21 Stunning White and Gold Kitchen Design Concepts

by Tyler Hernandez
21 Elegant Ideas for a White and Gold Kitchen

Don’t you think an aesthetic kitchen is something that most people want? Then, how about choosing the right color scheme? Well, for that, gold and white are a must-go. A combination that you would never give up because of its soothing nature and elegance.

There is so much possibility for white and gold in home decor, especially in the kitchen. The former provides a flexible foundation that makes it simple to coordinate with other pieces, while golden accents will provide a chic and opulent look that will make your kitchen stand out.

White may be made more opulent and elegant by the addition of gold which you can use every day of the year. There are various ways to use this abundant color, from golden lightning to brass knobs to glistening black splashes.

So, let us roll into the article to find out the best 21 ideas for white and gold kitchens.

1. Appliances with Golden Hardware

Appliances with Golden Hardware

With wooden floors, a beach floor runner, and a white kitchen island, the kitchen has a nautical theme. The ceiling of the kitchen is covered with glass pendant lights that have a gold accent. Cabinet hardware and kitchen faucet, among other brass accents, add a stylish touch to this kitchen. There is something old-school about the cabinets with flat fronts and open glass panels.

2. White and Gold Accents

White and Gold Accents

This color has a very useful superpower that makes tiny rooms and kitchens look bigger than they are by creating an airy, light feeling when utilizing large numbers. Therefore if huge white kitchens are contemporary and beautiful, choosing this color for a smaller space would be a particularly good decision.

3. Vintage Lighting

 Vintage Lighting

The kitchen has a vintage glass pendant lighting setup which is going well with a white island. The walls of this kitchen are covered in white subway tiling, and the shaker cabinets are contemporary. This room is finished with a farmhouse sink and black hardware. The kitchen looks more minimal and inclines towards the royal touch. The stools add up as a charming factor which is intriguing.

4. Keeping It Minimal

Keeping It Minimal

Include clean white worktops, cabinets, and tiles to give the space a bright, area atmosphere. In addition to grounding the room, dark wood flooring creates a contrast. All that’s required to get an exquisite and refined appearance after a few very little touches of gold. For a light and area appearance, paint your walls white and choose white flat panel cabinets, white table tops, and stainless steel equipment.

5. Create a Depth

Create a Depth

Next to plain white cabinets, using multi-tonal or textured tiles is a great way to create depth. These subdued white and Gray marble tiles give the walls a beautiful tactile effect and act as a transition between the white units and the black floors. The room is brought to life with energizing yellow-gold pendants and a golden tap in the middle.

6. Use Marble

Use Marble

Include marble in your ambitious concept as another approach to enhance your white and gold kitchen. If you want to project a porch or redefined vibe, it is a highly advisable approach. You might consider installing marble on the top surfaces of the kitchen, island, and backsplash. It will raise the bar and increase the appeal of your kitchen.

7. Herringbone Tile

Herringbone Tile

Over the stainless steel oven in this kitchen is a good that is dark gray with gold fittings. The wall behind the white cabinets is covered with white herringbone telling. The lower cabinets are equipped with sizable flat gold knobs. On the light wood floor, there is a white rug. The white and gray marbled countertop has two plants in each corner. On the edge, a black of knives is placed.

8. A Colorful Touch

A Colorful Touch

When choosing your palette, most interior designers are advised to keep three primary colors. Like there’s lustration mentioned above with a multicolor rug in a white, black, and golden kitchen. Also, you may consider adding a more diversified splash of colors. This will turn your kitchen into an eclectic Hollywood Regency or bohemian look, for instance.

9. Play with Lighting

Play with Lighting

It is a bright, airy area with full-height windows, tall white glossy cabinets, white counters, and a glamorous feel thanks to the golden accents. The lofty ceilings are highlighted by the contemporary gold pendant lighting, which also draws the eyes upward. Lighting is sometimes an afterthought, yet it can completely change the look of your room. Consider golden chandeliers for a truly opulent look or golden geometric angles to add edge to your room. Hanging gold lighting overhead will draw attention to a highlight in your kitchen, such as an island or peninsula.

10. White Wall Tiles are a Great Choice

White Wall Tiles are a Great Choice

White cabinets and walls are common in white kitchens, but you could make yours even more distinctive by adding white wall tiles. Not just for backsplash necessarily, but also if you have white cabinets, tiles will add a visually appealing pattern that can help you avoid an overpowering or plain feeling. This is an elegant way of styling your kitchen; it will also make your kitchen look more aesthetic and will cause more comfort to your eyes.

11. Golden and Silver Accent

Golden and Silver Accent

This is a lovely technique that, depending on how the actual pieces are designed, will offer even more of a glam, modern or sleek white. When designing the remainder of your kitchen, start with white as the dominant color and think about incorporating both golden and metallic accents (such as silver or chrome). For instance, you may have stools with chrome legs and golden drawer handles. With this styling approach, you may elevate your sense of elegance and make your kitchen stand out dramatically.

