18 Amazing Wood Islands Kitchen Ideas

by Freja Johansson
18 White Kitchens with Wood Island for the Ultimate Glow Up

Don’t you think the charm of farmhouse design is nicely captured in a white island kitchen with a wooden counter? The wood island is the best option if you want to embrace rural decor style or add an element of tradition to a modern kitchen. These kitchens can be used in an infinite way in your kitchen space, which allows for both bold and modest expressions.

Never overlook a white kitchen’s ability to inspire design. Although they lack colors through a variety of textures, they can also provide various opportunities to redesign your kitchen. On the other hand, a wood island kitchen presents fresh opportunities in abundance. With a variety of wood tones, they may be made in any size or style to match your preferred aesthetic. Learn about the appealing characteristics of the white wood island kitchens and also how you can improve your area.

Here are some traditional small kitchen design ideas to make the most out of your space.

1. White Chandeliers in Your Wood Island Kitchen

White Chandeliers in Your Wood Island Kitchen

The elegant white chandelier casts a warm and inviting glow, and at the same time, when wicker chairs are placed on the side of the island, it creates an even more relaxing and enjoyable surrounding. Even the stainless steel appliances easily blend with the surrounding cabinet area and help create a timeless look. You can add delightful color to the walls of the kitchen to make it more lively, and you can also place pot fillers because that adds style to your space. You can choose the combination of blue and white or any other vibrant combination you like.

2. Design with Wood Accents

Design with Wood Accents

When we talk about the updated and modern kitchen, what instantly comes to our minds is a microwave, second sink, storage abundance or spacious seating, etc. The cherrywood adds warmth and a feel of coziness to your white and wood island kitchen. Despite the narrower dimensions, the wood island perfectly suits the layout, and with this, it is ensured that every inch of the space is utilized effectively. This whole layout provides functionality and style to the surrounding area and, at the same time, creates a welcoming atmosphere.

3. Warm Up Your Kitchen with Details

Warm Up Your Kitchen with Details

We all know that white kitchens have a reputation for creating a feeling of coolness, but at the same time, you also have to make sure that your wood island kitchen is paired with some perfect matches. The introduction of wooden and metallic elements like countertops, shelves, cabinets, etc., would instantly give your an inviting and natural vibe. Such elements in your kitchen make the ambiance captivating, where you can relax and enjoy your culinary endeavors.

4. Your Kitchen, A New Place for Woods

Your Kitchen, A New Place for Woods

You should be creative with the textures and materials in your all-white kitchen. Though wood is only associated with floorings, countertops, cabinets, etc., there is no such thing as you can not experiment with its placements. Incorporating wood in an unexpected location can add a surprise element to the area. For example, a panel featuring wood can steal the show successfully, as it can become the striking focal point in your wood island kitchen.

5. Colorful Accessories in Your Wood Island Kitchen

 Colorful Accessories in Your Wood Island Kitchen

White is a kind of color in your kitchen that does not rely on any bold colors. To infuse vibrancy into the space, you can undoubtedly think of incorporating an abundance of colorful accessories because they add the exact right amount of energy and charm and complements the white and wood island kitchen decor. You can enjoy the perfect balance of serenity and vibrancy in your kitchen with colorful accessories.

6. Give Your Kitchen a Farmhouse Look

Give Your Kitchen a Farmhouse Look

When you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen in farmhouse style, you should include different types of wood flooring because that adds depth and character and, as a result, it creates a captivating visual contrast. A shiplap wall serves as a striking feature by connecting the cabinets and countertops. The interplay of white and wood elements embodies the essence of the farmhouse style. Wood brings coziness, while white brings freshness. Combining wood with white is one of the various options for beautifying or enhancing your kitchen completely.

7. Black Tiles in White and Wood Island Kitchen

Black Tiles in White and Wood Island Kitchen

With the incorporation of the stylish black accent in your kitchen, your small wood island is going to be at the center of the stage. The black tiled wall grabs the attention of the kitchen by providing a bold contrast against the white surrounding cabinets and countertops. Over the years, the combination of black and white has created a sophisticated look. When such combinations are attached to the wooden elements, the space around you becomes captivating and stylish.

8. Pendant Lighting for The Glow of Magic

Pendant Lighting for The Glow of Magic

The glass pendant lighting not only illuminates the kitchen but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space of your kitchen. When combined with wooden flooring of stain style, it brings a sense of natural beauty and warmth that fits perfectly with the wood island kitchen in your home. Moreover, the countertops and cabinets in whites serve as a canvas where you have all the freedom to express your style and personality with the use of vibrant and colorful accessories.

9. Consider Using Marble on The Island

Consider Using Marble on The Island

The whitewashed wood island featuring a marble countertop would be the ultimate star of your kitchen. With enough cabinet space and an additional sink, it can handle any task. To keep ample room for the kitchen elements or items is important so that there is no clumsiness or clutter in that area. You can equip your island with extra outlets on the side, and it is a versatile and efficient addition to the kitchen. This method can ensure you have all the functionality and convenience you need.

10. Wood Island Kitchen with Black Countertops

Wood Island Kitchen with Black Countertops

When you have a white kitchen, then wood elements take center stage. Black barstools and light fixtures around the island give a striking contrast, whereas a white kitchen with black countertops gives a modern look. The combination of white and wood, along with the touch of black, results in stylish aesthetics in your captivating kitchen.

