15 Green Front Door Ideas to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

by Ella Mitchell
15 Green Front Doors to be the Envy of Your Neighborhood

The front door is the first thing anyone will notice when they come to your home or the first impression that you will make on neighbors and strangers when they are passing by your house. This underlines the importance of getting your front door right in all aspects. Be it aesthetics, color, materials, etc. You will want the best for your front door.

There are a variety of colors that are prevalent in the market currently regarding front doors. However, no color gained the immense popularity of green front doors in such a short time.

So this blog is dedicated to telling you all about different styles of green front doors that you can incorporate into your home. We will talk about how to pair them up according to your home style and which style you should opt for, depending on your preferences.

Let’s get started!

Green Front Door Ideas to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

1. Bold and Bright Green Front Door

Bold and Bright Green Front Door

A bright color door is going to make your home entrance look apart. Even though this is an off-lime green, this color radiates enough brightness to make a spectacular statement. The greenery around the gate complements this green front door, giving it a very aesthetic look.

The large white arched entrance perfectly holds this off-lime green front door. You can also have a similar green front door with the glasses frames in the upper half and the subtle mailbox entry at the bottom. Remember to pair this gate with greenery to have a complete look. The whole setup gives cottage vibes to the exterior of your home and will instantly attract the attention of your neighbors.

2. Classic Kelly Design

Classic Kelly Design

If you want a green front door that has nearly perfect balanced color, then this classic Kelly front door will surely steal your heart. This design started to gain popularity quite recently and became the first choice for green front doors in the market. What makes it so popular? It’s the crisp, sharp, and clean finish of the classic gate which gives your place a breath of fresh air.

If your exterior house walls are light-colored, like beige, white, light yellow, etc, then you are in luck. Since this bold green front door balanced the light-colored walls perfectly, giving your home a makeover.

3. Dual Toned Green Front Door

Dual Toned Green Front Door

If you don’t want to rock a single color at your front door and want to include another color in the mix, you should definitely try going for dual-toned color options while still maintaining the green color dominating the front gate. In the given image, the bold green front door has black framing and molding covering the door. This makes your green door pop out even more while still looking refined and sharp.

The two contrasting colors add spark to the door giving your entire home a neutral farmhouse aesthetic. If you are planning to have a dual-tone gate like this, then you can play around with patterned floor tiles as well but have them only in neutral colors. To draw attention towards the gate, keep the other areas of your home in neutrals.

4. Channel the 1970s

Channel the 1970s

The rule of three guides the design and interior decor of many homes. In simple words, when an aesthetic and style is paired with three thematically linked details, the overall scene gets improved because then the theme complements each other. This rule was especially popular in the 1970s. In the above image, the combination of three, i.e., classic wood-paneled walls, a table lamp, and green paint, really takes the whole entryway to another level.

Even though the look feels old, you can still manage to give a contemporary and trendy look with the usage of all white, with modern hanging scenery and string lights adorning the entryway, etc. It’s all about the creativity that you can show while designing this green front door.

5. Go National with Green Front Doors

 Go National with Green Front Doors

If you are willing to try something bold and in the mood to experiment, then try the color which is associated with Scotland the most, i.e., dark green color. The dark green gate will surely be a bold statement green front door. It will attract much attention. The surroundings of the door can be set in a more rustic and vintage setting. For instance, the walls can be made up of textured bricks and stones to give a rustic feel.

Choosing the right surrounding theme is of utmost importance as it will decide the appeal and grandeur of the green front door. In the above image, the windows and walls blend together in such a way that it brings vintage vibes without any effort.

6. Emphasizing the Artwork

Emphasizing the Artwork

Artworks make the dull places light up with their sheer presence. Be it an empty wall, entryway, or empty room, chances are you need some sort of artwork to add character and depth to a place. In the above image, the emerald green front door really pops out because of the white walls. However, if you notice closely, this green front door won’t blend in with white walls if it were not for the artwork hanging in front of the door.

Artworks act as a supplement decor item to increase the feel of the primary item, i.e., the green front door. It provides the necessary balance. Without the artwork, the entrance would look rather shallow and out of place.

7. Matte Olive Green Front Door

Matte Olive Green Front Door

Nothing says class and luxury, like using matte materials in your home decor. Matte looks absolutely exquisite and has many aesthetic and functional benefits. It doesn’t get dirty and maintains its look more than the shiny doors. In the given image, the olive green front door takes all the attention with the beautiful wreath on the door itself. Moreover, there is a play of many colors in the scene with various decor items. This provides your door with much-needed depth and details.

If you have a light-colored wall in your home, then you are really lucked out since you can have this door right away. Choosing a matte green front door will elevate the look of your curb. Just pair it with matching mats and let the magic happen.

8. Classic Green Double Front Door

Classic Green Double Front Door

The double-door setup at the entrance instantly brings a grandeur of cottage and big farmhouse vibes to the place. This is especially true when the gate has translucent mirrored frames cut out in it. The whole concept of double doors is classic as well as timeless. In the image above, the double door green front door is paired with muted green colored walls and shiplap backdrops.

The use of wood on the flooring actually accentuates the accents of the green front door. So if you are planning to have this green front door installed, make sure to use wood on the floor to elevate the appeal of your entryway.

