21 Stunning Staircase Chandelier Ideas for a Home Makeover

by Mark White
21 Staircase Chandelier Inspirations To Transform Your Home

Whether you’re trying to remodel your house or designing your new space, the task is tiring and draining. However, a perfectly set beautiful house is quite important to establish peace in your day-to-day life. While there are many corners in the house that needs your time and attention, let us look into the staircase area. This is one of the most important spaces in the house, and there are a million ways to style it.

However, investing in a chandelier for stairwells is the best idea for many reasons. Not only is it a perfect addition and a statement decor piece, but it also acts as a great source of light for multiple floors in the house at the same time. Today, there is a wide range of chandeliers, from intricate to modern-style chandeliers, that come in many shapes, sizes, and forms.

Here’s a list of 21 beautiful chandeliers that are widely used and popular to help you find the right one for your place.

1. Antique Staircase Chandelier

Antique Staircase Chandelier

Antique pieces are here to elevate the look and feel of the house irrespective of the place they are placed and their functionality. And a fine-quality antique chandelier for stairwells is no expectation. Especially in country-style houses and ranch houses, where generations of different decor pieces, clocks, and furniture are stored, a chandelier for the stairwell could be a perfect little addition to the place. Since the stairwell is also going to give rustic vibes already, you don’t even have to make the extra effort to blend them all together. The wood staircase on the steps, a perfect little rug with similar color tones, is a perfect view to watch your chandelier with.

2.White Staircase Chandelier

White Staircase Chandelier

If you have a or are looking to opt for a classic and elegant white-based look for your interiors as well as the staircase, then why just compromise on a chandelier for the stairwell? Especially when there are so many sophisticated chandelier options out there to look well. If you are opting for a white chandelier, then that would be great for so many bases. The base colors on your staircase can be white, off-white, cream, beige, etc., and the chandelier would fit in perfectly. For that matter, this would go with almost all the neutral color tones on your staircase; this chandelier for the stairwell would be the perfect main attraction when your guests visit.

3. Contemporary Staircase Chandelier

Contemporary Staircase Chandelier

Contemporary housing styles are all about keeping things minimal and super functional. This might be the very reason why we see very few to almost no color tones and especially only black and white monochrome colors all over the house. When the house is filled with these monochrome colors, adding a touch of contemporary chandelier for the stairwell would be a perfect way to complete the whole look. Just like the houses, the contemporary chandeliers are also pretty minimal and elegant. If you have opted for a black stairwell with white color all over the walls, going in for a simple black chandelier would fit perfectly without much effort. Go for something lightweight without many designs going on in the chandelier to finish off the contemporary styling.

4. Wagon Wheel Staircase Chandelier

Wagon Wheel Staircase Chandelier

Wagon Wheel Chandeliers, as the name suggests, form the shape of the wheels to make themselves into a chandelier. This chandelier can be made of one wheel or multiple wheels that form a loop. You can choose the one that fits the theme of your house while keeping you on a budget. You can even find this wagon wheel chandelier made of many materials of metal, and depending on its finish, you can put it in different chandelier groups such as rustic, etc. If you are looking for this kind of chandelier for your contemporary house, you can get it in black, gold, or white finishes. If this is for your countryside houses, then this can be either a metal chandelier for a stairwell with a rustic look, and then this wagon wheel will be your perfect little addition to the house.

5. White Crystal Staircase Chandelier

White Crystal Staircase Chandelier

Recently, there’s been a high rise in the number of houses opting for white and neutral color tones for their house walls. This can be because of many reasons, such as keeping it simple and elegant while also allowing a maximum amount of light inside. If you are also one of the people who’s trying to go with all-white paints and accessorize the house with similar color tones, then this idea is for you. While opting for a chandelier for the stairwell for your all-white elegant place, there’s no doubt that you would want to opt for white finishing as well. However, this crystal chandelier for stairwells will take the look of your house to a whole new level adding luxury to your house as a centerpiece.

6. Mason Jar Staircase Chandelier

Mason Jar Staircase Chandelier

This chandelier may be an old and traditional decor piece with the functionality of lighting up the space. However, with modern twists, we have chandeliers in many shapes, and this is one such shape. If you have a pretty basic staircase and wish to decorate it with another simple chandelier in an unconventional style, then this mason jar chandelier is for you. Here, there can be one or multiple chandeliers for stairwells that can be seen hanging on the ceiling with light in them. They are creative and easy to make, quite budget-friendly, and will amuse your guests when they show up and look at them in your house.

