17 Extraordinary Ideas for Kitchen Shelves Decor

by Freja Johansson
17 Elegant Kitchen Shelf Décor Ideas for a Farmhouse Look

Don’t you think the right decoration can make a lot of difference in making your space more welcoming and warm when designing a kitchen? People mostly say that the kitchen is the home’s heart, dramatically impacting the overall house feel.

If you want to give a more country-like look to the shelves of your kitchen, then you’re lucky. The farmhouse style will be even more popular in the coming years because of its cozy feel, timeless look, and rustic charm.

This farmhouse style uses vintage touches, natural materials, and a cozy, lived-in feel to make a place more inviting and warm. By considering how your kitchen shelves look, you can bring the charming country style into one of your home’s most important rooms. In this article,

We’ll look at 17 beautiful ideas to decorate kitchen shelves that will help you get the charming rustic farmhouse look.

Best Ideas for Kitchen Shelves Decor

From rustic wooden crates and old glassware to mason jars and farmhouse signs, we’ll talk about various ways you can decorate your kitchen shelves in a country style.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare to fill your kitchen shelves with rustic, charming, and farmhouse-style inspired pieces that make your space look more functional.

1. Display Vintage Glassware

Display Vintage Glassware

You can create a beautiful focal point by putting old glassware on your kitchen shelves. Try to pick a variety of sizes and colors, like bright blues and greens and some soft pastels. The meticulous nature of glassware makes your country kitchen feel light and airy, while the vintage pieces add a sense of the past and character to the space.

2. Old Rustic Wooden Crates

Old Rustic Wooden Crates

Use old rustic wooden crates to decorate your kitchen shelves and create an authentic country look. You can easily stack them on the cabinets and use them to hold cooking tools and fresh food. You can also use them to grow succulent and small herbs in your kitchen to give the touch of nature.

3. Farmhouse Accessories and Mason Jars

Farmhouse Accessories and Mason Jars

Mason jars are one of the most common parts of country decor, so make sure to use them to decorate the shelves in your kitchen. Put spices, dried herbs, and some small flower bouquets in them. You can also combine them with other rustic items like enamelware and galvanized metal dishes to add to the charm of the farm.

4. Incorporate Recipe Cards and Cookbooks

Incorporate Recipe Cards and Cookbooks

Add some recipe cards and old cookbooks to your kitchen shelves for a retro look. Not only will they help you with your cooking skills, but also they will give your farmhouse kitchen a sense of tradition and history.

5. Woven Bins and Wire Baskets

Woven Bins and Wire Baskets

You can use weaving bins and wire baskets to organize and showcase things on your kitchen shelves. They can hold veggies, fruits, or even kitchen towels and sheets. To add the country look, look for bins and baskets with a rustic touch, like wire mesh and woven wicker.

6. Potted Plants and Herbs

Potted Plants and Herbs

Put plants and herbs in pots on your kitchen shelves to add some freshness and greens. They add a splash of life and color to the room and make it easy to get fresh herbs for cooking. You can choose herbs like thyme, basil, and rosemary because they look good and taste good.

7. Use Antique Dishes

Use Antique Dishes

Put your collection of old dishes on the shelves in your farmhouse-style kitchen to add beauty and a sense of vintage touch. Mix and match different patterns and colors to make a charming display showing your personality and style.

8. Hanging Copper Utensils

 Hanging Copper Utensils

You can use the space above your kitchen shelves for hanging copper pans, pots, and other cooking tools. Copper’s warm, earthy colors add country charm and a touch of elegance. Set them up in a way that looks good to the eye, like from smallest to biggest or by function, for a stylish and neat show.

9. Wall Art and Farmhouse Signs

Wall Art and Farmhouse Signs

You can add some country charm to your kitchen shelves immediately by putting wall art and farmhouse signs. Look for signs with wooden frames, old fashion style, and funny fonts that make you think of simpler times. They look great hung on the wall behind your shelves or propped up against the back of shelves.

10. Old Gadgets and Tools

 Old Gadgets and Tools

Put your old cooking gadgets and tools for display on your kitchen shelves. From old-fashioned rolling pins to retro egg beaters, these nostalgic things will remind you of simpler times and add a decorative touch to your country kitchen.

11. White Ceramic and Irenstone Pieces

 White Ceramic and Irenstone Pieces

Pieces of ceramic and ironstone are timeless classics that go well with a country style. If you want your kitchen to look clean and beautiful, put a collection of white bowls, pitchers, or plates on the shelves. Their natural colors will make the room feel calm and put together.

12. Rustic Brackets for Open Shelving

Rustic Brackets for Open Shelving

Add open shelves with rustic hooks if you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling the old one. This choice of style not only lets you show off your decoration and adds architectural interest to the room. You can add brackets with worn-out finishes and detailed scrollwork to add a farmhouse look.

13. Add Vintage Pantry Jars

Add Vintage Pantry Jars

Pantry Jars add a cute touch to any kitchen with a farmhouse style. Fill them with colored spices, home-baked cookies, and dried beans for a fun sight and smell. You can put them on your kitchen shelves in different heights and sizes to make an interesting show.

14. Keep Cookware and Bakeware

Keep Cookware and Bakeware

Try to invest in cookware and bakeware with a country style that you can use as both decor and tool. Look for some enamel pots in black or cream color with a retro look, or you can also have skillets made of stoneware or cast iron. Set them up on your kitchen shelves to give a rustic touch.

