21 Large Tile Shower Ideas for a Luxurious Bathroom Makeover

by Freja Johansson
21 Large Tile Shower Ideas for a Luxurious Bathroom Makeover

If you’re pondering over what kind of tiles would look good in your bathroom, then you should definitely consider large tiles for your shower.

Do you want to know why? First, they make your bathroom appear bigger. Second, they provide a clean look to your shower walls because of the lesser grout lines (where tiles connect to each other). Lastly, they will save you some bucks, as the pricing of the tiles is not much sensitive to sizing. That simply means buying large tiles costs nearly the same as buying smaller tiles.

But we understand your confusion in choosing the right tile for your shower. It’s understandable since there are many factors to consider, like what material of tile, which pattern to choose, how to style them, and more.

In this article, we will try to get rid of the above queries that pop up in your head when searching for large tiles for your shower.

Large Shower Tile Ideas to Renovate Your Shower

1. Stretch Wall Tile to The Floor

Stretch Wall Tile to The Floor

This is a very understated large tile shower idea that most people ignore because they feel like it’s too simple. However, that’s the key to a good-looking shower. A subtle design without many tweaks is always in trend. Extending the wall tile to the shower even makes the medium-sized bathroom looks bigger because of the cohesive and uninterrupted flow of the shower.

According to the theme and home decor you already have, you can either choose a patterned large shower tile that will give your bathroom an artistic look. Or you can look for plain neutral large tiles to have a clean and minimalist look in your shower space.

2. Employ Stripes

Employ Stripes

Stripes are known to make anything look taller. Even in clothing, wearing stripes makes you look taller. Similarly, choosing tiles that have an inherent striped pattern will make your shower ceiling tall, and the shower itself will feel much more spacious than before. You play around with striped patterns according to your requirements. For instance, in the above image, the alternately black and white striped pattern brings a classic look to your bathroom.

To do this accurately, try to choose large shower tiles that match the floor as well. This will create a flow in your bathroom, and the combination will look thoughtful. Striped tiles are timeless, so you don’t ever have to worry about going out of trend.

3. Picking Pastels

Picking Pastels

Pastels, neutrals, and muted colors are timeless and versatile enough to blend with most home decor. These can be your go-to option if you are confused about what type of tile will suit your shower. Remember that pairing pastel-colored tiles with anything else is tough and ruins the beauty of the tiles. So it’s better if you leave the pastel tiles in a single color and have them installed in your shower. However, you can play complement pastel tiles with abstract patterns but on a different wall to add more dimensions.

Choose the color of the large tile shower keeping in mind the existing decor of your home. If your home has more beige pastels, try to choose the same for your shower as well.

4. Embracing Tile Gradients

Embracing Tile Gradients

In layman’s terms, color gradients simply mean going through an entire spectrum of colors from bright to dark. The transition between such gradients should be subtle and perfectly integrated with each other. Having large shower tiles incorporating a certain color gradient is a good idea since you get to have the best of both worlds on a single wall, i.e., dark-colored tiles to light-colored tiles.

If you are worried that a single-color tile will dull your bathroom and make it look smaller, then choosing a tile that showcases color gradient may be ideal for you. The rich and bright look of the shower will provide you with ease in grooming yourself, for instance, in applying makeup, shaving, or any other tasks which require abundant light.

5. Pouncing with The Animal Print

Pouncing with The Animal Print

If you love wildlife and are fascinated by nature, you can consider having large animal print tiles for your shower. This will make your shower feel closer to nature, and the experience of taking a shower will definitely reach new heights. When we say animal theme, we don’t mean going all kiddish with the tile print. You can have the animal print in your shower with a sophisticated design. For instance, in the above image, the subtle zebra print with shades of green brings a safari vibe to the shower.

Similarly, you can play around with leopard print, tiger print, etc. The key is to blend it perfectly with the secondary color to make it look premium. These kinds of prints work extremely well in small bathrooms and can be used on both walls and floors.

6. Serenity with White Marble Tiles

Serenity with White Marble Tiles

If you don’t want to go out of the way to have a beautifully decorated shower room, you can simply consider having a shower with a minimalist appeal. And nothing screams minimalism and luxury like white marble tiles. Not only are the marble tiles timeless, but they also help in bringing beachy elements to your shower.

It’s a misconception that opting for minimalism requires no effort. The thoughts and ideas behind the chosen color or decor combination require a lot of deliberation. Do remember that commercial marble tiles come in a plethora of varieties and prices. There are several inexpensive options, but the quality of those marbles is poor, so it’s essential to choose the marble based on its glow and spots. Otherwise, you will risk the tiles turning yellow very soon.

7. Incorporating Honeycomb Tiles

Incorporating Honeycomb Tiles

Incorporating large honeycomb shower tiles adds a patterned and stylish outlook to your shower. The uniform look and the consistency in the design instantly lock the viewer’s eyes onto the large tile showers. You don’t even have to worry about contrast or matching the wall tiles with the floor tiles. The subtle color variation in the large tile itself brings about a huge change in your shower. For instance, in the above image, notice the tiles, which are pretty light-shaded in color but still follow the same pattern. This breaks the monotonous flow and keeps the design refreshing.

