Challenges New Democrats to Recruit New Members

October 22, 2003

Vancouver—Leadership candidate Nils Jensen has issued a challenge to party members to sign up one new member prior to the convention.

“A renewed, open NDP is exactly what British Columbians have been looking for. Our job is to invite them to join”, said Jensen. “I’m challenging my campaign supporters and each and every other member of our party to set a personal target of signing up one new member prior to convention,”

“We have posted a link on my website for any members looking for more information or wanting to share their success, or maybe even brag a little,” said Jensen encouraging people to visit his campaign website at

Jensen who has already committed that his first priority as leader is to double the size of the NDP membership knows that this objective can only be met with the active participation of current party members. “I know this may double my work, but my commitment to New Democrats stands—we can grow this party,” said an undaunted Jensen. “I know this ambitious target really puts the heat on me but that’s the kind of pressure I look forward to as NDP leader."

“Everywhere I travel members and non-party members are telling me the Campbell Liberals are offering no vision, no hope for their communities,” Jensen commented. “British Columbians don’t just want to vote against Gordon Campbell in the next election, they like most New Democrats want a strong, modern and credible party to vote for. That is what the NDP will be under my leadership, " concluded Jensen.

Ready to join?

For more information contact Nils Jensen: 250.216.6819
Or visit