21 Best Wallpaper Ideas to Liven up Small Bathrooms

by Charlotte Evans
21 Best Wallpaper Ideas to Liven up Small Bathrooms

Don’t you think creating an impact with the decor in smaller spaces like bathrooms can be a challenge? While using tiles and paint are the most sought-after options for a quick and easy fix, bathroom wallpapers offer a winning combination of style and functionality. They can add a pop of color and liven up the aesthetic of your space effortlessly. With easy applications and minimal technical expertise required, you can simply place these wallpapers in your bathroom by yourself.

You could even hire professionals for added ease. Incorporating wallpapers for smaller bathrooms is an inexpensive and fun way to breathe new life into your mundane space. If you are planning to give your bathroom a stunning makeover, you can never go wrong with bathroom wallpapers. They can easily add a touch of personality and charm to your space, thereby making it look more visually appealing.

Whether you are looking for something solid and minimal or wouldn’t mind a play of vivid textures and hues, here is a list of the best 21 wallpaper Ideas for small bathrooms.

1. Nature-Inspired Bliss

Bring the feel of having outdoors into your space by incorporating a botanical patterned bathroom wallpaper. Transform your bathroom into a serene landscape as you go for wallpapers featuring floral, tropical, and leaf patterns all over. Go for bold and striking colors that add a punch of color. These nature-inspired wallpapers create a fresh and tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a long tiring day. These wallpapers will make a fun and playful addition to your gloomy bathroom walls.

Nature-Inspired Bliss

2. Geometric Delight

Geometric patterns are versatile and can add a modern touch to your bathroom. If you are looking for wallpapers featuring the perfect blend of color and textures, you can never go wrong with geometric bathroom wallpapers. You can go for chevrons, check patterns, or the ones featuring circular motifs for a fun vibe. These wallpapers will make your bathroom appear visually larger, along with adding character to the space. You could consider adding such geometric patterned wallpapers to a single wall to avoid a cluttered feel.

Geometric Delight

3. Bring in the Coastal Vibes

Experience the luxury of coastal living as you incorporate beach-themed wallpaper into your small bathroom. Transport yourself to a tropical retreat as you go for coastal wallpapers in soft and neutral hues, nautical motifs, and seashell patterns. Mermaid scalloped wallpapers will be a chic addition to your space. You can either opt for those in tranquil blue or pastel pink with a gold tone metallic finish for luxe and feminine vibe. These additions will infuse a sense of calm and relaxation into your bathroom.

Bring in the Coastal Vibes

4. Go Bold with Gold

Let your bathroom shine bright with gold-tone wallpaper. These wallpapers will be ideal for powder rooms to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can go for a textured wallpaper featuring the illusion of golden mosaic tiles. There is a magnitude of options to incorporate gold accents in your bathroom with floral, geometric, or abstract printed versions of wallpapers. It is always a great idea to go for a vinyl finish wallpaper to protect the sheen from fading away. Complement these wallpapers with gold-tone light fixtures, bathroom faucets, and accessories.

 Go Bold with Gold

5. A Little Color Play Never Hurts

Make a bold statement with vibrant hues and textures. Add liveliness to your bathroom space with eye-catching wallpapers. You can go for rich jewel tones, botanical motifs, striking patterns, and abstract designs to add an energetic punch to your bathroom. Let your style speak out loud as you place these wallpapers in your powder room. Strike a perfect balance of color by following a subtle color scheme for the rest of the space to avoid having a cluttered feel.

A Little Color Play Never Hurts

6. Minimalist Chic

For those who prefer an understatement, you could never go wrong with neutral-hued wallpapers. Simple patterns and subtle textures can create a clean and contemporary look, thereby exuding sophistication. Shades like grey, beige, and soft pastels will work best for these wallpapers. You can either go for textured versions of these or go minimal with solid ones. The subtleness of these neutral wallpapers will create the illusion of space in your small bathrooms. Ensure ample illumination through appropriate light fixtures to avoid a gloomy feel.

 Minimalist Chic

7. Spruce up With Textures

Infuse some fun and liveliness into your small bathroom with the help of textured wallpapers. Consider going for polka prints, chevron patterns, floral motifs, and geometric prints for a playful vibe. You can place these wallpapers on the accent wall to create a focal point. This will transform your bathroom into a refreshing escape after having a tiring day. Also, the play of textures will divert the attention from the bathroom being small to being a lavish retreat.

 Spruce up With Textures

8. Faux Finishes

If you love the look of exposed brick, rustic wood, or concrete but wouldn’t want to face the hassle of getting these done professionally, opt for wallpapers that mimic these textures. You can save the cost of the actual materials for creating this look with the help of bathroom wallpapers. Whether you want to have these as your shower backsplash or the area near the basin, these wallpapers will work wonders in creating an impressive look. Faux finishes can add depth and character to your bathroom without the commitment.

Faux Finishes

9. Solid yet Statement-Making

Make a bold statement as you go for solid wallpapers for your small bathroom. These will work effectively well for creating an accent wall or a focal point. If you have a monochrome design for your bathroom, add a hint of color with the help of solid-hued wallpaper. The choice of color is totally dependent on your personal style preferences. You can choose to go for muted tones or vibrant ones as per your liking. These wallpapers will add a subtle contrast to your bathroom.

Solid yet Statement-Making
10. Black and White Sophistication

You can never go wrong with the classic combination of black and white. A bathroom wallpaper featuring the duo of black and white will create a sophisticated and timeless ambiance. From bold stripes to chevron and check patterns, this winning combination will never fail to impress you with its ability to add a touch of elegance. You can combine these wallpapers with rich jewel tones or cheery hues like fuchsia pink and aqua blue for a rejuvenating vibe.

