18 Cool-Stained Kitchen Cabinets You Will Fall in Love With

by Freja Johansson
18 Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinets To Warm the Heart of Your Home

Don’t you think stained cabinets have always been the rage, even among today’s millennials? Well, the nostalgic vibes these contemporary kitchen cabinets bring to you cannot be expressed in words. However, from oakwood to teakwood, you can get any form of original wood with those stained finishes, after all. Plenty of DIY styles can help you achieve those stained looks within your kitchen cabinets.

Firstly decide on what kind of materials you are going to go in for. Is it going to be oak or walnut? This is the first and most primary consideration you must look at. The stained finishes can differ from one type of wood to another. Then, you decide the quality of the wood. The right quality of wooden furniture may be a little pricey over adulterated forms of furniture. After all, you want your wood to last that shine or gleam for decades to come.

Presenting you with 18 stained kitchen cabinets you will simply fall in love with.

1. Rich Stained Wooden Cabinets Inside a White Kitchen

Rich Stained Wooden Cabinets Inside a White Kitchen

The kitchen countertop has a marble finish that looks sturdy and durable. While the white doors of the kitchen lend classic vibes, the tile decor and the window panes are incredibly white too. The stained wooden cabinets form the other side of the kitchen’s countertop area. Inside the wooden cabinets are shelves, wherein you store your groceries or food supplies in. And the pane window situated inside the kitchen brings natural lighting and therefore keeps your culinary spaces well-ventilated. The natural wood gleams through its stained kitchen cabinets, wherein the originality of the grain is displayed in a resplendent manner.

2. Create Those Retro Vibes Inside Your Kitchen

Create Those Retro Vibes Inside Your Kitchen

In this kitchen, almost every single accessory reminds you of a decade in the past. This is because the richly stained wood gleams through its earthy vibes. Say, for instance, look at the copper tea and coffee jars. They look mind-blowing, isn’t it? The copper-based spoon holder is also a delight to look at. Similarly, you have a hand-woven fruit basket that lends earthy vibes to the whole ambiance. The contemporary black cupboard has golden puller strings that add an enigma and a retro feel to the entire space. The brown wooden cabinets have black pullers. The window pane exudes natural lighting into the kitchen decor. And the kitchen hob and the exhaust area fall on one side of the space, while you have the sink countertops made from marble.

3. Lighter Hues with Stained Finishes

 Lighter Hues with Stained Finishes

The wooden cabinets out here have lighter hues attributed to them. The beige hues cover the stained kitchen cabinets. The window pane gives the kitchen a well-ventilated look. The door and window panes are painted using a bright white varnish. With respect to the other accessories that are placed inside the kitchen hub, the decor pieces find a revealing prominence out here. Say, for instance, the black refrigerator looks glorious inside the kitchen. To add to the decor, lie the kitchen cooking hob that has a marble finish countertop, and the sink area falls into the same line. Similarly, the tabletop, with its classy cover of black, exudes poshness. However, the dining chairs have a darker gray upholstery with a metallic black baseline. In a way, the beige wooden flooring also complements the aesthetics of the decor.

4. Chelsea-Styled Wooden Cabinets

Chelsea-Styled Wooden Cabinets

The Chelsea-style wooden cabinets have intricate stain design that is too good to miss. Mainly because the richness of the wooden grains exudes those nostalgic vibes of the yester-year era almost effortlessly. While the silvery gray pull strings complement the wooden cabinets in a stylish way! On a similar note, the kitchen exhaust looks silvery gray, and it gleams with the LED lighting the unit has. The marble-stained countertops are put up for the sink and the cooking area. Not to forget the fact that the dishwasher and the microwave lie on top of each other. In short, this is a modern design theme on stained kitchen cabinets.

5. This Looks Contemporary yet Glamorous

This Looks Contemporary yet Glamorous

The beige wooden cabinets of the kitchen hub get their glow with the natural lighting that is given out by the generously designed windows you find right there. Similarly, the drawer pullers have a silvery white complementing the cabinets, whereas the dishwasher and the microwave oven lie on top of each other. Not to forget the fact that the silver-ash fridge vividly catches one’s eye. To look at it further, the dining table has a neat marble finish with wooden cabinets covering the base. In a way, the stained kitchen cabinets for this decor are done in a milder way. Therefore, the kitchen decor idea looks stylish and organic too.

6. Combination of Rich and Lighter Stains

Combination of Rich and Lighter Stains

You discover a pretty-looking charm that shows its face inside the kitchen decor. Do you know what it is? The mix of darker wood with the stained finishes compliments the lighter hue wooden cabinets with stains added to them too. And this unveils the magical combination of lighter shades complementing the darker ones. The dishwasher is neatly tucked in between the kitchen cabinets. However, the white marble finish countertop has a doorless cupboard wherein glasses, cups, and saucers have been arranged symmetrically. On the kitchen countertop lies a flower vase with thick flower cuttings placed into it, and the green apples are arranged inside the tray. Lastly, you will find that the tile decor is painted all white.

