Unanswered Questions: November edition


Am I wasting my time?

Am I wasting my life?

How in the world do you make new friends/meet new people?

What if I miss out on my purpose? Is it a one time event?

What do I love doing?

Where am I going to move?

What will I choose for grad school (and when?)

Am I supposed to be completely happy with just working my fun part time job (because I totally am)?

What if this period of confusion never ends?

Am I doing it right?

Would I be scared enough to settle?

What if I’m already settling for second best?

What are my dreams anyways?

What if I can’t do it?

Am I alone?


What is mediocrity, really?

Do I trust God enough?

Am I enough?

Who am I?

Wasn’t this all supposed to play out a bit differently?

Are the things I’m passionate about the avenues I should pursue?

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