Black and White Sophistication

11. A Tropical Escape

Let your bathroom look like a seaside escape with the help of tropical printed wallpapers. Infuse a sense of liveliness to your small bathroom as you incorporate a flamingo printed, a Monstera printed, or any vibrant wallpaper featuring botanical and bird motifs. Give your small bathroom an exotic feel as you transform it into a tropical paradise through these wallpapers. These designs will add a touch of freshness to your space.

A Tropical Escape

12. For The Love of Pastels

When it comes to designing bathrooms, one of the most soothing and popular choices is a pastel color palette. Pastel colors, known for their delicacy and softness, can create a tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom. These colors serve as a blank canvas to help you create the ambiance as per your preference. Whether you want to keep things muted or liven up the vibe, these colors are highly versatile. Let a pastel pink, a powder blue, a lilac, or a mint green wallpaper be the backdrop for your basin wall for a soothing feel.

For The Love of Pastels

13. Industrial Chic

Industrial styles have gained popularity in the world of interior design due to their raw and vintage aesthetic. Embrace this trend by selecting bathroom wallpapers that imitate exposed brick, concrete, or metal. This edgy and contemporary style will give your small bathroom an urban vibe. You can further amplify the look with the help of industrial-style light fixtures and bathroom accessories. The key to achieving an industrial bathroom is to strike a perfect balance between sleek surfaces and rough textures, thereby blending vintage charm with modern elements.

 Industrial Chic

14. Whimsical Wonderland

If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping into a fairy tale, why not bring that magical essence into your bathroom? A fairytale-inspired bathroom can transport you to a world of enchantment and create a whimsical escape into your own home. Imagine delicate floral wallpapers, ornate mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and intricate tilework reminiscent of a royal palace. Make every day feel like a magical adventure as you go for fairy tale and cottage-core-inspired wallpapers for your small and cozy bathroom.

Whimsical Wonderland

15. Moroccan Magic

Moroccan bathroom wallpapers not only add visual interest but create an atmosphere of warmth and luxury. Colors like deep blues, greys, and whites, along with soft neutrals, blend perfectly well to create a Moroccan-inspired theme. Pair them with metallic accents such as brass fixtures and ornate mirrors to enhance the overall effect. Consider opting for traditional elements like lantern-inspired fixtures, mosaic-tiled floors, and ornamental accessories to complete the look.

 Moroccan Magic

16. Ombre Elegance

Ombre designs have become increasingly popular in home design projects as they can add a unique touch to your space. Ombre bathroom wallpapers feature a gradient effect, transitioning from one color to the other effortlessly. The beauty of ombre wallpapers lies in their versatility. You can choose from a wide range of subtle hues to the ones in bold and striking colors. Soft pastels can create a serene and calming environment, while bolder colors infuse a hint of energy. They create an illusion of space and add a sense of depth in smaller bathrooms.

Ombre Elegance

17. Bohemian Rhapsody

If you are drawn to a free-spirited and eclectic design aesthetic, Bohemian wallpapers for your bathroom will be the perfect choice. Bohemian bathroom wallpapers often feature a playful blend of vivid textures, colors, and motifs. You could go for the ones featuring paisley prints, Mandalas, or tribal motifs in a wide array of colors. These designs can add depth and visual interest to your bathroom walls, thereby giving them an artistic flair.

Bohemian Rhapsody

18. The Beauty of Jewel Tones

If you are looking to add a touch of luxury and opulence to your small bathroom, jewel-tone wallpapers are the perfect choice. Imagine deep sapphire blues, regal purples, emerald greens, and rich ruby reds adorning your bathroom walls. Jewel tones are deep and vibrant colors that can instantly elevate your space into a lavish retreat. They add depth, drama, and a sense of sophistication. To enhance the jewel tone effect, consider pairing them with metallic accents.

The Beauty of Jewel Tones

19. The Art of Color Blocking

Color block wallpapers add a contemporary and artistic touch to your bathroom. They allow you to showcase your personal style thereby creating a visually captivating space. Color blocking involves the strategic use of solid blocks of contrasting hues to create a dynamic effect. Color block wallpapers offer endless possibilities for creating unique designs. You can opt for two or more colors in geometric shapes or abstract designs, depending on your style preference.

 The Art of Color Blocking

20. Mural Wallpapers

Let your bathroom walls be a representation of your artistic choices as you go for a mural-style wallpaper. These wallpapers feature large-scale images or designs that cover an entire wall, thereby creating a captivating focal point and transforming your bathroom wall into a work of art. You can choose from nature-inspired landscapes, urban cityscapes, abstract compositions, or even whimsical illustrations. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to choose a mural that defines your personality.

Mural Wallpapers

21. Marble Effect

If you wish to create a timeless and elegant look for your bathroom, marble-inspired wallpapers will make an excellent choice. Marble has long been associated with opulence, and incorporating marble wallpapers can instantly transform your space into a visually stunning one. Marble wallpapers work well as accent walls for your vanity area or as a backdrop for your bathtub. They serve as a striking focal point and complement perfectly with glass accents and metallic fixtures.

Marble Effect

Final Thoughts

All in all, wallpapers are crucial in enhancing small bathrooms and maximizing their visual appeal. Small bathrooms often lack space, creating a challenge to incorporate certain design elements. However, wallpapers offer a transformative solution to add depth, color, and texture to the walls.

They offer an opportunity to infuse style and personality into your space, thereby making it look more visually dynamic and inviting. Whether its a subtle color, an intricate design, or vivid textures, wallpapers have the versatility to adorn your space and create the illusion of openness. They can elevate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, thereby turning it into a charming and unique retreat.

Additionally, wallpapers are relatively affordable, thereby making them a practical choice for small bathroom renovations.

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