21 Farmhouse Dining Room Lights to Enhance the Look 

by Mark White
Farmhouse Dining Room Lights to Enhance the Look 

Don’t you think the lighting greatly influences the tone and general aesthetics of the farmhouse dining room in the area? And average dining room may be transformed into a compelling and enjoyable retreat by choosing the light fixtures. However, this article offers a variety of farmhouse dining room lighting ideas, providing an array of options to accommodate different tastes and settings. Several lighting ideas go well with the rustic and earthy charm of farmhouse decor.

Starting from traditional chandeliers to their historic charm to modern pendant lights gives the dining area its distinct individuality. To assist you in designing the ideal farmhouse dining room, we will look at a variety of lighting options throughout this article.

Let’s explore 21 options for farmhouse dining room lighting to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Amazing Ideas for Your Farmhouse Dining Ideas

1. Set the Tone

Set the Tone

Farmhouse-style dining rooms should have cozy color schemes, soft tones, and comfortable furnishings. The curves in the lighting fixture you put above your tail might help to complement that tone. Here, the lamp sheets are the rounded curves seen in the light ring all contribute to creating a pleasant, calming atmosphere that is suitable for any farmhouse dining area.

2. Parallel Approach

 Parallel Approach

Use comparable lighting in both the dining area and any adjacent living or kitchen spaces if possible. However, you may use various lights as long as they transmit the same tone and have comparable design components to connect them. In this example, it creates a highly unified style with the same lighting in both the dining and kitchen areas.

3. Small Linear Pendant

Small Linear Pendant

The right pendant lighting can also be found in smaller sizes with single light bulbs. The kitchen island can have two or three of these Graciela pendants hanging over it, which would give the room a more rustic feel. This is a really good and practical approach to maintaining a straightforward and conventional arrangement while making a room like the dining room seem and feel more welcoming.

4. Suspended Track Lighting with Mason Jar Shades

Suspended Track Lighting with Mason Jar Shades

This light fixture has to hang mason jars with warm golden balls within, giving track lighting a vintage twist. The lamps, which hang at various heights, give a laid-back appearance. To maintain the farmhouse aesthetic, the lamps are suspended from a rustic wood fixture. Any kitchen island would look great with these lights installed there.

5. Charming Chandeliers with Wood Accent

Charming Chandeliers with Wood Accent

A chandelier with wood embellishments is a timeless option for any dining area in a farmhouse. To convey a sense of nostalgia and rural existence, choose a warm or reclaimed wood frame with candle-style bulbs.

6. Industrial and Rustic Barn Pendant lights

Industrial and Rustic Barn Pendant lights

Barn pendant lights over your dining table would be the ideal industrial and farmhouse decor fusion. These lights often have metal shades and chains, giving your dining room a bit of rustic character.

7. Monochromatic


As soon as it gained popularity, the modern farmhouse style was associated with black and white or monochrome. To restore the original hue, place a black chandelier in a room with a white accent or a white chandelier in a dark farmhouse dining room. Despite the fact that it is a simple technique, it may help you express your style in the lighting fixture and the corresponding color scheme.

8. Tiered Lights

Tiered Lights

Multiple-tiered lights may exude more elegance and grace thanks to their abundant size and construction. By using candles and conventional circular tiers, the two levels of this chandelier by Hudson Valley lighting successfully balance one another and express a rustic look. These kinds of lights are perfect for elevating the farmhouse look at your dining room table.

9. Calming Circles

Calming Circles

Chandeliers with circular arms work well in contemporary involvement that needs a relaxing atmosphere, whereas those with curved arms tend to have a more energetic aura. This room’s double-tiered circular chandelier is a striking feature. The table seems warm and welcoming right away, thanks to its bronze and gold color. The white and Gray collection that is arranged below this chandelier offers a pleasant contrast to its crisp coldness.

