21 Stunning Backsplash Ideas to Elevate Your White Kitchen

by Freja Johansson
21 Sparkling White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Are you looking for a backsplash idea for your white kitchen? White kitchens are loved by everyone because of the bright and airy look that it brings to the kitchen. Even the smallest of the kitchen appears big when it’s finished in white color.

Other than being timeless and elegant, white kitchens are easier to style. However, they look dirty faster than others too, especially the walls near the kitchen countertop. That’s why the back splashing of walls has become popular to protect the walls and to add different colors, designs, and interests that it adds to your kitchen.

For this reason, based on a variety of home decor and looks, we have curated this list of 21 backsplash ideas for your white kitchen to elevate the beauty of the kitchen!

Top Backsplash Ideas for Your White Kitchen

1. Traditional White Subway Tile Backsplash

Traditional White Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tile backsplash must be the most common backsplash found in the kitchen all around the world simply because it’s easily available and is rather inexpensive. Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors which you can choose from depending on your preference and existing home decor.

Some suggestion that would look good is the combination of white subway tile with black grout for adding contrast which will make your kitchen pop. There are different variants of subway tile which you can try for your white kitchen, like herringbone ceramic tile, large subway tile, etc.

2. Shiplap Backsplash

Shiplap Backsplash

Shiplap, being extremely popular, is the highly underrated backsplash idea for the white kitchen. It looks great in white, but it also gives you the flexibility of painting it with any color that you want for your white kitchen. Choose a color that blends well with your wall color, countertop, and the color of the kitchen cabinets.

To pair well with shiplap backsplash, consider having cabinets with golden handles. You can play around with the ceiling as well. Having a wooden ceiling with a shiplap backsplash adds a sophisticated touch to your space, making it look instantly attractive to the viewers.

3. Marble Backsplash Idea for White Kitchen

Marble Backsplash Idea for White Kitchen

Marble stone is one of the most famous stones for adding elegance to any space. It’s true for the backsplash as well. Marble is widely used for backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms as well. Another reason for its popularity is its availability in several sizes and shapes which ensures that it blends well with several home decors.

The marble backsplash idea for your white kitchen gives a very luxurious look. The cost of getting the marble work done is also higher than most other backsplash options available in the market. But money should not be the concern since this is like a one-time expense because marble is timeless and will always remain popular.

4. Beadboard Backsplash

Beadboard Backsplash

When you want a backsplash idea for your white kitchen, which is not so common but traditional, you should definitely consider adding a white beadboard. What makes beadboard so great for backsplash? There are numerous things like its availability, highly inexpensive, blends well with several home decors, and can be painted in any shade you like. We suggest creating an atmosphere of cottage vibe with the beadboard backsplash.

With the white kitchen and cabinets, a cottage vibe is a natural option. The perfect cut-out square-shaped cabinets, minimalist counter top and some touch of antique or vintage decor items in the kitchen will bring your cottage theme to life.

5. Herringbone Marble Tile Backsplash

Herringbone Marble Tile Backsplash

If you are looking for a patterned shaped tile that is somewhat unique and classical, then you should surely consider investing in herringbone tiles for your kitchen backsplash. The V-shaped pattern with subtle color changes really highlights the detailing in this tile. If not V-shaped, then you can even consider a zigzag design as a backsplash idea for your white kitchen.

To pull off this backsplash, pair it with gray undertones all over your kitchen. It would mean having a light gray countertop, and cabinets, to the dining table. A subtle touch of gray would go a long way to make your kitchen look aesthetic.

6. Glass Backsplash

Glass Backsplash

This one is a step away from the backsplash options that we saw already. They are definitely not as infamous as ceramic backsplash. However, glass backsplash ideas in your white kitchen are highly desirable and easy to clean and maintain. They are offered in various styles and shapes, so it becomes easier for you to choose the one suiting your requirements.

In the image given above, the effort to bring the coastal vibe to the kitchen is successful. The combination of subtle blue and green backsplashes looks really gorgeous, especially when paired with white cabinets. The curtains following the same pattern add that extra detailing to the whole kitchen area.

7. Brick and Stone Backsplash

Brick and Stone Backsplash

We agree that it’s not the first choice for most people when it comes to back splashing their white kitchen. However, if you try pairing brick and stone backsplash with marble countertops, you will instantly notice the added character and elegance in your kitchen. It also has a rustic charm, thanks to the stone present in it. If you have a cottage-styled, farmhouse-style kitchen, this idea will work wonders for you.

This would add unique texture and bring nature vibes to your kitchen. To make the look exquisite, consider buying brass hardware and modern shelves to attain a perfect balance of traditional and modern designs.

