18 Stunningly Cool Designs for Blue Island Kitchens

by Freja Johansson
18 Examples of Stunning White Kitchens With Blue Islands

Do you want to add a dash of color to your kitchen spaces? Blue is a kind of shade that goes well with any kind of room decor. Be it your living rooms, dining areas, or even your kitchen spaces. This is such a versatile color you can go in for.

Blues come to you in a variety of undertones for you to get your inspiration ideas. For a moody you, there are deep blues you choose from. Deep or navy blues offer warm and inviting vibes for a high-traffic zone like that of a kitchen. Similarly, you also get a rustic feel with deep blues.

Building high islands reflect poshness and sophistication in an incredibly effortless manner.

Let us unveil some super cool designs of blue island kitchens that you will simply fall in love with.

1. A Mix of Pastel Blues and Classy Whites

Classy whites and pastel blues

The flower vases are crystal white glass jars that have beautiful flower cuttings in each one of them. The cutlery comprises cups, saucers, and plates that are white in color. The pastel blue cabinetry is the blue island amid white accessories.

The kitchen countertop is all-white in color. The chandelier, which is a mix of black and white, adds eclectic vibes to the kitchen. You can also find earthenware jars that have a lighter tinge of brown. The pastel blue island is a fascinating blue kitchen idea that is worth giving a try.

2. Benjamin Moore’s Navy Blue

Benjamin Moore’s Navy Blue

This is a wonderful blue island kitchen with undertones of gray, white, and navy blue. And you get an incredible pop of color by mixing these shades into your kitchen hob. The top of the table is painted all white, while the base of the accessory takes a navy blue hue. The kitchen cabinetry is painted all white, adding to classy vibes inside the kitchen.

The table chairs have a tint of beige as they are made from jute. This way, you have those earthy grains revealed in a uber chic manner. The sink tap has been painted navy blue again. With the right mix of colors and neatly synced accessories, this particular kitchen idea of yours can never go wrong.

3. Deep Blue Paints Are Here to Stay

Deep Blue Paints Are Here to Stay

Deep blue paints add volume and depth to your culinary spaces without the least element of doubt. The base of the dining table takes a rich and glossy form of deep blue paint, adding complete justice to your blue island kitchen of yours. The table chairs have beige upholstery, and the legs of the chairs are painted deep blue too.

The doors of the kitchen are all-white in color, while the kitchen flooring has a rustic form of brown. The doors are varnished brown, and the chandeliers have a mix of black and white. With a stunning display of hues inside this lovely kitchen space, this is a decor idea that can leave a breathtaking effect on the eyes of the beholder.

4. Explore a Navy Kitchen with White Trims

Explore a Navy Kitchen with White Trims

The brown chairs have leather upholstery added to the seaters, while their base is metallic. The navy blue setting of the table is what lends an island look to the kitchen space. The incredible white table top has flower vases filled with pretty-looking plant cuttings and other decoratives. The trim all white catches one’s eye.

The wooden flooring has beige, brown, and stains added to the setting. And the kitchen cabinet shelves have a mix of grays and whites. The microwave oven, dishwasher, and hob are spaced one on top of the other. In totality, this blue island kitchen decor is stunning indeed.

5. A Farmhouse Kitchen with a Blue Island Setting

 A Farmhouse Kitchen with a Blue Island Setting

When you have an exact look at the way the kitchen has been spaced out, this is how it typically looks like. The living cum drawing area has been clubbed with the dining spaces and the kitchen unit. The entire decor lends an open-house setting and therefore adds volume and depth to your living spaces on the whole.

The table placed at the dining unit has its top made from white marble, and the entire base takes an oceanic form of deep navy blue. The doors and kitchen shelves are white. And the door-sized window lends natural sunlight and ventilation to all the rooms situated inside the home. Jute chandeliers and flower vases placed at the dining table look pretty. With the right mix of organic and modern elements inside the blue island kitchen, you get the best of everything.

6. Open Kitchen with An Indigo Blue

Open Kitchen with An Indigo Blue

The subtle tint of blue, with gray overtones, on the wall decor speaks volumes about the open space kitchen center. The dark tint of indigo blue covers the dining shelves in an enigmatic style. The tabletop and the kitchen countertop are pure white and lend classic vibes to the kitchen-cum-dining area.

