21 Versatile Ways to Design a Shiplap on Kitchen Island

by Freja Johansson
21 Versatile Ways to Design a Shiplap on Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a centerpiece of any home and are often overlooked when it comes to designing it. And when it’s about designing your islands, adding shiplap boards is the most popular way to do that. Shiplap boards are classics; they have been used for centuries in the kitchen and look like they are not going out of style anytime soon.

Shiplap on Kitchen Island is the easiest way to elevate your kitchen design. Even if you want to upgrade your existing kitchen island with shiplap, you can DIY it without making a mess by just adding wooden boards to it and painting it. It can be used in any color or wood type on the kitchen island.

If you are looking for inspiration and want to add shiplap on kitchen islands, here are our favorite top 21 shiplap kitchen island ideas for a home that wows.

1. White Countertop on White Shiplap Kitchen Island

White Countertop on White Shiplap Kitchen Island

A white-on-white creates a very crisp look that feels very classy and timeless. White shiplap on the kitchen island adds depth and character to your kitchen. A white-on-white island, white kitchen cabinets, and white walls may look very monotonous. Consider adding some natural wooden elements like flooring, bar stool, or shelves to balance the look. You can also add some color and charm with some indoor plants. This kind of kitchen is very simple and timeless; you are never going to get bored of it anytime soon.

2. Quartz Countertop with Black Shiplap Island

Quartz Countertop with Black Shiplap Island

The black horizontally placed shiplap on the kitchen island is meant to work as a focal point in your kitchen. The horizontal placement of the shiplap gives an illusion of wider space which makes your island look wider than it actually is. The black color adds depth to the space while the quartz countertop complements it, but it also helps to keep the space light and airy. Black pendant lamps hanging above the island bind up the space making it look coordinated and complete.

3. White Countertop with Light Blue Shiplap Island

White Countertop with Light Blue Shiplap Island

The light shade of blue brings a very cool and relaxed vibe to the space. The Shiplap island painted in baby blue makes a very soft yet fun addition to the kitchen against the white cabinets and the white countertop. To balance it out, it is a smart move to add brass hardware to bring some warmth to the place. The combination of gold accents from brass, light blue, and white looks striking. Here a sleek brass stool and brass handles on the cabinets are used to add some visual excitement to the kitchen.

4. Barn-Style Shiplap on Kitchen Island

Barn-Style Shiplap on Kitchen Island

A barn-style shiplap kitchen island is a classic staple in a farmhouse, cottage, or country-style kitchen. You can turn any regular shiplap island into a barn style by just adding two battens across the top to add a cross detail. This island adds detail to your kitchen and contributes to creating a desired look. The best part is it is a quick addition, and you can easily take it up as your next DIY project. Here this white barn-style island incorporates like a charm with the wooden flooring and the brown and black marble top.

5. Staggered Pattern Shiplap Island

Staggered Pattern Shiplap Island

When we talk about shiplap island, a white or brown shiplap board comes to our mind; we never think of the mix of shades or colors, but why not? You can make things visually interesting in your kitchen by mixing different shades of shiplap boards to create a pattern on the island. It helps to add more personal touch and character to your kitchen and also works as a focal point. Here, a mix of brown shaded boards from light are placed horizontally in a random pattern on the kitchen island.

6. Bold Blue Shiplap Island with Stylish Stools

Bold Blue Shiplap Island with Stylish Stools

A bold navy blue color is hugely popular in creating a moody kitchen, and navy blue is a beautiful defining shade that contrasts perfectly with the whites in the kitchen. A white countertop on this navy blue island looks very classy and elegant. Here, the kitchen cabinets are also painted in the same color to pair with the kitchen island. Warm metal detailing and hardware are introduced to create a layered look. The modern-style stools placed against the island with gray seating and metal legs contribute to the moody kitchen theme.

