30 Wooden Planters DIY to Transform Your Comfort Space

by Ethan Tremblay
30 Wooden Planters DIY to Transform Your Comfort Space

If you’re looking to enhance your garden this spring or summer without spending too much, then the solution lies in crafting your wooden planter boxes. Say goodbye to expensive options from the stores and hello to affordable and attractive wooden planters that will let your creativity shine.

It’s easy; you can use old wood pieces from a palette or leftovers. Even if you have never done this before, you can still make cool cedar planters from fence parts. The best part is that you can put these wooden planters anywhere you want.

Here you will find how to make holes so the water does not get stuck and bother your plants. And if your planter will be in the sun all day, there is a solution for that too. Put an old bag piece inside to keep the soil wet without watering so much.

Making your wooden planters is super fun, and they will make your garden look awesome.

Amazing DIY Wooden Planters with Plans

1. Try the “Balcony Box”

Try the Balcony Box

Measuring 30 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height, this compact wall wooden planter box is the size that is perfect for planting. You can mount it below a window, on a balcony, or on an outdoor wall, and its minimalist design complements a variety of architectural styles. It is a great project for beginners in woodworking, easily completed within a day. If you’re looking for a larger box, you can modify the height and length measurements. The plans come with detailed sketches, a list of materials, color-coded step-by-step instructions, a cut list, and a list of recommended tools.

2. Wood Planters Box on Raised Platform

Wood Planters Box on Raised Platform

You can make a versatile wooden planters box by designing it that way. The concept here is to accommodate plants while also offering additional storage room. Once the creation process is done, you will have a raised container as the end product. Additionally, this attractive wooden piece will enhance the appearance of your backyard deck or porch. Next, you have the option to arrange darker and lighter-toned pallets alternatively, or you can arrange them based on your personal choice.

3. Wooden Box with Spray Paint

 Wooden Box with Spray Paint

While the natural wood look is inherently rustic, it might come across as dull to those who tend to get bored easily. For those who fall into that group, consider incorporating a few spray paints into your project to give the planters a colorful finish. To illustrate, take a look at this lattice planter box. It stands out by adding a touch of blue to your deck or porch, completing the overall setup. This is a fresh concept where you can make your house beautiful without taking away the aesthetic look. You can do so with the help of wooden planter box ideas.

4. Stump Wooden Planter

Stump Wooden Planter

Transforming a cut-off tree stump into a captivating planter, as seen in the image above, is a fantastic idea. If you have a tree stump in your garden that you believe can be repurposed to hold beautiful seasonal flowers, don’t hesitate to embark on this project. In this short span, you will craft an exquisite creation that can easily become the focal point of attention in your garden. Stand yourself out with these box thoughts where you can put all your creativity into making your yard or area full of greenery everywhere.

5. Horizontally Placed Wooden Planters Box

 Horizontally Placed Wooden Planters Box

You’ll be truly drawn to this planter box concept. This plan is incredibly detailed and leaves no room for uncertainty. The tutorial is hosted on a platform that is renowned for its multitude of creative minds. There are ingenious minds behind this guide to make it an amazing decor thing. This design of the planter box strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and enjoyment during the construction process, all while exuding a sleek and contemporary appearance. You can easily create this DIY planter from the guiding platforms within a short period.

6. Raised Platform for Wooden Planters

Raised Platform for Wooden Planters

The planter box possesses versatility based on how you shape it. In this scenario, the concept revolves around accommodating plants while also offering additional storage room. Once the construction process is complete, you are left with an elevated container as the end outcome. Moreover, this wooden creation enhances the aesthetic of your rear deck or porch. Subsequently, you have the option to mimic the arrangements of darker and lighter-toned pallets in an alternative sequence or customize the arrangement according to your liking.

7. Drawer Wooden Planter Box

Drawer Wooden Planter Box

You can repurpose the unused or old drawers from your desks or dressers to create charming planters. The drawer planters exude a stylish appeal, especially when you paint it with a blue hue. Just remove the drawers and drilling holes, and fill them with potting soil. Once you’re done, hang them or attach them to the walls of your living room or even you can hang or attach them to your balcony for a more delightful touch.

