I promise to not make any “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” jokes.

Enjoy this picture of a plotting poodle.

I leave for Dallas in a mere 4 days! I’m actually excited about it now; it’s going to be such an adventure and fresh start. Who knows, maybe I’ll love Texas so much that I’ll name my future kid Dallas! (…That was a joke. I’d never do that.)

Where have I been for the last week?

Well, good question! I visited my friend Lauren in Louisville, KY for a few days and had a grand old time and then I drove to Cleveland, TN to spend time with my friend Arielle & all the other Lee students still in town for the summer. I love driving long distances so much. There’s just something so freeing about driving through places you’ve never been before, and one of my favorite activities of all time is driving at night through cities (while listening to great music, of course. Thank God John Mayer’s new album “Born & Raised” was released during my trip!) In my book, independence is the freedom to go wherever, whenever.

Back at home now, my sister graduates high school tomorrow, so everything has been all about her preparing for her party. I’m the decorator, a title I hold with great gravitas. Not trying to brag, but this party is going to be so beautiful that angels would cry if they saw all the decor. The colors are yellow, dusty pink, and burlap, with an overall antique, vintage feel. I’m going to ROCK this party.  I’m mega stoked.

A “real” post coming soon! And it won’t be about Lee, I promise!

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