The Trendy City (by Rachel Johnson)

 599541_10151700049309629_830056510_nNo matter where Rachel Johnson goes, she is a highly influential trendsetter. She just can’t help it! From her own personal style and insight to hilarious videos and thoughtful articles, Rachel is always the first to spot a trend and share it. She’s so talented at trendsetting that she’s been interning at NR Styles in NYC all summer! Rachel and I have been friends for the past few years and she’s one of the most hilarious, consistently thoughtful, wise, & stylish people I know! If you met her, you’d be friends with her right away. Follow her on Twitter or read about her summer adventures at NYC Summertime!

NYC is known for its diverse styles and fashion forward trends brought to us by the local runway designers and the average West Village hipster.


So how does one stay “trendy” in the ever changing, stylish city?

(I must be honest, I’m currently in my pj’s because I have a day off. No judgement here.)

1. You have style.

Yes, you do.

Each person has one thing that identifies their style.

Now, this could be an article of clothing, a type of accessory, a bright lipstick, etc.
OR your style could be identified through your smile.
The way you carry yourself.
Confidence that exudes from your walk.


Whatever it may be, you have a unique factor that makes your style “you”.

2. Trends always change.

The question really is- How much do you care to keep up with them?

You see, no one in this city cares about how you look.
That’s what makes NYC so unique.

You wear whatever you want. You think you look like the sh*t. But no one really cares.

That sounds depressing, but it’s really not!

You can get away wearing anything in the city.
(Seriously, I’ve seen some weird outfits)

I do like to look at trends via various style bloggers and fashion sites
(or via )

3. Just be yourself.

I once got this exact fortune from a cookie and it’s one of two that I have kept.


(also was disappointed to see my fortune obviously isn’t unique but that’s another post…)

If you measure your happiness on constantly having the latest fashion trends,
then you will constantly be seeking after happiness.

The trends change.

The trends come back
(where’s my jumper from 5th grade?!)


Just wear what makes you happy and confident.

I’d much rather go to McDonald’s in my sweatpants than eat a salad in a skin-tight mini dress.

To each his own.

Find that unique factor that only YOU have and own your style.



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