To turn this large tile shower idea into a reality, ensure that you place the tiles correctly, as not all tiles are the same. Due to some intricacies involved in the process, it’s better to leave things to a professional on this one.

8. Using Geometric Pattern

Using Geometric Pattern

Certain geometric patterns, if repeated, often bring a psychedelic feeling into your mind, which instantly relaxes your mind. To have an uninterrupted flow, you can extend the large geometric tiles on walls to the flooring as well. It makes the bathroom a bit noisy, but with the right combination, your shower can appear uncluttered and well-kept.

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to have a geometric patterned tile all over your shower. Actually, it makes sense that way. Otherwise, your shower will not look plain. In the above image, the tiles are only used on half walls but extended to the ground. Having white tiles with such geometric patterns will bring much-needed calmness to the noise of your home.

9. Mural-Style Large Tiles

Mural-Style Large Tiles

Rather than having normal large tiles for your shower, you can go a different route and integrate mural-styled large tiles for your shower. Some murals give a vintage appeal to your bathroom and bring a unique vibe to your shower. Adding unexpected details to your bathroom will give a fresh perspective. Consider adding mural-styled tiles in the backdrop of built-in shelves, if not on the whole wall.

To do this the correct way, you cannot choose too many colors to add to your shower. Otherwise, it will lower the visual appeal of the mural itself. Ideally, you should use colors present in the mural style large tiles itself to choose the color of the wall tiles.

10. Abstract Canvas

Abstract Canvas

Canvas is a blank space for the artist to showcase their creativity. When it comes to adding canvas to the shower, it means a little different. To create a canvas-themed shower, try having a dedicated space with different colored tiles than the other shower walls. In the above image, the canvas is accurately depicted by the subtle combination of gray and blue tiles. While in the other sections of the wall, white porcelain tiles are used. The other tiles are so minimal that it helps in guiding the eyes of the viewers to the canvas.

The canvas itself, with muted and cool colors, add character and depth to the shower. Remember to choose the right size for the canvas area, i.e., the optimum height and dimension. Canvas being too small or too big will not have as much impact and will look kiddish.

11. Going Retro with Tiles

 Going Retro with Tiles

A very unique and hard-to-style idea for the large tiles for your shower is choosing retro. This is because retro tiles will not work for you unless your entire home is designed in that way. And there have to be enough retro elements in your home to make your retro-styled shower blend in. We should not ignore the retro design; while modern looks trendy, retro is timeless and will always be relevant.

If you finally decide to go retro, consider choosing a retro-styled pattern and cover your walls and floor with the same pattern for a more cohesive look. In the above image, the pineapple-patterned tile with retro colors is chosen. The door is popping out since the color used is bright and differs a lot from the other tiles.

12. Scandinavian Large Tile Shower

Scandinavian Large Tile Shower

Moving away from traditional and subtle design, this large tiles idea for your shower is definitely a statement piece. This bold idea is not at all subtle and requires a lot of ideation and execution to be perfected well. The large wooden tiles bring a farmhouse aesthetic to your shower. Moreover, the wood-based ceiling with a beam and the muted wall paint tiles ties everything well together. You need to have a large shower, preferably a walk-in shower as well, to make this idea come to life.

Even if the wood-based aesthetic is not your style, the tiles are versatile enough to be paired with normal concrete-based ceilings and designs. Combining the modern and traditional wood appeal will surely elevate your shower experience.

13. Mermaid Fish Scale Tiles

Mermaid Fish Scale Tiles

Mermaid fish scale tiles have been in trend for decades and are here to stay. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, it’s an easy way to make the shower look aesthetic with minimal effort. To go bold with this design, choose a bright color of mermaid fish tiles to attract attention. Choosing a color that is natural will automatically add depth to your shower. Avoid odd colors like yellow, red, green, etc., which are not easily found on the fish.

You can also just have mermaid-type large tiles on one wall. For instance, in the image above, the mermaid tiles wall is paired with the off-white tiled wall for a balanced contrast.

14. Tunisian Kasbah Blue Shower Tiles

Tunisian Kasbah Blue Shower Tiles

The elements of these large tiles for your shower come directly from the intermingling styles of Spain and Turkey. Since they both feature heavy usage of blue with star-inspired patterns, having a foreign touch in your shower will give your shower an exotic touch. In the above image, with the Tunisian kasbah-inspired tiles in the backdrop, the bronze hardware gets highlighted and adds a vintage touch to your shower.

The large shower tiles are not arranged in any particular way because of the intricate detailing on them. It’s hard to differentiate. These large shower tiles will pair with all muted shades and various home decor aesthetics.