The stylish chairs have brown seaters and white bases. The microwave, dishwasher, and sink lie within the kitchen cabinet spaces. Most of the shelves of the kitchen exude the radiance of pearl white. The table has a flower vase with artificial decorations. The wording ‘Bon Appetite’ lends a charismatic charm to the blue island kitchen we are talking about.

7. Pastel and Deep-Sea Blues Inside the Kitchen

Pastel and Deep-Sea Blues Inside the Kitchen

The mix of oceanic navy blue for the table and pastel hues for the dining chairs let you take a dig at the Blue Islands in a hassle-free manner. The dining top has beige and white with stained finishes. The kitchen cupboards are painted all-white in color.

The dining table has a flower vase with pretty-looking succulents grabbing one’s eye. The blues contrast with the whites, and the accessories placed inside the kitchen hub evenly complement one another. The barn wood table has a tint of natural grains that lends organic vibes to the spaces. The chandeliers look pretty, making this Blue Island kitchen an instant success.

8. Rustic White Theme Into a Blue Island Kitchen

Rustic White Theme Into a Blue Island Kitchen

The rustic wall cupboards lend a contemporary feel to your kitchen spaces, after all. The off-white neutrals the painted cupboards have lend warm and inviting vibes to your kitchens. And the jacquard design carpet on the flooring looks eye-catching.

The blue paint of the dining cabinet is somewhat a lighter tinge of navy blue, giving us oceanic vibes almost instantly. The sink countertop and the hob fall on the same plane as the kitchen space. The mix of whites, blacks, and blues gives a thematic decor to your culinary spaces.

9. Explore Soft Blues in The White Kitchen

Explore Soft Blues in The White Kitchen

The all-white kitchen has tints of softer pastel hues, adding a delicate touch to the blue island theme. The dining chairs are sturdy and are made from aluminum. The all-white kitchen shelves are impressive and eye-catchy. And the partitioned windows provide natural lighting and ventilation into your kitchen hub.

The kitchen countertop, the sink, and other accessories are neatly spruced up on a single-line pane. The all-white kitchen with softer blues gives floating cloud vibes into your dining cum kitchen cabinets.

10. Dark Navy Island Into an All-White Kitchen

Dark Navy Island Into an All-White Kitchen

The kitchen settings are all white in color. The kitchen cupboards and doors are pearls white in color. And the kitchen countertop and the tiles have radiant-looking white hues. The dining table has a white upper portion, while the lower portion of the table is painted with a deep form of navy blue. The thick navy blue paint is what adds a blue island kitchen theme, after all.

However, the rustic wooden flooring lends earthy vibes to your kitchen hub. The black and white shaded chandeliers fit perfectly well into the dining cum kitchen center. The table has a glass vase with pretty-looking flower cuttings. The cooking hob and chopping boards are also placed in a neat and compact style. This kitchen, therefore, gets you what you are looking for!

11. Invigorating Moody Blues Into a White Kitchen

Invigorating Moody Blues Into a White Kitchen

Get to explore moody blues that are painted across the doors and kitchen cupboards. The hardwood and the blue paint give a thick oceanic feel to your kitchen spaces. The marble flooring of the kitchen’s countertop looks classic. And the other side of the kitchen has incredibly white cupboards with black drawstrings.

The big wall clock placed inside the kitchen just cannot miss your eye. The stained carpet looks attractive too. The kitchen doors are horizontal and are painted white too. Along with that, the black chandelier lends contrasting vibes to your culinary spaces. Moreover, a mix of black, white, and blue gives a blue island theme, its a perfect notch.

12. The Apron Sink Is White, While the Base Is Navy

The Apron Sink Is White, While the Base Is Navy

The kitchen countertop has an apron sink that is all white in color, while the cupboards are painted with a glossy form of navy blue. The whimsical touch of a blue island theme gets its place here. The marble flooring looks warm and inviting. Just adjacent to the kitchen hub, you find a cute little tea pantry. The hexagonal tiling done to the tea sipping area looks mind-captivating indeed.

The flower vase kept on the kitchen countertop looks fabulous. The dishwasher and the kitchen hob are spaced at the back of the cabinetry. Golden brown chandeliers inside glass cases are hung for the dining cum kitchen area. The stained blue tye-and-dye carpet done on the flooring looks splendid too.