10. Chic Southern Drum Lighting

Chic Southern Drum Lighting

A drum lamp with an open design is the go-to choice for a bolder or more opulent appearance. In this instance, a bronze drum pendant draws attention to the dining table while enhancing the overall appeal of this contemporary southern setting. The table is made to be the center of the room by the striking blue hydrangea centerpiece.

11. Use Wood Caged Lighting

Use Wood Caged Lighting

With its horizontal wood beam and fluted metal sheeting, the ceiling of this rustic dining room is already stunning. The semi-flush box light, however, takes it to the next level. The geometric shape and wood finish contribute to the space’s casual appearance while also facilitating a sense of movement by drawing attention down to the farmhouse dining table, which is placed on a plush black and white rug.

12. Create Balance

Create Balance

Dining room chandeliers should be hung parallel to the table to provide visual balance. There should be at least 30 inches of space between the bottom of the chandelier and the tabletop. The table should extend at least six inches beyond the edges of the chandelier after that. These useful suggestions assist in creating a pleasing visual environment and prevent visitors from accidentally hitting the lighting fixture.

13. Open and Airy Lighting

Open and Airy Lighting

This trendy farmhouse dining room gains a significant amount of character from the clean lines, metal construction, and punchy black color of this contemporary pendant lamp. The soft beach color that primates the whole design contrasts wonderfully with the dining tables ‘ toned best dressing. Its open shape also ensures that it does not seem too massive or dominate the decor, much like how the glass vases provide beauty to the table without being overly flashy.

14. Modern Candelabras

Modern Candelabras

To produce a classical appeal, traditional candelabras frequently incorporate to the rounded corners and ornamentation. Modern Candelabra chandeliers, on the other hand, could utilize less decoration and simplify the framework. Modern candelabras are ideal lighting sources for modern farmhouse dining rooms.

15. Achieve Elegance

 Achieve Elegance

Pendant lights and chandeliers may be utilized in a variety of ways to create an exquisite farmhouse look. The Bailey pendant lights from capital lighting are in keeping with the look in three different ways: they have gentle circular forms, candles, and a cozy metal. You can use these factors to help determine the design and tone of the lighting in your dining room when choosing fixtures.

16. Big and Bold

Big and Bold

Every nook of this room is breathtaking, from the magnificent plant leasing in the sun to the tranquil blue arching cabinet. That also applies to the sharp contemporary globe lighting. Despite its dark color, it blends in with the art entryway, mounted round mirror, and other curved architectural elements, giving the room a finished look. The room has a punchy modern look with elegance which adds a cohesive touch to this space.

17. Small and Stylish

Small and Stylish

The black chandelier stands out since it is one of the few dark features in the space, yet its diminutive size and exposed wire design make it less striking than our final decision. The sweeping arms mimic the rounded shapes of the seeds. The straight black wire also echoes the color and shape of the curtain rod in the backdrop.

18. Large Spaces

Large Spaces

It is advisable to spread light out across a longer region if your dining room or sitting area is huge. It’s important to utilize several pendant lights to provide not only the adequate illumination needed for those areas but also to draw the viewer’s attention to those areas and add highlights throughout the entire space. It can also aid in emphasizing exposed beams that support the farmhouse design in this room and others.

19. Minimal


A long-cased pendant light can be the solution for individuals who desire a simple eating space. This black one almost completely covers the length of the dining table. In addition to being stylish, the table’s big dimension and exposed metal frame ensure that it is well-lit. Additionally, the teal and white board and batten walls contrast beautifully with the dark metal!

20. Contrasting Metal

Contrasting Metal

To make a place look unified, we frequently advise selecting similar metals for lighting, faucets, and knobs. You may consciously choose to utilize a bomb metallic design with cold bulbs to create two separate places, which is still a terrific option. Make sure both lights complement the overall design of the room by matching the picture frames, furniture, and other fixtures. However, keep in mind that not all of the elements in the space need to match for the space to seem cohesive.