8. Try Some Colors with Your Planter Box

Try Some Colors with Your Planter Box

Creating your wooden planters in a variety of colors adds a fashionable and visually appealing touch. The featured wooden planters here enhance a geometric design, making a bold statement with vibrant hues. To create these planters, wooden blocks are shaped into geometric forms using a saw and a large drill. Once the desired shapes are achieved, holes are drilled in the center to add soil. With a finishing touch of vibrant paint, these wooden block planters are transformed into eye-catching pieces. Perfect for adorning shelves or tabletops, these planters offer a stylish and creative way to showcase your plants.

9. Why Not Try Some Planters for Artificial Flowers

 Why Not Try Some Planters for Artificial Flowers

Even artificial flowers or plants need a planter. When done, it enhances their beauty even more; then you can place it anywhere you like, living room, balcony, or bedroom. Whether for aesthetic enhancement or to keep things organized, well-chosen planters can elevate your room’s ambiance. Since artificial plants do not require actual soil, lightweight plywood works perfectly. Securing the pieces with glue or brads, these things add durability and longevity to your creation.

10. Use Some Plywood for Your Planter Creation

Use Some Plywood for Your Planter Creation

Want to explore planter box concepts? Here are the ideas for you. The possibilities range from simple to intricate and complex designs. If simplicity is your goal, plywood can be used to accomplish your task. However, when crafting a larger plywood planter, it might lack toughness. To support its strength, consider incorporating trim at the top and bottom of the box. This additional detail not only imparts depth but also reinforces the bond of the plywood components.

11. Consider Square Shaped Planter Box

 Consider Square Shaped Planter Box

This one is for those, who are seeking a permanent planter box for their yard, and here’s a suitable concept for them. The construction techniques and materials remain akin to the previous box, with the difference lying in the dimensions of the cut plywood. You have the option to either include or exclude a bottom panel. To ensure durability against outdoor elements, consider sealing it with Spar Varnish if you intend to place it outside in your yard or garden area.

12. Option to Use Your House Number Designed on Your Planter Box

Option to Use Your House Number Designed on Your Planter Box

Think beyond the ordinary and blend your house number with a charming planter box. Start by obtaining a sleek and lengthy piece of plywood based on the number of your house. This wood should extend sufficiently to allow you to fix a planter box at the lower end. The dimensions of the planter box can mirror those of the plywood you are using. Whether small or big, choose a planter size that accommodates your chosen flowers easily. As long as your chosen blooms fit comfortably, any dimensions will work just fine. This clever fusion of house number and planter adds a unique and inviting element to your home’s entrance.

13. Deck Fitting Planter Box of Wood

Deck Fitting Planter Box of Wood

To construct the base frame, assemble the pieces by hammering them together securely. Insert the bottom lumber section within the frame. Position four lumber pieces at each corner of the frame. Utilize a measuring tape and pencil to mark the locations for the extra splats on the posts. Proceed to nail down all the slats according to your markings. Introduce a layer of plastic garbage bags at the bottom of the frame. Create a drainage hole in the bottom and proceed to fill the frame with soil. This step-by-step process ensures the sturdy formation of the base and a functional foundation for your planter box.

14. Bicycle Style Planter Box

Bicycle Style Planter Box

Crafting this captivating DIY masterpiece is a breeze; it can be achieved by anyone in the comfort of their home. Gather tree barks and branches, then skillfully mold them into intricate shapes, which could start resembling the components of a bicycle or any design of your preference. The wooden bicycle planter stands as an imaginative endeavor, capable of enhancing your garden’s aesthetic appeal without draining your wallet. It is a very cost-effective idea for the decoration of your home.

15. Log Look Like Planter Box

Log Look Like Planter Box

The garden’s rustic charm comes to life with the wooden log wall planter depicted in the image. Crafted from wooden logs, it infuses a classic essence into the surroundings. If you’re faced with a dull and unadorned wall, why not transform it by fashioning an enchanting planter from logs, customized with your desired colors? This planter serves as an exquisite canvas for an array of blossoms, offering a vibrant look. Thanks to the use of pressure-treated logs, the planter boasts durability and longevity, ensuring its presence for years in the coming future.

16. The Alphabetical Letter Like Box

The Alphabetical Letter Like Box

The delightful Impatiens flower plant nestled within the exquisite monogram planter creates a refreshing sight! Crafted from wood, the monogram planter showcases artistic flair with its multi-level mini planter rows. Creating your monogram-themed planter using wood is entirely achievable. In this instance, you can ingeniously employ a 4 ft x 4 ft x 5 inches wood piece to shape any alphabetical letter you like. Given the intricacy involved, it’s recommended to consult tutorials for constructing this planter, as it requires a degree of expertise and understanding of measurements.

