An Ultimate Guide on DIY Shed Shelves Solutions

by Tyler Hernandez

While you plan to build your house, you cannot afford to invest money on every little thing of detailing that requires to be done. And you must focus your efforts on saving your wallet in every possible way. Therefore, you get simple DIY projects installed to get your home decoration done. On that note, the simplest of all is getting your shed shelves done.

As a beginner, every one of you gets your shelves built in a customizable manner. This is because you have clipboards and other ready-to-use accessories that allow you to build make-shift shelves in a hassle-free manner. Suitable shed shelves must be installed near the yard areas to re-organize your supplies in an efficient manner. At the same time, you do not want boring shelves.

Let us unveil 12 mind-boggling shed shelves that can be re-created using Do-it-Yourself ways.

1. Recreate a Shelf with the Available Spaces

Recreate a Shelf with the Available Spaces

The shed already has slabs across the ceiling wall. Therefore, all you have to do is just utilize the available area to recreate your storage spaces. In an open-style manner, the spaces are already available for you to place your supplies in. And these are garage-related utilities, vacuum cleaners, and miscellaneous products that are arranged here. To add a DIY touch, you can paint these shelves using a myriad range of colors so that you bring a colorful touch to the shed shelf you plan to recreate. Similarly, wallpaper stickers can also be used to give the dimension an all-new touch.

2. Creating a Usable Workspace Within Your Shed

Creating a Usable Workspace Within Your Shed

In this DIY style, the designer has once again created a shed shelf in an open-style manner. As you can store or place your articles and utilize the spaces as an added storage area. This way, the shelves prove to be a utility cum storage area. Similarly, using tools and techniques, horizontal and vertical blocks are provided so that the durable area allows you to utilize the space in an efficient and effective manner. And, if you look at it, shed areas do not have ample storage spaces. Hence, this kind of arrangement helps you create one within the space, and the design is done in such a way that you do not break into your wallet.

3. Versatile Space for Storing Everyday Utilities

 Versatile Space for Storing Everyday Utilities

If you want to store your daily-use products in an organized manner, then this is the DIY style you can go for. And this is a storage shelf that can be budget-friendly too. This is because you just of plywood pieces that measure 2X4s and a couple of screws to knock out this plan to perfection. Apparently, these attractive shed shelves can also bring an all-new upheaval to your sense of creativity indeed. As you find quite a lot of compartments with this DIY styling technique, you will be able to store quite a lot of items here. The shelf doubles as a utility space and doubles as a great storage area too.

4. Get Hands-On with Storage Shelves Cum Attic Area

Get Hands-On with Storage Shelves Cum Attic Area

The shed area, as you can see, has a dedicated space for your attic storage because the bars that make up the ceiling shelf just have an added plywood shelf to make the attic storage area a durable one. Since there is more space, you can build a stand-alone cupboard for storing your other durables too. Therefore, the space can double up as a storage cum attic area. Similarly, look for products that fit into the attic shelves. To the space, add old beer or wine bottles and glasses that you no longer intend to use. This way, you can free up some of that space in your kitchen area. Since this arrangement almost serves as a built-in loft, you would not bang your head often. At the same time, it is easier to reach the attic shelf without using a ladder.

5. Explore the Concept Behind Rectangular Shelving

Explore the Concept Behind Rectangular Shelving

Here, you explore how to recreate an open-style pattern that has rectangular shelves. Since the shelves are rectangular in shape, you get a wider storage space. This is much better than cupboards with square shelves. Therefore, you can have more stuff stored under a rectangular shelving pattern. The shed shelves occupy the existing space in an efficient manner. Plywoods (2x4s) of eight inches each that are three in number form the horizontal spacing, while eight 1 X3s form the vertical shelves, followed by a single piece of 4 x 8 plywood. Therefore, you have three rectangular shelves that help you get an effective storage area in your garage or shed space.

6. Oriental Cubbies Unveil Magic

Oriental Cubbies Unveil Magic

Garden cubbies are oriental and great to look at. And these garden-style cubbies have shelves that can be customized according to the storage requirements of products you have on hand. Say, for instance, curiosity or lightweight articles can support the first two compartments. The third shelf can hold wine or champagne bottles, billboard bats, hockey sticks, and so on. Apparently, you can follow DIY tutorials so that you can provide your own style to the entire setting. Again, the cubbies can be customized using the same sizes or different size dimensions. This is more like a curio-styled cupboard we are looking at.