21. Make a Statement

Make a Statement

This transitional dining areas cottage check design does not hold back when it comes to elaborate accents. The distinctive shapes, patterns, and textures in this room give everything, from the slender dining chairs to the massive chandelier, an aura of intrigue. The chandelier’s gold and bronze leaves, which resemble the plant art above the side table and the rich green foliage centerpiece, are delightfully detained.

Bonus Tips on Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

What happens if we tell you that we have more ideas that you can discover while designing your dining area at your farmhouse? Isn’t it quite interesting that you are getting more while expecting less?

So let’s dive into some more ideas that you can also try if you have come to this point reading the article here. Some more farmhouse dining lighting area ideas are:

1. Use Seasonal Plants

 Use Seasonal Plants

This area gets a fast update with a few Christmas accents. The wreath atop the China cabinet, the assortment of small trees and decorations adorning the table, and the eucalyptus and pine Bluffs woven into the globe chandelier are examples of this. Without the accessories, the black and white light fixture would have been striking, but the greenery gives it a proudly festive touch!

2. Mid Century

Mid Century

The ease with which the farmhouse style may be incorporated into different home designs style makes it highly adaptable. This dining table seats six people nicely, and the gold fixture is the ideal length with numerous metallic limbs crowned by glass globes. The tree and the two frames nestled into the far right corner are balanced by their bigger presence, which also focuses on the space. You can identify your style when mixing interior design styles in your kitchen by utilizing the light in the dining area to emphasize a secondary or major style.

3. Soft Touch

Soft Touch

Try a contemporary chandelier with clean lines and fabric lamp covers in a hue that complements the wall of your space for an understated, timeless effect. Over a wood table and a few mismatched seats, a gold light is hung. During the day, the two sizable windows let in plenty of natural light. But as night falls, the fabric coverings that softly disperse the bulbs allow the chandelier to emit a soothing glow.

4. Transitional Touch

Transitional Touch

A timeless style is created by combining old and modern characteristics. By utilizing popular farmhouse hues in both classic and contemporary ways, transitional farmhouse falls with that style. With its shape and color scheme, the lamp above the table tends towards a more contemporary look, but because of how well it coordinates with the room’s decor and furnishings, it still fits within the farmhouse theme. Similar techniques may be used to incorporate farmhouse style with different types of interior design.


All in all, the farmhouse dining room’s appeal stems not only from its rustic furnishings but also from the well-chosen lighting fixtures that foster a welcoming atmosphere. This post has 21 sturdy original lighting designs for farmhouse dining rooms, each of which adds a special touch to the overall design and ambiance of the area.

Consider the size and height of your dining area, the current decor, as well as the required amount of illumination when designing your farmhouse dining room lighting system. You can make your dining room a compelling retreat that exudes rustic beauty and a welcoming bonded by using these farmhouse dining room lighting ideas. The ideal lighting creates the mood for unforgettable moments, whether you are enjoying a delicious family dinner, hosting a joyous party, or having private chats with loved ones.

So, unleash your imagination and delve deep into the captivating realm of farmhouse lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Lighting Should Be Used in a Farmhouse Dining Room?

The size of the area, the style already in place, and personal taste all play a role in determining the ideal sort of lighting fixture for a farmhouse dining room. Popular options for achieving a farmhouse will include Mason jar lights, barn pendant lights, chandeliers with wood elements, or candle-style bulbs.

How Do I Pick the Ideal Chandelier Size for My Dining Area?

Think about the proportion of your dining area while selecting the appropriate size chandelier. As a general rule, the chandelier diameter is measured in inches or is about half as wide there’s your dining table. Look for a chandelier with a diameter of about 24 inches, for instance, if your table is 48 inches broad.

Can I Use Several Lighting Motifs in My Farmhouse Dining Room?

Yes, blending several lighting philosophies may give your dining area more visual depth and appeal. For a distinctive and athletic farmhouse aesthetic, the ball is conscious, or pendant lights made of rustic materials can be combined with industrial lighting.

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