18 Interesting Under Bed Rug Ideas to Style Your Bedroom

by Tyler Hernandez
18 Impressive Rug Under Bed Ideas to Transform a Bedroom

Do you feel your bedroom floor is cold and uneasy? Or want to incorporate something that can bring life to the hard and dull floor? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Putting an under-bed rug can be a great solution to avoid the cold. Also, installing a beautiful rug under your bed allows you to enhance the look of your bedroom and make it look more attractive.

You can have various exciting and unique options while choosing a suitable rug for your bedroom to create a picture-perfect look. For example, you can select a rug that goes with your interior, bedroom structure, or furniture. You can also opt for a vibrant shade or pattern to contrast the interior and add a dynamic touch to the place.

The options are endless, and below, we will explore the 18 best under-the-bed rug ideas to transform your bedroom.

Best Rug Ideas to Transform a Bedroom

You can have various unique and exciting options while choosing an under-bed rug for your bedroom. Either you can choose a rug that matches your interior or else go for a contrasting shade and pattern to create a magical look. There are various ways to make your room look gorgeous with under-bed rugs.

Below is the list of the 18 best rugs for your bedroom.

1. Gray Rug with White Walls

Gray Rug with White Walls

A gray under-bed rug with white walls looks cozy and warm. The gray rug perfectly balances the white walls and floor and helps the room appear more classy and elegant. Also, all-white rooms often look cold and lifeless, and incorporating a gray rug helps bring a touch of life and warmth to your bedroom interior. You can also use gray pillow covers and blankets to complement the look and blend the rug with your interior without much trouble.

2. Go Off-White with Gabled Walls

Go Off-White with Gabled Walls

Another beautiful way to install under-the-bed rugs is by pairing an off-white rug with gabled walls. A Gable wall in architecture means a triangular section of the wall that supports a sloped roof. It usually extends from the elves to the roof peak to form the wall shape. If you have a gable wall with a warm wood floor in your bedroom, you can place an off-white rug under your bed to match the room environment. Try FRELISH DECOR’S Off-white Jute Area Rug, which is beautiful and environment-friendly.

3. Brown Rug with Wooden House Structure

Brown Rug with Wooden House Structure

Brown rugs have a natural, warm tone that goes well with the wooden house structure. Both wood interior and brown rugs have an earthy natural tone, so when you combine them, they create a beautiful naturalistic ambiance and complement each other. If you have a farmhouse or countryside bedroom interior with wooden structures, you can incorporate an under-bed rug to create a cozy and warm bedroom environment.

4. Black and Beige Rug with Deep-Colored Walls

Black and Beige Rug with Deep-Colored Walls

Opt for a black-beige rug if you want to go bold with your bedroom interior. This type of rug looks brilliant with dark-shaded walls, creating a dynamic look for the room. Suppose you have deep-colored walls such as indigo or black you can install a black and beige rug to create a beautiful balance. The back and beige color combination enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

5. Light-Blue Rug with White and Orange Bedroom

Light-Blue Rug with White and Orange Bedroom

Love to create contrast for your bedroom interior? Then you will love our next under-bed rug idea. For example, if you have an orange-white bedroom interior, you can pair a light-blue rug to create a beautiful contrast. The light-blue rug adds a soft touch to the floor and anchors the vibrant orange-white bedroom interior. Use a bright orange pillow cover, white bed covers, and comforters to create a perfect look with a light-blue rug. Gorilla Grip’s Light Blue Faux Fur Area Rug is fluffy, washable, fade and shed resistant.

6. Beige Rug with Black or Deep-Colored Walls

Beige Rug with Black or Deep-Colored Walls

Another incredible under-bed rug idea to revamp your bedroom is to pair a beige rug with deep-colored or black walls. If you have black or deep-colored walls in your bedroom, it would be wise to incorporate a beige rug instead of a dark-shaded one. A light-colored rug will create a balance between the dark walls and floor. It will also help you bring all the attention to the bed and highlight its features. Try this fantastic Geometric Area Rug from Unique Loom’s Trellis Frieze Collection.