11. Countless Drawers of Rustic Wood

Countless Drawers of Rustic Wood

The main focus point is the large kitchen island with enough storage and a spacious dining area. A charming white farmhouse sink takes center stage and can be surrounded by white cabinets and beige countertops. The wood island kitchen is beautifully illuminated by glass pendant lighting, along with an elegant black accent. It adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen space in your home.

12. When Kitchen is White, the Island is Wooden

When Kitchen is White, the Island is Wooden

The brass pendant lighting provides illumination to the space. The white brick wall brings character and texture to the overall kitchen design with its rustic charm. Cabinets and countertops in pristine white create a clean and fresh look that is enhanced by the light wood flooring that exudes warmth and natural beauty. Add a floor mat for a subtle touch of coziness. Lightings, floorings, counters, and cabinets of them have an important role in this space of your house.

13. Place the Bronze Stools in Your Kitchen Space

Place the Bronze Stools in Your Kitchen Space

When a kitchen is accompanied by bronze stools, modernity is infused in the surroundings. The white and light gray wall fits perfectly with the white cabinets and wooden shelvings that improve functionality at best. You can hang lighting fixtures right above the wood island kitchen and cast a warm, inviting glow. These bronze stools can easily grab the attention of the viewers or guests in your house.

14. Kitchen with Stenciled Floor

Kitchen with Stenciled Floor

Feature your kitchen with a stainless steel stove, surrounding it with all-white countertops and cabinets. The rustic wood island adds beauty to the kitchen with the stenciled floor below. The space can beautifully be filled with small potted plants to bring freshness and life to the design. It will be a balance of modern and rustic elements, which, as a result, will make your kitchen look more captivating.

15. Seasonal Beautifications

Seasonal Beautifications

Accent walls of bricks serve as a backdrop for white countertops and kitchen cabinets, which you can consider adding to your kitchen. In addition, you can hand the black pendant lightings from the kitchen ceiling to give it a stylish appearance. When seasonal beautifications are adorned in the kitchen, you can feel the presence of charm. The white cabinets can be utilized by surrounding them with appliances that are made of stainless steel.

16. Floating Wooden Shelves

Floating Wooden Shelves

As suggested earlier also, pendant lightings play a crucial role in beautifying your kitchen; you can combine them in your wood island kitchen. What more you can consider to add there are the white stools. To make the space more vibrating, cover the island and surround the stove area with white countertops. Install the floating shelves and decorate them with small show pieces on them. As a matter of fact, you can not only use the shelves for placing decorative pieces but also for keeping small kitchen items as well.

17. Living Room and Kitchen Together

Living Room and Kitchen Together

In this style, instead of having a kitchen in an enclosed space altogether, you can have your kitchen, which could be in an open space with the living room beginning just where the space ends. Divide the areas with matching stools in the middle of both. Keep the ceiling high to give a beautiful appearance, and add then add the cabinets and appliances made of steel. If you want your kitchen space look appear more modern, this way of styling the kitchen would be an idea worth considering. Keeping the minimal upper cabinets is another idea for making the space look larger.

18. Place the Vintage Chandeliers for Vintage Look

Place the Vintage Chandeliers for Vintage Look

You can incorporate the vintage gold chandeliers and hang them up your kitchen ceilings. Such style goes beautifully with the kitchen, with a wooden island adorned with numerous functional drawers. The black countertops and white cabinets always make a great combination and are never out of trend. Moreover, along with a vintage chandelier, you can also add some vintage decorative elements on the wooden shelves. Using a few elements of vintage significance is the point which, if considered from the kitchen point of view, you can enjoy the feel of old times.

Summing It Up

All in all, you can find that the beautiful designs of the wood island kitchen become a point where vintage elements meet the rustic charm. The gold vintage chandeliers provide a sense of timeless beauty that can never go out of fashion or trend and can still illuminate the space with a calm and inviting glow. The rustic wooden kitchen island, along with the drawers, can give the feel of natural warmth.

White cabinets, black countertops, etc., provide a sleek and modern backdrop for the stainless steel appliances and create a harmonious blend of styles. The white shelves mounted on the white walls not only offer functional storage but also serves as a showcase for a vintage collection of kitchen items.

As a result, it creates a captivating and inviting space that can balance functionality with vintage aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Color Suits Best with The White Kitchen?

Gray is a color that suits best when paired with the white kitchen as it adds depth and elegance to your surrounding. Incorporate gray shade through the countertops, backsplashes, or accent pieces for a more versatile appearance of your kitchen.

What is the Way to Make My Kitchen Look More Modern?

To make your kitchen appear more modern, you should focus on clean lines, a neutral color palette, and modern materials like stainless steel and glass. You can also consider open shelving or even including minimal upper cabinets and keep minimum clutter too.

What Are the Most Popular Colors for The Kitchen at Present?

The most popular colors for the kitchen currently are white, gray, navy blue, black, and soft pastels. White for a clean look, gray for elegance, navy blue for depth, black for modern, and soft pastel for a calming look and charming atmosphere.

What Has Been in Trend for Kitchen Decorations Lately?

There are a few elements that have been in trend lately. These include minimalist and clean designs, open shelving or minimal upper cabinets, statement or pendant lighting fixtures, the use of natural materials like wood and stones, neutral color palettes with pops of color, colorful accessories, and some smart technologies for convenience and efficiency in the kitchen.

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