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We need your help to ensure that the Relief Line becomes Toronto's top transportation priority.

Write to your politicians

Write to your politicians


Send a letter to local politicians - let your support of the Relief Line known. Simply fill out our convenient email form, and we'll make sure it gets sent to relevant politicians.

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After filling out the above form and pressing the "send" button, check out these other way to help TRLA get the word out about the Relief Line.




Your donations make this campaign for the Relief Line possible. TRLA needs donations to support this website, as well as for purchasing lawn signs and other promotional materials. Donate to the Toronto Relief Line Alliance with any major credit card, or through your PayPal account, by clicking the button below:

Note: The Toronto Relief Line Alliance is not a registered charitable organization and cannot issue a tax receipt for your donation.




Are you looking to play a major part in transforming Toronto? Are you willing to donate your time to advocate for the Relief Line? If so, Toronto Relief Line Alliance wants you! Sign up to volunteer, and help us fight to make the Relief Line a reality.

Please fill out this form to allow us to become aquatinted with you, and to assist us with work planning. We're looking to accept as many volunteers as possible.



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Help us get the word out about the Relief Line: Display your support of the Relief Line to neighbours and local politicians.

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