have lighting just above the mirror that can keep the bathrooms bright and good-looking.

5. Teal Green Granite Countertop

Teal Green Granite Countertop

In a bathroom that has bluish-green walls, the spectacular bathroom granite countertops are made from a stunning dual-toned tint of white and teal green. As the looks of the granite perfectly complement the overall decor of the spaces, you have the apron sink that has been painted all-white in color. And the pipe closets are painted using silvery white. On the granite countertop itself, the interior designer has added flower vases and trendy bathroom accessories that have been put up on display. Similarly, when you turn to your immediate left, you have the western closet that finds its space here and a dark brown towel has been placed on top of it.

6. Two-Toned Vanity Bathroom with Black Granite

Two-Toned Vanity Bathroom with Black Granite

Look at the lovely semantics of this well-illuminated bathroom. As you can see, the long black bathroom granite countertop covers two washbasins and pipe settings. While you find a bigger wash basin for the hand-wash area, the smaller wash basin is installed mainly because you must keep the granite countertop clutter-free. Surprisingly, two mirrors have also been installed covering each wash-basin area. Therefore, this is a dual-toned vanity look we have set up for the lovely bath area. The wooden cupboard covers the granite slabbing, and you can keep your toiletries inside the same. The gray flooring complements the decor of the bathroom, while the western closet lies opposite the wash area.

7. Explore Dark Bathroom Ideas

Explore Dark Bathroom Ideas

A dark bathroom setting is what we are going to talk about here. The bathroom granite countertop is made from black and darker gray streaks covering the slab area. Similarly, you also find other accessories covering the granite countertop, as you find the sink, piping faucets, and the mirror that is hung up above the space. Not to forget the fact that dark brown tiles cover the flooring space of the bathroom while you find a separate bath area with a private setting. Lastly, the dark-shaded accessories get well-illuminated with night lights covering the mirror area.

8. Beige and White Granite on a Dual-Toned Setting

Beige and White Granite on a Dual-Toned Setting

Although the bathroom looks quite compact, the stylish accessories that are placed here lend stunning looks to this particular bathroom decor. The dual-toned accent done on the bathroom granite countertops is what is being talked about here. While on the frontal side, you have a big granite slabbing that holds a hexagonal-shaped wash-basin, you also find the pipe closets that have been done in a tight-fit manner. Similarly, you also find a mirror and hanging lights that illuminate the spaces beautifully. On the other side, you find another granite countertop with a bigger mirror, and you have aromatic candles that glorify the space.

9. Eclectic Styles on Granite Countertops

Eclectic Styles on Granite Countertops

The designer look of the bathroom decor adds a radiance that is comparable to none other. This is because the granite slabing has multiple hues added to it. The shades include grays, whites, purples, blues, and sea greens. Therefore, the eclectic look of the granite countertop is what makes heads turn. Along with the granite countertop, you find a bigger wash basin coupled with a smaller one, and taps are fitted to both wash basins indeed.

10. Black Granite Over Gray Walls

Black Granite Over Gray Walls

The typical gray bathroom with white undertones has a black granite countertop that adds classy vibes to the overall decor of your bathing spaces. And a bigger wash basin and a small one covers the slab area. While pipe fittings and mirrors have been installed at both washbasins, you can also find a tiny hand mirror kept at the center portion of the granite countertop. Similarly, the lighting illuminates the bathroom in a spectacular manner. The grayish-white cupboards have plenty of compartments wherein you can store your bathroom accessories and supplies in.

11. Light Brown and Bronze – a Dual-Toned Look

Light Brown and Bronze - a Dual-Toned Look

The granite countertop slabbing has a unique combination of dual-toned colors that accentuate the looks of this particular bathroom. As you have a dual vanity setup comprising light wood and hazel-shaded brown hues, this is a look you can achieve in a splendid manner indeed. Similarly, you find two washbasins on either side of the countertop, and you find a bigger washbasin with a smaller one covering both the edges of the washbasin area. Other bathroom accessories like flower vases, hand towels, and hand-wash soap containers cover the countertop in a lavish manner.

12. A Spacious Bathroom

A Spacious Bathroom

Look at one of the bathroom granite countertops that has a spacious upheaval added to it. This is because the granite slabbing is long enough to cover the entire bathroom space. Again, you have a dual vanity set that has been included in the cover, as you have two wash basins with pipe fittings and faucets that are done in a full-proof manner. Similarly, chandelier lights and mirror units put up in the granite wash area illuminate the spaces in an incredible manner indeed.

13. Bathroom Vanity with a Golden-Yellow Touch

Bathroom Vanity with a Golden-Yellow Touch

Here in this bathroom, we have a yellow granite countertop that gives a golden glow to the entire space. The dual-toned vanity has two wash basin areas with pipe faucets and apron sinks added to them. Similarly, the mirrors are hung up for both the washbasin areas. And you find white cupboards with plenty of compartments attached to the granite-based countertops. Not to forget the fact that even the walls are painted yellow, and the golden glow glistens because of the lighting that is done here. Finally, the flooring, with a mix of hues like beige and white, evely complements the look of the decor.