8. Blue Backsplash Idea for White Kitchen

Blue Backsplash Idea for White Kitchen

We cannot ignore the importance of blue color when we are talking about backsplash ideas for white kitchens. Being a soft color, blue gives depth and calm energy to the place. Using colorful blues in back splashing and white countertops will keep your kitchen looking afresh. It’s versatile enough to go with most kitchen styles and shapes.

Pairing the blue backsplash is also relatively easier than others. In the image given above, the blue backsplash is combined with white cabinets and countertops and with wooden flooring. If you notice, the colors are very different but accommodating to each other, which really gives the whole kitchen an inviting vibe.

9. Glazed Ceramic Tile

 Glazed Ceramic Tile

We cannot leave glazed ceramic tile behind when talking about kitchen backsplashes. With its newfound popularity and contemporary look, and glossy artistic style, it overtakes most options currently available in the market. Glazed ceramic tiles also come in varying colors, so you have the flexibility of having a little color variation in your kitchen backsplash.

Moreover, you can choose what pattern you would like to have. For instance, if you want a traditional look, opt for subway styled design. However, for a modern look, you can stack them in a grid layout like its shown in the image above.

10. Perky Chartreuse Backsplash

Perky Chartreuse Backsplash

Having a colorful touch to your kitchen by adding not-so-popular colors is surely a delight and attracts enough attention from your guests. For instance, having a lime backsplash, as shown in the image above, can play an energizing effect when you are doing the everyday mundane tasks in the kitchen. Pairing the shiny lime backsplash tiles with matte-styled teal cabinets brings vibrant hues to your space.

To achieve this look, aim to have minimal, cleaner, and sharper cabinets and furniture. The minimalist scene of your kitchen will intensify the beauty of the backsplash and the paired cabinets. Cabinets with muted golden handles will add charm to the overall aesthetic.

11. Stone Meets Tile Backsplash

Stone Meets Tile Backsplash

In recent times, British-inspired designs are clearly getting traction worldwide when it comes to interior design. The concept of floating shelves and the introduction of square-shaped tiles are British-inspired designs that recently gained popularity. In the above picture, pairing natural stone with zellige tile backsplash ideas for a white kitchen adds much-needed texture to a highly neutral kitchen.

Natural stones are vintage as well as timeless and will definitely add to the rustic appeal of your white kitchen. Moreover, it complements drywall hoods and various wall colors and styles. All these factors make this backsplash idea perfect for your white kitchen.

12. Reflective Backsplash

Reflective Backsplash

People have a general misconception that bold statements about their interior can only be made using bold colors. However, you should know that reflective tiles with metallic shine are another viable option for making a statement. Using reflective tiles as a backsplash idea for a white kitchen also assists in providing extra light if your kitchen is in a dark space.

To get a reflective backsplash in your kitchen, consider off-setting or balancing your cabinet colors and countertop with the reflective tiles. This will also divide the attention of your viewers. It also makes your kitchen look aesthetically bigger.

13. Black Glass Backsplash

Black Glass Backsplash

If you don’t like dealing with tiles and the dirty black grout that comes with them when you place them on the wall, then you can go for a glass backsplash idea for your white kitchen. You can go for a monochromatic theme using black glass to maintain the sleek and modern look. Glass backsplashes are also easier to clean, which is important for homeowners who love to cook.

In the image shown above, the black glass backsplash complements the white kitchen and cabinets. Also, the dinner table set gives the white kitchen a contrast and adds to the beauty of the kitchen.

14. Verdant Backsplash Wall

 Verdant Backsplash Wall

If you want hand-cut tiles for your white kitchen with the purpose of creating continuous backsplash to add warmth and texture to your place, then you should consider having a Verdant Backsplash Wall in your kitchen. It is made up of single-colored tiles with finely cut corners to elevate the aesthetic of your white kitchen. However, do remember to choose the appropriate color of the tile. Since the above kitchen is in between greenery, the olive green tile lights up the place more with symmetry.

Choose a tile that creates some sort of symmetry. It can match your accents of furniture, cabinets, kitchen countertops, etc. This will ensure that the tile actually blends in and does not stand out.

15. Chevron with a Twisted Backsplash

Chevron with a Twisted Backsplash

There is no denying that glossy tiles do steal the show and are always worth the investment. These tiles turn the whole vibe of the kitchen into inviting, full of coziness, along with a refreshing look. In the image given above, if you notice closely, the bold color of peacock is used, and it creates a pop of color, especially against the white kitchen cabinets.

These tiles suit the modern and contemporary kitchen, thanks to their unique pattern. Having the Chevron with a twist backsplash idea for your white kitchen is surely an unexpected backsplash and has a lingering sense of beauty.