7. Dark Wooden Closet Inside an All-White Kitchen

 Dark Wooden Closet Inside an All-White Kitchen

The dark wooden closet of the kitchen table is what adds spice to the entire decor. While the marble table top has its sink outlet too. The dining hall is situated exactly opposite the kitchen’s countertop. And the richness of varnished wood is what lends earthy vibes to the culinary spaces. The white chandeliers with a golden tinge look enigmatic to the eye. Likewise, the refrigerator is placed in between an accent-styled brick wall. The designer carpet has been put into the wooden flooring that has tints of rich brown stains too. The staircase that lies opposite the countertop exudes a charming appeal. In total, the stained kitchen cabinets style up in a cool way.

8. Tiled Wooden Cabinets Look Ultra-Stylish

Tiled Wooden Cabinets Look Ultra-Stylish

The varnished wood comprises stains, and the tiled decor of the kitchen cabinets looks ultra-stylish too. The lights put in front of the kitchen’s countertop keeps the space well-lighted, whereas the kitchen hob, sink counter, and dishwasher are painted pearly white. Apparently, the kitchen appliances and utensils stay neatly arranged on the countertop shelves. The richness of the wood grain looks organic yet modern. With the right mix of elements, this is a stained kitchen idea that can never get you wrong.

9. Broad-Looking Wooden Cabinets Speak for Themselves

Broad-Looking Wooden Cabinets Speak for Themselves

The rich and broad-looking wooden cabinets have a rustic charm comparable to none other. As the cabinets look lavishly designed with a thick coating of stains added to them. The marble countertops on either side of the kitchen look trendy and warm. And you find a window pane just next to the sink area, and this window brings natural sunlight and warm ventilation into your kitchen spaces. Say, for instance, try growing organic veggies using the warmth the sunlight gives the ambiance. White tiling and white cupboards can be seen in block patterns. And the cooking accessories are arranged in a precise manner. In short, the stained kitchen cabinet decor looks incredibly glam.

10. Simple yet Elegant Styling

Simple yet Elegant Styling

The beige hues of the wooden grains bring out a modern-looking charm of a minimalist kitchen. This is mainly because the wooden cabinets are lavishly present near the refrigerator area, sink countertop, and dining cabinet. In a nutshell, the richness of wood proves its mettle. The lovely set of stained kitchen cabinets gets camouflaged with an all-white window pane. The window pane and the balcony door bring natural lighting into the kitchen spaces. Contrastingly, black marble covers the sink countertop area. Ash gray marble is added to the upper portion of the table, while the base is all beige-hued wood. The cane chairs lend earthy vibes to the kitchen cum dining area. In short, the simple yet stylish stained kitchen cabinets will make you fall in love with the decor.

11. Brighter Browns Add Sunny Vibes to The Kitchen Area

Brighter Browns Add Sunny Vibes to The Kitchen Area

The setting looks more like an office space, isn’t it? But this is the kitchen hub that has been decorated so brilliantly. Similarly, the bright browns with mild stain finishes add style and poise to the decor. The dining table has a white marble top with a sunny brown base. The window panes bring plenty of natural light that has a glowy effect on the wooden cabinets. Alongside, the kitchen sink and tiling area are painted white, and so are the stylish-looking chairs. Not to forget the fact that the art decor pieces have also been hung in the kitchen unit, making you feel elite. The wooden flooring again gets its glow from the natural lighting that is so prevalent within the spaces. Truly, this absolutely fascinating stained kitchen decor is something you can surely get hands-on to!

12. A Wooden Cabinet with a Modern Twist

A Wooden Cabinet with a Modern Twist

Here comes a traditional wooden cabinet with a modern twist. Since the dark-shaded oakwood has these thick stains added to it. To add to the decor lies, the cooking hob and the dishwasher are placed in between the wooden cabinets. And they appear one on top of the other. The dishwasher and the exhaust unit are made from stainless steel. On a similar note, the exhaust is placed right above the cooking hob. As you also discover a white tiling, the cooking utensils are hung on either side of the exhaust unit. This way, the looks of the kitchen are super-organized indeed. The jams, bottles, and cooking staples find their spot at the rear end of the cabinetry. In totality, the stained kitchen cabinet is a well-planned one, after all.

