Haters 101

Lately, I’ve noticed lots of articles & posts about accepting oneself “as is” despite body shaming and maybe I’m weird, but it’s bafflingly strange that we need advice about whether loving yourself is okay or not.

It’s apparently revolutionary to not feel manically compelled to change immediately to fit in. Perpetuating the mentality where you’re only able to be “okay” with yourself when you fit a certain physical mold is indicative of a sad truth: we are a culture inundated by body shaming & the “never enough” mentality.

When someone says a comment to you that makes you feel less than valuable, call out the body shaming right there & then before you let the words take root. Literally just say “That’s body shaming and I will have nothing to do with that.” People tend to shut up after that.

Because if you’re happy and healthy, you are living well–those who choose to hate on you are neither happy nor healthy!

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