12. Use Some Light Woods

 Use Some Light Woods

Although the color scheme of white and gold is typically associated with opulent and elegant rooms, you may still go for a cozier or more rustic feel. Natural, even-aged, or distressed wood treatments are perfect if that’s the case. You may emphasize the airy atmosphere of your white cabinets by using lighter-colored ones in particular. This concept is much more understated and also provides a kitchen with a regal appearance that will capture people’s attention.

13. Backsplash with Patterns and a Vertical Shiplap Wall

Backsplash with Patterns and a Vertical Shiplap Wall

What about a kitchen island with a white marble surface, a pendant light in flat white gold hanging under the island, is a tall chair with a white cushion? The cozy wood floor is covered with a beautiful beige rug. Underneath a large white hood with wood trim is a gorgeous backsplash made of tile. White cabinets with gold pulls and knobs may be found in the kitchen. You may accomplish a style that will transform your kitchen experience and offer you a cozier look by taking this design into your mind.

14. Use an Antique Brass

Use an Antique Brass

Antiques are always fantastic, especially when they are used as brass decor! Kitchen gear made of antique grass is ideal for people who wish to give their houses a vintage feel. Here, weathered brass looks lovely in contrast to the white cabinetry and marble accents. A kitchen open shelf unit made of vintage brass and gold houses elegance. However, the porcelain cookware, the butcher block countertop, and the dark brown island lend both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

15. Look on Champagnes

Look on Champagnes

The hardware used above is champagne copper blended with a pinkish variant of traditional gold. Thus, champagne should be given priority. Champagne copper cabinet hardware has a golden appearance with less brassiness and is ideal for classic or modern kitchens. With white shaker cabinet with extra long bar pulls and tiny knobs provide a modern and practical look. That design feels quaint and retro, thanks to the copper solitary handle.

16. Why Not a Gold-Finished Dome Pendant

Why Not a Gold-Finished Dome Pendant

The dome pendant is one of the lighting designs that may actively aid in your introduction of a more obvious golden accent. Offering a broader surface than smaller alternatives, it aids in your display of the golden finish. These lights are perfect for job lighting over your Thailand because of their different lens. It also pairs with a wide range of decor styles, including a Scandinavian farmhouse, modern and industrial.

17. Raw and Industrial Shiny Glam

Raw and Industrial Shiny Glam

These decor styles couldn’t seem more unlike one another, but that’s precisely what makes them a brilliant mix. Get raw industrial and shining lamp interiors! Then go nuts with bras and other glistening metallic embellishments. Watch out for glitzy pipe-style decor surrounding this kitchen island! Keep the industrial minimalism, use white as your main color, and go for open shelving and lighting fixtures that provide a warehouse sense.

18. Black Stove with White Cabinet

Black Stove with White Cabinet

Watch out for this kitchen which has a black stove beneath a white hood, white cabinets with gold hardware, and irregular white brick walls. Over a white island white table top, two black and white pendant lights hang. Under the island are three wooden bar stools. There is a beach rug on the cozy wood floor, making it more subtle to look at.

19. Gold Backsplash

Gold Backsplash

If you want to use dramatic design elements in your kitchen, think about using a polished copper backsplash. Polished copper will cost less than other gold-colored metals while having a comparable appearance to gold. Reflecting backsplash vibrant sheen may transform a dated kitchen and serve as the space’s aesthetic focal point. A sizable dark wood island and white shaker kitchen cabinets were combined by this designer.

20. Add Up to Your Living Space

Add Up to Your Living Space

The decor in the living area flows naturally into the white and gold kitchen. A wall-length row of white cabinets with art shelves. White-shaped pendant lights hang over a wooden kitchen island with a wide surface. Cold stools are placed next to the island. The overall look and style of this kitchen make it soothing and eye-catching, which might intrigue anyone at any point.

21. All Eyes on Stools

All Eyes on Stools

Another must-use area to display some golden touches is on the stools surrounding your kitchen island. Then you might cover them with upholstery in one of your primary colors to maintain the consistency of your color scheme. They look stunning against both white and black backgrounds, as you can see in this fashionable kitchen.

Summing It Up

All in all, these ideas are those simple thoughts that you can put into practicality and personify your kitchen. A kitchen style that is here to stay is white and gold. White has been a popular color for many years because it is bright and airy, but right now, matte countertops and textured tiles are taking the place of glossy finishes in favor of depth and character.

The alternatives in your kitchen are far more limited than they are in spaces like your bedroom, workplace, or living room. You must take your appliances, countertops, cabinets, islands, etc., into consideration whether you’re remodeling an existing kitchen or creating one from scratch. White and gold go together well, adding a touch of warmth and glitz to everyday activities.

We hope that this article will help you in designing your kitchen with a white and gold theme.

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