20 Bold Black Doors with White Trim to Make a Style Statement

by Ella Mitchell
20 Bold Black Doors with White Trim to Make a Style Statement

Don’t you think doors are a focal point of your home? Because there is something incredibly bold and classy about black doors, especially when they have a defining white trim around them. A black door with white trims is so much in trend because of its versatility.

This design pattern can be used in every style of home- from classic, rustic to modern, regardless of whether the door is in the interior or exterior of the home. Including bold black doors with white trims in your home is a beautiful way to add some flair and drama to your space. Consider this style if you are designing a new home or even when refurbishing the old one.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to incorporate them in your space, here are some bold black doors with white trim ideas for an urban-styled neutral home listed.

1. Traditional Foyer Featuring Ebony Black Door

Traditional Foyer Featuring Ebony Black Door

A bright traditional foyer with super high ceilings featuring a white ebony door with white trim matching the white walls feels grand and elegant in every way. High ceilings make the space feel open and airy, and big glass windows let in ample natural light. The natural light reflects through the white walls and amplifies its effect creating a bright environment.

Two slightly different kinds of white paint are used for the trim and the walls above it to create a sense of depth in the interior. The black door stands out among the rest of the room, and the wooden furniture and flooring provide a subtle balance to it.

2. Welcoming Entryway with Black Farrow Ball Railing Door

Welcoming Entryway with Black Farrow Ball Railing Door

You can create a very welcoming and warm entryway regardless of the space. In this example, the space is narrow, but it still feels open because of its design. The four glass panels let the light flow and make the hallway bright. The door makes a bold statement right in the first room of your home.

You can notice that the white trim between the black door and grey walls brings out the color of both of these elements. The shade of gray is soft and friendly that does not feel overwhelming. The wooden flooring brings in warmth by making the space feel grounded and inviting, and the beautifully enhances the look by complementing the design.

3. Complement Black Door Along White Side Door

Complement Black Door Along White Side Door

With the classic combination of white and black, you can create the entryway of your dreams. The addition of vibrant green color from the plants makes it even more beautiful; adorning hanging plants on the white window panels is a creative way to add life to a very stylish monochromatic house front. The black door on the white wall stands out and complements the black porch.

As you can see, the white used for walls and trims is the same; it has a subtle hint of beige, which adds a little warmth to it and gives it a classic modern vibe. The black used on the deck has a satin finish, whereas the door is painted in a semi-glossy finish.

4. Black Interior Door with White Trim in A Blue Room

Black Interior Door with White Trim in A Blue Room

Light pastel walls are quite a trend in traditional suburban-styled homes. So if you want to recreate that style, add a black door with white trim to your pastel-colored room to ace that interior look. In this case, a cozy light blue shade is used on the wall.

The light shade keeps the room bright, and the wooden floorings add warmth to make it look subtle. The black door goes along with the floor beautifully. On the other hand, the white ceiling and the trim are in contrast to the warmer colors to evoke a sense of intrigue. The white chandelier keeps things interesting and adds character to the room.

5. Black Front Door with White Trim Against Black Wall

 Black Front Door with White Trim Against Black Wall

If you desire a stunning black and white exterior for your home, you should take inspiration from this look. Usually, the exterior front walls are painted in light and bright colors, but here a bold statement is made by painting the walls and the door black. A stark contrast against the walls is created by painting the trims and the pillars in white, which also helps define the look.

Other black elements like black porch flooring, black bench, black pot, and black light fixtures are added to make it even more eye-catching. You can add elements according to your preference to add some character to the space. Do not forget to add some plants on the porch and around it for a refreshing effect.

6. Glamorous Black Glass Door with Clean White Trim

Glamorous Black Glass Door with Clean White Trim

If you want to create an exterior that is elegant and chic, consider installing consider big doors with glass panels. These trendy black doors admire the white trims, and the white shiplap walls look classy and glamorous. The glass doors are made with wooden frames clad with aluminum for the finish.

The wooden sculptured trim and walls are all painted in the same shade of white, which makes this porch look clean, bright, and welcoming. You can turn this beautiful porch area into a hangout spot by adding some wicker furniture and lanterns for the night. You would definitely want to spend some good time with your family sitting on this lovely porch.

