18 Amazing Modern Shiplap Walls with Fireplace Ideas 

by Charlotte Evans

Looking for a quick fireplace upgrade? But do not know what to do about it. Then worry no more! We have got you covered. Shiplap design is both stylish and attractive for modern house interiors. Also, they can make an excellent option for remodeling your fireplace by making it more interesting. You can use Shiplap to design your fireplace in various ways and make it a center of attraction in your living room.

Plus, shiplap walls or panels are prevalent in modern interiors and give a minimalist touch to the space. They can create a beautiful display behind where you can build a niche or wall-mounted shelves to showcase your book, showpiece, and other decorative items. Shiplap walls are easy to incorporate and bring a hassle-free look essential for modern decor.

Let’s discuss 18 modern shiplap walls with fireplaces that will brighten up your living space.

What is a Shiplap?

Shiplap wall with fireplace is a popular choice for modern household interior designs, and many love them for their casual and minimalist look. But it would be wise to know what a shiplap is before moving forward with the different types of shiplap walls with a fireplace if you are new to it. The use of shiplap in interior design is a relatively new concept. But people have been using shiplap for their functionality for decades.

Shiplap describes a flat horizontal plank or board used to build a boat. They are used to create a robust groove system for the water around and support the ship to keep floating.

Modern Shiplap Fireplace Ideas

Shiplap is an excellent choice for styling up your fireplace and making it more attractive. It can highlight the fireplace and help it to stand out from the rest of your living space.

1. Shiplap with Tile Fireplace

Shiplap with Tile Fireplace

Tiles and shiplap design are important elements in modern interior designs, and combining them helps you create a unique shiplap wall with a fireplace. Shiplap with a tiled fireplace is also an innovative and flexible idea that you can modify or change at your convenience. For example, you can create a concrete shiplap wall above and around the walls of your fireplace and use a tile frame for the fireplace. It will create a dynamic look for your living and beautifully distinguish the fireplace from the room’s interior. If you want something subtle, use tiles to create the shiplap wall design behind or around the fireplace.

2. Contemporary Shiplap Fireplace

Contemporary Shiplap Fireplace

Another interesting way to use shiplap to decorate your fireplace in a modern style is to bring a contemporary touch. The contemporary shiplap wall with fireplace looks marvelous and helps to keep the fireplace at the center of focus in your living room. For instance, create a white shiplap for the fireplace section and contrast it with light beige or gray walls.

3. Black Vertical Shiplap Fireplace

Black Vertical Shiplap Fireplace

Black is a versatile and dominant color that fits almost every style and interior design. Also, the black vertical shiplap looks amazing behind your fireplace and brings a modern touch to the interior. Vertical shiplap in black color looks dynamic behind/around your fireplace and adds more depth to the interior. The best part of choosing a black vertical fireplace is its versatility. It looks fantastic with modern architecture, but you can incorporate it into a modern farmhouse, rustic, Scandinavian, or minimalist room interiors.

4. Gray Shiplap with White Accents

Gray Shiplap with White Accents

The use of gray color in the modern interior is common and creates a calm effect. The color can also make an interesting option for shiplap fireplaces. Also, adding some pure white accents can look stunning and makes an ideal choice for modern home decor. The gray shiplap with white accents looks casual and sober and brings a modern or contemporary touch to the interior. You can create a shiplap above the fireplace and paint it gray and add some white accent by framing the fireplace in white. You can also try White And Gray Shiplap Electric Fireplace by Bush Furniture for your modern home.

5. Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace Shiplap

Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace Shiplap

A floor-to-ceiling fireplace shiplap is also a great option that looks amazing in a modern home interior. If you have a cottage-style living room architecture with a high center and sloppy side roofs, this shiplap wall with fireplace idea will be easy to incorporate. Create a shiplap design from the floor-to-ceiling on the wall where you have your fireplace, and keep the other walls plain. Keep other walls plain to highlight the fireplace with a shiplap.

6. White Shiplap with Exposed Brick Fireplace

White Shiplap with Exposed Brick Fireplace

If you want a natural accent for your shiplap fireplace, you will love our next shiplap wall with fireplace idea. White shiplap with exposed brick fireplace looks natural and brings a no-hassle minimalist look. Also, creating a white shiplap with an exposed brick fireplace is comparatively easier than many other fireplace shiplap designs. To create it, construct a white shiplap design on the wall above your fireplace and frame it with brick or a section of mason wall. Try Magnolia White Shiplap Wallpaper for a hassle-free installation.