7. Rustic Wooden Shiplap Island

Rustic Wooden Shiplap Island

Rustic is the new trend when it comes to kitchen design; it follows a very contemporary bohemian or beachside vibe to it. A rustic-style kitchen island is one of the most versatile styles. You can design and add elements to it according to your preference to form a complete look. The most basic element of a rustic kitchen is raw and natural wood used in it. A kitchen island with white wooden boards, which are unpolished, matches the kitchen cabinets. The wooden top, the unpolished stools, and the wicker basket all together complement the theme to create a warm cozy space.

8. Mottled Brown Counter on White Shiplap Island

Mottled Brown Counter on White Shiplap Island

White and brown create a very subtle and natural combination that makes the space feel open and bright. In this idea, the white-painted shiplap island looks classic with a mottled brown marble counter. The marble at the top brings a natural accent, and the wooden flooring also plays along to create a complete look. The shiplap island and the kitchen cabinets are all painted in white and are accompanied by sleep black hardware to keep it simple. This white kitchen with brown touch is perfect for a modern-style urban home.

9. Shiplap Cross Shaker Style Kitchen Island

 Shiplap Cross Shaker Style Kitchen Island

You can play around with styles and patterns when designing your kitchen; there is no rule to follow. Like mixing two classic styles on the kitchen island to make things interesting. Mix shiplap paneling and shaker-style details on your kitchen island because why choose one when you can have two classics incorporated together to make something interesting? These two patterns are classics and have been for a long time in kitchens. You can further add the shaker-style details to kitchen cabinets to bind it all together. Natural Wood Shiplap on the kitchen island.

10. Natural Wood Shiplap on Kitchen Island

Natural Wood Shiplap on Kitchen Island

Blend old and new by adding traditionally styled vertical wooden shiplap panels to the end of a kitchen island and style with a modern white countertop. As you can see, the white and brown are blended very well in each element of this kitchen. White lamps with brass complement the polished brass stools at the front to add some warmth to the design. White walls and cabinets work like magic with the wooden floor. The shiplap trimming to the chimney really draws the eyes and adds character to the layout.

11. Farmhouse-Style Blue Shiplap Island

Farmhouse-Style Blue Shiplap Island

As soon as we talk about a farmhouse kitchen, a picture of a warm and cozy place where there is always so much happening comes to our mind. Shiplap Island helps you create just that, paint it in a breezy retro color and see the magic unfold. Here, A light blue shiplap island with a white top and white chairs looks perfect and beautiful. The white shiplap on the kitchen island matches the ceiling to provide a complete farmhouse vibe. Blue stands out against the wooden floor and white cabinets but doesn’t look overwhelming.

12. Dual Tone Kitchen

 Dual Tone Kitchen

Dual tone kitchen is when the design incorporates two colors in one space. This dual-color approach is quite popular for enlivening the space subtly. You can pair two complementary colors to keep things interesting in your kitchen, one for the kitchen island and one for the cabinet. As you can take an idea of, the brown shiplap island defines the space, while the green cabinets keep it light and airy in the kitchen. The cabinets here are defined with black accents to match the bar stools.

13. Distressed Wood Shiplap

 Distressed Wood Shiplap

Distressed wood is withered by hand to make it imperfect and to add age and character to it. It is usually used to create a rustic aesthetic in a space. Distressed wood shiplap on the kitchen island forms a very cohesive look of an industrial kitchen. The light textures look very subtle and do not clutter the space, it easily blends in with the white countertop, and it doesn’t feel like too much is going on here. Metal hardware on cabinets and the island sink goes very well with the overall theme of this kitchen.

14. Pair Your Shiplap Island with a Shiplap Kitchen Wall

Pair Your Shiplap Island with a Shiplap Kitchen Wall

Shiplap kitchen walls and shiplap kitchen islands can create a lot of visual interest. Basic white-colored shiplap boards on the island and wall blend in the background to provide depth and texture to your kitchen. Shiplaps on the wall make your kitchen look more balanced and symmetrical. The shiplap kitchen island alone is very attractive, but the walls along with it create an unbeatable look. The wooden shelves, black metal chairs, and pendant light provide a sharp contrast against the white, which makes the kitchen look complete.

