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Jensen says BC Rail sale will hurt economy, cost jobs
November 14, 2003
The decision to sell off BC Rail to CN, breaking a fundamental BC Liberal election promise, will hurt the economy and cost jobs, NDP leadership candidate Nils Jensen said today.
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November 13, 2003
Victoria - Surprise cuts announced today to the Ministry of Human Resources are further evidence of budget chaos in the Ministry, NDP leadership candidate Nils Jensen said today. Jensen said that Minister Murray Coell's changes to income assistance have been botched and that he should be replaced.
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Leading Environmentalists Endorse Jensen
November 11, 2003
NDP Leadership Candidate Nils Jensen today welcomed the support of well known environmental activist, professor and writer Dr. Michael M'Gonigle.
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100 Days of Action with Jensen leadership
November 10, 2003
NDP leadership candidate Nils Jensen today released a 100 day-action plan to unite a new progressive coalition behind the New Democratic Party.
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BC Young New Democrat Activists Support Jensen
November 10, 2003
Nils Jensen earned the support today of a number of BC Young New Democrats, who are also activists in their communities, on their school campuses and in their workplaces.
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Jensen progressive majority in 2005: Local 40
November 07, 2003
Vancouver - Bill Pearson, President of Hotel, Restaurant and Culinary Employees and Bartenders' Union Local 40 announced his support today for NDP Leadership Candidate Nils Jensen.
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Environmental Leaders endorse Jensen
November 07, 2003
Three prominent leaders of BCs environmental movement today endorsed Nils Jensen for leader of the NDP.
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Corky Evans to chair Jensen Task Force
November 06, 2003
Victoria -- Former Minister Corky Evans has agreed to chair a Task Force on Resource-Dependent Communities, a key pledge in Jensen's upcoming 100-Day Action Plan, the campaign announced today.
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Firefighter activists back Jensen
November 06, 2003
Vancouver - BC Professional Fire Fighters Association Vice-President Tim Baillie announced his support today for NDP leadership candidate Nils Jensen. Baillie was joined by North Vancouver District Fire Fighters Vice-President Brian Leavold, who also endorsed Jensen.
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Labour and party activists for Jensen
November 06, 2003
Vancouver - New Westminster and District Labour Council Secretary-Treasurer Carolyn Chalifoux and OPEIU Local 378 Vice-President Andy Ross announced their support today for Nils Jensen's leadership campaign.
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Jensen a refreshing new voice: Dawn Black
November 05, 2003
Nils Jensen received the support today of former Member of Parliament Dawn Black. "Nils Jensen is a refreshing new voice in BC politics. He's sincere, articulate and compassionate. He'll be an effective and strong advocate for the many people left behind by the Campbell Liberal government."
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Anita Hagen joins Jensen team
November 03, 2003
Anita Hagen, former Deputy Premier and MLA for New Westminster is lending her support to leadership candidate Nils Jensen in his race to succeed NDP Leader Joy MacPhail.
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Jensen Unveils New Target to Grow NDP
October 23, 2003
Leadership candidate Nils Jensen has issued a challenge to party members to sign up one new member prior to the convention.
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9.1% Unemployment "Unacceptable" - Jensen
October 10, 2003
NDP Leadership Candidate Nils Jensen says that the 9.1% unemployment rate in BC is unacceptable and that the Campbell government needs to "end their attachment to simplistic ideological solutions" to get the economy moving again.
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BC Government Should Clarify Position of Governor-elect on BC Film Industry: Jensen
October 09, 2003
NDP Leadership candidate Nils Jensen called upon the provincial government to seek clarification from the California Governor-elect on his statements concerning Hollywood films being made in Canada.
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Jensen welcomes Mike Farnworth's Support
October 02, 2003
NDP Leadership candidate, Nils Jensen, today welcomed the endorsement of former NDP MLA Mike Farnworth.
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Jensen welcomes support of former premier Dan Miller
October 01, 2003
NDP Leadership Candidate says campaign momentum building
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New layoffs at Ministry of Forests could hobble fire inquiry says Jensen
September 30, 2003
NDP Leadership Candidate Says He's learned more than 80 Jobs on Chopping Block
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Candidates Must Face Reality if NDP to Regain Trust - Jensen
September 23, 2003
NDP leadership candidate Nils Jensen says that the debate in the race to succeed Joy MacPhail must reflect the political reality in the province if the party is to regain public trust and credibility.
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Doubling Membership my Number One Priority - Jensen
September 18, 2003
NDP Leadership candidate Nils Jensen says that his number one priority as leader would be to double the size of membership within the first six months.
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NDP Leadership Candidate says BCs Economic Future at Risk when Students Denied Access
September 04, 2003
Nils Jensen promises to put Post-Secondary Education at heart of Renewed NDP Economic Agenda
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NDP Leaders' radio debate offers New Democrats clear choice between change and the status quo, says Jensen
August 29, 2003
New Democrat leadership candidate Nils Jensen said that today's leader's debate on CKNW offered New Democrats a clear choice between change and the status quo.
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New poll a reality check for the NDP, says Jensen
August 19, 2003
Leadership Candidate Says Party Has Opportunity to Show Change and Win in '05
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Jensen calls on Campbell to Scrap Training Wage
July 30, 2003
NDP Leadership Candidate Nils Jensen today called upon the government to scrap its six dollar training wage because its unfair to youth and has failed to achieve the results promised by the Premier.
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Jensen calls for new relationship with labour
July 28, 2003
NDP Leadership Candidate Says He Will Only Accept Individual Donations
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Jensen To Run For NDP Leadership
July 24, 2003
Vows to Bring an End to Vander Zalm, Campbell Cycle of Extreme Politics
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Im impressed by Nils Jensen. His message, sincerity and experience will expand our base across the province.
Raj Sihota Election Planning Co-Chair for Jack Layton and Canadas NDP