Birthdays, as told by gifs

Today I’m 22.


Twenty-two! I’m totaaaaally ready–I feel like I’ve outgrown 21. There’s been SO many new experiences crammed into the past 365 years! I’m really lucky.


Birthdays are all about autocracies. It’s an amazing process. 364 days out of the year you strive for attention (the problems of being in a big family, sigh) and then one glorious day, you rule the entire world. I definitely abuse my birthday power by establishing outlandish laws. Just because I can…anigif_enhanced-buzz-10623-1367652714-9anigif_enhanced-buzz-2544-1368551999-1

And then you get all those birthday Facebook posts. Let’s me perfectly honest you guys. If you don’t know someone, you don’t need to write on their wall. I’d rather have 3 meaningful posts than a hundred plain Jane “Happy Birthday”s. anigif_enhanced-buzz-24954-1366766591-0

In summary, goodbye 21! It’s been a wonderful year of new friends, goodbyes, new places, growth, and exciting experiences! I’m ready for all the unknown 22 has to offer. I love how literally ANYTHING could happen between now and this time next year.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18016-1366649487-1Bring it on, 22!anigif_enhanced-buzz-16236-1370111489-4 anigif_enhanced-buzz-20488-1366854085-5 tumblr_mlmj7fk76O1ru2e71o1_500


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One thought on “Birthdays, as told by gifs

  1. Hey, it’s LaJoie…one of your START writer buddies! Love the title of your blog. Oh and by the way, I just turned 22 on Saturday! I’m so excited for this year too, especially with Start and its many possibilities. Happy birthday, and happy blogging! Feel free to come visit Thoughts of Joy when you have a chance! :)
    LaJoie :)

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