7. Black Door with White Trim and White Furniture

 Black Door with White Trim and White Furniture

An ideal living room should look sophisticated and simple but should not be void of character, and it is very important to choose the right colors and furniture to achieve that. In the living room setting shown here, a neutral theme is followed with enough contrast to make it interesting.

The walls are painted light beige to keep the atmosphere calm and bright. To add some disparity and pop to it, black doors with crisp white trims are added, which look bold and elegant. Classic pieces of furniture with neutral settings are added for furnishing, like beige armchairs and dark brown coffee tables,to complete the look.

8. Black Door and Black Windows for a Stunning Porch

Black Door and Black Windows for a Stunning Porch

The warmth of a rural welcoming home can be created by using a lot of natural material and woodwork in a very simple and sophisticated way for designing your porch. Talking about this particular porch, the color palette used is kept very basic, with white, grey, and black on the walls.

A black door and black windows are the highlight of this whole look. At the same time, White on the trim and side railings look defining and elegant. The grey used on the side wall is bright and subtle to make the space look open. You cannot miss an interesting pop of natural color added in the form of a wooden bench, which makes this space feel very inviting.

9. Black Pocket Door in Living Room with White Trim

 Black Pocket Door in Living Room with White Trim

This is another living room inspiration you might have to look at. Unlike the previous one, this living room promotes a very cozy and contemporary vibe which is suitable for a modern-style urban home. The room features a sliding double door painted in bold black, which opens up completely to remove the separation between the two rooms.

White trim along the door looks gorgeous against the beige walls, which is smartly complemented by a white sofa and cabinets. If you want to give a cozy feel to your living room, decorate the living space with your family pictures, favorite books, and art pieces. The huge beige rug adds warmth to the design and makes it so inviting that you will want to snuggle up here for long evenings.

10. Hallway of Black Similar Doors and White Trim

Hallway of Black Similar Doors and White Trim

Hallways cannot be neglected while designing and decorating your house; taking up some time to design your hallway to make it feel cohesive with the rest of the house is very important. Painting all the doors in similar black will add a sense of luxury and provide visual contrast to your design.

Using a white trim can give the doors a sharp look to make them each stand out. As you can see, the walls are decorated with several frames to give the space a character; it can be family pictures or pictures of the things that fascinate you. The round brass light and a light-colored rug on the wooden floor add a sense of zeal.

11. A Single Black Door in All White Hallway

A Single Black Door in All White Hallway

A black interior door in an all-white hallway looks dramatic and mysterious. It evokes a sense of curiosity in the visitors to open the door and peek inside to see what is within. The black door pops against white walls and white trim and makes it stand out among everything else.

The illustrated hallway looks bright and fresh because of the white paint; the wooden flooring is added to balance the look by bringing some warmth. A personal touch in the form of a rug with black and beige details complements the design. The traditionally styled hanging lanterns look beautiful and add character to the space. The design also works because the narrow hallway has a single door on the wall straight ahead and not too many.

12. A Tall Black Interior Door with White Trim

A Tall Black Interior Door with White Trim

A tall black narrow door with classic white trim in the interior of the home gives a very sleek and modern look; it helps to make your space look updated. Its presence does not overpower any other element in the space because of its minimalistic design.

You can use a tall, sleek black door for your closet, washrooms, or pantry to make even the smallest of the space look interesting. You can see that this tall narrow door takes up very less space; the excess space is used to add elements like a metal bench and a wooden wall frame to complement the door.

13. Black Interior Double Door with White Trim

Black Interior Double Door with White Trim

Usually, single doors are used in the interior of the homes, but if you want to make a statement and have the luxury of space, a double black door looks gorgeous with white trim. In this example, a double black door with carved panels is installed in the kid’s room.

A kid’s room asks for a fun play of color, and white walls work as a canvas for that. You can have as many colors as you like alongside white, and it still won’t feel overwhelming. An extended white and black rug adds cosines to the space while the door and walls are all occupied with colorful kid’s stuff.

14. A Classic Black Door with White Trim

A Classic Black Door with White Trim

A black door in vintage classic style for the entryway is sure to make a statement. Classic doors are usually made of solid wood and are huge. In this entryway, the classic black door has a glass panel grid and a white trim, the same as the color of the wall.