17. Layer Wise Placed Old Pallets of Wooden Box as a Planter

Layer Wise Placed Old Pallets of Wooden Box as a Planter

Don’t dismiss those old wooden pallets kept at your home in a corner– they hold the potential for crafting unique planters. Take a cue from the wooden pallet planter, as they are capable of hosting a generous array of plants. Robust enough to withstand over 400 lbs of soil and water, this planter serves as a well-made home for your greenery. To bring this concept to life, gather discarded pallets and cleverly assemble them into a tiered planter structure. Whether you’re inclined towards growing fresh herbs, vegetables, or blossoms, this DIY project opens up exciting possibilities for your garden.

18. Tapered and Trimmed Style for Your House

Tapered and Trimmed Style for Your House

These detailed digital blueprints require cedar fence pickets, readily available at home improvement stores. They guide you in constructing a tapered cedar planter box complete with an appealing finish. The plans also incorporate a box platform specifically designed to accommodate a plastic insert that acts as a protective liner, guarding the wood planter box against decay. The user-friendly instructions ensure that this project is suitable for individuals with varying levels of skill.

19. 3-Tiered Wooden Planter Box

3-Tiered Wooden Planter Box

Get ready for this fantastic three-tiered planter scheme! Surprisingly, it demands just a handful of materials – cedar fence pickets or seven 72-inch pine and three 2x4s. Yet, its impact is immense as it cleverly combines four boxes across three levels. The overall size covers around 30 inches square by 16 inches in height. The instructions are straightforward and inclusive, offering X-ray views that explain each step, meticulous measurements, and an all-encompassing list of parts and cuts.

20. Style of a Bucket for a Wooden Planter Box

Style of a Bucket for a Wooden Planter Box

Discover budget-friendly DIY blueprints for crafting raised planter boxes using 2×4 boards. These cost-effective plans guide you through building a planter box that accommodates either two or four 5-gallon buckets. These elevated wooden planters ensure convenient access, lifting them off the ground. In a clever twist, the buckets hold the soil, which can be emptied with ease for winter storage. For added versatility, consider incorporating a trellis to support the growth of vertical plants. This idea will create beautification in your comfort area.

21. Stair Style Planter Box

Stair Style Planter Box

Designed in a space-efficient easel layout, this planter box features three tiers tailored to fit against a flat wall easily. Measuring 39 inches in length, 24 inches in depth, and 34.5 inches in height, it provides generous planting space while utilizing minimal materials. The downloadable plans, conveniently color-coded, comprise comprehensive drawings, a 3D visual guide, lists of required materials and cuts, and a recommended list of tools. These user-friendly plans render it an accessible undertaking for beginners, ensuring a straightforward project.

22. Make A Good Tall Wooden Planter Box

 Make A Good Tall Wooden Planter Box

Create a striking visual by opting for a vertical style with these plans for lofty garden planter boxes. Perfectly suited for narrow spots like the front door area, this planter box introduces a touch of grandeur to your blooms. Constructed from merely five 72-inch-long pickets, the box reaches a height of 28.5 inches. Its width starts at 11 inches at the bottom, gradually expanding to just beyond 15 inches at the top. This budget-friendly blueprint features a comprehensive cut list, materials inventory, detailed X-ray perspectives, and straightforward instructions that are simple to follow.

23. Cedar Wooden Planter Box

 Cedar Wooden Planter Box

Cedar boasts not only an appealing appearance but also exceptional suitability for planter boxes due to its resilience against decay. This elongated and squat cedar deck planter gracefully coexists with your deck’s panorama during blossoming seasons. Assembled from five cedar fence pickets and crafted with basic woodworking tools, this box proves cost-effective and approachable for beginners. Perforations in the base ensure drainage, while the wide rim enhances usability within the box.

24. Another Idea with A Bench Style of Wooden Planter

 Another Idea with A Bench Style of Wooden Planter

Do you require additional seating in your outdoor space or aspire to incorporate staircases leading to your deck or patio? This unique combination of a planter and bench offers versatility, serving as either a seating solution or a stylish addition to your elevated spaces. It boasts two planter boxes on each extremity, creating an integrated appearance. For an alternative approach, consider adjusting the plans to accommodate dual boxes flanking the steps, creating a harmonious enclosure around the entryway. These plans cater to both inexperienced people and skilled builders, encompassing a comprehensive inventory of materials and straightforward, user-friendly instructions.