15. White Shiplap Island with Black Hardware

White Shiplap Island with Black Hardware

How you match your hardware to the type of theme you are following makes a big impact on the final result. Or, look, you are expecting, you may or may not think much about installing these details, but they do make an impact. Black hardware with a white shiplap island looks sleek and classic. You can pick hardware like switches, taps, sockets, and towel rails in color black to provide a contrast against the white island. Here, this black towel rail provides a perfect contrast against the white shiplap island.

16. Shiplap Island with Fancy Barstools

Shiplap Island with Fancy Barstools

Seating stools around the kitchen island is a vital part of kitchen arrangement because everyone wants to linger around this cozy place while cooking, eating, or cleaning, so it is a smart idea to make it fancy. You can add stools by island color and theme. Fancy stools beside the shiplap island create a contrast and add a warm touch that does not let the island design feel bland and dull. White shiplap island is very common, but you can spice it up by adding interesting seating options to it.

17. Gray Shiplap Island with White Quartz Top

Gray Shiplap Island with White Quartz Top

Gray is the safest color to play around with in your kitchen, as it works harmoniously with any range of colors and themes. It makes it quite a popular color choice as well when it comes to kitchen islands. Here, the shiplap island painted in gray looks very graceful against the white cabinets and the quartz top with light gray veins. The brass accessories like hanging brass lights, brass hardware, and vintage-style taps add warmth to the space. The gray blends perfectly with the browns and whites in the kitchen.

18. Wood Slat Shiplap Kitchen Island

 Wood Slat Shiplap Kitchen Island

A shiplap island doesn’t always have to be traditionally styled painted wooden planks; you can think outside the box to give a modern touch to it, as now you might have already got the idea that shiplap is not only for a farmhouse-themed kitchen. A wood slat kitchen island brings a Scandia, Japanese-style urban look to the kitchen. When paired with modern black accents, it gives a very grounded feel; here, a black countertop and even a black refrigerator are used for the same. You can further incorporate greens for natural aesthetics.

19. Green Island with Wooden Countertop

Green Island with Wooden Countertop

Green Shiplap Island may sound ridiculous at first thought but trust us, it looks amazing. The teal green color gives an interesting pop to your kitchen. It gives a visual contrast to the white, creams, and browns of the kitchen. The warm wooden countertop looks stunning and also matches two seating stools, and the iron pendant lamps hanging above the small island add an accent. A color pop can add an interesting factor to your space; who knew brown and green looked so beautiful together?

20. L-Shaped Shiplap Island with Open Shelves

L-Shaped Shiplap Island with Open Shelves

An L- shaped island is so much in trend these days, especially in urban-styled kitchens. Here the painted white cabinets with wooden top extends to create an island with a shiplap at the end. Open wooden shelves hang against a white subway tile wall that accommodates small kitchen plants or any other necessary things. Black hardware works almost with every type of style and color setting and works very well here too. An open modern kitchen island and traditional shiplap work very well together to create a perfect balance.

21. Modern Style Shiplap Kitchen Island

Modern Style Shiplap Kitchen Island

Shiplap in the kitchen is often associated with a farmhouse vibe, but you can also create a modern and sleek kitchen with shiplap. This kitchen is thoughtfully created by keeping a modern style in mind. A white shiplap island with white cabinets and white walls complements the browns of the floor and stool; the style is very simple and minimal. The glass pendant lights look very sophisticated, and black hardware in the form of black window panes, black stool legs, and black cabinet handles provides a needful contrast to the white.

Summing It Up

All in all, kitchen design trends are currently seeing a lot of comebacks from past styles, but they are updated, and now, to go with the contemporary theme, shiplap island is one of them. The best thing about shiplap boards is that they can be easily installed. You can cut wooden planks by yourself from the sheets, or you can get the ones readily available. You can also choose from a wide variety of materials according to your budget.

Kitchens are usually the favorite spot of everyone in the house, so it’s important to make it personalized and style it according to your taste and preferences.

Take inspiration from these amazing creative shiplap kitchen island ideas to style your home to create a masterpiece of your own!

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