18 Black Door and White Trim Ideas for House Makeover in 2023

by Charlotte Evans
18 Black Door and White Trim Ideas for House Makeover in 2023

Are you in love with the sophistication of black doors and white trims trending all over the internet? Why not incorporate the theme into your house? Well, if you are overwhelmed with countless options and do not know where to start, we have you covered!

The black-and-white combination is an ageless classic that will never go out of style. Whether it’s our outfit or home decor, we can always create countless styles with this classic combo. Use this paint combination to amplify the existing ambiance of your home or create a new look with different combinations in different spaces.

If you are planning a home makeover, here are eighteen fantastic black door ideas with white trim. Read on to delve deeper into the magnificence of these painting ideas.

Fascinating Black Doors With White Trim Ideas

You can have black doors and white trim in your house without making the interior look basic. You can play with different materials, textures, and patterns to make your black-and-white door look unique.

1. Frosted Glass Door

Frosted Glass Door

If you want black doors with white trim for your kitchen or laundry room, you can get glass doors with white borders. You can use transparent glass, frosted glass, or black glass for the door. You may even find glass with patterns engraved on it. It does not matter what color the room is. A glass door like this would suit most backgrounds. If your room gets ample natural, you can arrange some indoor plants near the door. It will add a pop of color and make the room look even more beautiful.

2. Designer Black Glass Door

Designer Black Glass Door

If you are looking for a door that faces the main entrance, garden, or lawn, you could go for a designer door. Black doors with beautifully arranged glass panels and surrounding white trim would look fantastic. If you have space outside, you can put some chairs for people to relax and watch the surroundings. You can also add some planters to the scene to add some greenery. If you are wondering what color would look good on the walls with this combination, you can go for beige, buff, cream, or pastels. If you want to color your house all white, don’t worry. A designer black door would still look good.

3. Basic is Beautiful

Basic is Beautiful

Are you someone who finds basic styles and colors beautiful? Maybe you dislike the chaotic feeling that you get when you enter a brightly colored room filled with a hundred different items. Simple black doors would be perfect for your home, especially if you pair them with white trim. If you want a classy pop of color, get a door with a golden knob. You can go for a complete black-and-white look and paint your house white. You can also arrange stools and chairs with white fleece seats to create a sophisticated look. A few planters with plants that can grow in the shade would add a pop of color.

4. A Door with Panels

A Door with Panels

Painted door and window to a guesthouse in the back yard

If you love geometric patterns, get a door with square or rectangular panels. You can find doors with a combination of wooden and glass panels. If your house has a brick wall pattern on the outside, using black doors and white trim for the front or back entrance would look good. It would look good if your house were colored brick, red, grey, or buff. If you have a window near the door, get a window frame in a style and color that match the geometric pattern on the door. If you have space, add a few plants outside your door to complete the look.

5. A Black Frame Where There’s No Door

A Black Frame Where There's No Door

Some pretty big houses have a lot of door-like entranceways. One may not need or want to add a door there. However, keeping the space barren may not look very pleasing. If you have a door-like entranceway in your home and do not know how to make it look classy, get a black frame installed. Black doors and white trim look good together, but a shiny black frame on a white wall would look even better. If your room is all white, neatly arranged black tables, cupboards, and couches would look quite good. You can also add some black and gold art pieces around the room.

6. A Door that Makes Your Home Look Elegant

A Door that Makes Your Home Look Elegant

If elegance and regal looks are what you are going for, black doors with gold embellishments would perfectly fit your home. Get a black door with an elegant design and a golden door knob. Fit it with white or off-white trim. Get the surrounding walls painted in shades of off-white, buff, or cream. This will make your home look regal. You can get your window frames colored black as well. You can also add cream-colored furniture pieces like chairs and sofa sets to your room to complete the look.

7. Grandeur, Grand Door

Grandeur, Grand Door

You call it grandeur; we call it grand-door. Is your house huge and has empty spaces for multiple large interior doors? Do you want to experiment a bit with the look of your house? If yes, choose a monochromatic theme for your house and designer doors for each room. You can play with the texture and finishing of the doors while using black doors and white trim. Some doors can be plain and matte, while others can be shiny. You can leave the hallway entrance as it is and add a black frame instead of a door. To style the bedroom, you can go for a black door with gold-colored patterns. This change will add a touch of grandeur to your interiors.

8. Wooden Floors in Monochromatic Homes

Wooden Floors in Monochromatic Homes

You can use basicblack doors and white trim in your home without making things look boring. If the walls of your home are white, off-white, beige, or any other neutral color, you can choose to get wooden floors. Polished wooden floors that show off the beauty and uniqueness of wood would look beautiful in a monochromatic setting. Add decorative ornaments like a crystal pendant chandelier, geometric framed mirrors, intricate black side tables, premium white table lamps, and flower vases to create perfect monochrome magic.