7. Beaded Staircase Chandelier

Beaded Staircase Chandelier

This chandelier can be placed above your staircase on the ceiling, especially if you are looking for something extravagant and over the top for your house. This beaded chandelier for stairwells is perfect if luxury and extravagance are something that your house vibes with and you want to blend your chandelier with the same vibes. These types of chandeliers are pretty large in size and are called beaded, and each bead is used to make long ropes that are, in turn, used to form these beautiful chandeliers. Indeed, looking at these, we can say that they are fine works of art and a piece that we would want to preserve for generations to come.

8. Candle Staircase Chandelier

Candle Staircase Chandelier

These are one-of-a-kind-looking chandeliers that can be seen in traditional houses for ages. They are very much used in country-style houses, ranch, and farmhouses where a little extra lighting can go a long way. These kinds of chandeliers for stairwell cab brighten up the whole place in the evenings. In these styles of chandeliers, candles are placed inside the mason jars of the chandeliers, or they are placed openly on a wagon wheel and are lightened up whenever required. This will give your space an elevated look, and their availability ranges from antique pieces to wood and brass materials. There’s something for every vibe and theme for you to match with your house and staircase design.

9. Caged Staircase Chandelier

Caged Staircase Chandelier

Chandeliers are a great way to add a decor piece that’s eye-catching, and especially these caged chandeliers for stairwells are masterpieces. There have been notable chandeliers of this form for generations, and these are truly an art to make and watch. These chandeliers can come in literally any shape and size, and you can find tens of varieties already ready in the market. They can be in the form of a parrot’s cage or can be seen in the form of a bird’s cage, making it true to their name, Caged Chandelier. They are most widely seen in today’s world with black, gold, and brass finishes.

10. Intricate Staircase Chandelier

Intricate Staircase Chandelier

If you are someone who loves and would love to opt for over-the-top decor, then this intricate chandelier is definitely something to get your hands on. These intricate chandeliers have been passed on to families for generations and definitely fall into the traditional chandelier group. These are also perfect chandeliers for stairwells, and one will be in awe of their detailing as they pass by. Intricate chandeliers are typically designed after a lot of thought into their detailing and are very complex to make. While you can find these pieces in many detailings, they tend to be on the more expensive side because of the hard work that is put into making them.

11. Drum Staircase Chandelier

Drum Staircase Chandelier

Drum chandeliers for stairwells are something that you must consider if you have a large space and are thinking of filling it to brighten up the space. Drum chandeliers are mostly large in size, and the detailing on the drums and their final shape fails us to resist owning a fine piece of art for our space. As the name suggests, drum chandeliers are made in the shape of drums and are typically only one or can be a combination of several drums going around the hanging thread of the ceiling. These drums may sometimes take the help of a wagon wheel to spread their drums all over. But, once the chandelier is placed, it’s going to be the most attractive centerpiece in your house.

12. Branched Staircase Chandelier

Branched Staircase Chandelier

If you are looking for something extravagant for your staircase place, then this branched chandelier is one of the best options out there. This is quite unconventional as this chandelier can be made out of different chandelier designs that are molded into one. There can be several branches in this chandelier, and each branch is made out of a different design, like beaded crystals, drums, lanterns, etc. If someone’s confused and pondering over which chandelier design to buy, then this would be perfect with so many designs in it. With so much lighting to give from different branches, this chandelier for the stairwell just brightens up the space so well.

13. Antler Staircase Chandelier

Antler Staircase Chandelier

Antler is definitely one of the oldest pieces of chandeliers that you would find. These chandeliers were a must in many countryside homes and large estate homes where hunting was a passion in the old ways. The reason for this is because the name antler suggests that antlers are made of bones of deer and other animals. While most antlers today are just made of different materials like polyethylene, they are carved and molded into the shape of bones. Antler can be seen hanging to the ceiling, and the end part of the chandeliers is full of parts looking like bones. This gives a nice antique look and feel to the houses, especially ones with rustic and country-style vibes.

14. Lantern Staircase Chandelier

Lantern Staircase Chandelier

This might be one of the most popular chandeliers that you would have come across in the market. These chandeliers for the stairwell will suit the staircase and the place so well and brightens up the space with a beautiful glow. These chandeliers may come in different materials with fine finishes of any color. However, all of these chandeliers have the opportunity to have lanterns in different shapes, sizes, and designs. These lanterns, when turned on, will illuminate the place with light elevating the look and feel of the house. If the color tones of your walls are good reflectors of light, then this chandelier for the stairwell would be a great advantage.