25. Planter Box that Can Be Shifted from One Place to Another

Planter Box that Can Be Shifted from One Place to Another

Enhance your gardening experience using these raised planter box designs. For the box measuring 42 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 26 inches in height, cedar is proposed for the sides, ends, bottom, and trim, whereas the long legs can be fashioned from pine 2x4s and the bottom support from pine 2x3s. These comprehensive plans provide a list of required materials (including fasteners), a breakdown of necessary cuts, visual aids in 3D, and images detailing the construction process.

26. Beautiful Hexagon Shaped Box as a Planter

Beautiful Hexagon Shaped Box as a Planter

This budget-friendly and cost-effective hexagonal-shaped wooden planter box creates a charming honeycomb pattern with its alternating layers. Built to cover 5-gallon buckets, the planter stands 19.5 inches tall and can easily conceal pots up to 14 inches in diameter. While intended to be straightforward, a few reviewers have expressed concerns about inaccurate measurements, unclear instructions, and a non-functional link for questions.

27. Hang the Wooden Planter Now

Hang the Wooden Planter Now

If tending to a large garden isn’t feasible, but you still want to cultivate flowers and plants indoors, consider vertical gardening by suspending planters on your fence. The wooden planter depicted here possesses a rustic yet stylish appearance, crafted from ordinary wood. This sizable hanging planter can be easily fashioned through a straightforward DIY project that’s suitable for anyone to undertake at home.

28. Try Thinking of a Wood Log Planter Box of Cylindrical Shape

Try Thinking of a Wood Log Planter Box of Cylindrical Shape

Put those unused wooden logs to imaginative use by repurposing them into charming flower or succulent planters. The rustic appearance of log planters adds a touch of nature to any part of your indoor space. Crafting these delightful wooden log planters, as shown in the image, is a simple task that anyone with minimal resources can accomplish. The outcome is truly impressive! Placing the logs side by side and that too cylindrical shapes will give your space a whole new appearance.

29. Not Bicycle but Train Style This Time

Not Bicycle but Train Style This Time

Here comes a whole new concept or idea for your house or backyard. Train-style planters have become a trendy choice, and you’ll come across numerous gardens adorned with these charming creations in a variety of colors. The depicted white train planter is constructed from wooden pallets and serves as a delightful home for flowers. You can effortlessly create this planter by repurposing old pallets commonly found in fruit crates. Assemble them into the shape of a train, attach wheels, and apply your preferred colors for a personalized touch.

30. You Can Roll Your Planter Box

You Can Roll Your Planter Box

Roll, roll, roll through your garden with style! A contemporary, adaptable, and portable addition. You probably had a little idea that such a thing existed! This mobile garden is a small wonder on wheels, enhancing the beauty of an existing garden, gracing a welcoming front porch, or adorning a sunny back deck during the vibrant days of summer. Requiring fewer than 8 materials and just a couple of spare hours over the weekend, you’ll have your next engaging project that’s bound to make a lasting impression this year!


All in all, gardening is a constantly changing industry, and creativity has no boundaries. The choices range from lovely planter boxes to creative vertical solutions, only limited by your imagination. These do-it-yourself projects are a fun way to add natural beauty and unique flair to your indoor and outdoor environments.

Whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of contemporary designs or the rustic elegance of log planters, each creation promises to bring life to your surroundings. Planters and benches may coexist peacefully because of the fascination with tiered masterpieces and planter-bench combos, which bring up new possibilities.

Each plan offers a clear path to success with step-by-step directions, material lists, and thorough instructions. As a tribute to nature’s ability to inspire and our ability to bring it to life, roll, plant, and grow in the beautiful world of DIY planters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Plants Can Be Used for The Wooden Planters?

You can use any type of plant you wish. Moreover, not only plants, but you can also go for vegetables in your wooden planters box because these boxes alone are enough for you to make your garden even more fulfilling. What matters is how you place your box inside or outside your house.

What Types of Materials Are Commonly Used to Make DIY Planters?

To create a vertical garden using suspended planters, you can repurpose materials like wooden pallets or cedar pickets. Hang these planters on fences or walls, as it allows you to maximize the space and showcase your plants in a unique and space-efficient manner.

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