7. Recreate a Bicycle Garage that Looks Sturdy and Durable

Recreate a Bicycle Garage that Looks Sturdy and Durable

Inside the lovely shed, a paneled door has been done to convert the space into a bicycle garage. As you can see inside, there are two bicycles that have already been parked. Similarly, a scooter or a light-duty automobile can also occupy the shed spaces in a robust manner. Although another door has been constructed, it has been closed, and you can make storage shelves for your attic and lumber items here. A lovely overview of natural surroundings covers the shed area. When you keep the doors open, you allow natural lighting and ventilation to enter the premises. Overall, just by using home tools and easy-to-handle equipment, you can remodel the space into the lovely bicycle garage you are aiming for.

8. Discover a Multi-Functional Storage Area

 Discover a Multi-Functional Storage Area

The multi-purpose functional storage shed shelf that you are looking at is mind-blowing, isn’t it? This is because the designer has used wall mount hooks by which garden tools, equipment, and broomsticks have been hung up without creating partition shelves. Similarly, the storage spaces of the shed area are utilized efficiently mainly because a stand-alone metallic shelf has been put up inside the premises. And here, you find unutilized shelves and miscellaneous items that find their place here. Adjacent to the metallic shelf, you also find another table that has been put up on display, and you can also store some of your bulky things out here. Lastly, you have utilized a multitude of DIY techniques to store a great many things without spending too much time, effort, or money on renovating the place.

9. Wall-Mount Storage Boards Are in Vogue

 Wall-Mount Storage Boards Are in Vogue

For those of you who do not have the time or patience to get a cupboard or a shelf done from start to finish, here is an excellent DIY hack you can go in for. Here, all you have to do is put up a wall-mount storage board wherein you have hook spots available. You can hang your shovels, scissors, garden tapes, wires, and lot many more products in the available area. As a matter of fact, you utilize your storage spaces in a prudent fashion. At the same time, you are able to store quite a number of items without spending too much time or effort in looking for plywood, screws, or getting an actual cupboard done. Therefore, this is a DIY hack for those of you who are out on the go but require a quick-fix idea for getting a storage space built.

10. Enclosed Shed Areas for Weather Sensitive Decors

Enclosed Shed Areas for Weather Sensitive Decors

The enclosed storage area, as you already see it, is a shed facility that can be put to good use in quite a number of ways. This is because the enclosed space protects or safeguards your utility items from sun, rain, or hail storms. However, you may have beheaded plant perennials during the cold season and would want to replant those plants during the spring or summertime. Therefore, the need arises for these plants to be kept at a safe and secure location, and an enclosed shed area can be put to use with respect to the same. Similarly, you can store glass or wooden items that must be kept away from rain, heat, or dust. Furniture pieces, holiday lights, and other delicate items can also find their place in such enclosed storage areas.

11. Going in For a Barn-Styled Shed with Shelves

Going in For a Barn-Styled Shed with Shelves

Are you going to store your unused decorative items, seasonal tools, or even your backyard furniture pieces? Then, look no further when you can DIY a barn-styled shed with shelves and compartments in it. As you can see, this is a freshly painted cottage-styled barn that acts as a shed area and doubles up as a storage space. This is because you have cupboards with a roof or enclosure over it. Therefore, new cups, painted pottery, and other delicate items can be stored without getting exposed to dust, heat, or rain. A door is attached to the barn cottage, and you can close or open it as you want to store utilities or retrieve things from the same. Wall mount hooks have also been added wherein you hang shovels, axes, and other forms of gardening equipment.

12. Outdoor Sheds for Storing Firewood Logs

 Outdoor Sheds for Storing Firewood Logs

Creating a shed for storing your firewood logs can be quite fun and exciting. This is because taking out firewood pieces from a garage can be a daunting experience for most of us. Therefore, having an organized shed for storing the log pieces that make your winter firelit nights great is what you must be looking for. Inside a cottage-styled outdoor shed, you have firewood pieces that have neatly been stacked up. Building compartment shelves or adding labels can also make the process more streamlined. This way, you can access or retrieve firewood logs whenever you want without having the need to run up to your garage every single time.

Summing It Up

All in all, these 12 creative DIY shed shelves are recreated by using the utmost degree of ease. And DIY hacks or techniques on how the ideas can be executed to perfection have also been discussed at length.

By building effective storage spaces, you can turn unused barns or shed spaces for storing a variety of products that are over-crowing your homes. These include your unused furniture decor pieces, cable wires, appliances, sports equipment, and attic items.

Try Spray painting the premises or including wall tapestry stickers, and you can remodel the shed areas to an all-new high. This is because you use your creativity to add a multi-dimensional 3D effect to the areas that were otherwise looking boring or dull.

So, which is the favorite idea, you are going to incorporate with respect to shed shelving?

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