14. Spa-Styled Bathroom with Corridor-Type Countertops

 Spa-Styled Bathroom with Corridor-Type Countertops

The corridor-style bathroom decor gives you the perfect ambiance of being in a spa. Since you find a long bathroom granite countertop that almost covers the length of the room, the vibes you get are similar to the typical effect of pampering yourself at the spa. Also, you will find two mirrors and two wash basins covering the granite area. Lighting has been throughout the bathroom that, lends golden vibes to the spaces. While you have wall art covering the decor, the bathtub area has a partitioned window that brings plenty of lighting and ventilation to your bathroom.

15. Blue and Gold Countertop

 Blue and Gold Countertop

A bluish-tinge bathroom granite countertop has a marble-streaked golden finish that lends super posh vibes to this exotic bathroom. Similarly, you have the granite slabbing that has a washbasin and a long mirror that has been put up on display. Night lamps are put up at the rear end of the hand-wash area. Opposite the area lies a huge bathtub wherein a pretty-looking chandelier finds its place. While the entire decor has a pane window that provides plenty of natural lighting and ventilation into the bathroom, the beige-shaded flooring and cupboards complement the overall ambiance of the bathroom in a splendid manner indeed.

16. The Vintage Design

The Vintage Design

The vintage style of the bathroom decor is breathtaking indeed. The bathroom granite countertop is brown with a streaking of white. Similarly, the dual-toned vanity granite slab has two washbasins with pipe fittings added to it. The other decor accessories include a lavishly designed bathtub camouflaged with an accent wall to make the bathroom decor an absolute delight for you to be in. To match the decor, a mix of brown and beige hues is added to the flooring.

17. Rustic-Styled Bathroom Granite Countertop

Rustic-Styled Bathroom Granite Countertop

The rustic-styled granite bathroom countertop is fun to be with. This is because you have a mesmerizing light brown marble with a white streaking effect. With a wash basin and a mirror, the lights help the space glow. To all of this, you find a dark brown wall cupboard that covers the enclosure. Inside the same, you have doors and compartments wherein you place your bathroom accessories in. Similarly, a wooden cupboard is also added to the base of the wash basin unit. An elegant bathtub has stylized tiling with faucets attached.

18. Chocolate Brown Granite Countertop

Chocolate Brown Granite Countertop

Chocolate bathroom granite countertops are one of the best decor ideas you can go in for. Because chocolate brown looks so sexy and sophisticated inside your bathroom spaces. On a dual-toned vanity setup, you find a bigger washbasin that is followed by a smaller one. And the pipe fittings are silvery white in color. Window panes cover the granite slab area in a resplendent manner indeed, while they provide natural lighting and help keep the bathrooms spacious, giving you an all-cozy feel. You can find the mirror unit hung in between the pane windows, while the chocolate brown flooring complements the decor of the bathroom.

19. Try a Galaxy Effect Inside Your Bathroom

 Try a Galaxy Effect Inside Your Bathroom

This is a metallic black granite slabing we are going in for. Because jet black bathroom granite countertops reflect the sheen of a posh and sophisticated style of adorning your bathroom decor. And you have white towels and flower vases that lend contracting vibes to the bathroom. To complete the look of the bathroom, you find door-sized windows with glass panes. And these windows bring natural lighting to the bathroom while keeping it well-ventilated too. The shoe shadow box complements the decor of the bathroom with an all-white wall unit cupboard. With a mix of pure whites and blacks, you can easily get the chequered looks you would love.

20. Arch-Styled Bathroom with Granite Countertops

Arch-Styled Bathroom with Granite Countertops

Looking at the arch-styled bathroom, don’t you get the feel of living in a palace? The brownish-golden tinge is what the bathroom granite countertop is made of, and you have a wash basin, mirror, and lights completing the setup. Adjacent to the mirror, you find an arch-style open cupboard where bath accessories have been neatly arranged. And the flooring mirrors the hues of the granite countertop slabbing section. The wall unit cupboards have been installed near the base of the wash-basin area and at the top as well. To complete the look of this splendid bathroom, you have an arch-styled private shower area with a glass enclosure.

21. Blue Island Bathrooms with Dual Finish

Blue Island Bathrooms with Dual Finish

You discover one of the most luxurious bathroom granite countertops because of the blue island theme the bathroom decor has been adorned with. A traditional gray and white marble hue is added for the granite countertop, and the same pattern has been made for the opposite edge too. Along with the slabbing, you will find pipe fittings and enclosures and wall unit cupboards covering the base of the sink area. Night lamps added to the hand-wash area look pretty and splendid too. To add to a super-posh look, an island blue tiling adorns the mirrors, and you have off-white flooring. Opposite the space, you can find a pane window that adds light and ventilation to the bathroom spaces. A separate bathtub area has lights surrounding it again, giving you luxurious vibes while you are here.

Summing It Up

All in all, these 21 stunningly cool bathroom granite countertops you will feel in love with. Decor and styling ideas have been discussed for each bathroom style with the detailing to let you have a fair idea of how you complement or contrast accessories that match every bathroom we have lined up for you as such.

Although some decor themes can turn out to be a little pricey over the projected figures you have in mind, you can always consult a leading interior designer or a decorator to help you arrive at estimated cost figures.

So, which is your favorite granite countertop and bathroom styling idea you would like to choose?

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