9. A Shiplap Door

 A Shiplap Door

Shiplap is a style of paneling that was used on ships to make them strong and waterproof. Today, the famous design is used for doors and walls to create a rustic look in houses. If you like the old-school style of shiplap doors, pick a black door in the same style. Black shiplap doors would go well with white trims. A neutral-colored wall with a paneled design would bring out the look.

10. Modern Style

Modern Style

The modern style of home decor uses neutral shades like white, black, and gray a lot more than traditional styles. If you love the allure of this style, black doors and white trim may be an amazing choice for your home. For front and back entrances, you can use a wooden door with glass panels, which allows natural light to come in. You can also use modern exterior light fixtures to add to the look.

11. Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones

Earthy, wooden tones for walls and doors have been in style lately. If you like a sophisticated look for your front entrance, opt for a wooden door with black borders. Matching wooden panels for the surrounding walls and white trims over the door would complete the look. However, if you keep the earthy hints minimal, limit the shade to your main door with black frames. You can use gray paint on the outside walls and decorate your patio with premium planters.

12. Adding A Festive Vibe

Adding A Festive Vibe

Is your house painted in monochromatic colors and making you worry that it might look too boring during the holiday season? Well, here is a perfect idea to enhance the monochrome magnificence of your house: Add a few changes and make your house look warm and beautiful for the holidays. Paint your entry door a deep, woody color with a frosted glass panel. A beautiful wreath on the door and planters on both sides would add much-needed festive allure. A fashionable exterior light fixture would look good too.

13. White House With Black Doors

White House With Black Doors

Do you want a black-and-white look for your front door but also want it to look intricate? If you do, install an intricate gate frame that has glass panels. A shiny black door with a gold handle, white trim, and a stylish white door frame would look quite beautiful together. You can also paint the exterior walls of your house a matching shade of white to complete the look.

14. For The Minimalist In You

For The Minimalist In You

If you are a minimalist who likes the look of black doors and white trim in your house but also wants to add some style, we have got you covered. Decorate the doors with gold or silver knobs for a pop of color. You can also have the floor of your house layered with wooden panels. Paint the staircase railings black to match the look, and voila! Your home looks minimalistic yet stylish.

15. Especially For Your Kitchen

Especially For Your Kitchen

A black-and-white theme for the kitchen may sound very bland, but with adjustment, you can make it look amazing. Pick a black door with a transparent or frosted glass panel for your kitchen. If you do not wish to add a dark door, paint your cabinets and shelves black. The walls of the room can remain white. For the furniture, go for black and white with a pop of any other neutral color. Gold-colored accents and light fixtures would tie in the look.

16. The Artistic Type

The Artistic Type

Are you an art lover and would like to create an artistic theme for your interiors? Black doors with white trim would work great for your house. Get your interiors painted with neutral colors. You can pick paint colors like beige or buff and install plain black doors with white trims. You can then have artists make beautiful, brightly colored designs on the doors. Alternatively, you may find black doors with designs already printed on them.

17. A Monochromatic Porch

A Monochromatic Porch

If you live in a house with a huge porch, you can style it in a monochrome theme. Get a shiny black door with white accents for the entrance and pair it with an all-black sofa, lamps, or a planter. Keep the flooring all-white to create a lighter background for the black furniture to stand out. Select contrasting pillow covers for the outdoor seating for a fresh pop of color. Finally, arrange the furniture pieces to balance the area on your porch. A polished wooden ceiling completes the entire look.

18. A Black And White Bathroom

A Black And White Bathroom

If you are planning to redo your entire house to fit the monochromatic theme, you cannot forget the bathroom. Black doors and white trim for your bathroom doors and cabinets will look great with wall panels, patterned floor tiles, and golden details. Install a paneled black door with a gold knob in your bathroom. Black tiles with gold-colored patterns and white cupboards would add a sophisticated allure to your interior. Add a pot or two of green indoor plants to add a hint of freshness and break up the two-toned black and white.

Summing It Up

All in all, black door and white trims are timeless color combinations to opt for. However, you may be short of ideas to incorporate this combination without making your house look dark and gloomy. Rest assured that we have got you covered! One of the best methods to incorporate black is to color your doors and furniture with this dark paint. Black doors look best when paired with white trim.

Get frosted glass doors, shiplap doors, designer doors with glass and wooden panels, simple doors with intricate frames, or doors with artsy designs.

Let us know which one you like best by commenting below.

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