7. Patterned Rug with Off-White and Grey Bedroom

Patterned Rug with Off-White and Grey Bedroom

Gray and off-white under-bed rugs are versatile choices that can relax your bedroom. It can help form a relaxed atmosphere and leaves space for adding multiple decorative items. With rich deep tones to soft hues, the off-white and gray patterned rugs can make your room look bigger. You can add a bedside stand on the rug to make your bedroom look more elegant and aesthetic. Selecting a rug with a striped or ribbed effect will also work well if you want to add a luxurious touch to your bedroom.

8. Blue Rug with Light Blue Decoration

Blue Rug with Light Blue Decoration

The blue rugs look stunning, with minimal furniture and simple bedroom decoration. Depending on your style, you can either go for bolder or softer prints on the rug. If you wish to add a touch of glamour, you can add a big flower vase or other colorful decorative items. It will not only add a fun element to your space, but this simple look will also offer a welcoming and serene ambiance. However, match your rug’s color with other items in your room to form a beautifully accented theme.

9. Big Rug on The Warm Wood Floor

Big Rug on The Warm Wood Floor

Is your bedroom spacious enough? Or have a beautiful wooden floor? Then our next under-bed rug idea is specially tailored for you. A big light-colored or white rug can be an excellent match for your spacious bedroom and make it look bigger. It will also anchor the room’s interior and add a soft tone. Also, installing a big-sized rug on the warm wooden floor helps to create a smooth and cozy ambiance for your bedroom.

10. Black and White Rug in a Small Bedroom

Black and White Rug in a Small Bedroom

Black and white rugs are the most common yet versatile under-the-bed rugs. You can install them in various interiors and room structures. So, if you have a small-sized bedroom and can’t decide which rug will suit your bedroom, you can try black and white rugs. An under-bed rug in black and white color easily blends with small to large bedrooms and helps you highlight the important parts of the room with a black and white rug. You can try Dwelke’s Black and White Shaggy Area Rug.

11. White and Grey Rug with Rustic Wooden Bed

White and Grey Rug with Rustic Wooden Bed

Rustic bedroom setup or bed set needs more than just a simple under-the-bed rug. You must be wise while choosing rugs for your rustic bedroom interior and bed set. You can pair a white and gray rug with a rustic bedroom setup or bed set. White and gray are available in warm and cool tones, and you can choose a warm white and gray rug or vice versa to match the rustic bedroom bed and maximize the look. Latepis’s Large White and Grey Area Rug is ideal for bedroom use.

12. Colorful Rug With Bold Prints on It

 Colorful Rug With Bold Prints on It

Want to upgrade your bedroom look and try something innovative? You can go for a colorful rug with bold prints. Adding a colorful rug with bold prints helps to bring more life and vibrancy to your bedroom interior. Also, if you have white floors and walls in your bedroom, it will help to add more character to the space. Colorful rugs with bold prints also make an excellent choice for a boho-style room and incorporate more color and texture. Rugshop offers Colorful Area Rugs with Bold prints suitable for modern and Bohemian interiors.

13. Wooden-Colored Rug with Pink and White Bedroom

Wooden-Colored Rug with Pink and White Bedroom

If your bedroom interior color scheme is pink and white and you fail to find a suitable rug, try wooden colors for your bedroom and see the magic. Wood tones go excellent with the pink and white palette and create a beautiful blend. Also, a wood-colored rug brings an earthy touch to the space and makes a perfect choice for a coquette or vintage aesthetic room decor.

14. Orange Rug with Brown Furniture

Orange Rug with Brown Furniture

Orange is a vibrant color that can look great with white walls and wood furniture. If you have brown wood furniture in your bedroom and want a rug that can complement the color and tones, you can try an orange under-bed rug. It also creates a beautiful color palette for your space. Also, adding an orange rug to your brown furniture bedroom helps you transform the place from dark and dull into a vibrant and lively one. Use an Orange Shaggy Area Rug by Comeet to brighten up your bedroom.

15. Bi-Color Rug with Interesting Walls Designs

Bi-Color Rug with Interesting Walls Designs

Bi-color rugs are unique and go well with exciting wall designs. If you have beautiful wall designs, add a bi-color rug to your bedroom, making it more interesting. The bi-color rugs are also versatile and match various interior designs. However, you must be mindful while selecting the color combination for your bi-color under-bed rug. Always choose colors that match your wall designs and colors. Plus, bi-color rugs are available in various color combinations, making them easy to select.