13. Block Island Paints Into a White Kitchen

Block Island Paints Into a White Kitchen

Here, you can find blocks painted all blue. The microwave, dishwasher, and kitchen hob are painted navy blue, while the cupboards, kitchenware, countertops, and windows are painted white. And the window pane brings natural lighting and ventilation into the kitchen space.

A mix of blue and white stripes is added to the carpet that is placed on the wooden flooring. However, the blue cupboards have draw-strings from an epic golden metallic finish, and this theme complements the kitchen decor in an incredible manner indeed. The dining table has a stylish brown coating on its top, and you will find pretty-looking accessories placed on the table as such. The block blue island kitchen theme yet fits into your wishlist effortlessly.

14. Magical Navy Cabinets Into a White Shiplap Setting

Magical Navy Cabinets Into a White Shiplap Setting

The kitchen countertop and the cooking hob have a stunningly cool marble finish with stains from the highlighting tint for this particular blue island kitchen theme. The white tiling is done in a shiplap pattern for a white setting. The magical tint of navy blue takes its place in the form of cabinets inside the kitchen.

Therefore, you have an even mix of whites, marble black, and island blues creating an enigma like none other. The ceiling tiles are painted brown, thereby lending rustic earthen vibes to the kitchen decor. The paned window inside the kitchen lends natural lighting and ventilation to your culinary spaces.

15. Blue Island Vibes Inside a Cottage Styled Kitchen

Blue Island Vibes Inside a Cottage Styled Kitchen

The accent brick wall highlights a cottage-style set up inside the kitchen decor. The tile decor near the kitchen hob is also a brick-styled theme that lends rustic vibes to the kitchen spaces. And the wooden upper portion of the dining table has a deeply painted navy blue base bottom adding to a blue island kitchen theme after all.

The lighted candle kept on the table adds enigmatic vibes to your kitchen. Artificial fruits cover the accessorized cupboard kept on the table. The kitchen doors and cabinets are painted all white. Cups, saucers, and plates are white too. Moreover, the ceiling walls and the attic spaces are painted white too. Organic design with modern templates makes this kitchen a bliss to stay in.

16. Navy Blue Refrigerator Inside an All White Kitchen

Navy Blue Refrigerator Inside an All White Kitchen

The refrigerator is plated with a metallic gloss of navy blue. The theme justifies the blue island kitchen decor to its fullest. The tiles, ceiling walls, and window panes are all white in color.

The microwave oven, with its silvery glimmer and black undertones, lends contrasting vibes to this particular kitchen hub. The dining table is pure white, while the flooring has a white marble finish. And the white kitchen with a navy blue tinting is what adds magic to the kitchen decor on the whole.

17. Pastel Blue Island Inside a Farmhouse Styled Kitchen

Pastel Blue Island Inside a Farmhouse Styled Kitchen

Inside this pure white kitchen, you have pastel blues that give you the feel of living your life out there at the beach. The marble finish to the table adds to a superlative look of the dining cum kitchen area. The base of the table takes softer pastel blues that lend a cozy atmosphere to your kitchen area.

The dining chairs have a silvery white finish with an over-gray upholstery. And the blue-painted spaces the dining table has gets filled with picturesque accessories that are way too good to look at. The marble white kitchen cabinet cupboards and doors give great vibes. The pastel blue effect in a marble-white kitchen is turning out to be a wonderful blue island kitchen theme decor.

18. Navy Blue Island and a Wooden Countertop

Navy Blue Island and a Wooden Countertop

The kitchen countertop has a beige-shaded wooden finish, while the base of the dining hub is painted navy blue. You can check the whitish chandeliers by adding super attractive vibes to your culinary spaces. The flooring has a wooden finish, and the natural grains, for an organic decor, pop out beautifully.

However, the kitchen cabinets and drawers are painted all white, and they have black hamstrings added to them. Wine glasses are arranged in a transparent curio and look classy. The marble finish of the kitchen hob looks mind-blowing.

Summing It Up

All in all, you have unveiled some stunningly cool white kitchens with blue island themes. These are easy to work around when you engage your kids and extended family members to spruce up kitchens of this high caliber.

Moreover, a pop of color can elevate your moods and working style inside the kitchen, where you prep your meals, supper, and lunches. Plus, a great-looking kitchen cum dining cabinet lends inviting vibes to friends or family members who come over to visit you. DIY stylos can be installed to spruce up your coffee or tea pantry hubs.

Which is the most inspiring blue island kitchen theme you are going to incorporate right away?

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