15. Multi-Color Mosaic Tiles

 Multi-Color Mosaic Tiles

If you want your shower to feel something that came straight out of a storybook, then you should definitely consider opting for multicolor mosaic tiles. Not only do they radiate multiple colors, but they also bring a fictional vibe to your shower place. The shimmering glow of these tiles and the reflection there is nothing less than magical. As a professional tip, always prioritize pink and gold color as they reflect the most.

These mosaic-based tiles are so bold in themselves that it fits everywhere. However, try pairing it with the matte black setting on other walls to make the mosaic-tiled wall pop out truly.

16. Pebbles on The Beach Tiles

Pebbles on The Beach Tiles

If you miss the pebbles of the beach softly pricking your feet and want to incorporate a similar vibe to your shower, then you should definitely consider having textured pebbles as a large shower tile design. Not only the texture feel is nice to touch, but it also brings a very soft and sensual vibe to your overall bathing experience. To accompany the pebbles on the tiled beach wall, have rustic rectangular tiles with subtle designs on the adjacent wall to complement the whole look.

These few touches will definitely transform your bathroom from ordinary to luxury in no time. You can consider adding a black marble shelf underneath the pebble tile to keep your essentials and relax. This whole monochromatic pattern is sure to steal your guest’s attention and leave a lasting positive impression.

17. Garden Walk-In Laid Tiles

Garden Walk-In Laid Tiles

This design is inspired by cobblestone and gives a subtle touch of nature to your shower. The usage of muted and neutral shades further magnifies the aesthetic of such large shower tiles. These creamy white tiles create a spa-like ambiance, and the given shelf provides you with enough space for all your belongings while you enjoy your relaxing shower. Coming back to the tiles, these tiles are awfully similar in appearance to the pebble design tiles we talked about above. However, these tiles have a different niche because of their color choices. For instance, these stones are of slightly different colors and hence carry a sort of richness in their details.

You can pair these large shower tiles with a beige shade on the wall and floors. For a contemporary look, try glossy black pebbles with white tiles.

18. Duo Tiling with Woodland Wonderland

Duo Tiling with Woodland Wonderland

Using two types of tiles for styling your shower is a great idea to mix things up. This not only allows for interesting designs but allows us to experiment more than the usage of single tiles. In the given image, the wooden appearance of the tile and the carefully crafted border at the top and bottom really enhance the beauty of your shower. Such dark coffee-colored tiles resemble wood and bring a forest vibe to your shower space.

The patterned tile, which is used in creative borders, can be used as a backdrop for built-in wall shelves and flooring of the shower. Having a combination like this will make your shower look cohesive.

19. Falling Colors Waterfall Shower Tile

Falling Colors Waterfall Shower Tile

A very unique and out-of-the-box idea for your shower. As the name suggests, these large tiles for showers make the appearance of a waterfall pouring into the ground. Goes without saying that this has to be done professionally and in a very clean and natural way. Not only the waterfall you can take inspiration from this idea and create your own scene. For instance, a tree on the wall with its roots extending on the floor. The large tiles for the shower would match and complement the design.

The only thing is it will require some precision and time to get this done. Moreover, the design tiles will be wasted a lot because of the irregular cuttings. But after all, this is over, your bathroom will look one of a kind and will surely impress your guests.

20. Faux Tiles for Aesthetics

Faux Tiles for Aesthetics

If your home interiors are designed in rustic wood, then we understand that it might be difficult for you to find large tiles for your shower. Finding tiles that have a perfect resemblance to wood will give your shower a premium touch. To find suitable large tiles, you can invest in faux tiles made up of faux wood. Once put on the wall, it will be hard for anyone to tell whether it’s fake wood or real wood.

Having a wooden aesthetic, with copper, and minimal elements, will bring a natural vibe to your shower and make your showering experience more soothing and relaxing.

21. Gold, Silver, and Copper Tiles

 Gold, Silver, and Copper Tiles

With just a look at this shower, you can gather that this bathroom is designed for ultimate comfort and luxury. The loud color of gold, silver, and copper will make your shower look like a luxurious hotel. The touch of precious metals and the large tiles for the shower laid in true Byzantine fashion are the highlights. In the above image, you can see the attention to detail with the large shimmering gold tiles used for flooring and selectively used in wall tiles as well.

To turn this idea into a reality, ensure to procure the tiles with premium quality since the colors are rich and shine through. Poor-quality tiles will hamper your experience and will look inferior.

Final Thoughts

All in all, choosing large tiles for your shower is a decision you don’t want to rush and get it wrong. There are many deliberations and decisions to be made before finalizing a certain tile option. Always remember that whatever style you opt for your shower, it’s crucial that it feels like the extension of your home and doesn’t stand out.

Large tiles cover the area faster, so you definitely get to save money, and with less interlocking of tiles, your shower looks clean and minimal.

It’s not all about looks. Safety should also be your concern if there are kids or elders living with you. When it comes to showers, the floor usually gets wet and slippery and may cause anyone to fall.

Choose tiles with utmost friction if that’s the case.

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