16. Striped Rug in a Sober Bedroom

Striped Rug in a Sober Bedroom

Striped rugs are quite popular these days, and many people prefer to use them for a calm and sober environment. You can install a striped rug for your bedroom to get a classy look. A striped rug will be an ideal match if you have a minimalist bedroom setup with a sober color palette. Striped under-bed rugs give a casual feel and look sophisticated. Also, they are available in various shades, making it easy to pick according to your interior color scheme. You can try Striped Area Rug by nuLOOM.

17. Contrasting Bedroom Rugs

Contrasting Bedroom Rugs

If you want to add more color and texture to your existing bedroom decor, nothing can do better than the contrasting bedroom rugs. Also, creating a contrast with an under-bed rug is an innovative and fun way to style up your bedroom. For instance, if you have an orange-white bedroom interior color scheme, you can use a jet-black rug to create a beautiful contrast magic. Also, you can choose other colors and shades for your bedroom rug; just be mindful that the shade you pick contrast with your room color scheme.

18. Geometric Rugs with Abstract Shapes and Paintings

Geometric Rugs with Abstract Shapes and Paintings

Love geometric patterns and prints? Extend your love and reflect it to your bedroom interior with a geometric rug. Also, when you add a geometric under-bed rug, it helps to add more texture and dynamic to the interior. You can choose light or bold shades for your geometric rugs depending on the color scheme of your bedroom.

How to Select the Right Rug to Keep It Under Your Bed?

The selection of your under-bed rug depends on several things like the size of your bed, room, overall decoration of the bedroom, etc. A rectangle or square area rug works perfectly under every type of bed size. Whenever you go shopping for a rug, pick one that will be well-proportioned to your bed size.

Otherwise, a too-big or too-small rug can destroy the whole look of your bedroom. It is always best to go for the bigger ones to cover the four legs of your bed. Otherwise, it will look bad when only the lower third of your bed sits on the rug area and the rest on the bare floor.

It may cause discomfort and make you feel unbalanced whenever you will sit down. If you have a full-size or twin-size bed in a small bedroom, a 5 ft by 8 ft or a 4 ft by 6 ft rug will be the perfect option. You can go higher with the size if you have more space in your room.

The ideal size of a rug in a large bedroom will be 9 ft by 12 ft or 8 ft by 10 ft. If we talk about the materials, the most comfortable ones are faux fur, soft cotton, polyester, silk blends, etc.


All in all, an under-bed rug is a practical solution for your bedroom. It works for both style and need, which makes it an inevitable part of the bedroom interior. You can incorporate a bedroom rug for various reasons, such as to upgrade the look, filling up the blank floor, avoiding cold feet in the mornings, and so on. But choosing the right type of rug to make the most of your bedroom rugs is essential.

Whether searching for a bed rug to revamp your bedroom rug or make the space cozy and comfortable, you must check the size, color, comfortability, etc., to get the best solution for your bedroom. Above, we have shared a list of 18 unique under-bed rug ideas that look stylish and luxurious.

So, are you ready to revamp your bedroom with a beautiful under-the-bed rug? Try any of the above ideas to style up your bedroom interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Right Way to Keep Your Rug Under Your Bed?

You must keep your under-bed rug in a way that can make your area look spacious and elegant. However, rug placement depends on several factors, including the size of your room, rug, pattern, color of the walls, etc. Regardless of the size of your bedroom, buy at least 2′ to 3′ of the rug to be visible from both sides of your bed.

How Can Anyone Style Their Rug Next to Their Bed?

There are multiple ways to style your rug next to your bed if you have a creative mind. If you buy a smaller rug than the width of your bed, consider leaving at least 12′ to 18′ of your overall space on both sides of your bed area. It will leave a maximum impact and form a symmetrical look overall.

What Type of Rug Should You Put Under Your Bed?

Getting a shag, high-pile, or plush rug will be best because our bedrooms are generally private and have low-traffic spaces. Wool and polypropylene are the best hard-wearing materials that will offer durability. They are soft and elegant-looking rugs that offer extreme comfort and a luxurious feeling.

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