15. Vintage Advertising Displays

Vintage Advertising Displays

Vintage advertising adds a touch of nostalgia to any country kitchen. Look for signs that are from the past and sell food or drinks like coffee brands and coca cola. You can also hang them near your kitchen walls or prop them against the shelves for a vintage and unique look.

16. Display Fresh Baked Items

Display Fresh Baked Items

By putting in some freshly baked items, you can easily decorate your kitchen shelves, which look elegant. Put some handmade pies, loaves of bread, or cookies on a cute cutting board or a wooden cake stand. The delicious smell and inviting look will immediately make your country kitchen feel cozy and warm.

17. Galvanised Metal Accents

Galvanised Metal Accents

Accents made of galvanized metal are synonymous with farmhouse-style kitchens. You can add a touch of industrial style to your food shelves with galvanized metal containers, buckets, and trays. They can hold things like napkins, tools, or even fresh flowers, making them both pretty and useful.

Whether you have floating shelves, open shelves, or built-in shelves, these kitchen-shelf decor ideas can give you the cozy country haven of your dreams. From vintage touches to natural features, there are many ways to decorate.

Additional Tips for Kitchen Shelves Decor Ideas

1. Try Accepting Different Textures

On your kitchen shelves, try using different textures to make them look more appealing and give them depth. Mix rough wooden boxes, smooth glassware, metal accents, and woven baskets to create an exciting mix of textures.

2. Add a Splash of Color

Farmhouse-style kitchen is mainly in neutral colors, but do not hesitate to add splashes of color to your kitchen shelves. Bring bright herbs in pots, colorful vintage dishes, or fresh veggies and fruits to make the room more welcoming and lively.

3. Try & Use Natural Elements

Try bringing the outdoors inside by decorating your kitchen shelves with natural elements. Add a touch of freshness and nature with fresh herbs, wooden cutting boards, or a small vase of wildflowers.

4. Make a Cohesive Display

Try to create a show that looks like it goes together by putting things together on your shelves. Set things up by size, color, or purpose to make a show that looks great. It will keep things manageable, and each one will be able to stand out.

5. Consider Closed & Open Storage Options

If your kitchen shelves have closed and open storage options, try using them to your advantage. Keep things organized and neat by putting artistic items in open areas and less valuable things in closed storage areas.

6. Use Tags & Labels

Try using labels and tags to tell what’s on your kitchen’s shelves. It will make things look good and make it easier to find things when required.

7. Keep Negative Space Balanced

Only add a few things to your kitchen shelves. Leave space to balance and keep things from looking too crowded. This space also helps in gaining attention to luxurious decorative spaces.

8. Keep It Functional

While aesthetics are important, remember how your kitchen shelves work. Ensure the things you put for showcasing are relevant and valuable in your kitchen.

9. Rotate & Refresh Regularly

To keep your kitchen shelves fresh and refreshed, often rotate the things on them. Refresh your artistic pieces with the seasons or whenever you like them. It will keep your kitchen shelves exciting and refreshing.

10. Personalize With Quirky Items

Try visiting antique shops, flea markets, or even your attic to find some quirks that can make your country kitchen shelves more comfortable and unique. These quirky pieces can start conversations and add personality to space.

By using these additional tips for kitchen shelf decor, you can create a country look that is not only beautiful to look at but also unique and useful at the same time. Let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the entire process of creating a farmhouse-style kitchen that fits your preference and style and enhances the heart of your space more nicely.


All in all, you can improve the charm and look of your kitchen by turning your kitchen shelves into elegant displays of country decor. By displaying rustic wood crates, vintage glassware, farmhouse signs and mason jars, and other farmhouse-inspired items, you can create a welcoming, warm space that fits your style.

The beauty of country style is that it looks good for a long time, has a cozy feel, and uses natural materials. So accept the charm of farmhouse style and start your journey to create your kitchen shelves into elegant displays.

With these ideas of kitchen shelves decor with additional tips, you can create a farmhouse-style kitchen with timeless appeal, rustic charm, and a welcoming and warm atmosphere for family and guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Mix Different Styles on Kitchen Shelves with Farmhouse Decor?

You can combine different styles with country decor to make it look exciting and unique. For example, you can add modern touches like sleek glass cases or industrial touches like galvanized metal. The key is to keep the different parts working together with proper balance.

How to Keep My Kitchen Shelves Clean if They Are Country-Style Decorated?

Try dusting the items and surfaces on your kitchen shelves often to keep them clean and in good shape. Wipe down ceramic and glass with a light cleaning solution. Or use a shine on wood shelves or a wood cleaner to maintain natural beauty.

Can We Put Personal Items or Family Heirlooms on Our Country-Style Kitchen Shelves?

Yes! Putting family heirlooms or personal items on your kitchen shelves gives your country-style kitchen a sentimental touch. You can also make your kitchen space more personal and unique by using treasured collectibles and family pictures.

Is There Any Particular Way to Light Shelves in a Country Kitchen?

Add warm and soft lighting if you want your kitchen shelves to feel more like a cozy country. Put lights under or above the cabinets to give the room a warm glow. Choose warm-colored lights to make the room feel cozy.

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