9. Festive Entry with Green Front Door

Festive Entry with Green Front Door

Doors are awesome for decorations simply because they are hard to ignore. When it’s festival time, you can really consider decorating the green front door to get festive vibes. Even if it’s not festival time, you can still design your green front door in such a way as to give your door a grandeur appearance.

In the image given above, the vibe of Christmas is beautifully captured. If you want a similar type of door with such aesthetic decor throughout the year, just remove Santa from the scene. Keep the string lights and plants wrapped in the string lights to have a very light-up entryway.

10. Sage Green Front Door with Sidelight

Sage Green Front Door with Sidelight

Farmhouse appeal is something that everybody appreciates and will always remain in trend and showcases a very timeless look and charm to any area. The lights on either side of the green front door play a key role in bringing rustic, vintage, and farmhouse vibes to the place.

In the image given above, the construction of a grand entry door with two rectangular beams and an arched top on top elevates the color and design of the green front door even more. In the hallway following the door, you can also consider adding plants and brown pots to keep the scene closely related to nature.

11. Modern Rustic Green Door

Modern Rustic Green Door

There are not many combinations of aesthetics that can top the blend of modern and farmhouse styles. The entryway in the given image proves this quite easily. The different elements of home decor pertaining to both aesthetics, like vintage lamps, modern couches, potted plants, and bamboo mats, are all adding to the beauty of the entryway.

This green front door shows a very muted green shade with rectangular glass panels for added detailing. This green farmhouse-styled front door leads the doorway to and sets a very inviting vibe to your home right from the entrance. The potted plant easily brings nature’s vibe to your entryway setup.

12. Vibrant Springtime Green

Vibrant Springtime Green

If you want a bright and sharp-looking green front door, then this option is appropriate for you. This vibrant springtime green front door which is airy and lets enough light in the daytime to light your entire entryway, can be a good choice. This green front door exudes spring vibes with its large window.

The whole setup in the backdrop of light-colored walls really makes the door pop and stand out. Adding to the uniqueness of this green front door is using black hardware in the door like door knobs and latches. Dark-colored flooring also sets this door apart.

13. Soft Pale Green Front Door

Soft Pale Green Front Door

If you are into soft colors and don’t want anything too blingy right at the entrance of your home, then this will be the perfect option for you. This green front door, with its soft pale accents and light green shade, really adorns your entryway with a wholesome soft aesthetic. You can add a bamboo basket right after the entry gate to keep the essentials like, house keys, vehicle keys, and couriers so that you never forget them.

The half of this green front door has a beautifully adorned wreath which gives your door a color balance. Having this door in your home is one of the easiest ways to style up your home since this color will blend in easily, giving your home a refreshing and inviting vibe.

14. Dramatic with Black

Dramatic with Black

The combination of two dark colors, green and black, has to be done in a cautious way so that they don’t look out of place. We can say that this idea is not the easiest to execute, but we assure you that it’s going to be worth all your efforts. In the image given above, the green front door has a thick black border. This black trim brings sophistication and adds a very bold personality to your living space.

Surprisingly, both are very bold colors, but they still manage to blend with each other rather than sticking out. If you want this door setting for your home, there is no compulsion for you to stick with such dark green color. You are free to choose even a slightly lighter shade if that’s more your style. Don’t go too light, or you will end up messing with the contrast, which is needed to make colors blend in together.

15. Southwestern Flare Green Front Door

Southwestern Flare Green Front Door

We purposely saved the most unique, quirky, and out-of-the-box idea for the last. This green front door is influenced by southwestern design. If you are not aware, then let us tell you that southwestern design is all about using the colors available in desert areas. That simply means accommodating a wide spectrum of colors, from earthy tones to vibrant hues, in your interior design.

As you see in the image clearly, the colors chosen are quite unique, bold, and not at all easy to style in a normal neighborhood setting. But that is what set this green front door apart from the other doors on this list. This door is not simply meant to fit in. Rather, it is screaming to make a statement with its grandeur. The cacti on either side of the gate complete the whole desert-inspired southwestern vibe you are aiming for.

Final Thoughts

With the rising popularity of green front doors, it’s imperative for you to choose the door which stands out even amongst the crowd, and this is what our objective has been in writing this blog.

In this blog, we have talked about simple green front door ideas which are easy to execute to some quirky and bold statement gates which are not for everybody because they are simply hard to execute. Styling is another issue. However, there is no rule that you should stick with one idea and try to replicate it. You should trust your creativity and play around or combine some of the ideas above to have your own unique setup.

Remember that this is the first door that anyone who is going to come to your home will open. It’s important to get this right and make the place inviting and peaceful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green a Good Color for Your Front Door?

We understand that a green front door will not be anyone’s first priority because there are simply better color options available. However, green color is usually associated with greenery and carries itself the subtle freshness of nature. The shades of green are also plenty for you to choose from. All these factors make green a good color for your front door.

What Does a Green Color Door Mean in a House?

Green color holds a traditional significance in many people’s lives. It symbolizes prosperity, wealth, safety, and health. That’s why you are more likely to find a green front door in traditional homes than the modern ones. But as we already talked about, this scenario is changing rapidly as many newly constructed properties are choosing green front doors as their first choice.

How Do I Choose a Door Color?

To choose a color for your front door, it’s important to keep in mind the existing decor of your home, your requirements, the vibe you are aiming for, and most importantly, the color of your walls. The door color should also match the interiors of your home as much as the exteriors to achieve a balanced look of your home.

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