15. Tiered Staircase Chandelier

Tiered Staircase Chandelier

The tired chandeliers are also known as multi-tier chandeliers, and they come in large sizes and are often categorized into the luxury collection of decor pieces. While these are pretty similar to the branched chandeliers, these kinds of chandeliers mostly have the same design in every tier of it. This collective flow gives a very elegant and luxurious look to the chandelier as a decor piece, and this chandelier is often preferred for the staircases as well. These tiers can be anything ranging from crystals, beads, lanterns, etc., and can be available in multiple finishes in the market. The most popular chandelier for stairwells of this type is made mostly of crystals and beads.

16. Bowl Staircase Chandelier

Bowl Staircase Chandelier

This unconventional and unique kind of chandelier is perfect for your house if you live in small spaces and wish to decorate the place in the simplest way possible. Again, as the name rightly suggests, these types of chandeliers are made in the shape of bowls and are left hanging onto the ceiling. You can even find some of the fine bowl chandeliers in vintage and antique pieces. While some of these chandeliers can simply be of gold finish, these are perfect for a modern and colorful house setting. You can even opt for some classic contemporary design that is perfect for your monochrome house setting. The contemporary chandelier for stairwells is also quite budget-friendly.

17. Bulb Staircase Chandelier

Bulb Staircase Chandelier

These are the best kind of chandeliers if you are looking for ones that help you with the functionality of providing you with the utmost light possible for your space. When these chandeliers are placed on the ceiling above the staircase, they can help illuminate both ground and the top floor. These bulbs come in many varieties, from the most contemporary and simple designs to those dating back decades with vintage pieces. The bulbs can be hanging upwards on a wagon wheel or take the shape of candles; they are perfect for your house. If your house wall color tones are better reflectors of light, then it would be an added advantage with the amount of light these bulb chandeliers produce.

18. Globe Staircase Chandelier

Globe Staircase Chandelier

The globe chandeliers are, again, a unique and contemporary take on the regular and traditional chandeliers available in the market. These chandeliers can be a single large globe-shaped chandelier or a group of chandeliers that are hanging to the ceiling with the help of a wagon wheel or a rectangular or circular frame. The globes have the ability to light up when turned on, glowing in the space they are placed in. If you are into the luxurious decor, then these globe chandeliers for stairwells can also be made of crystals or simply wood or other regular materials for contemporary styles.

19. Sputnik Staircase Chandelier

Sputnik Staircase Chandelier

The Sputnik chandeliers are pretty rare to find but are very impactful in creating an elevated look of the space. These modern Sputnik chandeliers have bulbs with long hands on all sides of the chandeliers. The bulbs are literally 360 degrees to the center of the chandelier, and all of them have the ability to light up when turned on. There are luxurious pieces to this collection as well as the most minimal pieces that are lightweight, budget-friendly, and with the most minimal look. This Sputnik chandelier for stairwells will be a great addition to the house.

20. Dark and Light Staircase Chandelier

Dark and Light Staircase Chandelier

These kinds of chandeliers are very common to kind in households and can be categorized into the traditional category. While c]they can be in any shape, size, or form, they usually have a very dark colored base like black, brown, etc., and on the top of these bases, we have the parts of the chandelier where we can turn the electricity on to get the light. The top parts of this dark and light chandelier can be candles, lanterns, bulbs, etc. Because of the availability of these chandeliers for stairwells in unique styles and designs, they have become widely popular in recent times.

21. Brass Staircase Chandelier

Brass Staircase Chandelier

These kinds of chandeliers, as the name mentions, are made and finished off with brass material. This brass finish gives the chandeliers an antique look that is perfect for rustic-themed and country-style houses where these looks are preferred. The brass chandeliers can be customized and are even readily available in various shapes and sizes. There are also a huge variety of designs in brass chandeliers that you can buy readily from the market.

Summing It Up

All in all, it is quite important to choose the right chandelier that resonates with the vibes of your house, as the stairwell is often one of the places that helps your guests to form a first impression of your home for guests. While this makes the decision of a chandelier for the stairwell an important one, a chandelier will also undoubtedly be your statement decor piece that is a focal point in your house while also enhancing the elegance and look of the whole space.

An intricate and antique chandelier would be perfect for country-style houses and ranch houses, while contemporary and modern house owners would choose lantern and candle-based chandeliers.

This way, it’s important that you understand which chandelier to choose, and we hope that with this article, you have found the right chandelier for your stairwell.

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