13. A Mix of Stainless Steel Doors and Wooden Cabinets

A Mix of Stainless Steel Doors and Wooden Cabinets

This is a well-planned theme with organic or natural grains and modern elements of design that have been put together into one. As you find that the dark wood cabinets are heavily stained. And you get the stained kitchen cabinets neatly worked out. However, you also have stainless steel doors and drawers that add up to modern design techniques of sprucing up your kitchen spaces. Similarly, the cooking hob, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator are made from stainless steel too. A marble finish countertop covers the sink area as well as its opposite end. And the window placed in the kitchen brings natural light into the space. Above all, the chandelier hung up, adding to the lighting effect during the twilight hours of the day, looks delightful. With the right mix of organic and modern elements, the theme decor looks nothing but perfect!

14. Brighter Spaces Add a Peppy Look

Brighter Spaces Add a Peppy Look

Add a pop of color to elevate your moods out here while you are working around the kitchen. Mainly because the bright white tiling and the all-white marble finishes on the countertops of the kitchen unit make the spaces bright and cozy. Similarly, two large windows are evenly spaced out in the kitchen, and you get plenty of light and ventilation out there. Also, the natural lighting, which also gleams itself upon the all-white tiling, looks pretty enough. Then, you find a printed blue curtain drape with a light above that makes the spaces even more colorful. Above all, the wall painting of a fully bloomed flower catches one’s eye effortlessly. Finally, the stained kitchen cabinets with bright varnishes complement the decor of the spaces.

15. Wooden Accessories and a Partitioned Tiling Look Vogue

Wooden Accessories and a Partitioned Tiling Look Vogue

A partitioned tiling with wooden shelves in between makes the setting looks vogue. And a bright pane window has its apron sink covering the bottom. While the all-marble finish makes the countertops look pearly white, you find that the dishwasher and the cooking hob are neatly tucked in between the marble tiling. Then, you find a big refrigerator that is situated just opposite the countertop area. In contrast, you have the glass and porcelain cups arranged on wooden shelves that do not have doors. And the stained kitchen cabinets from real wood find their place at the bottom area of the kitchen. To conclude further, the ultra-modern decor idea this kitchen shares is every mommy’s delight.

16. A Designer Window Amid Wooden Cabinets Looks Pretty

A Designer Window Amid Wooden Cabinets Looks Pretty

The designer window is the highlighting tint for this kitchen decor theme. This is because the intricately designed window pane is painted with an invigorating navy blue that is hard to miss out on. Contrastingly, the accent ceiling wall and the tiling within the kitchen decor are painted all white. The apron sink unit has glamorous taps added to it. However, the stained wooden cabinets are placed at the bottom area of your kitchen. Therefore, the natural grain of the wood is revealed in a spectacular manner indeed. To add to it, the flower vases and greens adorn the marble countertops of the kitchen area in a resplendent manner indeed. You also find that the dual-toned tiling beneath the floor adds a glam effect all over again. To sum up, the lovely kitchen theme that has elements in place that turn heads!

17. A Stylish Oak Wood Kitchen

A Stylish Oak Wood Kitchen

All the wooden cabinets that have been placed here are made from the purest form of oakwood. And the black marble countertop has its cooking hob placed at the center portion of it. Underneath, you have a wooden finish covering the base area. The pretty-looking staines on the oakwood are clearly visible. Although, a wooden wall unit stands above the hob. Surprisingly, the exhaust unit does not come into view here. However, the wooden unit has open-ended shelves wherein cups and saucers can be arranged neatly. The beige tiling exactly complements the color of the wood that has been used for the decor. Above all, a window pane keeps the kitchen well-ventilated, and the wooden flooring added to the kitchen makes it a rave thing for you to be here.

18. A Breath-Taking Maple Wood Kitchen

A Breath-Taking Maple Wood Kitchen

The stained kitchen cabinets are made from maple wood. However, the stainless scones reveal the ultra-modern design that goes into the making for recreating this kitchen unit. Not to forget the fact that the microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator are kept together. Apparently, the sink countertop has a finish made from black marble. On the other hand, there is a separate unit wherein the cooking hob positions itself. The wooden drawers have generously been added for you to keep your kitchen utilities and staples in. In total, the glamorous kitchen out here would inspire you to make more delicious meals for your family members out there.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, we have unveiled 18 super-cool stained kitchen cabinets that are great looking. Installing kitchen-related wallpapers can be a trendy way to give your culinary spaces an all-new makeover. Tapestry stickers can also be availed from online marketplaces.

Look for sturdy and high-quality wood while designing your kitchen cabinets. The quality of the wood goes a long way in helping you keep up the looks of your kitchens for decades to come. Wooden cabinets are also easy to clean and maintain. Glass doors can be added to open stacked shelves to glam up your spaces.

So, which is the styling technique you are going to incorporate right away?

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