16. Grid Backsplash

Grid Backsplash

Grid patterns, in general, are one of the most traditional backsplash patterns available in the market. On the other hand, it has also led to the overuse of grid patterns. However, there is no need for you to be stuck in the past because this black-and-white pattern is timeless and can complement most home decor. And if you want to play around a bit, you can use these tiles in a linear fashion, i.e., one row of white and then one row of black.

This backsplash idea for your white kitchen should be your go-to option, as you don’t need to worry about pairing the backsplash wall with anything else. Give your kitchen an eclectic look with a grid backsplash.

17. Rectangular Backsplash

Rectangular Backsplash

It’s easy to confuse them with the subway tiles because of the similar look. There is a difference. Rectangular tiles are much wider than subway tiles. How does this help you? It makes your kitchen appear wider than normal. The corners of the tile remain sharp, offering a very sleek and modern look to your white kitchen.

Using rectangular tiles for your backsplash idea for your white kitchen really enhances the soft touch. Moreover, the electronic appliances do look better with these tiles in the backsplash. Pair this with a brown countertop and light-colored walls for a complete aesthetic look of your white kitchen.

18. Patterned Backsplash Idea for White Kitchen

Patterned Backsplash Idea for White Kitchen

Even though minimalism suits most home decor, and blends well too. It is not always a good choice when you are looking for something bold. For instance, this patterned backsplash idea for white kitchen stands instantly makes a statement in your kitchen. Patterned tiles get most highlighted when the other elements of the kitchen are in neutrals having minimalistic touch.

According to your home decor and aesthetics, you should choose patterned tiles accordingly. The golden rule is that patterned tiles backsplash should blend well with other home decor items. Lucky for you, there are several patterned tiles options available in the market, ensuring that you will definitely find the right patterned tile.

19. Hexagonal Backsplash

Hexagonal Backsplash

If modern and contemporary is your vibe, then this hexagon backsplash tile is going to add a gorgeous and aesthetic vibe to your kitchen backsplash. Using honeycomb tiles which are hexagonally shaped, can instantly update the look of any wall with ease. You should look for bold colors that can add contrasting styles to your white kitchen.

In the image above, hexagonal tiles have a subtle golden touch which can be paired really with golden-colored handles of kitchen cabinets and drawers. Even a fancy countertop will not be able to dull the aesthetic of this kitchen backsplash.

20. Bespoke Backsplash

Bespoke Backsplash

This geometric backsplash idea for your white kitchen will make you drift away from the traditional subway style, which is extremely prevalent worldwide. If you love pattern and variation, then this backsplash option offers you tremendous options. This is a very playful and sophisticated backsplash, thanks to its subtle variation in color, which helps in blending with a variety of home decors.

This design is easy to style, making it highly versatile. You can pair this backsplash wall with a light wood countertop and brown-colored walls. You can track each color within a tile, which adds to extra detailing making your kitchen look aesthetic.

21. Mirrored Mosaic Backsplash

 Mirrored Mosaic Backsplash

Mirrored mosaic backsplash idea for your white kitchen is a perfect option for you. This idea for your white kitchen will look exquisite, especially if you are planning to have a kitchen with bar vibes. Mosaic tile makes the space feel larger than usual because of its reflective elements. It also makes the space feel brighter because of the shiny tiles.

You can pair this backsplash tile with bar-style chairs. On a lighter note, you can even look yourself in the mirror while doing everyday mundane tasks in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the perfect backsplash idea for your white kitchen, the options available to you are endless. That means it all boils down to your requirements, budget, and how you want your kitchen to look and feel.

The above ideas are sure to give you a glimpse of what each idea beholds and how to accommodate them into your own kitchen space. However, keep in mind that there are other factors at play as well, such as the shape, space, and location of the kitchen. For instance, if a kitchen doesn’t get much natural light, then the dark tiled ideas might not work for you, as they will make your kitchen appear smaller than it is.

However, don’t forget to experiment with different ideas, and feel free to combine some of the ideas above to come up with something unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Backsplash Goes with The White Kitchen?

This is a hard question to answer because there is not a single right answer which is applicable to all types of kitchens. However, some foundational elements of a backsplash that can make any kitchen look exquisite are using marble, glass, ceramic, and metal backsplashes. They are timeless and versatile enough to blend in with most home decor.

Why Put up a Backsplash in The Kitchen?

Putting up a backsplash is not all about beauty and aesthetics but also about functionality. Other than giving your place a flair and a complete makeover, backsplash helps prevent your wall from occasional oil, grease, and other wastes that stick to the wall when you work in the kitchen.

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