I think I may be the voice of my generation. (Or a voice. Of a generation…)

Let’s face it: I’m banking on being the next Oprah. (I’d even settle for being the next Tina Fey.) Because of my obviously aggrandized self-concept, I feel the burden of  sharing my favorite things of April with all of you. Maybe it’ll change your life! Regardless, this is good practice for when I have my own talk show. (Seriously, I need to get famous asap so that I can write a hilarious bestselling memoir! Who would buy a memoir by a random college aged girl?)

So, here, like Oprah’s List of Favorite Things, is mine. If I was rich enough to buy you all of this AND give you a car, I would:

You will literally never regret this candle.

Pink magnolia candles from Target! I bought one as a housewarming gift…to myself. It’s fabulous.

Because we all know that the more TV series & movies made, the less likely the Titanic will sink in new adaptations.

For all Downton Abbey AND Titanic lovers, you’re in luck! The creator of the series, Jullian Fellowes, made this 4 part miniseries in honor of Titanic’s 100th Anniversary! It’s on Hulu now, so go watch!

Because who doesn't like eggs?

Literally the best lip balm in the entire world. 99% of people make fun of it for it’s egg shape and the application is akin to practically making out with it, but I’m telling you. I think it’s the reason why gas prices are going down currently. Gas barons got ahold of Eos lip balm and decided to be kind. It’s the most logical explanation.

Oh, how I long to have ombre hair.

Everyone knows how much I love ombre hair. I’ve been obsessed with it for a year and a half & have researched it since then. All these “trendsetters” who are just getting ombre have nothing on me. Try liking it for EVER, y’all.

And the coolest redhead ever award goes to Florence Welch.

Also, I’m currently obsessed with Florence + the Machine’s “Only for A Night.” For some reason, embedding on my blog seems to be down, but still go check it out. Anyways, I’ve been a big fan of Florence + the Machine for ages, but lately this song has just been stuck in my head alllll the timeeeee.

And ending on a quote is also one of my favorite things:

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not lived at all–in which case, you fail by default.” JK Rowling

Please note: Title quote is from the new HBO show “Girls.” I don’t recommend watching it. 

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