7. White Shiplap Fireplace with Rustic Wood Beam

White Shiplap Fireplace with Rustic Wood Beam

White shiplap fireplaces are relatively standard in modern interiors, and when combined with a rustic wood beam, it becomes more alluring. Also, the natural structure and tones of the wood beam grab the attention and help to keep your fireplace on the focal point. The simple white shiplap walls contrast the natural tone and structure of the rustic wood beam and make it a piece of art. So, if you want some creative interior ideas, you can try this shiplap wall with fireplace idea. It will look great for modern, modern farmhouses and rustic natural-themed room decors.

8. Natural Wood Shiplap Fireplace

 Natural Wood Shiplap Fireplace

Looking for a natural touch for your fireplace? The natural wood shiplap wall with fireplace looks stunning in its modern interior and offers a calm and cozy environment. Also, the long horizontal wood plank ship laps create a modern chic look for your living space. To get a perfect look, you can use white oak or walnut wood planks for the shiplap over your fireplace. You can keep the natural finish of a rustic look or apply polyacrylic to make it vintage. Also, keep your space clutter-free, use minimal decoration, and choose shades of white for the walls to enhance the look.

9. Dark Gray Shiplap Fireplace

Dark Gray Shiplap Fireplace

If you are searching for a dynamic look for your shiplap fireplace, add some darker shades to get the look. Adding a shiplap over the fireplace in a dark grey shade helps to introduce more color to your living space. Also, it makes your fireplace look colorful and elegant. You can keep the walls white or light gray, depending on the type of look you want to create. Depending on the lights, you can also choose warm or cool tones for your dark gray ship laps. Kimberly Bay’s Shiplap Board is useful to DIY a modern shiplap fireplace

10. Tiled Shiplap Fireplace

Tiled Shiplap Fireplace

A tiled shiplap fireplace is one of the popular options for modern shiplap walls with a fireplace. It looks great with almost every modern room interior and helps you to be flexible with the installation. Also, it brings a hassle-free look and makes the surrounding of your fireplace look clean and neat. If you want an easy and simple upgrade for your fireplace that looks beautiful, a tiled shiplap wall with a fireplace is worth trying. You can pick a contrasting or matching shade for the shade of your tiles to help your fireplace stand out from the rest of the room’s interior.

11. White Shiplap Fireplace with Stone Accent

White Shiplap Fireplace with Stone Accent

As mentioned, white shiplap is the most common yet versatile for designing a fireplace. Here we will discuss another great white shiplap wall with a fireplace idea with a twist. Creating a white shiplap fireplace with a stone accent is a great way to upgrade your fireplace and bring a chic look. Adding stone accents to your white shiplap fireplace gives a natural touch to the interior and complements your modern living room setup. You can frame your fireplace with natural stone to incorporate a stone accent. Also, to make it more prominent, you can install wall-mounted shelves and showpieces made of stones.

12. Black Shiplap Fireplace with Wood Shelving

 Black Shiplap Fireplace with Wood Shelving

Black is the number one choice to create a bold interior, and there is no exception for shiplap fireplaces. It becomes more dynamic when you combine some wood accents. A black shiplap fireplace with wood shelving creates a perfect look for a modern interior and adds a touch of boldness to the theme. You can also add a black tile frame for your fireplace to make it bolder. Black Electric Fireplace by Ameriwood Home can be ideal for modern decor.

13. Herringbone Shiplap Fireplace

Herringbone Shiplap Fireplace

Want to get creative with your fireplace upgrade, then our next shiplap wall with fireplace idea is specially tailored for you. Instead of using the shiplap horizontally or vertically, you can use a herringbone pattern to give it a creative touch. It will work for constructing concrete shiplap or installing tile/wood board for creating shiplap. If you use wood planks or tiles, place them in a herringbone pattern and behind your fireplace. Apply some suitable colors (wood planks) to enhance the look. Pair a contrasting mantlepiece to add depth to the space and make it bold. You can also try Jeweluck’s Wood Herringbone Peel And Stick Wallpaper.