A black-and-white combination theme is followed in every element of this space, be it the checkered floor, stair rails, or wall paintings. None of this feels overwhelming because the entryway gets enough light from the glass panel to keep the space bright. The ceilings are also high and painted in a slightly different shade of white, which helps to make the space feel uncluttered.

15. Open Concept Room Featuring Black French Doors

Open Concept Room Featuring Black French Doors

A French door is a door of light construction that features glass panels that extend to most of its length; they are usually installed as double doors to let ample light flow. And what better place than an open-concept room to install them

An open-concept concept room should be bright, airy, and welcoming with a lot of doors and windows, and that is what exactly we can see here. Each black French door and window have a white trim alongside a creamy white wall to make the room feel even more spacious. Black spindle dining chairs complement the black door, and wooden flooring adds a touch of subtle warmth.

16. A Farmhouse Style Black Door with White Trim

A Farmhouse Style Black Door with White Trim

A farmhouse door is a symbol of the style, design, and feel to be expected in the home. It gives a very simple and sophisticated vibe to your interiors. A black-painted farmhouse-style door is a popular option in modern homes that looks elegant. In this example, a clean white trim alongside white window panels and white walls looks so elegant and makes the black door stand out.

Follow a minimal style to design such an entryway and add elements that are functional and uncomplicated. You can spot the simple striped rug, a cute pillow on the bench, and the plant on the metal stand, which maintains the minimal aesthetic of the space and also adds character to it.

17. Matte Black Front Door on Modern Style Porch

Matte Black Front Door on Modern Style Porch

If your design style is modern and contemporary, matte black doors are for you. They look classy, elegant, and so beautiful when surrounded by white trims. A modern cozy entryway is featured here, where the black door makes a solid presence against everything white. A contemporary-styled front feels inviting and is full of character.

To make the space feel welcoming, various details like wicker baskets with perennial plants, a welcome mat, and a hanging metal chandelier are added. The door, with its four huge glass panels, looks very stylish in this setting, and you just cannot miss the white wreath hanging against it to add some extra charm.

18. White Frosted Glass on Black Pantry Door

White Frosted Glass on Black Pantry Door

To make the combination of black doors and white trims even more interesting, you can add white frosted glass on the door. As shown in this kitchen design, a black door is used for the kitchen pantry. Frosted glass is very popularly used in pantry doors because you want to allow plenty of light in the pantry while keeping its content hidden from the kitchen area.

The white used on the door trims is brighter than the white used in cabinets to create a slight contrast. A kitchen should feel nothing but warm and cozy, so to complement the door, a wooden chopping board and a cute wall plaque are hung on the wall.

19. Patterned Kitchen Floor Against Black Door

Patterned Kitchen Floor Against Black Door

Patterned black and white floor tiles can be added against a black door with white trim to add some depth and texture to the design. You can use this color play in any part of your home, like in an entryway or the bathroom, for a touch of elegance. But in this case, it is used in a kitchen.

The white trim gets blended in with the white of the kitchen walls very gracefully. The kitchen cabinets are also painted white and are detailed with black handles to follow the theme. The wooden element is smartly used on the floor and on the ceiling to balance the design.

20. Black Glass Panel Door Against Shiplap Wall

 Black Glass Panel Door Against Shiplap Wall

A black door with multiple glass-inserted panels is ideal as an interior door for balconies or stairways where privacy is not a concern because they let enough light flow through them to keep the space bright. When defined with white trims, black glass panel doors give a very modern and minimal aesthetic. On the other hand, shiplap walls give a very vintage farmhouse vibe.

In this interesting design over here, the modern and the vintage are very gracefully combined to create a unique style. The black door against the shiplap wall looks stunning, and it is further complemented with black wooden furniture and wicker wall decoration.

Summing It Up

All in all, black doors with white trims have been used for ages. Just a color change on your front or interior doors can have a significant effect on the design of your home. Black and white together provides a visual contrast in any kind of home design and theme, so whether it is your huge front door or a small pantry door, you can make a statement out of it by painting it black and defining it with white trim.

Take inspiration from these 20 stylish home designs with black doors and white trim to style your own space.

Because a black door with white trim is everything a door should be, inviting, aesthetic, and stylish!

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