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Vuli Kumekucha

Raised in Lunyanja, 25-year-old Vuli has always loved rural farming life. He grows quality market produce on the smallholding he inherited after his parents died tragically in a road accident. Vuli had to grow up quickly. He looks after his younger teenage siblings, Hekima and Nuru, by selling vegetables grown all year round in his homemade greenhouse.

Vuli believes there is a solution for every problem. He values education and innovation. He is keen to modernize his farming methods and take advice from local NGOs and extension workers. He attends agricultural training courses. He uses mobile phone technology to access information about cropping and market trends.

He has overcome stigma, adversity and ridicule to achieve farming success and is willing to share his knowledge and expertise.

Vuli recognizes that he cannot run a successful horticultural enterprise all on his own, and so he has encouraged other village youth, like Lightness and Mashoto, to join him in a new cooperative venture, Jiongeze.

Through this collective, Vuli leads a new generation of farmers to wealth in agriculture, based on hard work, solidarity and innovation.

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On June 20, 2016

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