14. Charcoal Shiplap Fireplace

Charcoal Shiplap Fireplace

Charcoal shade is strongly associated with modern interior designs. It is widely used in modern interior decoration for its bold and dynamic look. The charcoal shade complements modern interiors and looks excellent when incorporating it into your shiplap fireplace. Installing shiplap walls over your fireplace in the charcoal shade helps to achieve a contemporary minimalist look that complements your interior and blends with the rest easily. Also, keeping other walls in light highlights the fireplace and enhances the beauty of the natural charcoal shade.

15. Shiplap Fireplace with Mosaic Tiles

Shiplap Fireplace with Mosaic Tiles

A shiplap fireplace with mosaic tiles is another incredible idea you can try. If you like the classic vibe of mosaic tiles, you can incorporate them into your shiplap fireplace design. You can use mosaic tiles to form a shiplap over the fireplace or frame your fireplace with mosaic and keep the shiplap wall in a simple shade ( such as white, off-white, or beige). Both look great with modern interiors and give the fireplace a traditional or classic twist. You can also incorporate a white concrete or marble mantlepiece to get a perfect look for your living room fireplace.

16. Black and White Shiplap Fireplace

Black and White Shiplap Fireplace

Black and white is a timeless combination that looks amazing in modern interiors, including shiplap fireplaces. A black and white shiplap wall with a fireplace will do magic if you have a white living room interior. Also, if you have a black-and-white or white-and-grey color scheme for your living, it will blend with them. Adding a black and white shiplap fireplace is a great way to introduce more color into the space. So, if you need more color or to make your fireplace bold and dynamic, you can install a black-and-white shiplap.

17. Rustic Shiplap with Whitewashed Bricks

 Rustic Shiplap with Whitewashed Bricks

Want to add a rustic farmhouse touch to your modern living room? Try our next shiplap wall with fireplace idea to revamp your fireplace with a beautiful rustic shiplap. It is also easy to create, bringing a rustic vintage look to your living space. Also, add a distressed shiplap above the fireplace to complete the look. Both distressed shiplap and whitewashed bricks have similar elements that help to create a vintage style for your fireplace. They create a beautiful setup for your fireplace and make an ideal option for a modern farmhouse-style living environment.

18. Gray Blue Shiplap Fireplace

Gray Blue Shiplap Fireplace

Our last shiplap wall with fireplace idea is about adding some cool charm to the warm place to strike a balance and give it an exciting twist. Most people use light or warm shades while incorporating shiplap above the fireplace, but you can also choose cooler shades such as blue and gray to bring a relaxing environment. Adding blue and gray to your shiplap fireplace is an easy and flexible option. For example, you can use blue to paint the shiplap, frame the fireplace, and install some shelves with gray color or vice versa to get a stunning shiplap fireplace with a gray and blue scheme.

Summing It Up

All in all, shiplap has become an essential part of modern interior designs. The long flat structure of the shiplap goes well with the contemporary interiors. The shiplap walls look great in modern house setups, including the fireplace. Shiplap fireplaces look excellent in modern interiors and help you enhance the beauty of your living room fireplace. Also, including a shiplap for the fireplace has endless exciting options.

You can also incorporate various materials and styles to make your shiplap fireplace unique and exciting. For example, tiles, wood, marble, or concrete slabs can be used to create beautiful shiplap. We have discussed 18 modern shiplap walls with fireplace ideas to brighten your living space.

So, are you ready to revamp your fireplace with a shiplap design? Try any of the ideas mentioned above we have shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wooden Shiplap Expensive?

No, not all wooden shiplap is expensive. It depends on the type of wood you choose for your shiplap fireplace. For instance, if you use pine, white oak, elm, or cider instead of walnut or other similar wood. Also, if you are on a tight budget, you can try faux wood peel-and-stick shiplap for your fireplace, which is easy to install and cost-effective.

Is Using a Wooden Shiplap Above the Fireplace Safe?

It depends on your fireplace. If your fireplace is closed with tempered glass or an electric fireplace, you can use wood shiplap over the fireplace or in a frame. But if you have an open fireplace setup, it would be wise to avoid wood shiplap. Also, you can use a broad marble or tile frame to incorporate wood shiplap in an open fireplace.

What Are Some Popular Alternatives for Wooden Shiplap?

You can get various exciting alternatives of wooden shiplap such as tiles, marbles, and concrete shiplap that look amazing in modern interior designs and style up your fireplace. But you must remember all of them have their unique features. Also, you can try faux wood peel and stick shiplap to create a similar look with a cost-effective option.

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